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Scene Title Who's Who?
Synopsis Lucy's has an interesting mix of cops and criminals. But who's who??
Date Nov 8, 2009

Old Lucy's

Well hello my little bar patrons.

Lucy's is packed tonight, no matter that it's a Sunday. The fun never stops here and as the music blares over the speakers, Lucy's Girls are hard at work. Slinging drinks here and there and the women have just gotten down from the bar, doing their round of dancing. Brenda laughs loudly at what a male patron says and runs a hand down his face before leaning in and giving him a kiss.

"Hey Bren, let's save the hot making love for after work, k?" Thalia's voice rings out from the center of the bar, she has been working hard to learn how to make drinks and sling them around and while she's no Isabelle, she's doing pretty damned good.

"Oh don't be such a spoilsport." Brenda sticks her tongue out and winks at Thalia before getting back to work. The co owner of Old Lucy's is dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans and a black tank top, her long dark hair spills over her face as she pours a drink and collects the money for it.

"…get together everyone soon for some drills, if we can," Richard Cardinal finishes his sentence as he steps through the doors with an affable nod to the familiar bouncer; he's a regular here, after all, and he's frequently upstairs visiting Abigail as well. Today he's forgone the usual 'street paramilitary' look for something a little nicer at least, a black turtleneck sweater and matching black jeans. Of course, he just ends up looking like IRA or something, but what can you do?

Once inside, the makes his way through the crowds, trailing ahead of the policewoman en route towards the bar.

It's not as if Liz wears a sign that says 'cop' — but Abby's girls know who she is. She's around here and there a bit. The blonde wears a deep red long-sleeved top tucked into a denim skirt with a pair of heeled knee-high boots. Dressier than her usual perhaps, but still casual. With her hands shoved into the pockets of a black fleece jacket, she shoots a faint grin at the man in front of her. "The bottom level firing range still looks like it's up to par from when Con set it up, so whenever I can catch the ones I'm not sure of, I'll haul 'em down."

"What can I get you?" Thalia says to the people as she slides up to them. "Hey yall!" Brenda and some of the other girls give their greetings to the people. Thalia rocks her hips to the music playing and gives the pair a playful grin. "Don't I know you?" she's seen them.. but in passing. It would seem she doesn't remember ever meeting them. An Asian woman winks at Cardinal. "Hey Cardinal." She says and giggles as she struts over to her friend and whispers while looking in the man's direction. The two snicker and wink at him. "Know Lisa?" Thalia asks with a raise of her eyebrow and she chuckles.

"I'm gonna need some help myself, I'm used to street stuff, not those…" Then they're to the bar, and Cardinal lets matters of highly-illegal firearms drop for the moment as he bellies up to the bar. At the greeting, he flashes a grin to the asian woman, "Hey, Lise…" Back then to the woman behind the bar, one brow lifting in surprise. "You must be Thalia."

On her way home, means she has to go through greenwich, which means she's wanting to stop in, have a drink, do some shopping and when her blood alcohol is back down to it's proper level, she's going to finish driving home. Old Lucy's has been rumored around the precinct to be a good place to go. SO the petite african american is pushing her way through the door, ID flashed to prove she's of age and picking her way through the people towards the bar.

An amused set of blue eyes takes in the overt flirtation with her companion and Elisabeth smirks faintly, whispering under her breath where only Richard will catch it, "She's cute… you want me to make myself scarce?" She props her elbows on the bar next to him, tilting her head at Thalia. "Evening," she greets. She knows who the woman is, just hasn't met her yet. "Just a beer," she tells the barkeep. "Whatever's on tap."

"Right you are and from the way Lisa is giggling back there like a schoolgirl.. you must the famous Cardinal." She says and puts a hand on the bar and leans forward slightly, wild grin on her face.. "I somehow.. thought you were a blonde." She says with a tilt of her head and then she's back to shuffling cups behind the bar, "Your friend?" a nod to Liz but she doesn't give the woman a glare, a grin just like everyone gets. Brenda slides past Thalia and gives her a slap on the butt. "Brenda!" Lisa and her friend, Rosana laugh and then proceed to start kissing.

"Godamn it girls, are we running a peepshow?" apparently so, because most of the men customers have stopped their drinking and are now hooting and hollering for the two to continue. Thalia puts her hands on her face and chuckles. Crazy chicks, just like her. A beer is poured for Liz though and slid her way.

"Oh, hush, woman…" Cardinal's hip and shoulder bump in against Elisabeth's as she whispers that mischevious offer, resting one hand on the bar in a lean there; the antics of the girls bringing a broad grin to his lips, head shaking slowly, "Gotta love Old Lucy's… yeah, get me a beer too, would you? And yeah, Abby told me about you."

One brow lifts, as he adds casually, "I dated Isabelle for awhile." If you can call it dating, really.

It isn't long after Aude, that Cooper pushes into the bar. He pauses to fish out his wallet to prove without a doubt his age, even though it's all there… every year of it on his face. Procedures and all. The card is flashed and tucked away before he starts making his way to the bar, his expression curious. He's never been here, heard about it…. but it seemed like it didn't have the time with all his unpacking.

Cooper doesn't notice the familiar face of Harrison as he moves to the bar, he's a bit too distracted by some of the bartenders. His mouth hangs open some as he witnesses some of the goings ons. Did Harrison mention it was all girls? Crap… He's bound to end up kicked out somehow. When one of the tenders finally gets to him, he has to shake himself out of his thoughts and flash her a half grin. "Just a beer. Last thing I need is to be hung over tomorrow."

Harrison noticed. Cooper, that new detective noticed. Cardinal, notices as he is beside Liz and he's well, hard to miss. But the littlest cop doesn't announce herself to her co-workers and their company just puts some money on the counter to wait her turn with one of the ladies behind the bar. "Samuel Adams Red please"

Any news about her sister can still stop Thalia cold. "You did?" she asks, trying to urge Cardinal to go on with a look and nod. She pours another beer and gives it to him, folding her arms on the bar and looking at the man. Her eyes go to Lisa briefly who is done kissing her girlfriend/best friend? And the little Asian slides up to Cooper and offers a wink, "Beer, huh?" she says and gets a beer from the tab and slides it over. "Now.. where is your wife?" she asks with a wide grin and Rosana slides over as well, peering over Lisa's shoulder at the man. "Isn't he cute?" Rosana asks Lisa who only chuckles and winks at Cooper. "Super cute."

They do know he is there right in front of them and Thalia nods at Cardinal. "How long? Did you see her before she died?"

Brenda walks over to the little cop and offers a grin, "No prob there suga. Coming your way." She slides the drink to Aude and winks, "What brings you in here?" she asks and then if anyone is paying attention. Lisa's eyes are changing from their usual light grey.. to a dark brown and then a light blue. "I can look like anyone you want." She offers Cooper with sly wink, Rosana laughs and moves on to the next customer as Lisa does the flirting.

Elisabeth chuckles at the bump, merely nodding to Thalia. "Liz Harrison. Abby's a friend of mine." She shakes her head at the antics of the girls — she can't remember that being pulled when Abby's looking. But then again, she's not here THAT often, right? She catches the glass as it slides and takes a sip, merely listening in the chaos that is the bar.

"Mmhm. Funny, though, I was under the impression that she was an orphan." The beer poured is picked up, and Cardinal lifts it up; letting the foam fizz down a bit as he regards Thalia over the edge of it with a keenly thoughtful appraisal. He's standing at the bar talking with Thalia, standing and leaning beside Elisabeth, just another part of the crowd. Black turtleneck and black jeans, today.

Aude says, "Just word of mouth" Aude replies, though her attention is on the others and her hand tightens around the drink that finds it's way to the petite cop. "Thanks for the beer" and she's making her way to a nearby table to watch."

"Ah.. buh…" Is Cooper's attempt at speech, of course this is how he got in trouble with wife #2. He gives himself a mental shake and flashes the woman a lop-sided grin. "Beer." He confirms as he leans forwards to rest elbows on the bar. "And not married." He adds with single lifting of his brows, the man is seriously out of practice. His eyes move to both woman with a touch of amusement. "Cute?" He chuckles and shakes his head, his daughter uses that same word, it sounds weird coming from the bartenders. "Thank you ladies.. I'll take that as a compliment."

"You better take it as a compliment." Lisa says and winks at Cooper as she moves on to help someone else. Thalia looks at Cardinal and raises an eyebrow. "I was sure I was an only child until recently as well." She says and puts a hand on her hip.

"Came here looking for her.. needed her help but.. well. She's not.. here anymore." She says and then Brenda is talking to Cooper now. "Ok, so you come to a bar alone? Obviously to practice your game. I'm gonna teach you every thing you need to know about picking people up, okay?" It seems like Brenda is ready to be a teacher now.

Propping one foot on the rail beneath the bar, her elbows resting on the bar as she sips her beer, Elisabeth looks eminently at home. She casts a wink at Brenda's naughtiness and notes who the woman is serving. She raises her beer toward Cooper, only noting Aude's departure out of the corner of her eye — and offering the other cop a nod if she manages to catch her attention. The girls are making a point of flustering Cooper, which amuses Liz. Though she's looking around the bar, a lot of her attention is on the conversation in front of her. She hasn't had the opportunity to really get a read on Thalia before now, and since Richard's handling that interrogation, she's just people watching. It's always worth doing in here.

"No… she's not." Cardinal's words are more quietly spoken, his gaze dropping to the surface of his beer for a moment, thought delving darker for a few heartbeats before he takes a swift ot he beer, thumping the glass down and gesturing with one hand, flashing a smile again, "So how'd you find out to the contrary? Far as I knew, she was as much an orphan as I was." It's casual conversation, but it's interrogation as well, certainly. He's not being very watchful of the rest of the bar, but he trusts Liz to take care of that for him.

Lisa is watched curiously as she moves away, until Brenda startles Cooper with her exclamation that she's gonna teach him. Huh? "What? Hey… whoa… now." He holds up his hands to ward off the advice. "I came to the bar alone cause I'm not dating anyone.. and not to practice my game… I wanted a beer." He holds up the beer in question, both brows lifting a bit, his eyes do drift down a touch, but then are immediately back at her face. "I don't need to be taught how to pick up people, I've been married twice." And yet, he is sitting here…. alone.

Finally, Liz is noticed out of the corner of Cooper's eye and he glances her way, saluting her with his beer with a slightly uncomfortable smirk.

Thalia's eyes narrow and she looks at Cardinal before she shakes her head. "The story is look and complicated. Not a story for these this type of crowd." She says and then looks at Cardinal square in the eyes.

"Nonsense. Now, look at me and say. "I like elephants." Brenda says and nods her head at the man. Do as you mother says! Says Brenda's look to Cooper. "I promise.. it's worked on me like.. three times." Brenda nods her head with excitement and she grins and bounces up and down. "Commme onnn."

Though Meredith has already been to a bar today, it's the kind of day where a little extra drinking may not go amiss. This one, at least, is closer to her apartment. When she steps into the lively atmosphere of Old Lucy's - a far cry from Biddy's earlier in the day - the collar of her coat is popped to ward off against the wind. Though some may consider a woman coming alone to a bar to be a man eater, or possibly just there to pick up men, but she's certainly not dressed for that. She moves for an empty seat and waits for someone to come close enough for her to order a drink. When they do, she'll tell them, "Whatever's on tap, if you would." Once she's sitting, she doesn't make herself comfortable by taking off her coat, instead she merely unbuttons it. She looks ready to flee the place at any moment.

There's a sharper look in Elisabeth's eyes as she watches Thalia and she turns her head sideways toward Cardinal, murmuring something very softly as she appears to look down the bar again. ~You could be treading on thin ice if Abby finds out you're pissing in Thalia's corn flakes.~ Then she offers mildly, "Back in a minute, babe." Restroom break.

"Mnm." Cardinal's hazel eyes regard Thalia over the edge of his shades, a steady and unwavering lock of gazes for a few moments, "I'll have to stop by another time to ask, then." It's such a casual, simple question to feel vaguely like a threat. He draws back a bit from the bar's edge, lifting the glass up to take another sip of it, turning a bit to look down along the bar finally, checking out who's here.

A nearly subaudible murmur under his breath is meant only for the ears of an audiokinetic like Elisabeth, pointing out, "Abigail asked me to confirm her identity. If she's lying, she's a dead woman. Nobody pisses on Izzy's memory and gets away with it."

Cooper looks at Lisa like she is crazy. "Saying 'I like elephants' works?" He sounds like he's trying not to bust up laughing. "Are you really serious?" When Brenda…. bounces… Cooper concentrates really hard to keep his eyes on her face. "You women get weirder the older I get and the younger they get." He looks at the woman amused.

The 'threat' is taken with a snort and then Thalia rolls her eyes. "Uh yeaah, we'll see." She says with a hand on her hip and when Cardinal's head is turned the finger is given to him, well it doesn't matter that he is turned, it just so happens that he is turned and with a sigh she throws her rag into the sink and leaves without a word to the back of the bar.

"If you aren't out in an hour.. I'm coming to get you!" Brenda says and then goes back to winking at Cooper, "Honey.. this is just the beginning. Before she takes Lisa's hand and drags her away.

There's a bit of a hullabaloo over by Cooper, which Meredith watches with something close to amusement as she waits for her draft. She's already had enough of serious and awkward conversations for the day - something the anniversary of the Bomb may be known for. It's nice to see people flirting and making what looks like a harmless ruckus. So, instead, when her drink is set down in front of her, she rolls it around in her hand just a little as if it were a harder liquor, before she even takes a sip. Not deciding whether she should stay for longer than the one drink, she still doesn't shed her coat just yet.

Left alone, what with the departure of Elisabeth to powder her nose or whatever women in there and the departure of Thalia to the back, Cardinal looks over as a comment reaches him through the general hub-bub of the bar, a smile twitching to his lips. "You have no idea," he calls over to Cooper, "None at all, man."

Returning pretty quickly, Elisabeth's expression is the same as it was when she left — that is, calm. Neutral. Vaguely amused. She murmurs to Cardinal as she gets back to the bar, "What, you already piss her off enough to make her bolt?" and picks up her beer to sip it. "No idea about what?"

"Damn…" Cooper murmurs watching Brenda leave with Lisa, his head slowly. Cardinal's comment, drags the cops attention to Liz's companion, "I swear.. it was easier to understand them when I was younger. Now… dear god.. their scary." He mutters, glancing back in the direction the women went.

Liz's return catches Cooper's attention and he slips off his stool drink in hand to join the pair. His brows crease a bit and he leans over to look at Elisabeth. "Hey… Harrison. Your a woman. Would that line work on you?" He gives Liz a waggle of his brows and says in his bad imitation of sexy, "I like Elephants." It does take him a huge effort not to break out into a chuckle as he says those words. Then his eyes peer at Liz as if judging her reaction. "Be honest now, it might be the difference of my going home alone tonight or one of thsoe girls coming with."

As she's already watching the events unfold, Meredith can't help but overhear Cooper's come on to Elisabeth. He's joking, of course, but the line really is just too funny to let pass without any sort of reaction. Though she doesn't join the already growing group, she does burst into soft laughter not too far away from them. Trying to cover it, she leans down over her beer, long blonde hair covering her face.

The revelation that Cooper apparently knows Elisabeth draws an amused brow upwards over the edge of Cardinal's shades, worn even inside to keep from the bar's bright lights causing him too much pain. The glass of beer in his hand pauses on its way to his lips, and he lowers it, turning towards Elisabeth and asking her in tones too casual to be anything but open teasing, "You want me to punch him, Liz? I haven't punched anyone in awhile, it might be refreshing to start a bar-fight over your cute ass."

There are any number of responses that a woman can make to the comment 'you're a woman' and that waggle brows. "I dunno, Coop… if you were trying to pick me up with that line, I'd probably give you directions to the Brooklyn zoo," Liz replies drily. "Cooper, Montenegro. Montenegro, Cooper." She slants a look at Cardinal beneath her lashes. "My cute ass appreciates the idea of a good barfight over it. But only if I get to wield the firehose."

Cooper is having a seriously hard time keeping a straight face here, the corners of his mouth are working very hard to turn up into a big grin. Meredith's laughter gets a wink from him, showing that he is indeed joking as he asks Meredith, "How about you.. that line do anything for you?" Liz's response and Cardinal's gets a chuckle as Cooper drops into a seat near Liz. "Damn." Though he knew pretty well the reaction he'd get and it's evident in his tone. "Doomed to be alone forever I guess." He glances at the direction Brenda went again, a slightly forlorn look and sighs.

There is a nod given to Cardinal at the introduction. "Hello and don't worry… Wouldn't be the first time I got punched…. By the way Harrison.. the caramels didn't work." He rubs the side of his jaw, shifting it side to side like he had been hit. "I got sugar free by mistake.. she thought it was another jab. I am staying for away from Human resources for awhile. I swear to god those women have it out for me now."

Brushing the blonde hair away from her face, Meredith just raises an eyebrow at Cooper. "It makes me wonder what about elephants you like," she tells him, biting back laughter again. It's a pick up line that she certainly hasn't heard before, which is what makes it so funny for her. Taking another drink from her beer, she doesn't move closer to their conversation, but she is paying more attention to it now.

Cardinal isn't serious about the punching, after all, and he grins as well; stepping around Elisabeth's lean to offer a hand over to the man, "Richard Montenegro, good to meet you… you Liz's new horndog partner, or just a different horndog she happens to know?" He turns his head a bit to give an amused look to Liz at her words, then Meredith's interjection gets a Monty Python paraphrase, "Indeed. An African or Indian Elephant?"

Elisabeth stares at Cooper. "You got her sugar free caramels?" she demands incredulously. "Okay… you are officially a hopeless case. Do not under any circumstances get shot on the job. She will tie you up in red tape so tight you'll wait like ten years for reimbursement from the insurance company." She shakes her head. "Christ, Cooper. Sugar free caramels. You're gonna be damn lucky if you get a W-2 this year." She winces. "He's another horndog. My partner's Nash." She waves to Meredith, though she doesn't know the woman. May as well be friendly.

A hand motions at Meredith as if her words have clenched it. "I am not taking pick up advice from that crazy girl that is for certain." Cooper states as if it's final. He inclines his head to the older blonde and offers a "Thank you, Ma'am. You and her have saved me much embarrassment." Nevermind that what he had just done should have been embarrassing enough.

When Richard offers his hand Cooper takes it firmly with grin. "Thomas Cooper and no… not her partner, thankfully, though I have to agree about the horndog part about the guy." He glances at Elisabeth and looks highly amused as his hand drops away to pick up his beer. He clutches his chest as Liz labels him, ass if she dealt him a grievous wound. "Oh.. ouch.. Come on. Don't put me on the same level as Nash." He gives her a hurt look and then rolls his eyes. "I told you.. It was an accident. It's not like I eat that crap." He heaves a huge sigh and grumbles. "They stuck the bags like right next to each other. I just grabbed one."

"I thought that was supposed to be birds," Meredith quips back at Cardinal. While she may not have been very into cultural references, it seems hard to have missed the Python craze, being her age. She's not a fan enough to quote everything, but she knows what sounds right. "I don't know about that, though," she tells Cooper about how much embarrassment she saved him. "At least it wasn't said to someone who didn't have any sorta idea of what you were talkin' about."

"If she says you're doomed," Richard observes in dry tones, "I'm afraid you're doomed. We'll make sure to look terribly sad at your funeral. I might even bring some flowers or something." He steps back from Cooper after that brief, firm clasp and turns to ask Elisabeth easily, "Should we all grab a table, maybe? Maybe we can still save this poor bastard's life."

"Birds, elephants," he adds then with a laugh, looking back to Meredith, "No real different."

Elisabeth gestures toward Meredith's table. May as well all get friendly, right? She picks up her glass of beer and motions to Brenda for another round for the table. "Insanity. Truly," Elisabeth observes. "Hi," she offers to Meredith. "I'm Liz. That's Richard, and Coop."

"Yes Harrison.. Save this hopeless fool." Cooper gives her that hang dog look, before that smirk of his makes an appearance again. Her nudges Liz before moving to follow them. "You here that? Good man right there. He might bring flowers to my funeral." He slides into a chair at Meredith's table and flashes her a toothy smile. "Hey.. Thomas Cooper.. Or Coop as she seems fond of calling me." He motions at Liz with a thumb before taking a swig of his beer.

Not quite sure what to make of this sudden company, Meredith doesn't object when the trio descend upon her table. In fact, she finally shrugs off that coat of hers, though she just lets it fall haphazardly against the back of her chair instead of hanging it neatly. She's not quite finished with her beer, so she nurses it more before getting to work on the second round that would be coming for them. "Meredith Gordon," she nods politely in greeting. "Pleasure to meet ya'll." They all are using different names for each other, which is slightly confusing, but she'll go with givens until told otherwise. "Didn't mean to interrupt your conversation or anythin'. I really don't have an opinion about elephants one way or another. Though, I'd be hard pressed to think that an elephant could flap about like a bird."

"What," asks Cardinal as he pulls a chair out from the table and drops himself down into it, flashing a roguish grin, "Didn't you ever see 'Dumbo'? Of course elephants can fly…"

"Good to meet you," he replies easily, "Maybe you can help this poor, hopeless bastard out."

Elisabeth slides her hand under her skirt, settling into the chair in a quintessentially feminine movement that always comes with wearing heels and skirts. She crosses her legs and leans back, finishing the last of the glass of beer in her hand. "I always cried at Dumbo. His mom was so sad."

"You didn't interrupt our conversation, Meredith." Cooper states with a grin, leaning forward on an arm. "It anything I interrupted theirs first to test that failed theory." He takes a swig of his beer and studies Liz, eyes narrowed. "My daughter cried watching Dumbo too, when she was little. Bambi as well…. and Lion King." He shuts his mouth then, giving Liz a bit of a smirk.

There's a quirk of a smile. "That's a cartoon. I didn't realize that this was a pick up line about cartoons. Especially sad ones." Meredith shakes her head. She hasn't seen any of those Disney cartoons, as her daughter was far too young to enjoy them before she was taken from her. And when she was growing up, there wasn't much money or time for Disney. "If that's the case, I don't think I can help you." Twisting her glass around on it's spot on the table, she adds, "Those are all sad. No wonder she cried at 'em."

"There you go, Coop," Richard replies encouragingly, gesturing with his glass to Cooper, "There's your hook. Talk about your kids and casually mention a divorce. Women'll eat up a guy who's all about their kids. It's a biological clock thing."

There is a long pause from Elisabeth's side of the table and she shakes her head, a faint smile quirking the corner of her mouth. "You know… I have an appointment in a little while here. Richard, you're welcome to stay if you'd rather," she offers mildly. She picks up the second glass that just appeared and she downs about half of the beer in a long swallow.

"Ug." Cooper says to Cardinal's advice. "Kid…Just one… I got one daughter from my first marriage, she's a handful enough without adding more." He grumbles swirling the last little bit of beer in his bottle. "You would not believe the crap she feels she has to tell me." There is a roll of his eyes, before they focus on Liz. "If he's smart he'd flee.. I might embarrass him… or force him to actually have to punch me.. then where would we be." He flashes a grin at Cardinal before downing the last bit of his beer.

There's a raised eyebrow at Richard's advice. Obviously, this man is out to sabotage Cooper. Casually mentioning kids and then divorce is never a way to a woman's heart. Or even her bedroom. Meredith finishes off the last of her beer and puts the empty glass down onto the table with a shake of her head. "That's assumin' we've all got biological clocks or somethin'. And nobody wants a pick up line about havin' kids. That's worse'n elephants." Says the woman with a daughter. Glancing over Elizabeth, she nods, "It was nice to meet you." Even if the other blonde isn't leaving quite yet, she'll say it while she still has the chance. "Both of ya, if you're inclined to be leavin', too." Though she does find it odd since they all just sat down.

Cardinal turns a bit at Elisabeth's words, giving her a briefly bemused look; one hand sliding off the back of the chair and up her arm to rest on her shoulder, asking, "The sort've appointment you need company for, or, like, business? I can come along, if you want me for anything, babe, not like I've got anything to do. I think Claire wanted to talk to me, but she's probably gallavanting around with Varlane." He tips his head towards Meredith, "Was good meeting you, Meredith. If you come in again, just tell 'em that Richard sent you, they all know me here."

Elisabeth murmurs quietly, "I don't really want to converse about my biological clock much, and I was planning on going to late Mass tonight. If you'd like to come, I would …. appreciate the company. It's the only time of year I go." She glances at Cooper and Meredith and says, "I'm sorry. I didn't realize what time it was and I don't want to be late."

There is a heavy sigh from Cooper as he eyes Meredith with a smirk, "Shot my chances with you too, huh?"' Of course, he's joking, giving a wink to prove it. "Well… guess I'll slink back home in defeat." He lifts a hand to give Liz a wave of his hand in farewell. "I'm sure you'll see my face in the morning, Harrison. Not like you can avoid it much, well unless Human Resourses springs some sorta trap and buries me in the basement of the PD." Eyes flick to Richard as he moves to join her. "Great meeting you too, Richard. Maybe I'll see you around."

The mention of Claire's name while they were already talking about daughters and kids and Dumbo causes Meredith to blink rather strangely at Cardinal. Claire isn't exactly a unique name, but it is her daughter's, which makes it unique to her. She puts a mental red flagged note to check up on this Richard later. If only they'd introduced him with his last name, that would have made it easier. At least she knows a place he frequents. Instead, while all the information is turning through her head, she just smiles at the two of them. "Yes. Good to meet you, too. Thanks, I'll be sure to do that. And don't worry about it. If you've gotta pray, you've gotta pray." Meredith's not quite religious herself, but that doesn't mean anything. Cooper's heavy sigh is greeted with a laugh of her own. "I didn't come to get picked up, so were shot down before you sat down. No offense, you seem like a nice enough guy." But, she doesn't know him.

Hey, Cardinal hadn't talked about her biological clock! Still, obviously he's stepped into a conversational pitfall somewhere along the line, and he winces just a bit. The mention of mass has him pausing for a moment, admitting quietly, "I haven't been to mass in… shit, it's been years." Joseph's church didn't count, he's protestant, and besides, that was just a sermon! There's a reluctance to his tone, something about the idea bothering him clearly, before he nods once, shortly, "Sure. I'll come."

Moving to stand up, Elisabeth says with a faint smile. "You don't have to if you're afraid you'll get hit by lightning or something." She glances at Meredith and says quietly, "I go to light a candle for my mother. She died in the Bomb." Her tone is matter of fact, not requiring other people's sympathy really — it's not as if she's the only person who lost someone that day. And it's not as if she needs to explain herself, and hey…. you can take the girl out of the Church, but sometimes you can't take the Church out of the girl. "See you tomorrow, Cooper. And it was nice to meet you, Meredith. Perhaps we'll run into one another again." She'll wait long enough for Richard to stand and then heads for the door with him.

He watches the others leave with a smirk, before Cooper himself climbs to his feet. He leans over and offers his hand to Meredith, his tone quiet if still laced with amusement, "It was nice to meet you Meredith. And seriously, I had only come here for a beer, not to really pick up on anyone. So there is no offense taken at all." He steps away from the table and pushes his chair in, making sure to toss a few bills on the table as a tip. "Take care of yourself." Before he too, heads for the door, whistling a touch off key.

It seems that Meredith will be the only to stay at the table, her company gone as quickly as it came. The blonde doesn't seem to mind very much, she still has another beer to drink down before leaving. "I'm sorry," she tells Elisabeth. It's sincere, though not really enough to convey what she may think about the matter. There's not much a stranger can say to another about something as significant as that. "Maybe we will." She won't deny anything is possible. And if Liz hangs around Cardinal and Cardinal hangs around her daughter, well, she may seek them out sooner than the two imagined. "I believe you." And not just because the elephant line was a terrible pick up, but because he does seem like the kind of guy to go to a bar for a drink and not for the women. Not that she knows him at all. "Have a good night." Alone at her table, the firestarter goes back to her drink.

The lapsed catholic in Cardinal is almost visible as he drags himself reluctantly up to his feet, moving to step after Elisabeth and muttering under his breath as they walk, "…I swear to God, if the nuns show up with rulers, I am out that door."

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