...Who Sat Down Beside Her


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Scene Title …Who Sat Down Beside Her
Synopsis …but God also brought the flood.
Date October 2, 2015

The Ark

Destiny's Quarters

October 2nd, 2015


All she has now is a photograph.

There's a picture of a family, not really a portrait but it's as close as Destiny has ever known. In it, her mother and father are smiling, standing on either side of a family friend with short hair and glasses. James Woods, the man who would come to save her from certain death, a man who would become like a surrogate father to her. The only family she's known for years since the flood, and now the one person who demanded she not come to this dark, rusting, and flooded prison. But she's being brave. She only cried for half an hour.

It's the first things she has to decorate the dark confines of what may well be the last place she ever lives, if Edward can't uphold his end of their arrangement. So the photograph of her family is placed on a table by the ratty sofa, angled just-so to rest against the wall and stand upright. The sound of a knock on her door startles her, and she jumps back away from the photograph with a hand at her chest. In the dim candle light of the apartment, Destiny looks at the door with wary eyes and a tension in her back and shoulders. "There's no such thing as ghosts," she says to herself, "and it there were mom and dad wouldn't knock," she continues, "and they'd bring snacks."

The knock comes again. This time, Destiny calls out. "W-who is it?"

There's a thunk against the door in response, "It's Else." It's only then that Destiny recognizes the lilt of the voice, hustling over to the door and opening it. Else stands there, head angled just so to show that it was her forehead that lightly clunked against the door. Her dark eyes flick over to Des, smile on her face. "Hey love, Eddie's busy with his family, so I thought I'd come on down an' keep you company, yeah?" Destiny nearly starts crying when Else makes the offer and she's quick to step aside and let the taller woman in, shutting the door behind her as she takes the invitation.

Else meanders around the apartment, looking at the rust stains on the ceiling and the threadbare quality of the sofa. In spite of its condition, she lingers by it, turning her attention back over to Destiny. "You made the right choice," Else says in a sing-song tone of voice, but Destiny herself isn't sure of it. She comes walking over, arms wrapped around herself and eyes focused down at the floor, teeth worrying at her bottom lip.

"It doesn't feel like it…" is something Destiny is rueful to admit. But it's the truth. None of this feels right. Reaching the couch, she folds herself down into a seat, legs tucked beneath her and hands folded in her lap. "I miss Woods already, and Carina, and…"

Else shakes her head, coming to sit down beside her. "You'll see them again soon," she says, reaching up to brush some of Des' hair from her brow. Des looks over at Else, confused.

"Did you see that?" Des asks, assuming that's how these things work. Else nods once, tapping Des gently on the nose.

"I've seen it all," Else says in a whisper, letting her hands come down to fold in her lap much as Des' have. "Can you keep a secret?" She asks, looking from her hands back to the younger woman.

Destiny, at first, seems reluctant. But Else may be the only friend she truly has here. She nods, wearily, and looks up at the seer with wide eyes. Else smiles, reaching out to take one of Destiny's hands in hers and leans in closer, to emphasize the confidence.

"It's going to hurt, but it will all work out in the end," Else whispers, eyes closed. "But I promise you…"

Her eyes flutter open, irises merely rings of burning gold.

"We all get what we want."


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