Whole Again


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Scene Title Whole Again
Synopsis She was saving the good news for exactly this.
Date May 31, 2011

Pollepel Island: Docks

Hues of red and gold light up the horizon, but the rest of the expansive sky is slowly deepening into an ever darkening blue. Most of the world is dark, thrown in shadows. It won't be long before it's completely dark. The wind skims across the sluggishly moving river to rustle through the trees of Pollepel island, making the branches whip around and the leaves flutter. It's also chilly coming off the river.

Benjamin Ryans is wishing he put on his hoodie as he traveled in the small puttering boat. He's already standing in the thing as it swings sideways and slides towards the dock. Catching the edge of the rough wood, he uses it to lever himself up. He turns in time to catch the rope from his companion so that he can tie the boat off.

The rope is soon followed by his pack, witch thumps down on the deck. Boat tied off, Ben snatches up the pack and swings it over his shoulder, offering a thank you and wave to the boats owner. He turns towards the castle then, looking up at the stone structure with a small smile.

Lynette's been spending a lot of time outdoors lately. She hasn't really told anyone about her power returning to her, and she doesn't want them to find out by her accidentally shocking someone in there while things are… a bit unstable. Not quite as bad as it was when she was a kid, but she is getting used to it again. And better to deal with stray electricity where she's isolated and easily grounded. Which might explain why she's barefoot as she strolls down toward the dock.

She's not there with any real purpose, but when she sees Ben climbing out of the boat, it certainly gives her reason not to hurry away. "Of all the islands in all the world," she greets with a crooked smile. "Fancy meeting you here." Which it isn't, really, but she does love irony.

The sight of the familiar blonde gets a smile to appear on Benjamin's face. "Lynette," he greets softly, with a slight downward tilt of his head in respect. "Good seeing you again." He means it, of course. "I see the castle is still standing. No one has attempted to burn it own." He's looking up at it again as he closes the distance between him and the electrokinetic.

Closer, Ben looks back at her with a gentle smile… then he looks further down, brows lifting. Barefoot? He glances back up with a curious expression.

"Not yet, anyway," Lynette says with a glance back toward the castle. When she looks back to him again, it's in time to catch that curiosity. Those feet shift a little as she debates explaining, but instead she steps over to him to greet him with a warm kiss. But his answer comes as her hand seeks his out, and there's just a few little jolts as her fingertips run along his palm. Nothing painful, of course.

When she leans back again, there's a glance down at her feet, then back to him. "It's something we did when I was a kid, to help keep things under control," she finally says, although her voice is just a soft whisper.

The kiss is met and returned, at least til there is that little jolt. It might not hurt, but it surprises him and makes him jump a little, breaking the kiss so that he can look at the hands. He flexes his fingers a little and looks at her… well… kinda stares. "It's back?" He takes her lead and keeps his voice level down, giving a quick glance around them.

His hand moves to rest against her cheek, giving her an encouraging smile. "That's good news. I know you missed it." The hand slides down to her shoulder to pull her under his arm so that they can start moving away from the shore and into the much denser parts of the island and the castle. "Feeling whole again?"

"Just a couple days ago. I haven't… really told anyone." Which could mean she was waiting to tell him first, or maybe she just doesn't know how to bring it up. She doesn't bother explaining.

Lynette smiles again when his hand touches her cheek, and she leans into it. "I did miss it. And it feels good to have it back again. Feeling like myself again, and no more other-mes in my head, which is more refreshing than I thought it would be." She moves under his arm easily, her own sliding around his waist as they walk along. "It's not all I've missed, though. You can't imagine the burden of not having a handsome man around. How've you been? Safe?"

"I've been good." Ryans states, walking with shorter strides to accommodate the smaller woman. "Staying at Grand Central when I'm not out and about." Doing what is anyone's guess. Not like he can explain the fact he's been working on getting to know the woman that is suppose to be his future. "Keeping an eye out on things on the mainland.

"Missed the island an all things on it, so thought I'd come out here again." He glances over his shoulder, past her head in the general direction of some of the hidden plants. "Maybe do some weeding to clear my mind." Gardening just does that for him.

"Seems like things are sort of quiet right now. Makes me nervous." Lynette may not exactly prefer trouble, but she really hates waiting. "That actually work? Weeding? I've never been very good at the idea of clearing the mind. I once had a yoga instructor tell me that my nervous tension was disruptive," she says, her smile crooked, "But I never did try gardening."

"It's not for everyone. What one person finds clarity in, others might find frustration." Benjamin tilts his head where he can glance down at her, arching a brow just a little. "I can drag you out tomorrow around the island." It's a touch frustrating that the garden has to be so spread out, but necessary. A real garden would be too much of a risk to being spotted.

Amusement flickers over stony features as Ryans warns, "I get up really early."

That amusement makes Lynette smile wider, but she makes it crooked a moment later. "I did do time on my father's ranch. I can get up early when the occasion calls for it. Just make sure there's coffee around. Although, I've heard it said it's so much easier to be up early when you've stayed up all night." There is a bit of suggestiveness there, but with a layer of playfulness, too. She's in a good mood.

"You will have to forgive me, if I'm among those that finds it frustrating, though. I promise not to grumble too much, if that's the case." But, in truth, she doesn't sound too worried.

"Deal." Benjamin gives her shoulders a gentle squeeze, leaning over to press a kiss to her temple. Light affection to lighten the next thing he says. "However, I think tonight I might have to take a rain check on the all nighter at least for tonight. " There is an apology in those words.

He shifts the pack on his shoulder, glancing back at the castle. "Dinner been served yet?" A brow arching in her direction. "Spend some time with me? See how the evening goes?"

There's no hiding the hint of disappointment in her expression at that news, but she does still smile up at him. "You're a little late for dinner, but if you don't mind waiting a little while, we could head down to the kitchen. Believe it or not, I can cook. We've even gotten pretty good at making the food here somewhat palatable."

Lynette glances down to her feet, dirt stained and all, for a few moments before she looks back up at him again, her smile a little crooked. "And we can see how the evening goes. You know I do love your company."

Ben studies her a little as they walk, a small hint of a smile there. A part of him feels like he should say something about Nicole, but — "I do enjoy your company as well." — he'll keep it for now. They may not be serious, but he does truly enjoy being around her.

To him it's an odd relationship, but seems to work for the moment. "Who knows… might be able to coax an all nighter out of me," he teases a little. "No promises."

"Oh, is that right?" Lynette says with a chuckle. "Well, we'll just have to see, won't we? Lucky for you, I like things unpredictable," she adds with a smile before she leans her head against him. But it's just a moment before she pivots to walk backwards in front of him, her hand taking his. "I hope you're in the mood for a stew. I'm pretty sure that's the most complicated thing I can make with what's on hand."

There is a sigh, as if Ryans is conceding to defeat on something. "I guess I can manage to eat stew. Should I be thankful that I have an iron stomach." Yes, he's teasing a woman with the ability to electrocute his back side for saying such things. Her good mood might just be contagious.

"I need to store my bag in my room and then I am yours for this evening." Ben allows himself to be drug along by the other woman in his life. "Unless you know… something happens that needs a reckless old fool."

"We're all very grateful for your courage and sacrifice." Lynette tries to keep the amusement out of her words, but it only mildly succeeds. "Of course. Barring any emergencies. For the record, I like you foolish. Of course, I like me foolish, too. So maybe I can come be reckless, too, if it happens. I need an excuse to use it, now that it's back, after all."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Ben means it too. Much like Huruma, the man knows that Lynette doesn't need his protection in a fight. "I'll always need someone to watch my back."

It's true that Lynette, at least with her ability in tact, can handle herself in a fight. The only saving she tends to need is from herself. "Well, I'm glad to be the someone anytime," she says, and she means that, too. Her hand gives his a squeeze before she turns to slip back under his arm as they head into the castle and on toward dinner.

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