Why Can't It Always Be This Easy?


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Scene Title Why Can't It Always Be This Easy?
Synopsis Cassidy and Liz get a tip on their hooded killer of two from a couple weeks ago, and they arrest him with no cop injuries! (It's a rarity lately!)
Date May 6, 2009

Greenwich Village

The phone call came just as Liz walked into the precinct this morning — Javier Lopez runs a small confection shop just down the street from the two murders that Liz and Cassidy got called to in Greenwich. "You left me your number - I am calling because he is back! The person in the hooded shirt! He walked past my store just a moment ago and I look outside, he goes into coffee shop. You come quickly." And he hung up. So Liz grabbed Cassidy and hightailed it for Greenwich Village.

As they drive, she glances at the other woman and says, "You remember what this mook's powers seem to be, right? Just so you know, my ability doesn't require me to be able to talk, but breathing? That's a necessity. I'd rather do this without powers, but I'm not averse to using mine to take him down either. We're on the same page?"

Cassidy's expression is determined as they drive, hands rest on her knees and her fingers tap on them showing her anxiety. "Don't worry. I'd like us to keep breathing too." Cassidy glances at the other woman and gives a bit of a smirk. She takes a mental inventory of her weapons. She's packing for elephant. Okay, not really, but with three handguns, she's not taking any chances. She takes a deep breath and let's it out. "If you gotta use them use them. Lord knows you fight fire with fire when you need too. Just wish I had an idea what my fire is." She gives a humorless chuckle.

Elisabeth glances at her companion as they pull to a stop and she unbuckles her seat belt. "Yeah… me too," she admits with a faint smile. "C'mon, let's go catch us an Evo murderer, lady." Liz climbs out of the car and meets up with Cassidy on the sidewalk — she's not dressed like a cop. Or at least, not like a Fed; no suit. She tends toward the slacks/blouse look, which is what she's wearing today — deep brown pants topped with a striped blouse and a blazer. Her primary firearm is hidden at the back of her waistband, and her backup weapon in an ankle holster. "If you suddenly manifest an urge to … I dunno… telepathically blast him unconscious or something… feel free to let 'er rip, though," she quips.

Slipping out of the car, Cassidy steps onto the curb. She unties her trench coat, letting it hang loosely so that she can get to her weapons easier. Cassidy doesn't really do suits, so she's in a mock turtleneck and slacks, however… " I'm wishing I had worn my sneakers. So let's hope this guy doesn't run." She gives Elisabeth an amused look. "Hey, I'll happily explode his brain if the urge hits me." That said she starts for the coffee shop. "Okay, let's get this guy."

Elisabeth nods to Cassidy takes a deep breath. "Lopez said he's wearing a red jacket," she says quietly, and then opens the door to the coffee shop to step inside and glance around casually. She makes her way toward the counter at first, scoping out the coffee shop/wifi cafe. There are two people with red jackets, though one of them is the red blazer of a local realty company. Liz nods slightly toward the other person, a young man in his early 20s wearing a red windbreaker sitting at a laptop, glancing at Cassidy to see which way she'll go. Liz will take up the flanking position.

The kid — and that's really all he is, it looks like, a college kid — isn't paying a lot of attention, except to note two good-looking women come through the door. He quickly returned to the chat program he's using on the laptop in front of him, though. His back is currently toward the two officers.

Cassidy's eyes move across the people in the cafe, her expression turns a bit concerned. That's a lot of potential victims. She glances at Elisabeth, returnss the now acknowledging that she has seen him and then starts weaving her way through the cafe, towards the man, moving in from the opposite direction as Liz. She slowly moves so that she approaches him from the side, letting Liz cover him from the back and trusting her to shoot first. Cassidy pauses only briefly to unclip the badge from her belt line. Once she's sure Liz is in place, she takes a breath and finally approaches the man. Where she's standing she wouldn't risk too much crossfire from the other officer. She reaches behind her and she holds up her badge and says loudly. "NYPD. If I could get everyone to exit the shop please." When people hesitate, she says a bit louder. "Now." She then swings the gun out to point at the young man, "Not you though. You stay. Your under arrest." And she gives him a knowing look. "And if you pull anything.. I'll make sure your brains are on the floor, faster then you can say Boo." There is a cold hard edge to the woman's voice that isn't normally there.

Elisabeth doesn't speak — as Cassidy orders people out of the cafe, the brief moment of hesitation from the patrons doesn't last long when the guns come out. Liz pulls her pistol as well, making sure with a brief touch of her hand that her own badge is also visible, and puts herself between the kid and the fleeing patrons.

The boy at the computer looks up from what he's doing, not so much shocked as annoyed. "Son of a *bitch*," he swears. He shoves his chair back and stands up. "You can't be serious," he says, looking from Cassidy to Elisabeth and back again. "You know I'm not going with you, right?" He's so damn cocky. And so damn young.

Cassidy shifts the gun upwards to center it on his head. "Oh, I'm sure your going with us. Not sure on the how." Gun and eyes never leave him as she tucks her badge aways and reaches behind her with her freehands to pull out her cuffs. "You are under arrest. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law." She holds them up for him to see. "You have a right to an attourny…" As she keeps droning those familiar words, she takes a step towards him.

And the kid just shakes his head. His hand comes up and though he comes nowhere near her, there's suddenly a band around Cassidy's throat, constricting her breath and the blood supply to her brain. "Don't make me do this," he begs softly. "I don't want to hurt anyone." He looks at Elisabeth. "Just let me go, and I'll let her go too."

Elisabeth, for her part, keeps her pistol steady on him. "Son," she says quietly, because we don't have a name for him, "I'm going to lay this out so that you understand. You think you're the only Evo in this town? You have two seconds to let her go, or one of two things is gonna happen. I'm either going to shoot you…. or something worse. It's your choice."

The threat scares him and he turns more of his attention to Elisabeth than Cassidy, transferring the choke hold to the blonde and letting the one closer to him loose. "Lady, are you stupid?? Just let me GO! I haven't done anything wrong, I'm just looking out for the people in my neighborhood!" He's scared, but he's also defiant and determined to get away from here.

Cassidy knew it could happen and she even kind of in a way knew it was about to happen, however nothing prepares you for what it feels like. She doesn't drop her gun, but the cuffs hit the floor in a clatter as her breathing is suddenly shut off. Her hand scratches at the invisible force around her neck, leaving a few red marks on her skin. She shakes her head a Liz, but suddenly she can breath again. She stumbles forward a bit with a gasp of breath. "Son of a…"

Then training kicks in, Cassidy's gun comes up while he's busy pleading with Liz. Bam… Bam.. Double tap to the legs. Enough to bring a lot of pain and to get him on the ground. Cassidy follows him down, putting her knee between his shoulders and the gun against his skull. "Don't…. move." She practically growls in his ear, each word is bite off sharply. "Liz… You alive? Talk to me." She asks saying it louder then she means and not looking her way.

In truth, she was hoping to pull his attention off Cassidy — because Cassidy's the closer officer, and the one in a better position to not accidently shoot bystanders. 'Excessive force' rules don't really apply when facing an Evo criminal using powers on a cop these days, though in the back of her head as her air is cut off, Liz hopes to God that Cassidy shoots to wing and not kill. He's just a kid. Her faith in the other officer is justified when Cassidy shoots his legs.

The kid immediately drops to the ground and his choke hold on Liz stops too.

Coughing, her hand holding her throat, Elisabeth gasps back, "Yep! 'mgood!" And then she pulls her cell phone out and dials dispatch. "Detective Harrison, we need a bus at …" She gives the street address, adding so the kid can hear it, "If you don't hear back from us every ten minutes or so, send Homeland Security out with tranqs." Her blue eyes are cold on the kid as she hangs up, puts her gun away, and moves forward to cuff him while Cassidy keeps her weapon on him. "I wouldn't doubt her," she tells him. "Use of powers against cops tends to make you persona non grata." He's too busy whimpering and screaming about bleeding to really pay a lot of attention.

Cassidy relaxes with the sounds of the other womans voice. "Good." She can't keep the relief out of her own. She focus' on the kid beneath her and she frowns a bit. "Liz… make sure he's not bleeding to death." The edge is suddenly gone from her voice. "I… think we need him alive." She leans close to the kid. "So don't give me a reason to blow you head off." She then settles into a long wait.. Crouched like this is never confortable in pumps. She's going to feel that later.

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