Why Did She Bring You Here?


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Scene Title Why Did She Bring You Here?
Synopsis Cat pays a dreamscape visit to deliver information.
Date January 29, 2010


Elisabeth Harrison's sleeping mind.

"That was different," Cat says to the large panther still hoisted upright with paws on her shoulders, moments after Hokuto's dreamscape vanishes with pathways for visiting the dreams of others left behind to explore. The panther speaks, its voice a growly version of Cat's own. "Yes. Kind of a shame she said it won't work to chain that thing in Danko and kill him. Two birds with one stone, and all that." The feline head displays that feral smile again, snarling for a moment, before settling down onto all four paws and padding forward. "Anyway, we should explore, and someone needs to be given a message."

Cat steps forward then, moving along the passageway into the dreaming mind of Elisabeth Harrison with the panther accompanying alongside. At the other end she stops and takes a moment to observe, not desiring to intrude on anything that might be considered private or embarrassing. If such a situation exists, they would turn and depart, with intention of trying again later.

Elisabeth's dreaming mind is perhaps not as simple to navigate as some people's. Hokuto's influence has given her the ability to retreat within a secure locale within her own mind where nightmares cannot touch her… and in truth, it's a place that has far more pleasant memories right now than most of the rest of her dreams. It is as if there's a small room in the corner of her mind, safely tucked away in the shadows, as ironic as that perhaps may seem to the panamnesiac. But Hokuto led the way, and now Cat finds herself outside a door. The resounding knocks have an echoing quality, like one of those old movies where the door creaks wide open and ghouls peer out. In this case, though, it's a teenaged Elisabeth Harrison, all blonde ponytail and yoga pants and features unlined by time. She tilts her head and in the way of dreams, it doesn't seem odd to her to find Cat and a *cat* standing outside her bedroom. Instead, she chirps cheerily, "C'mon in!"

Inside the dreamscape is a strange juxtaposition of the teen's bedroom — all peach and sea green and cream with prints of galaxies and fairies and such on the walls (no boy bands here) — and the adult Elisabeth's tastes — the four poster bed contains the deeper blues and violets that decorate her bedroom in her apartment, and there's a baby grand piano in the corner of the bedroom. Apparently her haven is evolving from its original build. Yet there is still this obscene door in the corner, leaking water and wrapped in chains. The pool of water in front of the door doesn't seem to grow any, and Lizzie seems to ignore it. "Did you bring your guitar?" she asks of Cat, apparently unconcerned that the woman has simply appeared.

Having the ability to alter her appearance in dreams, Cat concentrates for a moment. The red Fender Strat appears in her hands, ahead of her reply. "Yes." The instrument is lifted and displayed as proof, then she steps inside. "Teenager," she quietly remarks, "Hokuto had me looking like a ten year old me." The panther, with its shiny black fur, walks in at her left side. Neither of them say anything more at the moment, they simply take in the interior slowly.

Hokuto's name has the effect of bringing a more … aware… expression to the teen's blue eyes. Wary, older. "Why did she bring you here?" she asks softly. "She said she would warn me if she was bringing people to my dreams…." She moves to skirt around her bedroom, sliding up onto the queen-sized bed and dragging a comforter over the top of her as if to hide in there.

"I brought myself here, Elisabeth," Cat replies as the panther paces around her in silence, "through a passageway Hokuto created for visiting the dreams of others. She just concluded a seminar on the Nightmare Man and how to resist it, along with the formations of a plan to defeat it permanently."

Her features shift to reflect a readiness for outpouring of emotions ranging from anger to sadness and perhaps a combination of those and others, while she informs "During that session, Hokuto told us she believes the Nightmare Man caused the Thirty-Five to take their extremely tragic actions."

There is a sudden stillness to the teen, and it is the adult woman who suddenly looks at Cat from the mound of covers on the bed, one knee raised and her arms wrapped around it. "There were comments at the time about the possibility. I never dismissed it out of hand, but it seemed… strange that someone would have that kind of influence. Now you're telling me it's true. So… what is Hokuto doing to fight this? Is she all right?" Concern is evident.

"She's assembling people and teaching them how to fight it. How to call upon Patroni…" The panther stands on hind legs and places paws on Cat's shoulders as that word is spoken, displaying as close as possible to a smile on feline features.

The panther's voice comes in a growled version of Cat's own. "That's me, the Persona. Patronus. Avatar. Whatever you want to call me. The Nightmare Man seems strong, and can be, but it's still just a pussy. Cat and I are a fierce jungle Cat. We've beaten far worse, and so have you, Elisabeth."

"…and resist the Shadow," Cat resumes after showing the upright feline at her shoulders a broad grin, "to boot the Nightmare Man out of a dream. It will in time be defeated."

Eyebrows raise, and Elisabeth nods at the explanation. After all, you'd have to live under a rock to not know what an avatar or a patronus are. "All right," she says quietly. "Though…. if this is a citywide thing, I'm not sure how much help I'll be — I will be leaving in the morning for Maryland. At least for a few days. I can get back as regularly as I need to, but…"

"I mostly wanted to tell you in person what she said about the Thirty-Five, Elisabeth," Cat replies softly, "and pass on there is a plan forming. As well as some of my own theories. That maybe it feeds on the emotions it creates in others through these assaults, somehow gains strength. Refrain ties in too, seems to attract it."

"I'm also still following the path Rebel set out. Got a lead on some Ferry rumors which match the details in Rebel's last hidden messages and a news report from Midland, Texas."

There is a slow nod, and Elisabeth says quietly, "Thank you. If the families of those kids get some closure… maybe we'll have done something good." She sighs softly, looking around. "I heard the Ferry rumors," she says. "And I've got someone following up on some of that. I'm also just about to sic someone on seeing if they can connect Refrain and Madagascar to anyone here. If I find anything noteworthy, I'll let you know."

"Who should I share my findings with, while you're out of town?" Cat asks. The panther at her shoulders issues a rumbling growl when Refrain and Madagascar are mentioned. One paw comes off the shoulder supporting it, claws extending and being calmly regarded. "I'd like to rake my claws through Gregor," the beast growls. "Someday."

"Claire," Elisabeth replies instantly. "Or Gillian." She smiles faintly. "We're all still on the same side, and I'll be keeping in contact with both of them and with you while I'm gone. None of those associations should shock anyone who might be keeping tabs on me." She smiles faintly. "I'm pretty sure that all of us feel that way, kittycat. And if you find it in your purview to take a sniper shot at Danko, do it… and don't miss."

She meets Cat's eyes. "I'm going to try to find a way to put a body on Danko — I have a friend who is a private investigator, so I think she may be able to handle it without getting spotted. Plus she has the advantage of being a total unknown to him. Alec can't do it right now, he's spread too thin. Try to keep Peyton from burning herself to nothing — I've told her just to check in on him, not constantly surveil."

The panther displays a dangerously feral smile, choosing to reply for Cat. "When Hokuto said one way to extinguish the Nightmare Pussy is to trap it in the mind of a person who dies soon after, I recommended Emile Danko. Another person needing to be raked with claws. Peyton… she mostly needs some confidence. To not let that guy rule her life with fear. Danko… best thing there is tempting him to do what he does, and get cut down doing it, so he can't be seen as a HF martyr. Let him fire the first shots, while having nothing real to shoot at…" There the growly beastvoice trails off.

Cat speaks up then. "Travel safe, Elisabeth," she offers, turning to travel back down the path to her own body. Or to visit other dreamers.

Watching her go, Elisabeth makes no move to follow Cat and her avatar out of the door that encloses her in this safe space. "I'll be home in a few days. We can come back as often as we like, on the government's dime if we want. I probably won't on their money, but I'll be back at least every weekend. Probably at least Wednesday nights during the week, too. I'll be in touch."

"And you still sleep, if I'm welcome," Cat asserts gently while pausing at the doorway. "Planes, trains, automobiles, phones, and computers not always necessary." Then she and the panther are gone.

"You are," Elisabeth says softly. "Some nights may not be this simple." In her dreaming mind, as soon as Cat steps out, the shadows enclose the small room that has no entry other than the one door. Though in her waking life Elisabeth is still afraid of the dark — and perhaps may always be — it is apparently not the case here. The darkness hides her haven from other horrors that might linger.

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