Why Do You Even Come Down?


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Scene Title Why Do You Even Come Down?
Synopsis Magnes is invited for pizza on a rooftop camp out and decides to bring Abby a little closer to god, physically. Prepare for saccharine overload.
Date January 10, 2009

Apartment Building Roof

Mr. Panucci's pizza got a call, near the end of Magnes shift. A bacon, pepperoni and mushroom pizza, a liter of coke and the request that it be one Magnes Varlane who delivers it at the end of his shift. The address is one familiar to Magnes. It's where he dropped abby off in the taxi. While that's gone through, Abby's been busy. Not in the apartment, though she's home now, taking care of the place, satisfied with the state of things while she was gone. Some things from the apartment are absconded with and from storage in the basement. There's a note on the door to head to the roof for the pizza delivery guy.

Informed of the fact that the request was specifically for him, Magnes is perplexed to say the least. But he remembers things in this line of work, one of those things being addresses. When he sees the note to go on to the roof, he sighs, because he just came from a roof, but oh well.

It takes less than a minute, cutting unto an alley where there aren't any people watching, then he scales up the wall, skates across a roof, then leaps, slowly descending on to Abby's roof.

He's wearing his Robin III designed hoody again, and clear contacts.

Tent's devoid of people, snow piled up here and there, mainly along the ledges. Windswept. However, there's a tent, a fair sized camping tent, green and cream set into the shelt of the starwell's cover. Out of the direct wind. A camping latern waits outside it, a path from the doorway to the tent swept free of snow. There's someone inside the tent though, the outline of a person, jacket, rubbing hands, waiting. A little que card, propped in front of the lamp has some words on it. "Pizza deilvery inside please"

Magnes tilts his head at the strangeness of all this once he lands, then just follows the card and slowly skates in. "Panucci's Pizza." he announces for who ever is there, looking around curiously.

"In here Magnes" comes the southern lilt and after a moment, Abby's head pops out from the entry of the tent as she unzips if. "Oh thank heavens, I was starving. come in, quick, before the heat's lost!" She disappears, but the hand is beckoning to him.

Magnes walks in with the box in one hand, staring down at his reciept and writing something down. "I made it myself, I hope you like it." he say with a smile, then scans the tent with a curious look.

"Had dinner yet?" There's a twenty dug out of her pocket, handed over to the pizza boy. "This is my first pizza I think. From where you work. Sit, share it with me" There's pillows, blanket beneath them to protect fromt he ground beneath the tarp bottom. A none flame camping latern. "Sorry, I just.. I thought I don't get to camp anymore, always too busy, and who can say that they've camped out in the wilds of new york?" The blonde offers a tentative smile. "How are you doing?"

After laying his pizza down on the blankets, he sits down to remove his skates, revealing sneakers apparently made to fit into them, not simply the soft inner padding you'd find in cheaper skates. "I'm fine, and I've never really been camping either, this is my first time even being in a tent. I don't really eat until my shift is over, afraid of getting motion sickness or something…"

Magnes sits in front of the box, crossing his legs and opening the box. "Even though the address was the same, I didn't realize it might actually be you. If I did, I would have added extra stuff…"

"Magnes the wall jumper, gets motion sickness?" That bring s abig smile to Abby's face. "Really? Motion sickness?" A fingerless glvoes hand covers her mouth and she can't help the giggles that escapes.

"Hey, I can't help it, it's crazy up here on a full stomach." Magnes admits with a slight grin, looking over at her with a slight redness in his cheeks, then averts his eyes to the pizza. "Go ahead and try it, tell me what you think…" he offers with just a hint of uneasiness.

"It's just funny though. Super hero… with motion sickness" She's grinning still, even as she reaches for a piece of pizza. "But I guess, even super hero's are human" She spots a spider, curled up in a corner, one of those things that idly catches your eye. A mental note to shake it out into the halls before she folds the tent up when all is said and done before she reaches for a slice of pizza. "But your off shift now right? It's why I asked for the pizza when your shift was over"

"I am. But um, why did you want me?" Magnes wonders, his voice suddenly getting quieter, as if afraid or possibly anxious for the answer. And while he's waiting, he pulls his hoody off, revealing a silver chain with a small silver spherical Earth on it, the continents hollowed out to differentiate them from the water.

'Because, I have things i need to do, that I should do. Your one of them. Eat a pizza made by magnes" Which she does. Folding the slice in half and taking a bit, letting the combination of dough, sauce, bacon, pepperoni and mushrooms flavor her mouth for a few moments before she swallows. "It has the Abigail beauchamp seal of approval Magnes"

"Great!" Magnes exclaims, then something seems to hit him in the back of his mind as he reaches down to take a slice for himself. "I met him, you know. Him." he admits, though seems rather casual about it for whatever reason.

"Him?" It takes a moment before it triggers. "So. Well. He's showing alot of restraint lately" There's a softer smile on her face, thoughtful. "Or he didn't know what you can do"

"He didn't know. I was trying to figure some stuff out, and I was trying to talk to him and make him good." Amadeus takes a bite of his pizza, staring at her with a slight worry in his eyes. "I never want to kill anyone, but while I was there, I really thought about it. I mean, I wasn't even remotely seriously considering it, but I just thought, if I only touched him, just one touch and quickly let him go, he might go flying into the sky and never bother you again…"

"Oh Magnes, I'd never forgive you if you did" Abby says softly, bluntly. The pizza cradled in her hands. "I've met him again, and we've come to an understanding. Some day, somewhere we'll meet again. Till then, I'm going to go about my life, and make sure I leave this place better than when I came in"

"Abby, it's really hard for me to talk to girls, I think you noticed that by now, but…" Magnes sighs, lowering his pizza in deep thought. "I just don't want you to die before I even get to learn everything about you. I wanna try and change him, I think the problem is his power, not his personality, or at least that's what the girl says." he explains before raising his pizza to start eating again.

"Which is why I ordered pizza Magnes" With a slight roll of her eyes. The pizza's switched to one hand, the free one extended to Magnes. "Abigail Marie Beauchamp. Born January 18th 1990. I'm an only child and raised in Lousianna. I've a devout baptist, if you haven't figured it out, I enjoy singing, serving alcohol, serving the lord, and … I love bacon"

"I love bacon too." Magnes adds with a warm smile. "I guess that makes me about two years older than you, and our birthdays are only a month apart. Um, Magnes Jay Varlane. Born February 8th, 1988. I'm an only child too, I was raised in Brooklyn. I never really thought about religion much, my parents never really brought the subject up, I was homeschooled and didn't really meet many people until I was older. I like videogames, mostly DC comics, and my favorite food is french fries, 'cause I haven't had a lot of different foods." he explains, beginning to eat the crust of his pizza as he looks over at her.

'A crust first kind of guy? I eat that last. It's always the best" But she nods, taking in the information he offers up. "my religion is to me, what your comics are to you. For as far back as I can remember, the bible has always been, there. God has always been. I was homeschooled as well. Till I was like 14. Then I rebelled. By rebelled, it means I enrolled myself in high school after throwing a fit at my parents. Screaming, yelling, I even threatened to wear a skirt that was shorting than my knees. But.. I came here from there, after the whole devestation. It seemd right, proper. I like to think that they've raised me god so far. That i'm doing them proud, that i'll have done them proud"

"My parents have been out of the city since the whole explosion happened, I haven't spoken to them in years, and I'm not sure they'd be happy with the pizza thing. They just want me to be a scientist or something. I rebelled at around thirteen or fourteen too, I started skating and meeting people." Magnes smiles and rolls his entire pizza up, eating it like a burrito. "It's weird how we have all this stuff in common, but we're different too. It's like, we're the same, but in different ways, ya know?"

'Do you even knwo where they are magnes?" That's another place where they differ. She keeps in contact frequently with hers. Once a week. "they must be worried about you Magnes, you should try and find them. Your thier son"

"They're at my grandmother's house, but the number doesn't work. I thought about just, well, jumping there, but I wouldn't even know where I was going." Magnes' mood appears to get lower as the subject goes on, then he decides to suddenly switch topics. "You know, it wasn't Sylar who blew up Manhattan?"

That's news. "What?" Everyone knew it was Sylar. "He told you that?" She tries the pizza burrito thing too with her slice.

"He didn't tell me, someone else told me, this girl who was close to Sylar, I always forget her name, but she looks kinda like an anime character. He didn't deny what I was saying when I mentioned it, either." Magnes explains, grabbing another slice, eating the pizza quite quickly when it's rolled up that way. "Some guy named Peter Petrelli did it, and his brother, the one that turned the whole city against us, Nathan Petrelli, he blamed it on Sylar to protect his brother."

'Peter petrelli killed a friend" It's spoken simply. But it's something to note, to maybe ask sylar, whenever they next crossed paths. "I'm wearing the ring you gave me" you know, the one that didn't have a diamond on it.

"I met a guy who got beat up by Peter Petrelli, that old guy who looks like the Cryptkeeper told me that guy died later." Magnes smiles when she mentions the ring, nervously holding his hand out to take her's, but he quickly pulls back. "I'm glad you like it, that's the first time I ever got a girl a present."

You say, "It's a present with thought put into it Magnes" Abby peels off the glove, there it is, left hand and on her middle finger. The three interlocking rings with words engraved on them. "I also enjoyed christmas eve, you know, before I got shot. Glad Isabelle stopped the nidding there and let you win. though you know, no one else was bidding against you. You realize that right?""

Magnes nods with a deeper red on his face, laughing nervously. "Yeah, I was just nervous, I really didn't want one of those drunk guys kissing you. I mean, not that I'm possessive or anything, I just, I mean, you know, stuff…" he stumbles over his words, then bites his bottom lip and stares down at his pizza.

'Sacraficing yourself for my innocence?" Abigail prods, with a grin.

"Guess you could put it like that, but as far as first kisses go, I can't complain…" Magnes looks up, the subject appearing to make him go into embarrassment mode. "Or maybe I was just a little jealous, just a little."

"I don't know what came over me. I'm not usually that forward I just.. got carried away. Not that you know, I didn't enjoy it, just, you know, first kisses, I mean, any kiss that comes after has to compare to that one right? You always compare every other one to that first one. Sooo, what other kind of pizza do you like to make. And hey! yeah, I got shot" now it's her turn to derail the conversation. "Shoulder. Like surgery, and all. There's this SCOUT officer who can fly. Looks like peter pan. Just picked me up and dropped me off at a hospital"

"I didn't even think about other kisses…" Magnes may have possibly misunderstood as the conversation immediately seems to get derailed, then he looks at her in sudden shock and drops his pizza to lean in close to her shoulder. "Is it alright? I mean, does it hurt? You have to be careful, even if you can heal, you still feel it, don't you?"

"It's done with. No more" she's not about to yank back her jacket, sweater and shirt and let him see smooth skin. "Never get shot. Really, not worth it. At all. Even for pretty fly boys throwing grenades. Was Sylar and Wu-Long. I've met them both a few times between then and now. Well no, they didn't shoot me, my friend did, blindly, but, one hit me." lets not go blaming unecessary injuries at certain people's feet.

"I got shot already, remember?" Magnes points out with a hint of amusement on his face, his worry quickly fading. "Who's Wu-Long? And um, is it against your religion to play videogames?"

"Oh! right! he did. He knows how it is. "He's the guy that shot you" Simply put. "and no, it's not. I have a nintendo DS. I play brain age, alot. And cooking Mama. Had to do something when I was taking the bus all the time" She grins at that. Another thing they have in common.

"Oh, cool, I didn't expect you to play any games." Magnes says excitedly, tucking Wu-Long's name somewhere in his head as he unzips a pocket and pulls out a black polished DS. "Ever play Animal Crossing?"

'Nope, think i've seen it" Her's isn't up here, and even if he saw it he'd laugh. A battere thing, pink with scratches, decorated with stickers that she'd picked up here or there. "Just those two games I have. I'm pretty good at playing the piano on it" She grabs another slice of pizza, folding it in half to take a bite and shuffle around the confines of the tent which had gotten warmer with the two of them present.

"Oh, then here…" Magnes pops out his little game card, then offers it. "I don't really play it much anymore, you can hold it for a while. I was thinking of getting some new games. Oh, and do you read any comics at all, or know anything about them?"

"No magnes, I don't read comics. Too busy working half the time, and my money has always been better spent on food and rent and good shoes for working" But she smiles, looking down to the game and taking it, hand closing around it. "I'll try it. The Animal crossing. No promise when i'll have time to get it, i'll make sure it's gotten back to you, you know, if something happens. But i'll try it" She gestures to the pizza box. "So, comics, video games, delivering pizza"

"Hey, don't say stuff like that." Magnes says when she mentions 'something' happening. "It really bugs me to think about, that's all. But, yeah, those are pretty much the big three, well, actually skating instead of delivering pizza, I love skating, it's like flying."

'Can you actually fly with your skates?" She'll aquiesce, not talk about it.

"Well, it's not really flying, I can do a lot of different stuff. I can jump really really high, or I can fall in any direction I want, which I guess is kinda like flying, except it's terrifying as hell." Magnes explains quite bluntly, then points up at the ceiling. "I've been all the way up, like in the clouds. It's hard to breath up there, but it's very quiet."

'Someday, you need to take me there. I can be closer to god" That's a thought.

"Any time you want, Abby. Up there, no one can get you, unless they can fly. I'm trying to figure out how to stop, you know, like just float without falling at all, but I can't figure any of my powers out except the ones I know." Magnes says with a frustrated sigh, then smiles and holds his hand out to her, trying to be a little bold. "I don't care what anyone says about your ability, if you say it's from God, I believe you. I can't use mine without my skates, and I bet people think that's silly too, but forget them."

"I always wondered, how he see's New york, all the way up there. Show me now? You know, without the motion sickness" She gives him a wink and with no small amount of personal discomfort that she shovels deep down inside her, she motions with her head towards outside the tent.

"Sure, Abby." Magnes pulls his hoody back on, closing the pizza box and quickly starts strapping his skates on again. "But I don't want you to let go, alright? No matter what, don't let me go, I wont let you go either, I just like to be safe, ya know? And if you start feeling like you can't breath, let me know, I'm gonna try and do a slow fall."

Abby logs away all the instructions, nodding after each one. "Hold on, don't let go, if the air gets thin, let you know. Understood" Abby gathers her gloves again, slipping them on, doing up her coat and her scarf. "Understood"

Magnes slips out of the tent, pulling his hood up and stretching with a yawn. "You know, I feel kinda like a superhero, taking a girl up into the sky. You're like, Lois Lane, but with powers, and, you know, innocent, and with a cute southern accent…" that last part added very lowly.

'I get that last two, quite alot. But, can you still be innocent after you work in a bar where ladies get up on the bar and dance? And you've been shot?" the doorway is zipped close, she'll leave some pizza out for the birds later. "I'm ready, when you are Magnes. Wait a second" Back in she ducks, looking. There. Still in the corner. "Teo'd be upset, if it died. he's got a thing about spiders. They eat the flies and other little bugs" She's careful, scraping it into her hand and striding quickly to the stairwell, opening the door and brushing it off into the warmer climes of the residence. "Okay, now i'm ready"

"You're still innocent to me. I don't care if you were a stripper who'd been with ten guys, it's your personality I judge you by. You're Abby no matter what." Magnes assures, then holds his hand out for her, waiting to take her closer to God. "I'm gonna put my other arm around your waist, then I want you to put yours around my neck, kinda like dancing. Your legs wont feel heavy, so don't worry about that." he explains, blushing at some of the things he had to instruct.

"Thanks for the warning" It's honestly spoken, and she does as instructed, an arm swung up and around his neck, looking down a her feet, letting him get comfortable, comfortable as he can, and as she can.

Magnes audibly swallows hard, arm around her waist as he looks down at her. "This might feel weird for a moment…" Suddenly, it seems as if they're standing upside down, they begin falling up. Before there's much of a chance for screaming, he starts to slow the fall, to about the speed of someone jogging.

The building gets further and further away, and after a while it's just one of a few buildings. The 'fall' is likely quite surreal, because even if they look down, it seems like 'up' in some strange way, but still, it's a sight to behold, and they're not even near the clouds yet. "You alright, Abby?"

There's a stifled sound, surprise. He'd warned her, but still. She's not looking down, only up, and her hands thighten around Magne's neck and the other had slides to his upper arm. Her face looks down, proper down and the city that slowly becomes smaller and smaller. "Magnes.. we're not gonna get hit by a helicopter or a plane are we?" Her voice is small, the perils of there being nothing there to bounce thier voices off of. Just empty air. "I'm good" Up, down, she keeps looking back and forth both way in abject wonder.

Magnes laughs and shakes his head at her question. "No, we'd see or hear them before they're anywhere near us, and it'd be easy for me to change direction, or go down. Easy, Abby. I've got you." he says quite confidently, holding her tighter as the sounds of the city get quieter and quieter, and soon they see an airplane fly at least fifty feet below them.

"My god.. Magnes, we're.. there's people in that plane, can they see us?" She's staring, at it with shock, mouth hanging open. The glittering of the night around them. "Magnes… why do you ever come back down!" All aroudn her, the city is little twinkling jewels, red, while, yellow, the scar of the evolved generated nuke like some jagged scar marring it, but at the same time, complimenting. The darkness in the sea of lights.

Suddenly they stop above the clouds, the air a bit thin, but nothing one wouldn't experience high on a mountain. All around them are clouds in the night sky, and one might even expect to see angels sitting on them, with how large they are up close. It's also quite a bit colder than below. "I'm kind of afraid of being this high, but I feel braver if it's for you." he manages to say without stumbling on his words. "And don't worry, they couldn't see us, it's too dark out here. You like it?" he asks as the world starts to shift again, but it's very slow, trying to give her time to enjoy it as they begin to descend.

"I feel.." Abby looks to Magnes and then up. "That if I let go of one hand, and stretched up just a little, I could touch Him" The stars also look very much clearer and there's so many. No light from the city to obstruct the view, or clouds and smog to obscure. "Do you ever just.. come up, stop, and looks at the stars magnes?" She's not looking down, she can feel them descending. "The milky way, Look, there's Cancer, the big dipper, The seven sisters… " These little inane memories of staring up at the sky with her father late at night, calling out the constellations.

"I've only come up this high a few times, when I just wanna get away from everything. It's just safe, no one can come up here but us." Magnes stares up with her, as she calls out the constellations. "Not Sylar, not Wu-Long, not Peter, none of them, it's just us. Me, you, and God."

"Take me to a place so holy" It pops into her mind, still watching above them as they decsend still. The smile on her face one that not many see. Abigail at peace, or when she's in the midst of healing and firmly rooted in the knowledge of what she does and why. It breaks into a wider smile, and she titls her face further up, back, closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling of the both of them falling. Like Victor and his speeding. Privy to something that so few feel, do, experiance.

Magnes can barely express his excitement at the situation, he just smiles brightly and watches her peaceful expression. "Hey, Abby, maybe one day I can go to church with you. I've never been to church before, not for a service…"

"If you want. I go twice a week, though i'm changing churches" now she looks down, the moment disturbed. But she's fine with that. Moments like that are supposed to be short and sweet. "There's one called the Church of Living Hope. I met the pastor, she's a good woman" she has to be, Ferryman have her. "Just let me know, and don't get all worked up if it's not your thing Magnes. It's not for everyone"

"I know, but, it's a big part of who you are, ya know? I should at least give it a fair chance." Magnes explains, Abby's roof growing gradually closer once more, but they're still quite high. "There's just, I don't know… um, well, something so, you know, beautiful, about how you're like, so, devoted."

'Crazy for jesus!" Abby teasingly barks out with a smile. "Don't do it for me. That belittles it. Do it becuase you want to, not just because I do. I was raised to it, and I believe in it all. It's nto all beautiful. I did a mean thing, tried to heal someone who didn't want it. I don't normally do that" She absently shakes her head.

Magnes snickers at her interjection, then shakes his head. "I don't mean I'll become a, um, Baptist for you, I just mean I'll give it a chance, learn about it, see if it's for me, ya know? And um, do you date guys who aren't the same religion? I'm not athiest or anything, I just sorta… never thought about it."

"magnes, I don't date" She's trying to break it gently. "If I've never kissed, then how can I have dated? That I found rare time for… for this breathtaking thing that you've done, amazes me and in two hours I'll have to head into work. I don't have the energ, I think, to deal with antoher person in my life, who's beyond the status of brother or friend. But if you'll settle for riend? Good friend?"

"Oh, yeah, that's fine." Magnes agrees, though the disappointment in his tone is obvious as they gently touch down on to the roof, the Earth suddenly normal once more. "A more confident guy might put up a fight, but you're too good to be true, I should consider myself lucky that you're even willing to be my friend."

"magnes, you got a kiss. No one else got a kiss on the lips" She points out. But then their landing. There's earth, or well, at least a roof beneath thier feet and she smiles. "When I do, if I do, your on the top of the list to audition for the boyfriend slot.. Understood?"

Magnes smiles and nods his head. "And I'll be there as soon as that slot opens up… ah crap that totally didn't come out right…" Magnes groans and releases her, covering his face with both hands in embarrassment. "I'm an idiot."

"No, your just an very eager guy. Who like a girl, who's just not available. Coem on, lets go finish the pizza before I have to go all pumpkin and disappear on you. The bridge traffic's gonna be murder tonight with all the people heading in to have parties" Abby murmurs, the contrast inw armth from way above, to down here is a big difference, though it's still cold here.

"Hey, I was wondering, are you controlling your accent? I mean, does it get really thick, like with 'Ah do declares' and stuff?" Magnes asks, feigning an accent as he heads back to the tent. "And I'm patient, I went this long without a girlfriend, I can go longer."

That was off the cuff and it brings about a burst of laughter. 'I doo declaire, Mahgnes" Deeping her already deep drawl. "I'm not. This is the way I speak. Gets me quite a few tips" She reaches out, giving him a light punch in the arm. "I do declare huh? Oh mahgnes, if I was back on the plantation!"

"Oh man, that's the most cute thing you've ever done!" Magnes laughs and starts unstrapping his skates once he's in the tent again. "Do you always depend on the kindness of strangers, too?" he asks with a teasing grin.

"No. I depend on god, and my faith" A nod of her head as she dives in after him to the tent. "Someone once said though, that it's becuase i'm cute, blonde and come off as ditzy, that people are kind to me"

Magnes shakes his head, crossing his legs and opening the pizza box again. "You wanna know what I like about you?"

"What is it Magnes, that you like about me? I can tell you what I like about you. That your there to help and don't lecture me if I show up with a big slice across my forehead. That you apologized for what happened to my nose and that you take rejection, very well and with grace"

"It's not really my place to lecture you, and the nose thing is just manners…" Magnes trails off a bit, blushing slightly without commenting on the rejection part. "But um, I like how you're so devoted, you really believe in something, and you're not gonna let anyone get in your way, ya know? I feel like you'd give your life for the world. And you're not mean either, even though you don't wanna go out with me, you were still nice about it, you still wanna be friends and stuff, most girls wouldn't do that. And I really feel like I can trust you, like I don't gotta worry about you having some secret motive for talking to me or something." Then, he pauses, taking a deep breath to work up to his next comment. "And, I wont lie, you have an amazing figure, but that's kinda way off base, I'm just trying to be honest here…"

Oookay, there's the red in her cheeks now and the ducking of her head. "Thank you Magnes. For those words"

"It feels good to get this stuff off my chest, it's like, girls don't bite, ya know? It's a nice feeling." Magnes grabs a slice of pizza, then unzips his pocket and pulls out a Death of Superman trade paperback. "Let's eat, and I'll read the Death of Superman to you."

"I thought superman never dies" even she knows who superman is. "The last son of Krypton!" But she nods, taking up her half eaten piece, most of it cold by now, but cold pizza is just as good. With that, the blonde scoots down, laying back on the blanket, knees up, one leg crossed over the other. "Enlighten me Magnes"

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