Why Settle For Taco Bell?


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Scene Title Why Settle For Taco Bell?
Synopsis When you can have prime rib? That's what Grim tells Kaylee. Two of Adam's gang go out to eat in Seattle.
Date September 3, 2009

Someplace random place in Seattle

The day before was a very long day for Kaylee. The poor blonde telepath spend the day and the night before throwing up. Whether it was the stomach flu or the crab she had the night before…. she had to miss out on the whole mission. Which put her in a bit of a mood.

Now recovered, Kaylee is starving. She said so many times until she finally grabs Grim and says simply. "We are going out for food. I don't care what…" there is a pause and she adds, "as long as it isn't seafood." So she drug Grim along with her to one of the busier tourist streets. The poor girl can't seem to decide what she wants to eat. "Damn it. Pizza.. Burger… " She glances at her companion. "I can't decide. All I know it I want food. A lot of it." She smirks at the man. "I'm sure we can probably find a Hooters for you."

Grim had protested going out at first, thinking that the lot of them needed to put in as few public appearances as possible. But being a bit of a sucker when it comes to Kaylee and not about to allow her to go out without him, Grim slogs along beside Kaylee and Ash. He can't help but chuckle a little at Kaylee's need to get out and get a lot of food whatever that be and raises his brow at the mention of finding a Hooters. "A Hooters? As in one of those joints that serve re-heated buffalo wings and stale Ranch dip, really selling T&A?" he shakes his head, shoving his hands into the pockets of his trenchcoat.

There is actually a look of shock on the woman's face, Kaylee gapes at Grim. "Oh… my… god…." She laughs and shakes her head, glancing at her food choices. "I've never met a guy who wouldn't want to go oogle women's boobs." Giving Grim a sidelong look of amusement. "You constantly surprise me, Seth. Okay… sooooo." Eyes shift to the choices and points at the burger place. "I could use a nice burger.. medium rare.. Mmmm."

"I just never saw the point in oogling women's boobs when I'm with a girl. It's like asking for Taco Bell's ground meat, which is actually only 18 percent meat anyway, when I can get prime rib. Not to mention, prime rib goes sour if all you are doing is eating Taco Bell…" Eat your heart out, Don Juan. Grim gives Kaylee and nudge in the side and shrugs his shoulders. "And thank God for women that know how a burger should be served."

"You have the most amusing metaphors." Amusement plain on her face. "Mom always complained that I preferred my meat mooing." It's Kaylee's turn to shrug, she gives Grim a wicked grin. "I hate dry meat.. Makes me gag." So slipping her arm through his, she pulls him towards the restaurant. "So…. I still expect details about what you all did. Still pissed that I had to spend the night praying to the porcelain goddess." Is that a pout? More then likely. "I totally should have been there."

"There's really not all that much to tell. It was a simple in and out job." Grim says as he escorts her into the restaurant and gets them a table for two easily enough and sighs as he takes a seat in the booth, ordering himself an iced tea and a medium rare burger with seasoned fries. "Nothing really exciting. Adam went in, said his piece and then things went their course without much event. Until Ash went and overreacted a little. But that was it.:

Kaylee grins at the waiter, "I'll have what he's having." Once the man leaves, Kaylee leans on the table and tilts her head a bit. "So that it? Seriously? No resistance or nothing." She huffs a bit. "Still wish I had been there." She props her head on the palm of a hand and frowns a bit. "Hey Grim? Ever thought about.. I dunno. The Rapture?" Odd subject over dinner. "You know.. Judgement day and all that."

"The 'resistance' lasted all of fifteen seconds or less. Honestly, it was routine but for one tiny hiccup." Grim says evenly though Kaylee can surely sense that he is downplaying the hiccup a bit. At the question though, the man gets a glassy-eyed stare for a moment, that question obviously having been the last thing he thought he would hear about today. Especially from Kaylee. "Uh… every single culture around the world has some kind of prophesy or belief about an 'Armageddon' or a 'Judgment Day'. I mean, in one sense it is hard to argue with the collective conscience, but I also think it is mankind noticing just how small we are, looking at the massive upheavals around us and seeing our mortality for what it is: finite. So why not press that belief on others in the form an all-powerful God coming to crush us or Montezuma coming for revenge. What have you. - That's not to say my opinion cannot change."

Her fingers tap on the table thoughtfully as Kaylee ponders his words. "For some funky reason I've been unable to forget this old guy in the park." She studies him. "Dunno if you saw the reports on the Humanis bombing in Central Park." She gives a little shrug as the waiter returns with their tea. No sugar is added by the blond as she gives it a sip. She doesn't continue till the man walks away again. "He has this sign around his neck and it had a date. December 12th, 2009. And he was talking about how we'll all burn in the darkness.. That the moon will be swallowed by darkness and all that. It stuck with me….. for some reason."

His eye shift a little as she explains a little more, looking a little skeptical as she continues. "Well… I get that he is thinking we'll have a lunar eclipse or something, but that, even if it should happen, is hardly God's intervention. That's just nature. Granted you could argue that God created everything and put it in motion, therefore knowing what was going to happen and could technically have stopped it from happening, but… I digress. But if someone says that we are going to all going to spontaneously combust? While not entirely out of my imagination, it would take something about as powerful as a supreme being to come along and wipe us out."

"Maybe. I dunno." Kaylee sighs a bit and takes another sip of tea. "I'm tempted though to go look and see what else is out there. See if there is anything else close to what this guy said. The Internet is very good place for finding anything and everything, just about." The arrival of food makes her perk up a bit. "About damn time. I'm starving." She motions for the guy to hurry up and give her the plate. "I mean, I know it's weird… and I admit I don't have much thought on faith really, but he just stood out that day. Made me curious."

"I am old fashioned. I prefer my news and information to come from a source that needs a little more skill than just changing words on a computer somewhere. Holding an anchorperson at gunpoint is an art. I mean, you have to be threatening but not so threatening and over the top that they cannot read what is on their prompter. Not to mention, if you manage to gain their trust and they believe what you are making them say? Well your agenda is just in the bag." Grim says conversationally as he takes the top bun off his burger and slathers some A1 on it before capping it off once more, taking a large bite.

Scraping out the mayo offered on the plate in a little cup and spreading it on the bun before pressing the bun top back on, Kaylee is thoughtful for a moment. The burger is cut in half and she picks up one side. "Well, I'm a computer person. I even have a Facebook page." You know. Since moving to New York, I've met more people who don't use the net… and even some that don't know a thing about computers." She takes a bit then and makes a happy sound. "This.. is a good burger." She says around the bite.

"The world was just a simpler, nicer place when people could treat each other like animals and only a couple people for a few miles around ever heard a thing about it." Grim reasons, quietly eating his hamburger for the most part in silence, listening to her yet seeming very interested in what she has to say. "Indeed. Not the best I have had, but then… how many people past the age of twenty-five can get their mother to come over, grind down a fillet mignon by hand, season it, and throw it on a grill?"

Brows lift a bit, "You mom did that? My mom was mostly about hamburger helper and cheap things like that." She gives a shrug and goes silent, just concentrating on eating. But eventually she does say, "I'm not looking forward to going back to New York. Means back to double shifts." There is a roll of her eyes.

"Mom was one of a kind." Grim says a little quietly, looking down at his hamburger before he takes a bite, a bit of hurt there. At her mentioning New York, Grim's eyes come up and he studies her for a moment. "I won't say nothing to the boss, but it sounds like you are thinking of taking a hike."

"What?" Kaylee says with a blink. Giving a quick shake of her head, "No no.. I owe him too much to do that. Just more of wishful thinking." She picks up a pickle spear off the plate and crunches into it, "So like a good girl I'll go back and work the shifts." She smiles a bit, "I don't want to disappoint the boss."

"Uh huh…" Grim sounds, looks, and feels skeptical and gestures at her with his half-eaten burger. "Everyone goes through trials of faith and mark my words, Kaylee. You are going to break ranks to do it." he says, giving a bit of a sharp nod before taking another bite of his food, washing it down with his tea. "These days there are just too many truths for anyone to stay still for long."

Kaylee makes a pfft noise. "No, I'm loyal to Adam." She waves the pickle spear a bit in a dismissive gesture. "I doubt there is anything that will make me lose faith in the man." She takes another bite out of her pickle and gives Grim a smirk.

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