Why Yes... It IS Blue


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Scene Title Why Yes… It IS Blue.
Synopsis Nash does his first hundred dollar evolved test and isn't really surprised who it is.
Date August 30, 2010

NYPD Headquarters

Liz had spread the message. 2 a week, if that, go see Detective Nash, bring cash. After a decision that it would look strange, really strange if Parkman actually did an evo test, and the whole point was he did her the favor just the once, Abigail took up that slot. A message shuffled through the precinct, someone delivering a note - attached to a container of muffins - Abigail waited patiently for nash to come play fetch up at the front. Liz sent me, Abigail. Crisply written on the container. Don't worry nash, you'd get the actual money too. Just it's tradition and habit for abby to come bearing baked goods when visiting.

Nash has been doing some evolved registrations during some of his shifts, since the workload is high due to the deadline for everyone to be registered. There's a reason that Nash agreed to do only two a week. See, being non-evolved, it's much easier to just stick himself then to try and figure another way around getting blood for the test. He gets a call that there's someone waiting and he gets the note and smirks. Well, this is a twist. Should have known Liz would account for her. He stands up and walks towards the front to escort Abigail Beauchamp to the back. "How you doing? If you'll follow me." He leads the way back to his cubicle.

Detective Nash. Playboy pretty boy Nash. "I hope you like apple cinnamon. I didn't make em, didn't have time, what with stuff and the like, but.. I couldn't show up empty handed" Purse over arm, other hand in pocket, the blonde follows him back, gold cross at the hollow of her throat. "I'm doing as well as can be expected. I put this off long enough, I thought, he, I'm already listed as non-evolved, maybe someone will just send me a card, but no go, something about needing a new picture and update records and the like. How are you?"

How quaint. Pleasantries. Of course, Abby is pretty hot, but Liz will remove body parts if he makes a move on her, so he listens to her as leads her back, smiling pleasantly. He pulls a test out, offering her a seat. "If you'll just have a seat, and fill out this form, we'll get you all squared away, Ms. Beauchamp. This should only take a few minutes of your time. Sorry to hear about Lucy's."

So mostly business. So it seems. Which means there's Abigail sitting quietly, taking the seat like requested and taking up the form in lieu of chattering on. "I'm opening up a new place, with the insurance money, out in Soho. Brenda will be there" No elaboration on what it will be, what to expect, just her scritching her pen across the paper as her address is filled in, all the information that is still the same since her last visit to the precinct for non-cookie delivering reasons.

Nash isn't all business, but this would be his first fake, so he isn't going to give anyone reason to suspect what he's doing. "Well, please keep me posted when it gets opened. I'd love to stop in." He opens the top drawer and pulls out a spool of thread with a needle sticking to it and plucks the needle from it and slides it towards her. "Stick yourself," is barely heard under his breath. He places a cotton pad next to it as it wouldn't be wise to send her out not bleeding after she's donated blood, right? He takes the test and under his cuff, pokes himself and watches as the kit turns blue.

OH! Oh! Right! Abigail looks at the sewing needle before she plucks it up, a quick glance around and she's jabbing her finger quick as can be. In, out, a jab commensurate with what might come from the fine needle that Nash is nailing himself with. "I could get you some blood sugar sharps…" Murmurs oh so quiet under her breath. Sharing a sewing needle, might not be all that antiseptic after all. But blood wells and she's smothering her finger with the cotton swab, watching the test kit turn blue as well with a relieved lok.

Yeah, that would be awkward if his test turned any other color, right? "It's fine. I only do a couple a week and will sterilize the needle. Most won't question cop with a sewing kit handy." He smiles to her. "Appreciate the offer though." He turns and looks around, spotting Fat Sanchez walking by, "Hey Fatty, come sign this so I can get this young lady out of here." He holds up the blue. Sanchez smirks and walks in, "You doing this sh.. stuff now?" He looks at the test and shrugs and signs off as the witness, before turning and heading back out. "I'm glad they don't have me doing that. I hate blood," Sanchez says as he walks away from the cubicle. "Let's get your photo and we're good to go, Abby." He stands to lead her off in that direction.

Fat SAnchez. Lord, he's still around and hasn't died of a coronary? Abigail watches, flashing him a smile when he corrects his language and signs off on the test and just like that, the main hurdle has been passed. From here, it's a matter really of if she's ever found out, to claim ignorance.

Not that that will work.

When Sanchez walks away and Nash is talking about getting pictures and all that done with, Abigail's following. "How have things been around the precinct? I haven't been around lately. Mostly see the ones I know when I go to make runs to accidents" Her occupation was listed as EMT.

Finishing getting the packet together, Nash seals it and walks over and drops it into the pile of others getting ready to be processed. He scribbles out a receipt and hands it to Abby and shrugs, "Eh. It's not quite the same as it was, but it's not exactly horrible now. A lot of good cops have walked away, had to walk away or have died." He smirks his boyish smirk at her, "YOu do what you have to do to make it, right?" He motions towards the door, "Can I walk you out? Oh, if you get asked about your registration, just show them that." The receipt.

"I figured, until my card came in, like when you're waiting for your drivers licence" Abigail nods. She wrinkles her nose at the notion that there's cops who have passed, a nod to the offer to walk her out. "If you like, for old times sakes. I don't get carried in the arms of cops much anymore to my front door. What with not being a healer anymore" Though her evolved status, as he knows it, is likely as red as the blood in her veins.

He figures she wouldn't be there seeing him if it weren't. As he leads her out of the precinct, he walks her down the sidewalk. There's plenty he should probably say, but to be honest, he only knows her casually. He'd like to think he's doing this to help, but really, he's just doing it for the money. Disheartened with the way things are now, this is what he's resorted to. He can look himself in the mirror. He can live with himself just fine. He starts to walk her towards the parking lot then it occurs to him, "Did you drive? Or should I walk you to the bus stop?" Nash smiles.

"Oh, no, I drive. Big beast of an SUV really" A gesture down the street further, not so lucky as to get a closer parking spot, what with most of it set aside for the police cars. When they are past the precinct enough, the conversation does turn. "Thank you, for that. I know you likely don't know why I needed that and I had been wondering what I was going to do."

An envelope is dug up, for all purposes looking very much like a card. Inside the cream envelope it is indeed a birthday card, and five twenties tucked all up in it. Happy belated birthday Nash, scrawled in abby writing. Perfectly fine cover right? "I turn into fire. I had another run in with someone, and… the lord saw fit to replace what he took. Only, I don't think that many folks would take kindly to knowing that one minute I'm just me and the next, I look like a nekkid lady but like the sun"

The envelope is taken and he doesn't do much more then glance at it before tucking it inside his jacket pocket. As they walk, he leads her right to her SUV and makes sure she gets in just fine. "It's alright, Abby. I do whatever I can to help." That's somewhat true. He's more than happy to serve if it is in his best interest. He closes the door of her vehicle after she gets inside and he adds, "If you need anything else, you know where to find me."

"Some people wouldn't try this though" After she's in her car, seatbelt not yet on but windows down. Abigail regards the man through the door before planting her hands on the window and leaning up. A kiss dropped on his cheek. "Free meals, free alcohol. Anytime. At the Abbey, when it's open. Most cops, I'll give em a free drink but you, you're a good man and your momma'd be proud you"

Nash's cheek gets kissed and he feels like he should be responding with an 'aww shucks'. He just grins, stepping back. "Well, I can't refuse an offer like that. You just let me know when you're back in business and I'll be happy to swing by. Maybe even make it a regular spot." Whether his mother would be proud? Well, that's another story altogether. He lifts his hand and waves, "Be safe, Abby." He turns and walks back towards the precinct, still not sure about this turn he's taken with his life. Whatever it is, the breaks aren't going to come to him so he's going to have to make them himself. And at a hundred dollars a pop, well, it's not a bad chunk of change.

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