Why You Shouldn't Walk Stoned


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Scene Title Why You Shouldn't Walk Stoned
Synopsis Vee looks for a healer, Curt and Magnes use the gym, Vee passes out and accuses the Company menfolk of not having any compassion
Date July 29, 2009

Fort Hero

The downside of the Company being down for a month? Still not everyone is back. Veronica has wandered through the infirmary and medic wings and found no healer, though apparently a couple have returned to work. They are no where to be found, however. She decides to try the common areas, seeing if any can be caught playing video games or having a cup of joe. Finally she wanders into the gym. Clearly, not there to work out, as she is wearing a sling that completely immobilizes her arm and elbow, much more serious-looking than the last sling she kept taking on and off.

Smelling of soap and shampoo, with freshly gelled back hair, Magnes enters the gym, not wearing gym clothes, but wearing his semi-casual outfit with a pair of black sneakers on. He doesn't look like he's there to train at first, at least until he starts heading for the punching bag. He glances at Veronica out of the corner of his eye, but doesn't look long enough to notice the new sling. "Hey, Veronica."

Curt is near the edge of the room with the same two guys that were there the last time Vee 'showed off' for them. They're rolling around on the ground while Curt yells down at them, "Angles boys angles!" he circles like a vulture, "Don't you /dare/ give him your back you pussy little-" but the warning is to late, one of the guys tries to follow his gut instincts and roll over, the other man slides an arm around his neck and leans back, flipping the both of them over. Curt shakes his head at the man with the quickly reddening face, "I'm gonna let him choke you out, next time maybe you'll fucking remember." the man taps like wild… then goes still. Only after he's gone limp does Curt nudge the choker with a toe, "Let 'im go, get him some water. When he wakes up we go again." the other guy, more afraid of Curt then his partner, just nods weakly. Welcome to Bored Curt Theater.

Vee watches Curt with amusement before turning to look at Magnes. "Hey, Magpie. How are you?" she says, her husky voice sounding tired. Her eyes are slightly dilated from the Vicodin. "You seen any of the Healers?" she says with a sigh, going over to one of the weight benches to sit. She gives a nod to Curt. "I see you're still appointing yourself Lord of All You Survey, Lu."

Slamming a hard kick into the punching bag, he sends it flying back, then it seems to stay suspended for a few seconds, just long enough for him to fly into an upside down position, then start rapidly kicking the middle of it from below, keeping it suspended. Yeah, he's been playing fighting games, or watching anime, but he's definitely been trying to practice mixing his gravity and melee fighting. "I'm alright, just thinking about seeing Elle, and I'm kind've tired from academy training." he says in the midst of pants while he continues to kick the bag from his floating upside down position.

Curt gives Vee a wolfish grin, "Either that or after the disgraceful withdraw from our last place of business someone upstairs decided we needed tougher more manly agents and decided to hand the reigns of combat training over to the guy that did the most damage." he suggests to her in a manner that's just a little scary to think about. He eyes Mags' moves with a narrowed glance, trying to decide if he likes the way the kid things or not.

Veronica nods to the answer Magnes gives her but closes her eyes so as not to watch him float upside down. It makes her dizzy. "Most damage because you've been here the longest, not because you're better than anyone else. Most people retire after a bit and collect social security," she says quietly. "Have. Either. Of. You. Seen. Any. Healers." The words are slow and enunciated as if speaking to five year olds.

"I haven't, and Abby lost her ability. I really need to ask her if she knows anyone some time." Magnes suddenly rotates in a complete circle, bringing his heel down hard on the top of the punching bag, violently sending it back down from its floating state. "Oh, now I remember where I saw that move." he laughs as apparently the source of his idea suddenly comes to the surface.

Curt smiles, "I meant most damage the night of the swap over Princess." he says simply. "You remember? While the lot of you were scampering off down the hall?" he was out there clearing up a small army. Hey, he's not so humble as he won't take credit for that. He was awesome dammit, he wants his props. "Nope."

"What do you want, a bloody medal? Geez," she snipes at Curt and then nods to Magnes. "Yeah, I know about Abby. Some guy has her power - donno who. It'd be super great if at some point the people I collect for the Company quit getting out somehow." She leans her head back against the wall. "Where you saw what move?" she asks Magnes, before glancing back at Curt. "By the way, I saw the shrink. Unfortunately for you, I'm right as rain and ready to work."

"The move I just did. I'm still training, trying out different stuff, trying to refine the whole fighting with my ability thing still." Magnes makes no further comment on Abby, it seems, just floating down to the floor again, then starts slamming a series of gravity-enhanced punches and palm thrusts of varying strengths, some much softer than others. "It's really important to not accidentally kill people, but to still be able to hurt them." Second Lieutenant Obvious.

Curt shrugs, "You might have to suffer through like a normal person." he says with a small grin, "I wonder what that's like?" he teases. Cause you know, it's not like he's ever been injured for any length of time. He goes back to watching Mags, "They why not stick with the traditional things… like make your target float up real high, then fall back down?"

"And where did you learn that move?" Not that she saw it. Her eyes are still closed. "I was suffering through like a 'normal' person until I re-dislocated it yesterday, and worse, which should amuse you. The doctors said I need surgery and I'm supposed to schedule for next week. I figured I'd see if I can get a healer instead."

"I think I saw it on Naruto, so I'm probably never gonna do it again." Magnes jokes, slamming a rib breaking punch into the side of the bag. "It's not practical. They could be doing anything while I'm waiting for them to fall again. If I am gonna do that, I need to at least make sure the hit that put them up there in the first place was enough to indispose them. The fall would just be, well, to make sure they're out. Then there's timing, and all sorts of other factors. I have to do math with my ability a lot, trying to make it second nature…"

Curt looks confused, "What's a Narata?" he asks, then shakes his head, "NEvermind I don't wanna know. I might have to punch you if I found out." then he eyes Vee, "So don't ask us, bother Len. He's the man with all the phone numbers and stuff. Plus if you're lucky he'll let you wear his hat."

"Thanks for the compassion, both of you. Glad to know you care," Veronica snipes back. "There's supposed to be a couple around but they're not in their offices." She's up and off the bench in a fluid motion and takes a few steps toward the door, but whoa, moved too fast and falls back onto the mat, with her eyes closed. She apparently isn't doing too well on the painkillers.

"I care, I just don't know how to help." Magnes quickly runs over to Veronica when she falls back to the mat, hunching down to face her. "You need help? I can uh, carry you or something."

Curt watches Vee take a sudden seat, "That boys and girls is why you shouldn't walk while stoned." he points out. He too walks over and offers a hand down to Vee, "She can make it on her own." he says flatly and with a hard edge, "The weak, crippled, and injured get to be carried, she's none of those. Get up." Curt's a hard partner to have, but he's usually fair… And he expects the best from people. Every second. He snaps his fingers, hand still offered, "Come on Princess. Up."

It takes a moment but her eyes open again and she sits up. "Fuck. I'm okay. Just… drugs. I hate fucking painkillers. I don't usually take them… I think I might be having an adverse reaction…" ya think? "More reason to get healed." She leans forward and kisses Magnes' cheek, smiling at his earnestness. She takes Curt's hand — it's a little awkward, since she has no free hand to push off with, but up she goes. "Thanks." She actually appreciates it.

Magnes rubs his cheek, which quickly flushes red, moving away for Curt to help her. "I uh, can I ask you something? Do either of you know a blonde girl with hair like Chiana from Farscape, who has super speed?"

Curt pulls her up easily, "No need." he says simply. She's his partner after all. "I'm heading out for some food. Let's put something in that belly of yours, help you spread out that drug a bit, when we get back maybe a healer will be running about for you to tag."
Curt also eyes Mags again, "Chia Pet from who's escape?" Seriously people, Curt's almost /70/!! No pop culture for him

"Farscape?" Vee says and shakes her head, though she lets Curt pull her along. "No… let me guess, you kind of like her?" she teases the boy. "Food?" she echoes Curt as if this is a new concept.

"How do you not know what…" Magnes sighs, shaking his head, then smiles at her assumption. "Nah, I mean, she's really really cute, but I'm sort've dating right now, I think. And I wouldn't even know how to find her if I wanted. She wants to be my Catwoman."

Veronica just smiles and nods and pretends she knows what the hell Magnes is talking about. Curt continues to lead her by the arm to go get food. "Well. Good luck on your training. Sorry for passing out on you." She blushes a bit. One thing she doesn't need is to look weak in front of other agents. "Don't tell your partner, she'll think I'm a wuss."

"Don't worry, you're both wusses, I would know." Magnes laughs, waving back at her as he returns to his punching bag, no doubt going to copy every fictional move in the book(s).

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