Will You Be My Shezadi


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Scene Title Will You Be My Shezadi?
Synopsis "cause your my laaaaady!"
Date March 10, 2009

Nalani's Condominum


Mohinder's a guest in the Hollingwood apartment, him and Nalani cocooned in the back of the place, the livingroom with it's comfortable couches, large TV, food on trays half eaten and placed to the side. Nalani didn't cook, not in the mood to do so. The arabic woman leans against Mohinder on the couch, legs sprawled across her side of the long couch, her back against his side, his arm wrapped around hers, watching some still in theatres comedy that she purposefully exherted her authority (but not her ability) to get a copy of for a private screening. Consuela's gone for the evening off.

Despite the stress of the past few weeks. There surprisingly seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. He's learned some things he's very wisely keeping close to his chest, but that's all for things outside of these walls. Here? He's a very, very happy and content man. He looks down at the woman laying against him and smiles, occasionally running his hand through her hair, and holding her hand when he isn't. All in all, this is the most time he's spent away from a working lab in a very long time, and he could get used to spending this much time with Nalani. He watches the comedy, smiling mostly and laughing when it's funny. Randomly, he leans down and plants a gentle smooch on the woman's forehead.

This is a lot more preferable than to having to file police reports, wait for them to arrest a woman so she can drop a lawsuit, and teach a woman a lesson about minding her own business. Nalani sighs softly, unconsciously, at the kiss, leaning into it as two people on the screen dance to some music while talking. "What time do you have to leave? Your able to get past the curfew" She's actually enjoyed having someone else in the house and not needing to play nice and social and put on the public Nalani, and pull out the private Nalani that so very few see.

Mohinder smiles, "Well.." he says, running a hand through his hair. "I don't suppose I really have to /leave/ at any particular time." he waits a moment. "Umm..Nalani, there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about." he sounds a little nervous, actually.

"What did you want to talk about?" Nalani doesn't bother to look up, just grabbed the bowl of popcorn, lifting it up to him with her unplastered wrist. "Don't tell me they're transferring you out"

Mohinder takes a few kernels and laughs. "No, Shezadi, I'm not going anywhere. As a matter of fact, I'm almost out of their evil clutches. I'll be staying here permanently, however. I have a very good reason to remain here." he pauses, "I know we've been seeing each other a while now, Nalani, and there's something I wanted to ask you.."

And she's quite possibly going to be in theirs. Nalani's nose wrinkles a bit as she straightens up, pulling away to regard him from her own position instead of reclining against him. "Shezadi?

Mohinder smiles, "I hope it doesn't offend you, but I've grown to care for you quite a bit. I think of you as my own Shezadi..but I'd rather think of you in more..American..terms, if you'd be agreeable to it." and the way he speaks, there's a question left hanging there that he hasn't quite asked yet.

"Mohinder.. I don't think you've clued in that I don't speak Hindi. French, Italian, English and Arabic, but not Hindi" But she's getting the gist that it's some word of affection. "What terms are we speaking of Mohinder?" It's been a crappy week and then some. The migraine's abated through judicious application of painkillers and her recent bout of using it on Cardinal with her home invasion.

Mohinder takes a sip from his glass. "Umm..Shezadi means Princess…and I was.." he exhales again. He can speak to seven hundred or seventeen hundred people about advanced genetics, but he has trouble saying what's in his heart to one woman. Amazing. "..I was wondering if we could make things official..and I could call you my girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend is a very… teenagerish term" Nalani points out. "But, I'm willing to be your lady, if you'd consider being my beau" See, not so hard is it. "Did you ask Rami first?"

Mohinder shakes his head, "I haven't. But I've not seen him in a couple of weeks. I can wait and get his approval before I ask you again if you want."

That thought is waved away by the arabic woman, dismissed, just like that. "You wouldn't have gotten through the front door, nor possess teeth to ask if you didn't have it" Nalani reaches up, pushing an errant curl of Mohinder's out of his face. "You had warned me of such, that night, near the door"

Mohinder smiles and nods, remembering his nervousness that night. Also how he was taken aback by the most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen. "You make a very compelling point." he pauses and looks into your face, your eyes. "All childish words aside..I would have you for my lady, Nalani Hollingwood." he smiles broadly.

"Even knowing what it is that I can do?" She's curious, so sue her. She's got potentially a lot of people who would wait their turn in like to destroy her life, if they caught wind. That and people second guessing whether they're doing what they're doing out of their own will, or Nalani's will.

Mohinder nods, "Yes. Even knowing what you can do. I'm not afraid of it, Nalani. I do not fear you. I care for and respect you very much. I know what you've built you didn't build with your ability alone. I also know that you struggle to control it, now what you know what you can do. Good people struggle like that."

Some part of her doubts that, that she built what she did without her ability. Maybe, maybe not. 'Rami's getting me help with it, I hope. Before I implode. My temper is so short these days" her attention goes back to the comedy on the TV, resuming her position. "Now you'll have to ignore all the tabloids Mohinder, and the men that I cart on my arms to functions. Can you handle that? The scrutiny from the public who will pester you and follow you"

Mohinder cocks an eyebrow, and looks down. "After the scrutiny I've endured from The Company and Homeland Security?" he's the one waving a hand now. "Child's Play. What are rumors and things taken out of context when I hold the truth of things here next to me. Have as much arm candy as you like. I know who you'll be coming home to, as it were."

That prompts a throaty honest laugh from the 'arm candy' leaning against him. "Do not say, that I didn't warn you" But she quiets none the less, a chuckle still escaping. "Still planning on getting employed by the university?"

Mohinder nods, resuming an even more relaxed position. "Oh yes. I think at this point it isn't even a question. We're talking broad strokes of the contract now, and once I'm free and clear of things, we'll get to finer points and details."

"Less potential for being kidnapped and months later stumbling about ill" Muses the magazine editor with a smile on her face. "Saved by tall English beauties who drag you home and tend to your ill's till the calvary arrives"

Mohinder smiles. "Well, if it /had/ to go down that way, having a tall English beauty save me and drag me home and tend to my ills, almost made it worth it."

Nalani grins at that, her hand sliding down to let her thumb stroke along his knee. "I am grateful that A designer wanted to show his line that day instead of another, or god only knows where you would have ended up" But past is past. "Your welcome to spend the night Mohinder. I have the spare room and there is Rami's evening clothes. I can have your suit sent out to cleaned and back for the morning"

Mohinder sighs contentedly. "I would like that very much. I'm really not wanting to leave my lady's side so quickly after becoming my lady." he says, reaching down himself and caressing your cheek slowly.

"I can second that. We should pay attention to the movie shouldn't we, instead of being derailed from it" Nalani does what she says, attention shifted from Mohinder and the caress on her cheek to the bumbling couple on the screen.

Mohinder smiles, "Should we?" he asks, leaning down to once again steal a smooch. This time from a cheek.

"We should. You can steal further kisses at our next convergence of schedules hmm?" Nalani smiles, pressing in towards. "Now hush, I've actually wanted to see this and I pulled a great many strings just to get a copy and my head is not railing against me"

Mohinder smiles, "Fair enough." he smiles and cuddles in, holding you once more and falling quiet as the movie plays.

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