William Harvard
Portrayed By David Belle
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Superhuman Agility
Age 34
Date of Birth
Date of Death N/A
Occupation SCOUT Captain
Family Marie Harvard (Mother), Johnathan Harvard (Father), Paul Harvard (Brother, deceased), James Harvard(Brother, younger) Lysette Harvard (Sister, younger), Kassidy Harvard (Niece)
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance See Scout Hunt
Last Appearance

William is an American Hero and the head of the SCOUT task force assigned to deal with Evolved crimes and terror.

Character History:

Like all good Heroes destined for greatness of old, William was born into humble beginnings. His mother was an immigrant from France, a wealthy young woman who fell in love with the young struggling Mechanic and was disowned by her father because of it. Cut off from her well off past his mother was forced to adapt. The young couple eventually got settled somewhere in the middle of America. Omaha. Though they struggled to make their livings, they eventually got enough money to get themselves a small house. His father worked at a Mechanics and his mother at a restaurant.

Eventually William was born. William and several others. William is the middle of five children. An older brother, an older sister, a younger sister, and a younger brother. William was the odd one of the pack. William was obsessed with books, comics, and movies. He didn't have much interaction with the rest of his family. He was definitely the outcast of his brothers and sisters growing up.

William's mother had the family engineered for closeness. An independent unit in the world. In such extreme close relationships, it was difficult for an enigma like William to exist. Though his family loved him and he greatly loved his family he was considered the nerd of the family, even though he was cherished. Growing up William flocked to the concept of heroes like ants to candy. He idolized them, any type of story with a hero became his favorite. Books, comics, movies, TV shows, anything with a good Hero to conquer the Villain, William became obsessed with.

This is perhaps the reason that William had such desires to go into Police Work after his high school career. Throughout his adolescence and teenager years, he worked alongside his brothers and sisters even at his father's mechanic shop or his mother's restaurant. The children became the Harvard's workforce. And even though they struggled to put food on the table for all of them, they managed. Through high school, William was considered the dregs of the social world. Though his siblings flourished. It seemed curious that the middle child missed out on his brothers and sisters innate charm. His older brother was a very charming and sociable, not to mention athletic man. Finally after the torturous years of high school had passed William went on with his intended goal to become a police officer. His dedication and commitment to his work led him to a quick raising through the ranks until he was recruited for SWAT.

William stuck around in New York. Being taken on in New York's SWAT Response Team. Far after the bomb and the Linderman Act, the Government and New York City realized the threat of Evolved with selfish intentions. With intentions that would not go along with the public interest. It was at this time that New York initiated SCIIF and eventually SCOUT. New York needed someone however, to lead the initiative. Someone who embodied their interests. Someone who was Evolved and propagated the government's interests. Although most SCOUT recruits came from different military organizations, the leader of the Task Force was to be someone the public would know. A local hero. A police officer. William Harvard was selected as the leader and the public face of the SCOUT initiative.

So William took on this personal charge, to become the head of SCOUT. Even though his power was limited and he was more of a figurehead than anything he took the new position quite seriously. Even if some people view SCOUT as a publicity stunt so the people will still back the government, they could not find anyone more passionate about stamping out injustice than William Harvard.


Evolved Human Ability:

William has the capability to propell himself over great distances. He has the ability to do extreme acrobatics that normal humans would find impossible. He is able to fall or leap, much further distances than a normal human without harm. A still standing jump can propel him to a maximum of eight feet, though this is his best height he has achieved. A running jump has much better results. He can leap up to around fifteen feet in height and more than that on the horizontal.

Along with his super leaping ablity, William has a flexibility and balance that allows him to move and do things that no other could accomplish. His flexibility allows him to twist and contort his body in a relatively easy way that allows him the most acrobatic movement. He also has an intrinsic balance which allows him not only to walk on extremely narrow surfaces, but also to land on them. Furthermore, his ability allows him supreme aerial movement. Acrobatics which only could be attempted by professionals of many years are easily accomplished by him. Although his reaction time is human, his ability to contort his body to avoid attacks is far beyond. For example, the Matrix bending backwards is a reality for him, but he only has an expanded ability on the normal range of motion. Since his physiology is normal things that people who are double jointed are still either impossible or very painful.



Like all great superheroes, William has two personas. Though they are called by the same name, they look exactly the same, William somehow is able to take on different personalities. As a police officer, William is cunning, clever, authoritative, and smoothe. As William Oswald Harvard, he is not so socially acceptable. It's not William suffers from multiple personality disorder, it is just the offspring of too much comic reading, and too much TV watching, and the manifesting of an ability. He plays roles while being semi-unaware of it.

William Oswald Harvard—- William has always been a quiet individual. A hard worker, a very bright young man, and a very obedient son. But he would never be marked as the life of the party. William could easily be defined as socially awkward. Perhaps it is due to his somewhat sheltered upbringing. Whatever the reason, William does not know how to take on a conversation very well. He is content with sitting alone at home with his dog, watchcing whatever reality TV show is on. Though as all people often do, he longs for love and acceptance, though he has had difficulty obtaining this with his somewhat awkward way of behaving. He simply does not understand social etiquette. Personal space, jokes, much of this eludes him.

Officer Will Harvard—- The embodiment of a young nerds dreams. The Superman to William's Clark Kent. The Spiderman to William's Peter Parker. He does not wear a mask, or go by a different name, he simply acts different. A smoothe operater type. This officer knows how to be a guy with the fella's and a ladies man for the women. He knows just how to act, and has a winning charm to go with his smile. Unfortunately his charming personality is limited to when he does Police Work, and when his uniform is donned, much like a Superhero costume.

Both—-William is a good guy. Driven to rid the world of injustice, he is a brave man, dauntless in the face of danger. Though he is very human and susceptible to temptation. Although he has a passion to make New York City, and the world a safer place, the longing to be loved is an everpresent flaw. He could be swayed should someone find this out.


Memorable Quotes:


Johnathan and Marie Harvard

Somewhere in the middle of America there are two people that are very proud of William and the life that he takes on. Their love for him runs deep, and he hopes the feelings he has for them is love as well.

Paul Harvard (Deceased)

The oldest Harvard son. Perished in the bomb. He had the ability to know when people were lying. He was a detective in the NYPD.


Lysette Harvard

Little sister. The youngest of William's siblings, and also the most free spirited. She left home to go dance around London in various different.. things.. William used to have to drag himself to her shows, now he is much more supportive. He loves her deeply, though his feelings aren't always displayed. They try to take care of each other, in their own ways.



Kassidy Harvard

Niece. Paul's daughter. With the death of her father, William feels an extreme amount of sympathy for the girl. So when her mother asked if she could come stay with him, he of course complied. She is very.. difficult. And has a knack for wearing William's patience thin. He tries to take care of her the best he can, though 'YOURE NOT MY FATHER' rants are inevitable.


William graduated from the academy top of his class, he received the basic knowledge of combat, beauracracy, paperwork, investigations, everything that goes along with being trained as a Police Officer.




Trivia and Notes:

  • William owns a Beagle that he named Panda because of the black and white spots it had when it was a little puppy. He loves this dog and considers him family.
  • Even though he is in tremendous shape, William hates running just for the heck of it. It's below him.
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