Will's Name Should Be Dick


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Scene Title Will's Name Should Be Dick
Synopsis William comes to visit one of his squad mates, and it goes kinda sideways.
Date December 20, 2008

St. Luke's Hospital

"Harrison, Elisabeth." The masculine voice pipes in to the passing nurse. He's lost his ways in the hall. He had very clear instructions but somehow got sidetracked.

William is out of uniform, a long black pea coat that fits him tightly is worn. His hair is damp, as if he just came in out of the rain. The kindly nurse kindly directs him into the desired room. A knock, and an enter. A bouquet of flowers is held in one hand. Nothing extravagant, something small he had to ask the girl at the store to pick out for him. Movies tell him flowers are given to people in the hospital. So flowers he has. The Captain of SCOUT slips into the room quietly, arching a brow as he enters.

"Haven't I told you not to get shot before?" Is William's first question upon entering. "I'm very upset about this."

Elisabeth is in her bed when he asks at the nurse's desk, although the nurse has to check being as Liz has been down in Norton Trask's room a *lot*. The man took seven bullets from her gun, so … But right now, she's in her own bed, sort of half-dozing. When the door opens, she looks up to see William standing there and forces a smile for him. "Hey there," she greets him. "It's good to see that you're upset enough to bring flowers… that was nice," she replies. "C'mon in, sit. How're things going out there?"

"The presidents dead, everyone on SCOUT has been abducted and a terrorist organization has a nuclear warhead pointed at New York City." William says with a smile, finding a face place to put the flowers. At the foot of the bed is fine, right? Even though his careless placement sees to it that the flowers fall to the ground promptly after they are put down. He doesn't seem to notice.

"Other than that, things are fine." A very toothy smile, as the man goes to sit on the edge of Elisabeth's bed. That's what she meant right? If there are chairs in the room, he doesn't seem to notice them. His hand goes to find hers, to give it a squeeze.

"You did good."

There's a pause and Elisabeth *blinks*. Because the president-elect is NOT dead! Holy shit, he's kidding, right? He is? She scours his face, and the smile makes her relax. "That's not exactly funny with the president-elect hunkered down God only knows where," she replies with a smile. "Oh the up side, I know Parkman got him out. I watched it happen." That's not quite the way it happened, but well…. her captain doesn't need to know that. She squeezes his hand in return and looks nonplussed. "Did good? Christ, Will…. that's the second mission in two weeks that I've managed to 'do good' at that ended in almost complete disaster. Really. If this is 'doing good', maybe I better find another line of work. For God's sake, Trask got nearly killed because of me." She's feeling immense guilt over that.

"I never said you did good at the other mission." William says, whether or not he is kidding again is not totally certain. His features and attitude are somewhat difficult to read. He doesn't let go of her hand just yet.

"Everything I say is funny." He corrects, giving her a look as if it is strange she could even challenge that. "Furthermore, according to my reports. It was a highly powerful Evolved who did that to.. What was his name?" His free hand is waved dismissively. "Evolved mess everything up. Your bullets weren't the only ones in the air, I'm sure. It's not your fault, don't even think that."

Elisabeth smirks at him when he says everything he says is funny. Cuz really? No. Not so much. "Yeah… most definitely a highly powered Evolved. I didn't say it was my fault — just that I feel bad that it happened. And his name's Trask. Norton Trask. He's a good friend of mine." She shrugs a little. "He'll be okay, though. Or so they've assured me." She tilts her head at William, slipping her hand casually out of his grip and putting it in her lap with her other hand. "They're letting me out later today, crutches and all. Suspension for however long it takes IA to clear the shooting. Norton said IA'd already been by for his statement, so it shouldn't take long."

William's hand lingers on Elisabeth's for a moment, awkwardly following hers until he realizes it's going to her lap. At that point he quickly releases. "That's a weird name." William comments quietly, as if to himself. His eyes scrunch together as if considering it and going into deep thought. "Wasn't there someone on TV named Norton…" His brows furrow as he seems to be thinking about this deeply.

But then he realizes she's saying important stuff. Better pay attention! "Right. Well, you did your best. Don't let.." Crap. What was his name. "His injury get you down. You did your best. I'll see to it he's taken care of." If he can remember his name again.. Crap.

Okay, now he's just being plain bizarre. Elisabeth looks at William oddly for a moment. He's always struck her as eminently competent, but today seems to be belying that impression. "I don't know if there's anyone on TV named Norton," she comments mildly. "Perhaps. It's an unusual name. And since he's not holding it against me or considering it a way to break up with him, I'm not going to let it get to me too bad," she quips easily. Then she gets a little more serious. "Will… I think this could have been the same group that hit the high school. What the hell are we going to do about this?"

"Break up with him?" William asks tilting his head. "You're together?" He asks inquisitively. This president killing thing can come later. The Captain peers at the woman for a moment, before recognition springs onto his face. "Norton Antivirus! It's a computer thingie." He says with a little smile, happy he figured it out.

Then he distracts himself onto the serious issue. "Why would you think that? That makes no sense. This group has been pro-evolved, killing anti-evolved people under the guise of.." He tilts his head. "Possible it's all a ruse. But what could be the possible motive? All of the sudden they change their MO? That's quite a hunch Elisabeth. What are you basing this off of?"

Raising both her eyebrows, Elisabeth shrugs a bit, casually, and says, "We've been dating for a little while, yeah. He's not on the squad, so it's not a conflict of interest," she assures him. And then she laughs when he says antivirus. "Oh geez."

But when the talk goes back to the business at hand, Liz replies thoughtfully. "They changed their own M.O. The high school hit was not an anti- or a pro-Evolved target environment. The whole point was to blame PARIAH — which has a very clear pro-Evolved agenda — for things. Thereby turning public opinion against Evolved." She looks at him. "Look at the targets PARIAH has chosen — they're hitting places that are actually anti-Evolved or places that they claim are abusing Evolved people. This other group? They're hitting at PARIAH. Why?" She shakes her head. "And what happens if you put a pro-Evolved president into play?"

"Do you like him?" William says, arching a brow. His tone is said with a little bit of disgust, like he's asking about something gross. "He's that Tier zero guy right? The Negator?" Name lost, ability remembered! Negators are not popular amongst the Evolved community. At least in William's opinion.

"That's a theory, but there's nothing to prove that. This could be a totally different organization. We have no proof linking them. Just your speculation. A lot of people would want this new type of President dead, Elisabeth. We can't just assume it is the same terrorists who did the high school. And how do we know it wasn't PARIAH? Maybe the people you gave me information on are PARIAH, it's just a misdirection play. There are too many variables, and not enough evidence." William says, when he talks about business, it all comes together neatly. Though when he strays from it is when things get awkward…

"Have you guys had sex yet?" Arched brow.

Looking confused, Elisabeth asks, "Do I like who? Norton?" His expression makes Liz's hackles go up visibly. "Actually, yes, I do. He's been my friend since the Bomb. Knew I was Evolved all that time and kept his trap shut. I trust him with my *life*." She narrows her eyes on him. "I'm not sure what precisely is wrong with you, but that tone about my personal life is *way* uncalled for, William."

She does concede, however, "You're right. It could be someone totally different. But that means we've got *four* factions willing to blow shit up in this town. And I'm not sure I want to think *that* either." She pauses and raises a brow. "If you don't think my information is valid, you're welcome to not act on it, William. You're the captain."

William's expressions match hers for a moment. "Jesus, it was just a question. You don't have to get defensive." He says quickly, tilting his head as if she had done something completely uncalled for. "Calm down. Sorry. Geeze."

"I'm not saying I don't think it's valid, Elisabeth, I'm saying we don't know enough. Now, were someone to get me connected to a certain blonde someone, that someone is not informing me about so someone could ask someone else a few more questions about someone, someone might be able to get a little more concrete theories." His brows arch high, as if implying something in there. "As of now. We have guesses. And guesses don't make arrests." He doesn't think. Actually, he's pretty positive they don't.

Elisabeth scowls at him and replies, "I'm not the one making completely inappropriate comments and asking questions that are none of my business, am I? My sex life is off limits." She's not mad, but boy did he get her dander up.

As to the rest of what he says, Elisabeth nods. "I'm not saying we have enough to make arrests. I'm asking you what you think the next step is in investigating the information we've been given." And then she pauses, looking at him assessingly. "Are you asking me if I know someone out there you might be able to talk to?" Because he better spell out what he wants from her. "I don't know what you're implying with all your someones."

"Oh calm down." William says, waving a dismissive hand again. "It was a joke." Maybe.

"I know you're keeping something from me, Elisabeth. And not just your personal life. Maybe you have a personal vendetta against these people. But we aren't renegades. We're not superheroes. We are police who have abilities. If you know something, you need to trust me enough to tell me. Maybe I can get closer to this. We all need to be working together." The man insists, before going to stand up. "I have to feed my dog. I'll come make sure you get all settled in at home later. Call me if you need anything, alright?" William says, taking a step away from the bed. Unwittingly stepping on the flowers he had previously brought in.

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