Wind Tunnels


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Scene Title Wind Tunnels
Synopsis Sable and Ygraine cross paths at a cross draft.
Date July 19, 2010

Grand Central Station

Sable's run-in with Hana should be enough to scare her off from Grand Central Station. She did receive a warning about her other arm getting broken if she did anything that appeared like 'bugging' Wireless further. But, of course, Sable takes such directives as reason to do the opposite. She is nothing if not contrary. She reappears the next day at Grand Central, camera still defiantly clutched, seeking out not Hana, but all the other Ferryfolk who will cooperate.

She'll start just as soon as she knows where to start. If you're here in Ferry HQ, you're generally here for a reason, and everyone is… busy. And looks it. And though Sable is hardly shy, she has a difficult time intercepting people who she is afraid may have a similar reaction as Hana's. The encounter did effect her. Just a little.

Compared to much of the recent heat-wave, today is positively balmy - but it's clear that one of the British Ferrymen in New York is further enjoying the cool air to be found in the great underground space of the station. Clad in shorts and sitting cross-legged one one of the mismatched array of chairs that have been hauled down here, Ygraine is revelling in the flow of air at an intersection of passageways and air shafts - even shivering a little from time to time as the shifts in draft wash over her.

At least ostensibly, she's working on routes - a couple of maps held in her hands for comparison… but her expresion suggests that she's mostly just basking.

Again, Sable's first reaction to spotting Ygraine produces something like a double take. When she sees Ygraine without knowing its Ygraine, she experiences a whole different set (however small the number of its elements) than when she sees Ygraine with knowledge of her Ygraineness. But it takes less time for this fact to catch up, and soon Sable is sidling up over to the basking Brit. Her brows are lifted just a little, an elevation spurred on by the first shiver she sees. She is bad enough to watch for a good twenty seconds before announcing herself.

"Tiger oughta know when they're bein' hunted, y'know," Sable says, grin apparent even in her voice, "A less honorable soul woulda taken advantage 'f yer unawares. Me," she grins, "I ain't quite ready t' play dirty yet."
The maps rustle as Ygraine starts in response to the unexpected voice, their holder quickly looking around to find the source of the sound. Brows lift, then she chuckles, blushing a little. "This whole city is far too hot", she grumbles with a smile.

Sable smiles wider at the blush. That's more or less what she was after. Good to know it still works. She moves into the flow of air, her dark hair's more feathery components shifting in the currents. "Then you stay cool, hon," she says, "Ah… damn. This is pretty nice. Jesus…" she closes her eyes, lifts her arm up, lets the air flow around her. When her eyes open, the find Ygraine quickly. "I'm gonna join y'," she says, "Gonna enjoy this here place, 'n' th' company, if she'll be so kind as t' let me."

Ygraine cocks her head, eyeing Sable for a moment, then chuckling. "Feel free to grab a chair, or a patch of ground if you prefer. And yeah… I tend to find out a bit more about air-flows than many. Can come in useful at times."

Sable snags a chair and pulls it up, at an angle to Ygraine's sitting so that she must turn her head forty five degrees to look straight at the Briton. And she does. Look at Ygraine, that is. And with an intent interest that seems like it must contain some thought, statement or question to sustain it.

Ygraine squirms, one brow rising as she cautiously returns that intent gaze with a quizzical look of her own. "Is something wrong?", she ventures, after a few moments.

"I'm tryin' t' figure what y' must honestly think 'f me," Sable says, not shying away from the meeting of gazes, "But I dunno if I really wanna know 'r, like, hear it. 'cause I dunno that I'll like it 'n'… I sorta figure I'm gettin' so that I'd like t' like it. As opposed t' b'fore when I didn't see m'self so much carin', if y'll excuse me f'r bein' so blunt."

Ygraine takes a few moments to follow that rather round-about form of bluntness, then chuckles and slightly shakes her head. "I'm curious to know what conclusions you'd reached, if any…." A wry smile, then she offers one of her slow shrugs. "But in all honesty? I don't know what to make of you."

Sable laughs at this. "I gotta say, I like that answer. That's th' answer y' sort 'f hope for," she waggles her brows, "Mysterious, like," she wrinkles her nose, "Though mebbe I'm givin' m'self too much credit. Honest, I dunno what's not t' make, hon. I've a hard time hidin' anythin', 'n' while I ain't simple in mind, I always figured m'self t' be simple in manner. So, I s'pose we're in th' same sorta boat, funnily, with you not knowin' what t' make, 'n' me not knowing what t' make 'f what y' might make."

"Well, hon," Sable says, biting her lower lip a little, "Not all lovin'," a euphemism, that, "is tender, 'n' so not all feelin's leadin' up t' 't need be tender either. 'n' I figure, given some limited choice considerin' how pissed y' sometimes make me, I'm tendin' t' prefer feelin's t' make me wish no harm on y', but rather th' opposite." She shrugs, "Fuckin' crazy, I know, but come on now…" she lifts her brows, "Y' must prefer this t' th' alternative. Y' sure look like y' do," a grin, "And look fine lookin' so."

Ygraine laughs, shaking her head, blush returning a little. "You are a bully", she protests mildly. "And I have the impression that you are very much accustomed to getting your way, aren't you? People back down when confronted with your ferocious approach to life…"

Sable lifts her hand, defensive, though she retains her smile. "Ain't so," she says, "Though I see how y' c'n get that impression. Rather th' fuckin' opposite though, once again. I ain't accustomed t' gettin' anythin' I want without havin' t' fight f'r it tooth 'n' nail. So sure, I take what I c'n take, but only 'cause nothin' was ever given t' me. But I don't bully, hon. If I give you a rough time, it's 'cause I think y' take work t' get t'. Yer tough as nails. My experience is that bullies, proper bullies, never pick on th' strong."

Ygraine offers one of her slow, broad shrugs. "Usually, yes. Some find it especially aggravating to discover that someone stands up to them, and start to focus upon that to the exclusion of almost everything else. But… I am used to a highly competitive environment, to say the least. Lots of people who are used to being champions, butting heads, all certain that they should be number one."

"I'd suggest, hon," Sable says, gesturing with her good hand, "That mebbe yer on t' somethin' there. That mebbe it's as much a matter 'f yer perception 's, like, my action, dig? 'cause I ain't never been used t' bein' nothin' much more th'n shit underheel. Not tryin' t' write you a sob story, but I ain't never competed over nothin' much save th' occasional gal's heart, 'n' I've lost 's often 's I've won," she squints at Ygraine, "However, if y'd like me t' focus on y' single minded like, I'd be happy t' be so attentive."

Ygraine rolls her eyes, laughing once more as she shakes her head. "You certainly seem competitive… but I think that I can survive without you being any more focused upon me than you already are, however… kind the offer might be."

Sable taps the side of her nose, "There's one thing I c'n tell y', though, with regards t' me. 'n' that's that y' better not take me too serious. Not that I don't mean what I say when I say it - I ain't dishonest. But just as my cursin', which I'm tryin' t' keep in check f'r y', is a matter of expression rather th'n, like, honest t' God anger, so's much else. See hon, yer an athlete. I'm a performer. Different sorta creature, though both wanna be great 'n' beautiful."

"My competitive days on a cycle are over, unfortunately", Ygraine says with a rueful smile. "But I can certainly appreciate the… thrill and joy of doing something you're good at, and having people see the results of your hard work and effort…."

Sable lifts her arm, warding off something or other. "Ain't touchin' that," she says, grinning, "Just… gonna let it be. Don't you never say I don't got restraint."

Ygraine blinks, having apparently been wholly unaware of any hint of a double entendre. "I… hrmmm." She shoots a sidelong look at Sable, then shrugs again. "And I think that I had best let that pass", she says with a laugh. "So… what brings you here?"

"'course y' will," Sable jibes, "Y' seem happy t' let me chase you. You blush cute, girl. Bet that's not all 'f y' that flushes pretty." Restraint comes in pinches, it seems. "I'm here f'r our common mission. Recordin' more of what people said they've seen. Some regular prickly, too, 'bout it."

Ygraine snorts, and rolls her eyes again, before sticking her tongue out at Sable. "So much for not being a bully", she mutters, before cocking her head, frowning a touch. "People were… hostile? I suppose some might have seen themselves doing something distinctly private…"

"'n' so much f'r you bein' someone I'm gonna be sore at," Sable quips in return, "I'm gonna like y' whether y' like it or not." She sticks her tongue out in return. "Not most. Just one in particular, never even got her name, promised t' break m' other arm if I asked her 'gain," she tilts her head, "Mebbe y'd like t' give her a shot, eh?"
Ygraine winces, then laughs. "That doesn't sound like the usual sort of response I'd expect from one of the Ferry. And… I think it'd be worth my while getting a description of her, at least, so I've some idea who to be cautious about."

Sable is ready for this. "Gimme one second…" With some effort, she pries open the camera display and dials back the recorder to a brief clip, showing the retreating back of one Hana Gittelman. Sable hands off the camera to the Briton, paused just at the clip's beginning.

Ygraine looks surprised, then laughs, leaning over to accept the camera, setting the device to play the clip, peering closely at the screen.

Sable's voice pipes up from the camera: 'Woman states she ain't sayin' what she saw, threatens harm on m' person should I pursue th' topic.' This is lowish, for the camera. Then her voice picks up, directed at the retreating woman. 'Name's Sable, ma'am! Do I look like a spic t' you?' Which is charming.

"Please do," Sable says, sniffing, "I know I c'n rub folks th' wrong way, but y' gotta believe me when I say I didn't do nothin' like bullyin' t' that gal. I mean, Christ, how stupid would I have 't be. Y' see the guns on her?" This could mean either her arms, which are powerful, or the actual guns strapped to her belt, visible as she moves away on the little screen.

Ygraine frowns at the screen, probably not even thinking about anything save the firearms, at least initially. "I wonder who she is", she muses. "I've certainly not seen her around, myself. I'd be curious to find out if anyone can put a name to her."

"Y' know these folks better," Sable says, "'n' y' c'n get around real quick on yer hog, so if y' don't mind lookin' int' it, I'd be much obliged. She didn't seem like she was shittin' me when she was talkin' 'bout breakin' my other arm, 'n' I sorta need that t', like… eat 'n' stuff."

Ygraine sighs quietly. "There are some quite… martially talented people in the Ferry. Though it was for some time seen as a markedly passive organisation, there've always been people capable of providing it with a real edge. I hope she's one of those, rather than one of the… newer recruits who seem to have very different ideas about what the Ferry ought to be doing."

"Well, that's one set 'f talents I'm happy t' say I've got jack shit in th' way of," Sable states, "I wanna make love, not war. 'n' I wanna heal up my arm so I c'n start playin' again. If y' c'n take care 'f it f'r me, hon, I'd be in yer debt, honest. Figure it'd pay t' find out what sorta maniac is willin' t' snap bones over hidin' whatever secret they saw from th' rest 'f the Ferry. Don't speak much t' loyalty, I figure."

Ygraine shrugs uncertainly. "Or it might say a lot", she says gently "depending on just what horrors she saw. Let's say… oh, she sees herself being murdered by a member of the Ferry, or something - but she's still working with us. I'm not saying that there is a good explanation, but… there might be."

"Sure, sure," Sable says, "But I know there ain't no fixed 'what's t' come'. Jesus but someone who saw somethin' like that'd have nothin' but profit from sharin' what they saw, so that all the Ferry'd be able t' help stop what they saw from comin' t' pass."

"Or lynch the person who was seen doing it. Or help that person to bring it to come to pass. Or…." Ygraine shrugs. "It's quite possible that by trying to directly act against it happening, you just ensure that it - or another version of it - does end up coming to pass. Me… I missed out on the whole lot. Was on another continent. So I'm just an outside observer… but I can understand that there might be reasons people really don't want to share, even if it's just out of embarassment. Maybe she saw herself in bed with someone she loathes, or saw herself causing a horrible accident or something."

"Paint me th' fuckin' optimist," Sable says, arching her brow, "But barrin' th' notion that that gal's just who's runnin' th' Ferry, but I'd hope th' folks at th' top here would not act over-hasty-like, 'n' take that shit int' consideration. 'n' if she is higher up, all the' more reason f'r us t' know what it was she saw made her so fuckin' vicious. I mean, if th' house 'f cards falls, I doubt much worse'll happen t' me 'cept havin' to live on the street again which, like, that ain't new. But still, I rather like livin' with y'all, 'n' givin' a hand."

A low chuckle, and Ygraine shrugs once more. "Very few people respond rationally to conflict. We've got instincts, and most people follow those. The effects are quite complex, in various ways… but they do tend to make people who feel threatened withdraw - limit their interactions as much as possible to those they trust, see attempts to find out about them as hostile, treat approaches from strangers with hostility…."

"Sure, gal," Sable says, grinning lopsidedly, "What you said. And you watch out when you catch up with that chick, arright? She tried takin' my camera away from me, 'n' that'd left me with nothin' at all, less than nothin', considering wasted time." She cricks her neck, "I could keep y' company all day, but I figure there are lots of folks I gotta pester, 'n' limbs t' risk in th' Ferry's name, eh?" she gets to her feet, "Been a pleasure, hon, 'n' I mean that."

Ygraine winces at mention of taking the camera, then laughs. "Thank you. And… I'm glad you still have just the one broken arm. And possession of your work thus far. Probably a good idea to back that up whenever you next get the chance, though."

Sable grins, "Yeah, I'll do that! Magnes got me a computer 'n' all. So I c'n do that now. I even know what yer talkin' 'bout!" a pause, "Y' mean, like, store the stuff on this," she lifts the camera, "On th' computer. Right?"

Ygraine nods quickly. "Keep it offline. Don't store it anywhere it can be got at. But you should be able to burn a copy to CD, or the like. And… good luck with getting more. I've not had much luck thus far, myself."

Sable tosses Ygraine a salute. "Well, I'll take t' easy ones, eh?" she says, "Y' save yer competitive edge f'r the arm-breakers." She winks, "Be seein' y', gorgeous."

Ygraine snorts, then laughs, raising a hand in farewell before watching the diminutive oddity depart into the dark….

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