With A Heavy Heart



Scene Title With a Heavy Heart
Synopsis Elijah returns from his two month stay in Russia.
Date March 05, 2010

Dorchester Towers - Elijah's Apartment

It is with a heavy heart that Elijah has returned to New York City from St. Petersburg, Russia. Nikiya, his mother, died back on New Year's day of 2011. The woman had lived a full life; she had two children, and buried one lost to leukemia. She then watched her son grow to become a successful geneticist, and came to call her niece’s daughter her granddaughter, when Elijah adopted the girl. Eventually, however, the old woman's heart just couldn't keep up with her.

His father, Liev, didn't take the woman's death so well, either. Once they reached Russia, his health began to deteriorate, as well. He hardly lasted a month and a half; once Nikiya was gone, Liev was soon to follow. He simply lost his will to live. His granddaughter seemingly gone permanently, his daughter long dead for over twenty years, his son almost emotionally dead…it became too much for Liev Ruslan, and he left this world on Valentine's day.

The past two months have been one big long mess of planning funerals, obtaining burial plots, setting into motion the processes needed to sell property and organizing estate sales in Russia, finances…it seemed like it would never end. And it hasn't, yet. There's still the matter of his parent's home in New York to handle, as well, now that he is home once more.

The man carries a rolling suitcase and a simple shoulder bag along with him, stepping off of the elevator and onto the third floor of Dorchester Towers. He quietly makes his way down the hallway, before ending up at apartment 302. Blue eyes stare up at the silver numbers on the door, while the man rummages in his pockets to pull out his keys, and places them to the locks.

The keys rattle in the door, the first sound of activity in the apartment for nearly two months. Dust has settled over the sheets that cover the furniture. Thankfully, it will be as simple as removing said sheets and throwing them in the washer. That's the least of Elijah's problems to worry about, as he steps into the woefully empty apartment with a frown on his face.

The phone and items that he left for his daughter gone from the counter, but it looks like the place has been just as abandoned, just as empty as it was when he left. The suitcase and shoulder bag are removed, the man quietly walking into the silence of his apartment and closing his eyes, a frown on his face. Part of him had hoped that his daughter would be waiting here for him when he got home.

But he has nothing waiting for him, instead.

He lifts his cell phone, dialing in the number for the phone he gave to Koshka. Nothing. Not a busy signal, she didn't even set up her voice mail. It doesn't even ring, just goes straight over to a message stating that the mailbox has not yet been set up. The phone is pulled away once more, the Russian man offers a small frown and a shake of his head.

She seems to have made her choice.

There's nothing he can do, really. He has no clue how to get in touch with her. The only thing that Elijah has is the purchase made on her card a few weeks back. That was sent over to him in Russia. All that he knows is that he has no way to simply tell his daughter that he's back. That he's home. That he wants to try again, and this time, he'll try to deal with any stipulations.

And it hurts.

Quietly, Elijah slips into the kitchen, opening the fridge and pulling out one of the beers that he left in there. After staring at it for a moment, he pops the lid off and takes a swig, leaning up against the counter and sighing at his empty apartment. The only thing he has now is work. And perhaps Yana, if she still even cares after he's been gone for two months.

For now, he'll just focus on what he has.

It's all he can do any more.

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