With Honor


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Scene Title With Honor
Synopsis As he promised, Adam sets Kimiko free.
Date May 21, 2009

Tokyo, Japan

Kimiko has been kept only in her underwear for her entire few days of captivity. She's been kept in a small hold room in a warehouse, though where that warehouse is one couldn't say. Her meals have been slid through the door and they come through often and appear to be in good effects, so long as she decides to eat them. Any injuries sustained during her fight miraculously went away after her first night's sleep, with only a pinprick on her arm to show for it. There has been no contact with her though, no one comes to talk to her or torture her or…well, anything. Sometimes, she hears voices outside the door, but that's the extent of her human contact. Until one day, the door suddenly unlocks and swings open and in the bright glare of the room beyond, she sees Adam Monroe standing outside her door.

Kimiko has been something of a model prisoner. She does kata and exercises to keep herself from being cold, meditates quite a bit, and doesn't bother trying to yell through the door, pound on the wall, or otherwise act up. She doesn't even seem to be particularly tense, its like she's waiting. The pin prick on her arm was regarded for a good while in silent thoughtfulness, and anyone watching her noted she shrugged, and proceeded to go about her routine.

When Adam opens the door, she is sitting in a meditative posture on whatever has been provided for bedding. One eye opens when the door does, adjusting to the light first before opening the other. She does not speak, and her expression is inscrutable but for the fierce heat of her eyes.

Adam watches her for a few moments and then steps aside from the door to let the light of the room flow in. When her eyes adjust, she can see her clothes folded neatly on a chair beyond. Most of her effects are also there, though later she will come to find out she is missing her phone. Adam says, "I apologize for your accomodations, but it was necessary. You are free to go."

"Where are my father and brother?" she asks, not yet moving. She sits erect, proud despite wearing only her underclothes, as if even in her humiliation the pride of her family can still be carried on her shoulders. Oh yes, this is Kaito's daughter indeed.

Adam walks back into the room and sits down in the room beyond, "Dead." he replies matter of factly, as if he was discussing nothing more than the weather. There is a thoughtful pause before he adds, "Hiro might not be, there is hope for you, should you look for him. But I can't guarantee that."

Kimiko's legs unfold, and she rises smoothly to her feet. And still, ever with dignity, she pads out of her makeshift cell toward her clothes. "Did you kill him?" she asks, already sensing the answer.

Adam responds immediately, "Yes." he pauses, "I'm sure that sets into motion some need for revenge. I understand that,, I think it's a tad unfair since I could have killed you too, there should be some consideration for that…but." he shrugs, "When did good deeds go unpunished. But you should know, that I was hired to come here to do this. So if you have revenge on your mind, you should include those people who sent me here."

Kimiko puts her clothes on in silence. Truth be told, she feels like she's the unwilling participant in some kind of reverse peep-show. But once she's clothed, she looks at him again, expression still inscrutable. "You have choices, Kensei." she says, her eyes, Kaito's eyes, taking him in. "You choice to accept the money to kill my father. To maybe kill my brother." And what goes unsaid, for all that Adam might laugh at her for it: one day, I will find a way to put you in the ground, and you will stay there.

Adam waves a hand. This isn't the first time he's been threatened, or threatened or had some blood oath set upon him, it won't be the last. "I didn't have to be paid. Your father and brother both did me wrong and I took vengeance for that. Vengeance that was mine to take. I had none with you, so I kept you out of harm's way. What you do from now is up to you." he pauses, "At any rate, shall I tell you my employers?"

If Adam's willing to give her information, she's not unwilling to take it. She knows who has the upper hand right at this moment, but like in the business world, circumstances can change. "Yes." she says in English. She stands in front of Adam, hands neatly folded in front of her, the very picture of an upwardly mobile Asain woman, caught in the tension of the modern age and ancient culture. Except for those fierce eyes.

Adam nods, "Arthur Petrelli of the Pinehearst corporation. Likely with help from Daniel Linderman of the Linderman group. Your father and they have…quite come to odds over the past few years." he considers Kimiko quietly, ,"I won't lie to you, I'm not sorry ffor what I've done. Your father took away something very precious to me." his time, "Hiro and I had quite an old score to settle and now it's settled. I hope he's not dead, because my vengeance is sated, so I no longer wish him any ill will. I could have killed him, but instead I gave him a chance to survive. Whether he was successful or not.." he shrugs, "I can't say." he pauses, "You are by the docks. I'd offer to have someone drive you home, but I feel you'll likely reject that. I can call you a cab instead, if you like."

"Did my father die with honor?" Oh, she heard everything he had to say. But everything in its time.

Adam arches a brow as he considers Kimiko, then says, "Your father was killed in a duel. Your brother, if he died, was defeated in a duel, then left in a situation where he was either given a chance to survive or to perish. Aside from our powers, no rules of combat were broken. We fought with swords and the last man standing won."

This seems to satisfy her. She considers a moment, and then says, "You are nothing like the stories I heard as a little girl." Then she bows, just enough to be respectful without kowtowing. Upon straightening, she says with quiet dignity, "I will walk."

Adam considers this, "If you don't mind…" though given the situation, he really has all the cards to ask, "In what way? Not the honorable defender of justice you had hoped for?"

Kimiko studies him in silence for a moment. Then, "Takezo Kensei was a great man." And calmly, "I would like to leave now."
Adam motions towards the door, "Then you should do so."

Kimiko bows once more in departure, and without further word, takes her exit. She moves at a steady, dignified pace, and soon disappears from sight amongst the cluster of buildings hugging the docks.

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