Without Having To Say We're Sorry


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Scene Title Without Having To Say We're Sorry
Synopsis Important things are discussed and a moment comes along that could change everything between two friends.
Date December 28, 2009

Grand Central Terminal

It's late, the temperature dropping low as the sun has sunk behind the buildings. Snow continues to clings to everything. Down in the depths of the subway tunnels, while there is still a sharp chill in the air, there is some warmth coming from the heaters in Grand Central. One young woman and one teenage girl meet up in a familiar place. Alicia, Joseph's beloved dog, moves around their legs happy to be free to move around again, as Kaylee moves towards the makeshift kitchen.

The blonde telepath dips her hand into her worn leather jacket and pulls out a baggie with a few bacon shaped dog treats. "I know.. your waiting for this." She murmurs, softly. The treat is offered and quickly snatches. "Just no telling Joseph." Another treat is given, before the bag is tucked away again.

"Okay… so.." Kaylee starts, "…this guy Grace mentioned. I met him today, like I told you on the phone." She goes through cabinets looking for a mug for the coffee, she wants something warm. "What I didn't tell you is how much help this David Rivkin's could be." A red mug is pulled out and she glances inside to make sure its clean enough. "The answer to that…" She turns to look at Colette finally. ".. is not as helpful as we would want.. but he might be able to give us something to work with."

Seated on a ratty old sofa with cushions that do not match in front of a butane space heater, Colette has wrapped herself in a too-thin gray wool blanket. Legs folded up beneath herself, she's staring down at a notebook lair out in her lap, dark hair toussled and perpetually messy, lips pursed to one side in thought as she carefully scribbles down a list on the lined paper, green eyes flitting up to follow Kaylee's movements as she writes. "So like… what's he do? Is it like— special?" One black brow quirks along with a wrinkle of the teen's nose.

Before she gets the answer, though, Colette is writing again, letting her weight sway from one side to another where sit sits in the middle of the sofa, seemingly distracted. She's been that way all day since she arrived, been that way for days now. Something else is on her mind, and all things considered she's done a good job of not shoveling it onto Kaylee's mind like she usually does.

"It isn't like Molly, but it could help us." Kaylee states brightly, though her expression is curious as she watches the girl. Pulling her attention from Colette long enough to pour coffee, the telepath continues. "He can touch objects and tell their history. I thought maybe.." There is a light tap of the pot being set on the warmer again, "… he can touch some of Joseph's things and give us an idea of what he's been doings and such. See if anything stands out as odd.. or maybe a clue to what he might have done that day."

Sugar and powered creamer is added and finally, Kaylee is making her way to couch. "Can't tell us where he is.. or what he's doing right now. It's something though." She moves to sit on the couch near the teen, tucking feet under her.

"What are you doing?" Kaylee asks suddenly out of the blue. "You've been so quiet and your so distracted I could probably go on about anything and you'd probably hardly notice."

"M'not— " Colette isn't sure what she's not, it shows in her hesitant speech.She wrinkles her nose and furrows her brows, looking up to Kaylee as she slowly closes the notebook cover. "Sorry…" she corrects, since she has indeed been something. "Just have a lot on my mind right now, Joseph's— " she shakes her head slowly, but it's only in her actually considering what Kaylee's said that Colette straightens, perking up like a meerkat from her blanket-swathed huddle.

"He— he reads objects?" Both of Colette's brows raise up, a look on her face seems somewhere between curious and interested, even if it is somewhat selfishly. She shrinks back, realizing that ugly truth too. "I— I don't really know… do you think it'd work on Alicia?" One of her brows quirks up, looking at the dog who mimics the same motion but with one ear raised as well, responding to her name.

"So… So…" Colette bites down on her lower lip thoughtuflly, "So, he finds out things from stuff. So you know how far it goes back? How's it work?" Turning to face Kaylee entirely on the sofa, Colette rests her hands on her folded legs atop that notebook. "M'pretty good at figurin' abilities an' stuff out. I had a bunch of good teachers, they gave me all sorts of ideas on figurin' stuff out. So— " Nodding a bit more intently, less distracted by her own personal problems, the teen readies herself to a brainstorming session, "how's it work?"

Of course, this assumes Kaylee even knows.

"Um…." Kaylee trails off thoughtfully, both hand curled around the mug, which she hunches over slightly enjoying the warmth if anything. "He said that he can learn the history of an object. Where it's been.. impressions of things that happened to it." The mug lifts and she takes a sip, before continuing. "Dunno how far back.. but we don't need to go back too far really I don't think." The mug lowers to rest in her lap, as she goes over the conversation in her mind.

"He wanted to see the room, but Grace nixed that right off the bat, so I'm thinking of taking some of Joseph's things to Mr. Rivkin, to see what he can see." Her head tilts a bit, "All we need is the right clue." She tries to squash the touch of hope in her voice.

Offering something of an awkward smile to Kaylee, Colette nods her head once. "Yeah we… don't need to go too far back; not for Joseph anyway." Casting her eyes down to the notebook, Colette nods her head once and tucks in under her thin blanket, looking back up to Kaylee. "Okay, so we can bring some things— uh— " Pawing at her chin with two fingers, Colette starts to look around the large and open concrete space with a furrow of her brows. "So— so anything?" She breathes in deeply, then exhales a sharp breath. "I dunno if Joseph lived anyhwere but here, really. He hasn't been back to the church since things got— " it's still hard to mention, "burned down."

Green eyes turn towards Alicia, and Colette nods affirmatively. "Alicia definitely goes. I dunno if a dog counts, but she can at least come to keep up company. I bet he's got a bible 'round here somewhere too, I bet he carried that around a lot." It's clear from the look on Colette's face that she's beginning to become overwhelmed by the choices of things Joseph might have called his own.

"Man— this— this is gonna' be hard. If this is all we got, then— " Colette's nose wrinkles, "How're we gonna' know what's Robin's and what— " Kaylee can almost see the Light-bulb shining above Colette's head, and— no, there it is. A literal little flash of light over her head; round and yellow-white, briefly lived. "You're totally sweet on ol' Joe!" She admits with a lopsided smile. "You gotta' know where his apartment is, right?"

Oh, Colette.

Oh dear lord…. Kaylee's cheeks turn bright red and she has to look away, though she can't help but chuckle. "He lived here, it was his home, and…… Robin might have pointed out where Joseph sleeps." Her head ducks down a bit, eyes glancing over at the girl as she tries to get her embarrassment under control. Blonde hair obscures Kaylee's face for a moment, before a hand lifts to tuck the stray hair behind her ear.

"After.. Joseph disappeared.. we looked for clues in his stuff." Kaylee adds quickly, but Colette thinks she's some stalker or something. Nope.. blush isn't showing any sign of going away anytime soon. "The stuff we take needs to be something he has in his possession often. Like his bible.. and there is a crutch in there that I want to take."

The smile on Colette's face is a remarkably teasing one. "Oh," she notes with brows raised, "well I didn't mean it like that but it seems like somebody has their mind on something. Better be reeeeally careful what you bring this guy, wouldn't want him picking up on any of your bad thoughts!" Then, even as she says that, Colette seems to consider the very notion, one of her fingers tapping down against the cover of the notebook in her lap as she exhales a haggard sigh. "Okay that's not as funny when you really think about it."

Cheeks a bit red herself, Colette huffs out a snort and looks over towards where Alicia has come to rest. "When're you going to see him, I wanna' go with you. 'Sides, if this guy's gonna' be learning 'bout Joseph somebody's gonna' have t'get a good feel for 'em and stuff. You know, Ferrymen style, cause he'll know all sorts of things. If, like, hos mojo works that way."

Prying one hand form the mug, Kaylee reaches over to give the teen's shoulder a small shove. "You girl.. have a wicked mind. Man, I thought I was bad." She teases right back, giving her an amused look.

"And yeah, you can go with." The telepath nods slowly, both hands on the mug agai savoring the warmth " In fact, I'd definitely like to have you there. I… am hoping he lets me in his head when he does his thing. I mentioned it, but he didn't seem to totally like the idea. Not that I blame him, but something he gets might not seem important to share.. but I might see if I'm looking." She leans against the back of the couch and sighs softly. "Just need one little clue."

Shoved back, Colette lets out a surprised squeak before reaching out with a socked foot to jab a toe at Kaylee's stomach. "Mnhmm, who's the terrible one turnin' all red whenever I mention Joseph? Hmm?" She squints, holding back a comment only long enough to consider Kaylee carefully, folding her leg back beneath herself as she scoots a little closer to the blonde, much as they had at the Brick House that cold night. "I'll try'n make him calm about it, or you could just… you know, not ask?" Colette quirks a brow and shrugs her shoulders. "S'a lot easier to ask for forgiveness after you've got what you wanted, rather'n ask for permission beforehand, you know?" It's that kind of attitude that's going to get her in trouble.

"M'still tellin' Joseph too." Colette adds afterwards with a cruel smile. She is terrible.

"Brat." Kaylee murmurs disgruntle-like over the lip of her mug, smirk on her lips, before she takes a deeper drink of coffee now that's it's cooled to drinkable.

"You seem to forget Graces warning." The telepath states, giving her a matter of fact look. "And Mr. Rivkin is a part of the organization. It's too risky. If he says no, I am not going to argue." There is some finality to those words, there is no budging her there.

Besides, I told him up front what I am. He didn't freak and kick me out at least. It's kind of rare to not have someone run away. So I'd rather not break the little bit of trust there."

"Grace isn't here," Colette notes with a furrow of her brows, staring down at the blanket as she tries to pull it a bit tighter around herself. "I'd rather have to be sorry about breaking some rules and makin' some people upset than like… wishing we had if somethin' bad happens to Joseph. We can take all the time we want t'feel bad about doing whatever we have to do after Joseph's okay, but if you think peekin' around in this Dave guy's head's gonna find Joseph, then you better peek around in his head."

Colette's shoulders slouch, head hanging. "I'd do it if I could, without even a second thought. But… but what I can do isn't even helpful, s'just… sparkly." Her nose wrinkles, green eyes lifted up towards Kaylee. "All I wanna do s'save Joseph," and fix Tamara, "and m'not gonna' stop until I do it. Kaylee— Grace doesn't understand what it's like t'be like us, t'have these powers. Sure, she can talk all she wants 'bout restraint, but she doesn't know what it's like. She can't."

"I'd rather ask first.." The young women seems stubborn on this point. "But… if I just happen to hear him thinking too loudly…. well, can't do much about that." She watches the teenager out of the corner of her eye, a small smile tugging up the corners of her mouth slightly. "I have already lost one path to not caring about the consequences, I'm not ready to lose another, though I will be doing what I can within my power to bring Joseph home."

Kayle's hand, rests lightly on the girl's shoulder, "Just have patience with me.. I know we're running out of time but I don't want to screw anything up."

There's a markedly earnest expression on Colette's face at Kaylee's rather honest explanation. The girl shrinks back a bit, offering a tired smile that turns far more honest at the hand on her shoulder. "M'sorry…" she mumbles with a shake of her head, taking the opportunity to lean in and rest her forehead on Kaylee's shoulder. "I— I'm just freaking out about Joseph. You— you shouldn't do something you'd regret, m'sorry. M'just being really selfish and… n'stupid."

Swallowing audibly, Colette looks up to Kaylee with a disconcerted expression. "M'sorry I get that way, just— you know," she waves one hand in the air, "like that? I don't even know how hard it must be on you to have to deal with the power you have…"

There is a soft chuckle from the telepath, as her hand moves from Colette's shoulder to rest on the back the girl's dark hair, briefly. Her head tilts down as she says softly… "You selfish?" Her head comes up again and she continues much louder, "And it's not stupid… Your worried.. I'm worried too…. I've just got to be cautious about it."

The hand slides away and back to the mostly empty mug in her hands, when the teen looks up at her, "My ability has it's ups and down.." She admits blandly, though she doesn't elaborate.

The relaxation in Colette is clear, from the way a hand at the back of her hair and something as simple as contact seems to sooth frayed nerves and ease her anxiety. In a way, she has to marvel at how that has changed ina year's time, how she no longer shies away from people, how she no longer recoils from a comforting touch, but rather seeks it more like a moth does a candle's flame now. Keeping her head resting there, Colette nods her head once, then looks up to Kaylee, chin resting on her shoulder, hesitant smile spread across her lips.

There's no words exchanged, just a look, one that is inscrutable enough that it makes wonder of what was hidden behind the brunette's eyes in that moment. She leans closer to Kaylee, bumping her nose against the blonde's neck, then turns to rest her cheek against her shoulder. "M'glad… you joined the Ferrymen." Colette explains quietly, her voice smaller than it was earlier, even as her eyes drift to look over to Joseph's dog, then around to the mural he had painted just days before disappearing. "I don't have a whole lot of friends… not ones I trust. Not ones who'd put up with me like you do."

Her head crooks to the side, eyes alight to the blonde's. "We're gonna find Joseph," she reassures, "without havin' to say we're sorry."

"Hey.. I put up with Eric. I can put up with a lot." Kaylee jokes lightly, brushing off the comment a bit, before her face turns more serious, smile dropping into something more gentle. There is the slight weight of Kaylee's head resting on Colette's briefly. "But I am glad I joined as well. I feel more accepted and less like something to be sheltered. It's nice to feel useful again.

"Besides, " Kaylee murmurs after a moment, head turning slightly to look at the girl. "It's nice to actually have friends who know what I can do and trust me… and I trust them. And they actually listen to me like I have a worthy opinion."

Shaking herself out of her thoughts, Kaylee moves to stand, "Come on. Help me figure out what to take with us. In the morning, I'll call and set up an appointment."

"Of course I trust you." Colette says with the same tone of voice as if describing the color of the sky. There's a faintly teasing quality to her smile, even as she seems content to return her head to Kaylee's shoulder. Warm, now, despite the cold in the concrete room, Colette lets her eyes drift up to the ceiling in consideration of Kaylee's request. Then, shifting back just enough to lean off of the blonde's shoulder, Colette opens up the blanket she's kept wrapped around herself and wraps it, and her arm, around Kaylee. A few awkward shuffles closer to the blonde and a tug of the dark gray wool up over the taller woman's shoulder comes before she settles back in.

"Crutches," Colette begins to list them off, "bible," her head bobs once with each word, "Alicia," she adds in just a playful enough tone that the dog perks up one ear from where she lays on the floor beside the sofa, not quite enough to get her to raise her head, "Colette," the teen adds with a wrinkle of her nose, letting her hand settle down at Kaylee's side beneath the blanket, then turns her shoulders and brings her legs up to drape across Kaylee's lap, mis-matched socked feet sticking out from the blanket's edge, but the majority of her's wrapped up.

"Paintbrush." Colette adds with a look up to Kaylee, affirmatively, "Robin said he'd been paintin' that mural right before he disappeared. S'gotta have some Joseph all over it."

The shuffling of the teen as she moves closer, seems to amuse Kaylee, especially when the legs over her's prevents her from getting off the couch. She slants a glance at the girl out of the corner of her eye, a smirk on her lips. With a soft resigned Kaylee rests back against the couch, arms resting across the other's legs, as she levels a curious look at her.

Then her brows lift a bit, Kaylee's hand grips her friends leg, fingers latching on through the blanket. "Oh! His pillow. Mr. Rivkin mentioned the bed maybe a good source of information.. so it might not be his bed, but it's a part of it."

Her expression falls some, "I really wish we had more proof that he was in trouble.. Everyone I talk too seems to think he's just gone away for some quiet time. I really hope we get some sort of clue from this. I'm starting to feel like, we're being too paranoid." She sounds almost guilty about thinking it.

Pursing her lips, Colette lets her weight slump to the side against the back of the couch when Kaylee does, looking up at the blonde with a hesitant expression on her face. She's quiet, nodding at the remark about the pillow with a contented smile on her face, but when Kaylee starts to doubt the matter of Joseph's disappearance, all Colette has to do is point towards Alicia. "He wouldn't have left her without tellin' Robin to watch out for her, y'know? But… there is one way we could find out if he's in trouble."

Colette shifts her posture a little, enough so she can rest her chin on Kaylee's shoulder and look up through the fringe of her bangs at the blonde. "Remember that thing I told you about? That— the person I said could find you if you just try to look for them? She'd know, an' I trust her more than anyone else in the whole world. So… if she says Joseph's in trouble, he is. Because she knows everything. S'what she does."

"I know.. I mean.. It doesn't seem right that he'd just forget to mention her." Nails scratch lightly at her cheek as Kaylee considers the dog laying at the base of the couch. Moving her foot, she rubs her heel lightly against the large dog's side, petting her with it. "I know.. I should go looking for her and…. I was…" Her voice soft, "… but then Grace gave us the name of this guy." her head droops forward, as her eyes got to the blanketed legs on her lap. "I should go looking.. .maybe if we have something people will actually start believing and stop doubting what we say."

"Her name is Tamara, right?" Kaylee asks after a moment, her foot still running along the dogs side. "I'll get back on that.. I promise."

"Right." Colette says in a hushed breath, and her arm around Kaylee squeezes just a little tighter when the topic of Tamara comes up. "I… can— can I ask you… something really personal, Kaylee?" Teeth tugging at her lower lip, Colette's green eyes flick up to the blonde again, and she tilts her head back, moving her free hand out from the shared blanket to brush dark bangs out of her face, accompanied by a short shake of her head and a wrinkle of her nose.

"If— if somebody… if somebody was like, messed up inside," she taps one finger against the side of her head, "like that… Could— could you fix them?" There's an awkward toying with Colette's lower lip, breathing in and out awkwardly as her brows furrow, seeming to somehow think this is a personal question. "Could you make them— make them right again?"

Maybe this is what's been bugging her.

That question gets a lift of both blonde brows high on her head. "I…. ah…." Kaylee isn't sure how to answer that. "I…. don't think…" Lips press tightly together and blue eyes unfocus as she thinks about it, not wanting to give a bad answer. "I'm… not sure. I once pulled a woman out of her nightmares…. sorta. I made her remember her like and made her wake up…." The words trail off and she sighs softly.

"I think…" Kaylee starts after a long moment of thought, her expression carefully neutral. "What I can do depends on the problem is. Memories are one things, a mental condition is a whole 'nother can of worms. That might take some one that can change more then memories. I'm a telepath, not a miracle worker." She offers sadly, a part of her wishing she give the teenager the answer she wished. Though some might say what Kaylee did for Angela was a miracle in a way, breaking the control of a powerful man.

"I'm sorry… I really wish I could give you the answer you want." Hands squeeze Colette's legs lightly, Kaylee's expression apologetic.

Sinking her head down into a nod, Colette's brows furrow and she slowly shakes her head. "Nah it's— it's alright," she admits quietly, teeth worrying at her lower lip. "Um, do— do you mind if I talk to you about something that's… s— sorta' personal to me?" When Colette looks back up, her expression is painted over with that layer of worry from earlier, the same worry that had her scribbling in a notebook for the last few days and seeming unable to focus on things. "It— some've it might be really hard to believe, but like… I… I can't really talk to anyone else 'bout it, not my sister, not my dad…"

Fidgeting some, she manages a smile at Kaylee, this one more earnest than her last. "I guess I really do trust you."

Her head tilts a little to one side as she studies the girl, Kaylee gives a short little nod, "Sure, Colette. You can talk to me, I personally think I can be a good listener… sometimes. And I can keep a secret." She points out with a grin.

Fingers squeeze those blankets legs again and Kaylee leans into girls shoulder giving her a bat of lashes. "Come on.. I don't have many true friends. Especially, real female friends. So don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm sure I'll have plenty to lament about at some point." A grin touches her lips, "So, tell me what's on your mind."

Colette can't help but giggle a little when the psychic has to ask what's on her mind, but the topic that is dampens her spirits rather quickly. "The… girl, the one I want you to go talk to?" Colette chews on her lower lip pensively. "Tamara? She… she's gt a really special power." Squirming beneath the blanket, Colette looks around the large and empty concrete room, down to Alicia and back again, as if making sure they have privacy. "She can see the future, all of it, all of 'em, all the time. Or— I— I think that's how it works. Like," Colette's nose wrinkles as she looks down at her lap. "You know like, when you're ordering at a restaurant and you're like, should I have the steak or the chicken?" Colette tries not to laugh at the awkward explanation. "She knows how good everything on the menu is, all at once. It… it kinda' makes it hard for her to… to be normal?"

It's obvious there's some nervous hesitation in the teen, worry about the topic she's skirting around and discussing Tamara's ability in general. "She knows everything, but… she only tells parts. Maybe s'all she can do, I'unno. But… but she saved my life once, and… and she helped me get off the streets. She— she did something for me, selfless, that nobody ever'd done before." The smile, the one Colette has now, is simply honest. "I… love her." Worried eyes divert to Kaylee. "She— I really, really love her. Like, more'n anything or anyone… more'n I thought I could care about anybody else. I— I know she feels the same way, 'cause— " Colette hesitates, looking back up to Kaylee, "please don't think I'm crazy… but… but some people went to the future an'… an' they met me. Me'n Tamara were like, together an' stuff, and she wasn't all messed-up because of her ability anymore. She was happy— happy with me."

Swallowing awkwardly, Colette looks down at her lap again, face reddened. "I wanna fix her… like I do in the future, I— I just don't know how. All she ever says when I ask her, is… is maybe." Swallowing noisily, Colette looks back up to Kaylee, eyes a bit glassy and watery. "She forgets things," comes out with a croak of her voice, "forgets people… the past. I— have t'keep making sure I show her how much I care in the future, 'cause it's like the past t'her. She— she doesn't remember the nice things I do, not— not easily. So… so I gotta' make sure she always sees what's coming, and remembers how much I will care."

Swallowing awkwardly, Colette reaches one hand out of the blanket and wipes the heel of her palm at her eyes, fingers awkwardly sweeping away tears. "I feel so— fucking selfish worrying about this when Joseph's in danger… I just— I keep hoping maybe you can do something, fix her, h— help her…"

A gentle hand rubs, Colette's leg in a comforting manner as she listens, Kaylee listens soberly her expression sad at the young teen's troubles. When the world falls silent again, except for the soft panting of Alicia, Kaylee studies the girl as if seeing her in a new light.

Then the hand on her leg, slides up to grip lightly at Colette's shoulder, fingers crawling over her back so that Kaylee can pull the girl into a comforting hug. "Girl… that is not selfish." The tone of her words rock steady in their resolve, but then as she continues, the words soften. "You love her.. Just cause Joseph is missing, doesn't change that."

Resting her cheek on the top of her head, Kaylee sighs softly, "I just don't think I can help… It sounds like she's being overwhelmed really. Like me.. Too many voices assaulting my brain… it can throw me into a coma." A small smile tugs at her lips, "That's why you won't see me drink or take any kind of drugs… which I did when I was a teenager… I loose control of something and it throws my mind wide open to every thought. And it's like a funnel.. too much coming in.. and my brain overloads."

"Maybe what is happening with Tamara is like that? There is too much information coming in that she can't control the intake." Kaylee's words are soft, comforting, but also thoughtful. "I can't change her ability.. But with so many evolved out there, I imagine one day there will be some one that can fix things enough that Tamara can control what she sees? I dunno… "

Colette is quick to accept the embrace, wrapping both of her arms around Kaylee and resting her head on the blonde's shoulder, finding comfort in an embrace where a year ago she would have found only anxiety. The brunette nods shallowly, her nose pressed up against the fabric of Kaylee's sweater, eyes shut. She's quiet only as long as it takes to get her emotions under control, but the firmness of her embrace doesn't change in that short time.

"Thanks…" Colette finally offers into the fabric of Kaylee's shirt, nose still pressed there as she struggles to find the exact words to express herself. "Thanks for… listening— caring." Lifting her head up from Kaylee's shoulder, Colette's eyes are a little reddened around the edges, but she's smiling despite herself. "I dunno what to do but… but thank you." For being able to listen, for being capable of understanding, for being there. It's all the way that could have been said but wasn't; in the end Colette opts for obscure generalization. It's obvious, though, that she has a lot going on inside of her head, in the same way a buzzing beehive might be a little busy.

In that look between the two, Colette is silent, even if her smile is a bit bitterswet. One of her hands, resting on Kaylee's side winds into the fabric of her shirt, fingers curling. "Thank you/" She whispers, eyes downcasting, teeth tugging idly at her lower lip.

When those green eyes come back up again, Colette just makes a long moment of eye contact, and the mussed up emotional turbulence inside of her is like so much radio static to Kaylee. The teen's smile fades and reappears after a few moments as she leans forward, hesitatingly, just enough for her nose to bump up against Kaylee's, neck tensing in an awkward swallow, followed by a shakily exhaled breath.

It's a moment that leaves so much hanging in the balance, a small move could change the meaning of so much between them…. so much going on around them. Kaylee's own mind is hidden to the young girl, but there is confusion over the situation. Her tongue licks a bit nervously at her lower lip, teeth catching it for a moment as she mind tries to curl around emotions flitting through her.

It's not anything she's ever faced before and the telepath doesn't even know what to think as the girl's nose bumps into her own, Kaylee's whole form going still and back stiffening a bit with uncertainty. Blue eyes try to focus on the girl in front of her, as if all the answers are there.

A hand moves to rest against Colette's jaw, fingers press lightly behind her neck, thumb resting against her cheek. Then gently, the telepath tilts the teen's head down with a small tug at her neck, while her own tilts up and Kaylee places a chaste kiss on Colette's forehead.

Decision made.

Fingers slide away and Kaylee gives her a soft smile, and the words are whispered, "Your welcome. What are friends for any how, hmm?" She watches the girl carefully as if waiting for something. "You'll find the right person to fix her." She promises softly, "Especially if your to be together in the future."

Green eyes are hidden behind the halfway closed fringe of dark lashes at the kiss to her forehead, and Colette's lips find themselves wound into a smile, her nose gently bumping the bottom of Kaylee's chin in the motion. Her arms around the blonde remain held fast, and she nods her head once, before finally looking up with an expectedly red face. Her dark brows scrunch together behind her bangs, and Colette nods again, just in case the first time was missed.

Colette doesn't need to say anything to show her agreement with Kaylee, the affirmation that she's going to fix everything is already resolved in her mind. All Colette does is settle down comfortably, head rest against the nape of Kaylee's neck, arms still around the blonde, having found comfort in her friend, comfort that is in small measure these days. "We'll find Joseph too…" Colette affirms back, looking up through the ragged fringe of her bangs as best as she can to Kaylee.

"I won't be the only one… with someone special in the future," Colette adds quietly, and with a modest certainty. She may not be able to see the future, but she can damn well try and make the best of the one she's going to be living in.

Piece by piece.

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