WNYE-TV Raided

Just prior to dawn on June 3rd, operatives from the Department of Homeland Security raided the independent commercial-free television station WNYE-TV Channel 25. WNYE-TV was part of the NYC Media Group with studios in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Its primary digital transmitter is located at 4 Times Square in the Conde Nast Building and its analog back-up transmitter is located atop the Empire State Building. WNYE-DT is the station's digital stream which broadcasts from Midtown, Manhattan and has a secondary transmitter located in downtown Brooklyn. Currently the station is broadcasting two DTV sub-channels. According to the FCC, WNYE-TV, also known as NYC TV, is the fifth largest local broadcast station in the United States by area of coverage.

Following up leads generated during the raid on the terrorist organization PARIAH in the fall of last year, DHS operatives discovered that the owners and operators of WNYE-TV had been secretly working to undermine government operations in Registration and testing of the Evolved for at least one year.

As a result of the raid, and pending legal action by the NYC Media Group, WNYE-TV has been taken off of the air, the first time the network has gone silent since its creation in 1967. It has been suggested at this time that channel operators were using the television studio as a safe-haven for Evolved seeking to elude Registration under the Linderman Act, and leads that station operator Joshua Brent was an operative for PARIAH and participated in the firebombing of a DHS facility in Manhattan in 2008.

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