(Wo)Man Hunt


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Scene Title (Wo)Man Hunt
Synopsis Dante and Brennan discuss what to do about the dream-walking Delia Ryans. Orders are given, plans are dicussed, and hackles are raised.
Date November 21, 2010

Suresh Center: Brennan's Office

A simple office with an expansive desk, closed laptop resting on it's top, leather chair, tan carpeting and beige walls. A window looks out over the grounds of the suresh center when the verticals are open to let in sun. Two comfortable chairs perch in facing the desk, ready for patients to sit in. Low shelving occupies space behind the desk with binders and books, pictures of smiling dark haired children and a striking woman presumably the office residents wife. A couch takes up the rest of the room and a small closet, big enough to hold a couple jackets and a change of clothes or a suit, and the couch long enough to be slept on, drown throw blanket arrange across the back of it. Diploma's in their frames provide the traditional decorations on the walls as well as fingerpaintings made by young children clipped to a string and providing some cheer.

Dante had a pink message slip waiting for him when he came in. The Center re-opened after the repairs from the zombie-like mob that came through from the basement, things were back in motion and Brennan was at his desk. The daily duties taken care of, even though it was a sunday, he was putting in some time. More of a personal thing today really, and he expected that Dante might actually get the note on Monday as opposed to today. Either way, a quick look with the secretaries would show that Dr. Brennan was swiped in and present. In his office if he wasn't in the labs or on the medical floor.

Dante has a reason to come into work today. It's not about pleasure, and it's not about his immediate jobs. He has to speak to someone. Brennan, in particular, which leaves the ex-Company man plenty surprised to see the message slip from none other than the big guy himself. Frowning, Dante tucks the slip into his hip pocket and goes off in search of the man.

It's not hard to track him down, fortunately, with the office fairly empty. After a brief but cordial discussion with the secretary, Dante is standing in Brennan's doorway, knocking firmly on the open door. "You wanted to see me, sir?" he rumbles, that everpresent discontented near-scowl on his face. He's still wearing his coat, not taken the time to hang it up.
"You say Sir like I"m your boss, only, I'm not your boss. Harper is. Unless there's an MD or RN attached to your name, it's just Doctor Brennan or Harve" He looks up from whatever book it is that he's studying - something on dreams it seems - gesturing to the comfortable seats opposite his desk. 'Take a seat would you, I got a question. I need you to look up something for me"

"Sure thing, Doctor," Dante says, with the same weight as one would say "sir". Old habits die hard. He steps into the room, but doesn't sit down immediately. That book catches his eye and he leans over Brennan's desk a little, head cocking to catch some of the text. He makes a small noise in his throat. "Seems we might be on the same page. What do you need?" Being asked to investigate something, Dante appreciates that. It's something he's good at.

Are they? Brennan looks to the book, marking his place and closing it. A few other tomes on the same thing, some on interruption. "Do you know anything about oneiromancy Dante? Or anyone who might know anything? I mean, besides Dema. I left a message for Dema as well. More actually like, what to do when one is lost and wandering about in the ether that is the sleeping mind"

"The name doesn't exactly ring a bell. I was an English major in college." Dante raises an eyebrow when Dema is mentioned, and he sweeps his coat away from his hips to sink slowly into one of those comfy chairs, relaxing back while still managing to look tense. He frowns deeply at the list of questions he's being given. "I don't, and if you find out, I'd appreciate a few tips. Is this about a young redhead in a white dress?"

"Carrying a sword, and a chess piece" Brennan pushes over a sketch of the chess piece in question and the sword. "Her name is Delia Ryans. She's traipsed into my dreams before. She more coherent then than now."

Dante's jaw quirks sideways, and he drums his fingers against the arm of the chair. He doesn't even sit up to inspect those drawings, just giving a glance and an amazed shake of his head. "Incredible. She's visiting the exact wrong people, if she doesn't want to be caught. I've had her enter my dreams a few times. I supposedly 'caught' her last night. So…Doctor. What exactly is 'oneiromancy'?"

"She's not looking to be caught, She's looking to get back Dante' Brennan leans back in his chair, left elbow on the arm of said chair as he draws an ankle up to sit with his leg crosswise, sliding his arm across his chest, forefinger stroking along his jaw, sporting a slight five o'clock shadow. "What she said, before I woke up. She's lost, she didn't seem to even know who she was till I recognized her. She's.."

Brennan shakes his head. 'Oniermancers. Dreamwalkers, almost quite literally. A subset of meta-humans who posess the ability to enter into or influence the dreams of individuals. You know the whole rash of suicides that were attributed to Refrain? Supposedly, it wasn't so much the refrain as it was an oniermancer who was responsible"

"Strange people she's visiting in their dreams, for that," Dante muses, "Though we certainly have a vested interest in getting her back to someplace coherent, I suppose." He shifts a little in his seat, trying to get comfortable, rubbing his palms against the arms of the chair. "She seemed to recognize me. Knew my name, oddly enough. When she was leaving the dream… my dream, she said that I was "nowhere near where she needed to go". I don't really know what to make of that. Perhaps she's…hmmm…" Dante narrows his eyes at Brennan. "What exactly do you mean by "back"?"

At the news of the suicides, Dante grimaces with a look of disgust. "Fucking hell. How'd we find that out? Caught the bastard?"

'Back to her Body Dante. I told you. She's lost. Maybe it was something from the 8th and whatever triggers that RUpert unloaded into people. Who knows what, I'm a negator, not an oniermancer. I knew somewhat of it all because of other people that I came across" Her taps his jaw with his thumb a few times gently. "Dema's not an oniermancer though. He's a manipulator. I was hoping he might be in today to talk but it'll probably bet tomorrow. How many times has she visited you?:"

"Back to her body… you're kidding, you're saying she's lost in dreams?" Dante shakes his head. "Unfuckingbelievable. Like a goddamn comic book," he mutters. He leans his chin in his hand, looking pensive. "I'd like to talk to him, too. If she's still somewhere out there, we'll want to find her. At least with her, we might be able to get news on where she is." He blinks at the question. "Ummm…3, at least. Maybe more, I'm not always good at remembering my dreams."

"If you look outside the window these days Dante, it is like a comic book" Dante relays the amount of dreams that he's had with the woman in then, his lower lip curling inward so e can pin it between his teeth in thought. "Get a mini-audio recorder. Put it by your bed. If she finds herself drifting in your direction again, when you wake up, talk about everything that you can remember. What she said, what she's carrying, what you were doing, anything and everything. I want you, that is on the side for now, your free time, look up what you can about Refrain, and anything you might find that the institute has on those who use it and anything that they found about the dreamwalker who was messing with people. See if there's anythign we can do. I know this girl. She came in here a couple times, just after she manifested. I want to help her" He doesn't want to see her like this.

"We'll see if Dema knows anything about finding her real body, if we can't find her etheral one"

Dante can't help the smile that pulls across his face, and he waves away Brennan's observation. "Please, please! I'm trying not to think about that. I've got enough shit going bonkers in my life, to have to start dreaming about having to hunt down Magneto." He nods to Brennan's suggestion, looking towards the window of the doctor's office. "Can do. I do recall last night very clearly. I'll write up a full report tonight." Dante's expression tightens as Brennan talks about his past with Delia, and he hides his mouth behind his fingers. "She's the daughter of a fugitive. In my experience, having family who's on the wrong side of the law can have an effect on a person. Don't hold on too tightly to the memory of that sweet girl." His words don't have much conviction, as Dante remembers the innocent-looking girl with the sweet face and trusting eyes in his dreams.

"So long as you don't judge a daughter by the actions of her father" Fugitive that he may be, Brennan points out. "Get out, I gotta get making more rounds and some paperwork to fill, get home to my wife before she thinks that she should give Brooklyn balmy weather instead of just making it snow less" He shakes his head, pulling forward so he can get out of the chair.

Dante frowns at Brennan's remark, and he straightens up in his chair, frowning fiercely at the doctor across his desk. "'Judging' is the wrong word to use, Doctor," he says harshly, "We're hunting her. So we need to predict her behavior. We need to take into account how her experiences might have changed her, even if we don't want to think that that could be for the worse." He rises from the chair as he's summarily dismissed, brushing his hands off on his hips. "Ask if she can cut down on the wind a little. My trenchcoat's getting a little thin in places." He smirks and, without further ado, turns to head out the door and to his duties.

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