Wolves And Warriors


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Scene Title Wolves and Warriors
Synopsis Bai-Chan is worried about the wolf at the door. Brian is cold.
Date March 25, 2009

The Lighthouse: The Tower

The stairs get closer together as they wind all the way up to the top. A small hatch cuts off the stairs from the top of the tower, though the wooden thing is easily open and closed. Railing winds all the way around the top of the lighthouse tower, leaving a gap between the security rail and the canopy that ceilings the tower. The railing encircles the giant light that rests squarely on the middle of the top of the tower.

The giant light looks like it hasn't been turned on for years, and it most likely hasn't. Though with the new inhabitants claiming the Lighthouse, everything is kept clean. And a few chairs are set up, as well as a small table with a radio resting on top of it.


The words are accompanied by footsteps pounding up the stairs as Brian makes his way around the winding staircase. His hand tracing lightly against the railway as he goes up. His breath getting a teency bit labored by the quick climb up the masses of stairs. "Nihao?" Comes the question again as Brian pushes back the hatch to the top of the tower.

Climbing fully out, Brian welcomes the evening air, taking a deep breath. It's almost time for bed, and Bai-Chan is missing. One would argue that Brian should make it impossible for kids to come up here. But really the only ones with any interest in coming up here are old enough or, can defy gravity or just can't get hurt very easily. So there's not much point, really.


It's bone cold out here. There's a woolen blanket lying neglected on the ground, shifting a little when the wind tries to catch it, but it's heavy enough that only the edges flap on occasion. Perhaps Brian was mistaken — no one appears to be out here. And then—

"Ni hao."

Cautiously spoken and coming from over the side, until Bai-Chan peeks up over the edge, eyes wide and wary as if maybe he's in trouble. Then, he reaches up a hand, grips a rusted old railing, and pulls himself up and back over onto safer ground, wearing an oversized sweater and jeans rolled up to the knees. He perches upon the metal, which creaks under the boy's weight but holds fast.

"Nihao." Brian says with a little relief in his voice as Bai-Chan creeps up like a monkey onto the railing. Though the young man gives an inquisitive tilt of his head at the boy. His lips automatically dip and his features dive into concern as he takes a few steps forward. His arms are offered up, though he doesn't come all the way. Make him jump, makes Brian feel like he has a pet monkey.

It is cold, and a t-shirt isn't doing much to stop the shivering that starts. "Nihao." He says, making an urgent gesture with his hand for the boy to jump on so they can get the heck back inside.

Bai-Chan's bottom lip pushes out, and he shakes his head. Universal for no. "Bu." His legs lock around the metal railing, twisting his body enough to view the horizon. And shivers beneath his sweater, enough for hair getting a little too long to quiver with the movement. "Looking." Either that's a Mandarin word Brian doesn't know, or, it's English, and gives up the simple explanation as to why he's here — and why he desires to stay.

"It's cold." Brian whines at the rebellious child. His eyes trace the area instinctively for any sharp objects or weapons he could bribe the boy with to leave, but comes up with nothing. Folding his arms over his chest, Brian takes a step forward to lean over the railing. Like the good fakeparent he is, the young man leans out for 'looking'. His head goes this way, then that way as he very seriously and intently looks for some type of something.

Finally when he finishes his surveying he looks back to Bai-Chan, to see if the boy is satisfied with this very thorough check. Then motions with his head back to the stairs. "Come on buddy, it's bed time." He urges desperately.

Bed time, Bai-Chan certainly knows what that means. Like 'stop', 'get down from there', 'let go', 'teeth' (in indication to brush them) and 'that hurts'. His speculative, almost critical gaze on Brian's looking is interrupted with a nose wrinkle of distaste, and a wordless whine. Another fervent head shake, he casts a look back towards the rural, rambling terrain out from the coast, a crease forming between his eyebrows in genuine worry, teeth biting his bottom lip.

"Gou," he says, not looking back at Brian. "Gou li zheir hao nei." There, that makes it clearer. He slants a glance back at the caretaker, purses his lips, and then— barks. Once. Twice. A simple mimic of a dog's bark. Then, he points out towards the horizon. "Gou li zheili yuelai yuenei." Yeah, that is so much clearer.

"There's a dog out there." Brian states flatly, clearly unimpressed with Bai-Chan's fear. "Listen buddy, you're safe. If a dog tries to eat your face off I'll.." He pulls up his hand, yanking one thumb back and extending his finger. Universal symbol for the gun. Pointing it out at the land surrounding them he takes two imganiary shots, accompanied by his awesome sound effects.

"So you don't need to worry. I have lots and lots of guns in the basement. But don't tell Kameron." He gives a little smile, offering his arms out to the boy again. "Now come on. Let's gooo." He murmurs, holding out his arms expectanly at the boy, giving him a bit of a sterner look now.

Unsatisfied, but vaguely reassured that whatever is out there, Brian will put it down. Bai-Chan's forehead creases, sitting silent for a moment. Then, finally, his legs loosen enough that he can be picked up off the railing as needed without accidentally pitching over the edge, and holds his arms out for Brian to come pick him up.

"Warrior," he says, simply. Calling Brian that, himself that, or wishing there was one. Hard to say. Sometimes he takes up a few of the English words he knows, throws them at the other person, and hopes whatever his intention behind it sticks like he would on a wall.

"Warrior." Brian beams with a happily. Placing his hands on Bai-Chan's sides he lifts him up and sets him squarely on his shoulders. Turning from the railing the young man steps away from it and heads back to the stairs humming some tune that he thinks Bai-Chan might like but probably won't as he steps carefully down the stairs.

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