Woman's Work


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Scene Title Woman's Work
Synopsis Two shooters meet… and there seems to be agreement.
Date January 24, 2009

Central Park

Does it ever seem to anyone else like woman's work is never done? Liz wonders idly. She paces in the park near the southern end, her hands jammed into the pockets of her warm leather jacket. Jeans and a pair of black boots are the only other things that can be seen, but it's her blond hair that will probably be the beacon for the person she's meeting. That the teams had shifted at the last minute while Liz was out disarming four dozen bombs is a little disturbing. So now she waits.

Liz doens't know that it's not her hair that gives her away. It's edward and his gratuitous use of various peopels picture at the meeting that give her away. Minea knows exactly what liz looks like, consulting the image on her blackberry till the appropriate blonde is located. The tall woman, boots, jeans, a favoured leather jacket and scarf wend their way to the officer. She'd got some things done that night, and some ugly information given to her, but there's work to be done before wensday and that's how life carries on. "Elisabeth Harrison?" Minea's voice loud enough to catch the womans attention if it is her.

Elisabeth turns to look toward the owner of the voice, not appearing startled. "Yeah, that'd be me. Minea Dahl, right?" Teo gave her a name… after telling her that her name and picture had been fuckin' BROADCAST. If she gets her hands on Edward, the little squint is going to get an earful. "Nice to meet you… though different circumstances'd be better." She offers her hand when the other woman approaches.

Minea removes a leather gloves, taking the other womans hand and shaking it. "Agent Dahl. Temporarily taking a few days to help out. Pleasure to meet you. I thought it wise to see who my teammates were, their needs, strengths" Minea takes back her hand, refitting the glove back on.

With a brief nod, Liz tilts her head. "If you'll forgive the informality, I'm not running about calling you 'Agent Dahl' in the middle of a firefight. Just Dahl, or do you have a preferred handle?" Her tone is easy, but the title doesn't faze her a bit. "Meeting teammates is wise enough. They're shunting a lot of us who haven't worked together before into close proximity, so I was planning on pulling my team in anyway. You're the wild card though. Any ideas on why precisely you were fielded with me?"

"I'm a good hand at a gun, former military. That is likely why. I have not a clue as to the capabiltes of the rest of the team short of Mr. Faulk who has a habit it seems of replicating himself.. naked, repeatedly upon command. My.. partner was invovled with the group and I was approached, along with him, to see if we could provide firepower" There's a gesture from Minea to walk, as staying in one place was likely not a good idea. "Minnie, likely, i'd prefer my last name not be slung around in case those we are going to be taking down, happen to escape. I was going to suggest that if we meet with the whole group, that we assign codenames for each of us to protect our identities more than so far it has been done. My apologies but, It's my head if it's found out that i'm honoring my partners plans by aiding and abetting terrorists, even if it's for the greater good"

As she turns to walk with Minea, Elisabeth makes a sound suspiciously like a snort. Automatically as they begin to move, she isolates them so their conversation remains private. "Honey, you don't have to tell me about whose head's on a platter." She glances at Minea and starts to laugh. "I take it they didn't bother to tell you who I am? Well, that's a relief at least. Let me reintroduce myself. 'Liz Harrison, SCOUT member currently moonlighting as a terrorist under the auspices of DHS.'" She rolls her eyes in the dark, chuckling to herself. "Frankly, at this point, they can kiss my ass. I just spent 12 hours disarming nearly 50 bombs that those fuckers put out there. So you know what? I don't really give a flying shit what they think. They think they can pin something on me let 'em try. Today's *not* the day to go fuckin' with me."

"Minea Dahl, Documents specialist for the ISA. I work with document Authenticity and providing idenitifcation for individuals on an as needed basisi as directed to me by my superiors. Don't let that fool you, I know my way around a weapon and skilled in close combat fighting" So, Elisabeth was with them. "So, bombs. That's good. WElld one then, if you managed to get them don.. Are you able to hear anything right now?" She'd notcied it, the sound bubble but gave no confused look or anythign else, jsut schooling her features, ladi da, this is a nice walk in the park with two girlfriends!

"The auspices of DHS is probably overkill," Elisabeth acknowledges with a grin. "Let's just say that in the case of the Volken group, a number of people are turning a blind eye to who's affiliated where because well… if we're all dead cuz of a viral attack? There ain't no one left who'll give a damn. So we're all on the same side in this one." She continues walking calmly and says, "Can I hear anything? Sure. Why?" She doesn't elaborate on her ability. "Glad to hear you're good with a gun, by the way. I have a feeling you and I are the only ones on my team who are." She's guessing there — she's not sure HOW good Brian or Owen'll be with a gun.

"because I can't" Minea answers. "I can't hear a bird. and I can't hear that kid over there laughing…" Now minea looks around, she's used to this by now. She knows conrad and she's looking for him. "Wozniak… where are you…" murmured quietly. But no dice. She can't see him. "They don't knwo i'm doing this, the ISA. I'm int he process of being reassigned possibly, or remaining here and continuing my work. My cover was blown by an associate of Phoenix's"

"Ah," Elisabeth says quietly. "No, it's not him, it's me." That's all the explanation she'll give for this moment. She stops walking and asks, "If ISA doens't know you're doing this, how was your cover blown?"

"Long story short, I pissed someone off whot hoguth it would be funny to send his partner in to steal a submachine gun from my purse. How many people run around carrying those?" Minea looks to Elisabeth, study study study then nod. Two people, sound manipulation. interesting. but she doens't ask further on the whole evolved issue.

Elisabeth frowns. "Ah!" she then says, as the light dawns. "Your ISA cover was blown on the streets!" There's a grin. "Here I'm thinking 'someone in Phoenix blew your alliance with us out of hte water to ISA?' Okay… I'm on the page now." She nods and moves to start walking again. "Bet your boss was less than thrilled," she comments.

"Less than thrilled. But that is life. So you have experience with guns, we have Owen whitcomb and Brian Faulk with us. Mr. Faulks is supposed to be the canary to our Mine shaft. If he falls inert, then.. we've failed, I assume they gave you an accounting of the meeting yes? Have you handled thermite before?"

"That'd be a 'hell no'. My partner's an explosives expert, so I was planning on getting tips from him if he had any to offer. You?" Elisabeth replies. "I have the minutes, yes. A lot more information given in there than I would have liked," she admits.

"Would your partner mind giving me a crash course in the thermite? In fact,might be good if the group got a crash course in it, since we don't know who exactly will be handling it, if the appointed person doesn't survive. Better safe than sorry." She's talking in realities, not in hopes. "I may be able to secure vests for everyone, I have my own, but I'll go on the assumption that these others don't have our connections nor our available equiptment"

"I don't know if he'd mind or not — it's assuming he knows about thermite," Elisabeth replies. "But I think the answer'd be 'no, he wouldn't mind.' I'll talk to him tonight or tomorrow morning." There's a pause, and Liz asks quietly, "You gonna be up for this, Minnie?" Her eyes on the other woman are steady, but there are shadows in them. "I have to tell you… this is a lot bigger and lot damn harder than it seems. And that's saying quite bit." She has a wry expression. "If push comes to shove, you gonna be able to pull the trigger?"

That prompts a laugh from the woman, the latter. "Why do you ask me that? Because I say I work with documents and not people?"

This time when she stops walking Elisabeth's eyes skim over her companion and then out in front of them before coming back. Her tone is soft, but there's steel in it. "No. Because I need to know if you've ever actually fired your weapon at another human being… and whether you can bring yourself to pull the trigger on something other than a target." She pauses just a moment, and says, "I need to know if you're a shooter, Minnie."

"I run around at any given time with 3 guns on my person Ms. Harrison. I may work with documents and ink and files, but I have no qualms with shooting a person when my life is in jeopardy be it from gun, or evolved power. I prefer to take down non lethally but when push comes to shove, I will pull the trigger. From my understanding, these men will not care about my prefernce to live. They are releasing a virus that will decimate the human population as we know it. I will nto hesitate to sink a bullet into thier brain and move on to the next target"

Minea's eyes are trained on the other woman, no trace of a lie in her face, nor hesitation in her voice.

Elisabeth listens, but more, she watches. And she slowly nods. "Then welcome to the team, Minea Dahl," she says softly. "If we come out of it alive, the first round's on me." Because sure enough, if we come out of it… there's going to be drinking to be done.

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