Women Are Your Iocane Powder


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Scene Title Women Are Your Iocane Powder
Synopsis And Magnes needs to build up a resistance. Or that is Carrie's reasoning for her plans to drag him to a strip club. Though after a talk with the young man she leaves him to make that decision.
Date June 29, 2009

Carrie and Magnes' Camp Site - Woods near Fort Hero

Laying back in the tent, Magnes is reading an old Teen Titans book, which largely involves Starfire in a bikini… well, a smaller bikini than normal. He's laying in his sleeping bag, not paying attention to the television or anything, he's just very quiet, wearing his buttoned up red shirt, blue jeans, and white socks.

There is the crunch of boots and the flare of a light against the side of the tent as Carrie approaches it. "You still up?" Pulling aside the tent flap, Carrie glances in. "You get that paperwork turned in? I hope so…" A plastic bag with clothing is tossed next to him. "I checked the tags on your clothing and got two sets of uniforms for the academy for you. You'll need to get them pressed and ready tomorrow."

"I did." Magnes says as he looks over at the bag, then to her, closing both the comic and his eyes as he lays back in the sleeping bag. "I feel like I'm getting further and further away from the life I was starting to finally carve out for myself. Old Lucy's Isabelle, Abby, Delilah, even that Deckard guy. I know I'm gonna save the world and all that, but, I don't know." He reaches down and gently rubs his stomach. "I feel empty. Is that normal?"

Standing there for a long moment, Carrie considers what he says and then slips into the the tent. With a sigh, she drops down to sit next to him indian-style. "It's normal." She starts softly, "It's happened to me twice now. Twice I've started to get comfortable in my life and twice it's been turned on it's ear." She kinda gazes at the tent wall thoughtfully. "Just kind of how life works. My mom would say that, life is rarely fair and its subject to change at any moment even when we are at our happiest."

"You said you're gonna be there right, no matter where I go with this police thing?" Magnes asks, sounding as if he's digging for reassurance as he looks up at her. "And uh, were you serious about the strip club?"

"Yup." Carrie says it with a rather upbeat tone to her voice. "Consider me your own personal drill instructor." She makes it sound so ominous. "It's why I'll be working for the academy in your class." Eyes flick over to look down at him. "I was serious about the strip club, yes." A smile tugs at the corner of her lip. "You've got this thing about women.. I figure it might be some sort of help." She leans over to tap the middle of his forehead. "If we can keep you from your brain shutting down… we'll be making progress. Women, young Padawan, are your iocane powder.. we're going to build up your resistance."

"Well, as long as I won't be alone in this place." Magnes takes a deep breath, staring at her as she explains the strip club situation. "I uh, I don't see why you need a strip club to do that." he's obviously hinting at the earlier topic, cheeks flushed when he goes there. "I'm serious."

Carrie gives him a look and Flicks his forehead with her finger. "I'm your mentor, buddy boy." She reminds him sitting back up. Her expression turning serious, "It's not a good idea, Magnes. We have to work together. And I need you to see me… not.. " She grabs her chest briefly. "..these." Her hands drop away and she sighs. "The strip club is full of women that you won't have any connection too."

"I uh—" Magnes starts to say something, but then she grabs her chest, and he just stares, wide-eyed. "I-I already see those, the only difference between then and now is that you're sorta building them up to be this amazing show or something. Oh god, I can't believe I'm saying this…" He shakes his head, laying back again. "The Strip Club just sounds so, weird."

Giving a small laugh Carrie shakes her head. "No, your building it up to be some big show. I want you to see me… Carrie.. not my boobs." Narrowing her eyes thoughtfully she says. "I can ask one of the other male agents to take you." Since that must obviously be the hang up.

"You're the one saying 'My boobs are so great, but due to circumstances…'." Magnes shakes his head, cheeks still flushed, but he tries to keep his composure as he reaches for the comic again. "What does it matter if you take me or a guy takes me? And I really don't need to go, I know you're doing it to be nice and all, but it really does bother me a bit. I feel like I'm uh, I don't really have a word for it."

Carrie points a finger at him and gives him that look all women seem to master that says simply 'Your full of shit.' "I have not once said my boobs are great." She lightly whacks at his arm with the back of her hand. "Don't be putting words in my mouth. But…. okay…" pressing her lips into a thin line. "No strip club, until your ready." See, she can be reasonable. "When your ready to take that step. Tell me."

"You said it in my head." Magnes corrects, quickly rubbing his arm as he ows and sits up again. "And I'm sorry, I really feel like I gave you a birthday gift back or something. I wanan see a naked woman as much as the next guy, I just, I don't want some strange woman to be the first one."

"Oh.. well if it was in your head that makes sense." Carrie says with a chuckle. There is a small shrug and she grins. "And don't feel that way, kiddo. It was just my idea of a solution to the problem your having." She sighs heavily, and runs fingers through her long black hair. "But.. we'll put that on the back burners for now."

"Hey, I'm sure there's plenty of guys who've seen naked women and still get bothered by them." Of course, Magnes can't cite his sources, but he's pretty sure he heard it! "And I'm sorry for trying to uh, talk you into doing stuff, I was being stupid and opportunistic…" he admits, raising a hanf fr the blushes of his cheek, rubbing it lightly.

"Those two things are what make you a guy." Carrie says with a grin, nudging at him with and arm. "I'm not upset at you, Maggie boy. I find it amusing and almost flattering that you even want me to flash you the goods. But, again, I'm way too old for you.. I am your mentor.. And we have to work together. Hell… never know we may end up partners one day." Chuckles. "And wouldn't /that/ make things awkward."

"I wasn't asking for a date or anything, though if we were closer to the same age, I might be." Magnes slowly sits up again, the whole discussion flustering him to the point that he can't even look at her, despite Tracy's best advice. "I'm not sure what else to say without it sounding like I'm trying to see you naked, so uh, wanna watch a movie?"

Carrie grins at him and winks. "And I'm the kind of woman that likes a few dates before I even consider it.. So see. All works out." She slaps her hands on her knees as saying the whole situation is settled. "I think a movie sounds great. You pick."

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