Women With A Mission


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Scene Title Women With A Mission
Synopsis Sabra gives Gwen and Niki their first assignment as a pair.
Date November 3, 2008

Primatech Research: Sabra's Office

Midafternoon at Primatech is a quiet time, at least in Sabra's office. The elderly woman, dressed in a midnight-blue blouse and charcoal pants, isn't seated at her desk for once — but neither is she in her other usual haunt before the windows. Instead, she stands in front of a painted canvas set on an easel, hands clasped loosely before her waist. Ashton, for once, seems to be occupied with working on the computer, keys clicking softly in the background.

Gwen's got an unfortunate dilemma — the fact that she loves bright colors, and the unspoken rule that people in her line of business stick to black, navy blue, and maybe on occasion grey. Today, apparently she's decided to flout convention in a tomato red dress and heels, which oddly seem to work for business and have the extra added bonus of hiding her thigh holster. Sometimes a lady just likes to be femme, okay?

She made a point of waiting outside Sabra's door for Niki, because rather than necessarily be on time herself, she'd rather be a moment or two late together. Upon sighting the blonde, she offers a smile and a tilt of her head toward the door. "Shall we see what sort of trouble we're going into?" she says lightly, and with that, opens the door.

Niki tends to be of the more business-suit look. She's there with Gwen, and her face is only slightly bruised right now. "Think so…I hope it goes better than my last outing did." But she manages a smile nonetheless, and follows Gwen into the office.

Sabra turns as the door is opened from the hall, and she offers both of the younger women a smile that, while quite sincere, comes a little less easily than usual. "Good afternoon, ladies," she greets, a gesture of one hand providing them with an invitation to sit, though Sabra herself appears inclined to remain standing. "Thank you for coming. I was hoping to learn how the training is progressing?" The question is phrased for both, or either, of them to answer, neither excluding Niki nor putting her on the spot. For once, Sabra's usual ritual of hospitality seems to have been overlooked or set aside — something as unusual as the painting she's added to her office, however temporarily.

The scene in the painting is a building, recognizable as Rich Street Pawn Shop under some scrutiny, whose front is in the process of blowing apart. Two people appear to be flying above it, grappling in mid-air, one of the pair also identifiable as their very own Peter Petrelli.

"Rather well." Gwendolyn says, and takes a seat. She has a thing for being able to look business-like and yet somehow seeming sprawled like a tigress. "We spend our mornings in the gym going over self-defense techniques — it took a little bit for Niki to get over her concern that she might hurt me, and that's still there, a bit — but we have spotters." And unbeknownst to Niki, Gwen keeps a party favor handy — In The Event Of Unexpected Jessica, Apply Mickey Patch. "She's coming along very well at the range, due to physical memory, I think — and she's been reading some of the intelligence ops manuals I've provided for her." She looks over at Niki. "So I suppose one would have to ask her how she feels she's doing."

The blonde there seems inclined to stand first, but when Gwendolyn sits, she does at like. "It's coming along…" But her interest is more on the painting at the moment. "That's Peter…this is…like the Mendez paintings?" She considers the art, and then looks back to Sabra.

The elderly woman nods slowly at the replies given. She seems pleased, although Sabra doesn't directly respond. Instead, she follows Niki's cue, turning back to regard the painting. "Very like, though not Mr. Mendez's work. Peter painted this two days ago, and the event depicted occurred that very evening." The director faces her guests again, a faint furrow creasing her brow. "Do you think you're ready to try your hand at an assignment?" she asks.

Gwendolyn regards the painting for a moment. "Two of them." she muses. "And I'm guessing it isn't metaphorical." She looks back up at Sabra. "I think that would depend entirely on the nature of the assignment."

Niki thinks about it, only a moment. "Do we know who the person is that he's fighting?" But at the same time, there's a question to be answered. She hesitates a moment. "Gwen should make the call. She's more experienced than I am, especially at this. I don't…want to jeopardize anything."

Sabra rests one fingernail, quite gently, against a painted reflection. The reflection of the other Peter. "Two of them," she affirms. "He seems," she elaborates upon Niki's query, "to be fighting himself."

Turning to face the two women, Sabra returns her hands to their previous position before her. "In his report, Agent Petrelli indicated his opponent had 'taken on a likeness similar to' his own for unknown reasons, evidenced the powers of regeneration and flight, and was of a power level similar to his own." A faint smile flickers across the elderly woman's face. "He was quite conservative, you may notice. However, I believe it fair to assume that what we have here is another Peter Petrelli."

In the subsequent pause, the hands fall away to rest at her sides. "What I want," Sabra continues, "is an investigation into this other Peter. Not his capture, or indeed any confrontation at all if it can be avoided, but the information we presently lack. Where did he come from? Why is he here? What are his intentions?"

Gwendolyn licks her lips, gazing at the painting in thought. "What do we know about him thus far beyond this painting?" she asks, indicating it with a wave of her hand. "I'm assuming we'll have access to the report?"

Niki frowns. "Could it be Sylar? He's got a basket full of powers too. And at least one of them is shapeshifting. He could be looking like Peter, and that could be both of them?"

"If you accept the assignment, yes," Sabra confirms, following Gwen's gaze to the painting. "We don't know much else — we have only the painting and the report to go by, this far." Turning to Niki, the old woman nods. "That's the obvious conclusion. However… to the best of our knowledge, Sylar doesn't possess either regeneration or flight — and there's been a marked lack of Sylar-style murders lately," Sabra adds, a touch dryly. "Additionally, Peter has the ability to manipulate space and time. This could, in theory, allow him to travel through time as well as space, which may make the second Peter still Peter — just not our Peter." She gives a weary smile. "Honestly, it gives me headaches just trying to think about it. Which is why I'd much rather have a younger pair of minds on the trail."

Gwendolyn lets out a soft laugh. "It certainly does bear investigating, and since it's observation and intel only, it might be just the sort of assignment that might do well for Niki's first. So if she's game, I'll accept the assignment on our behalf."

Niki looks back at Gwen, and then nods. "Well, we could try to keep an eye on Peter, certainly…I can't think of anywhere else that might lead us to answers. But the obvious question is…why not just check with Peter? Or have you?"

At Gwendolyn's acceptance, Sabra looks to Niki, waiting for her confirmation. At her words, the elderly woman smiles slightly. "Peter and I spoke yesterday. I have his report, and he's also going to Drs. Salonga and Knutson for a full exam — which results you will also receive a copy of," she adds, nodding towards Gwendolyn. "But this second Peter is clearly distinct from ours, and seems to be a mystery to everyone. Which makes it all the more imperative to find out what he's doing out there in our city."

Sabra pauses briefly. "You can investigate by whatever methods you see fit," she continues after a moment. "I would prefer if you didn't hover over our Peter, as it were. But I admit there isn't much information to go on right now." She nods towards the painting. "We do know where that occurred. Maybe that'll give you a lead. Maybe it won't."

"I would at least like to interview him." Gwen says. "Sometimes one recounts incidents with more clarity when verbally conveying it. And Niki or I might find an angle or ask about a detail he may have dismissed or deemed unimportant."

Niki nods. "We should have at least one talk with Peter about all of this before we start to look into it. How to find a duplicate Peter…" She considers, and then looks back to Sabra. "When convicts are released, they can have a radio transmitter put on them that lets people know where they are. Do we have something like that we could do to track our Peter? It might be necessary if the other one tries to pass himself off as him." No, she doesn't know about the mark = tracking.

"Of course," Sabra agrees, nodding to Gwen. She looks over to Niki, and smiles. "If Peter will agree to it — perhaps a GPS locator? — we can certainly provide one." Folding her hands in front of her, she looks between the two younger women. "Do you have any other questions for me?" Because she's given the little bit of information she has.

"Not at this time." Gwen says smoothly. "But I'm sure when we do, we'll be coming to you."

Niki nods. "Then that sounds like a good place to start. I don't think I have any questions." She looks to Gwen, then Sabra. That sounds like everything.

Sabra nods to them both. "Thank you." She offers the women another smile. "I'll forward copies of the report to you shortly," she concludes, inclining her head.

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