Won't Break Your Asterisk


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Scene Title Won't Break Your Asterisk
Synopsis Amadeus makes good on his promise and makes another to Daphne, with a caveat.
Date April 21, 2011

Eltingville Blocks

It's later in the afternoon when Amadeus arrives at Daphne's again, a few minutes before she'd be arriving from dinner. On her coffee table is a Manic Panic Amplified Flash Lightning hair bleaching kit, Nike women's sneakers, size 5, and Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey. The cat burglar himself, if he could be appropriately called such, is just laying on her couch with a pair of her panties on his face, taking a nap in his faded AC/DC shirt and jeans.

The door opens and closes, and this time Daphne is wary enough to check the couch for visitors.

A second later, the panties are snatched off his face as are the rest of the goods, grabbed off the coffee table in a blur of the navy blue sweatshirt she wears and whizzed away to be stowed wherever she deems safe and out of Indian-Giving danger.

A moment later she smacks him on the head, and by the time he looks up, she's across the room.

"Pervert. Where's my eye liner and Swedish Fish and clothes?" the speedster demands.

"Fish and eye liner are gonna take another day, my fish guy's havin' some trouble gettin' stuff in today, and my make-up guy has to pick up some new shit tomorrow. I had to get your panties, 'cause, like…" Amadeus thumbs over in the direction of her room. "I traded a bunch of pot and got you like ten sets I thought you'd look hot in." Oddly enough, he managed to fall assbackwards into buying things she'd actually like. Reds, bright colors, pants. He didn't even get her anything skimpy!

The expression on her face softens. "Oh," she says a little belatedly, cheeks coloring. "I didn't… notice they were new. I guess that's less perverted, anyway."

Still weird.

Daphne tilts her head, moving to go sit on the edge of the coffee table. "Thanks. You really went to that many different people? A different contact for make up than hair dye? Like — most that stuff you can get at a mall, you know? I can't, because I don't have money and I can't leave, but a normal person could. I didn't ask for guns and heroin, you know?"

"I don't have money, I traded pot for that stuff. I have little pot supplies growin' everywhere, someone finds one and I just go to another I've got." Amadeus slides his hands behind his head, seeming decidedly more sober than the night before. "Besides, I can't leave the island either. And hangin' out with you is better than campin' outside of Logan's, so I thought I'd do somethin' nice."

Daphne's eyes narrow again. Do something nice. There's another blur, and the thud of the freezer door where she stowed the ice cream, and a moment later she's back with the pint plus two spoons.

She hands one to him and then peels off the lid from the ice cream. "Thank you," she manages, dark eyes down as if opening the pint of ice cream is a very complex and demanding task.

"It's cool." Amadeus takes the spoon and watches her with the ice cream, then looks around the room after sitting up, in case she wants to actually take a seat on the couch. "I get shit done when I feel like doin' it, but life got so fuckin' boring. Like, I can make a fuckload of money if I want, but then what, I buy some pot and booze? I mean, that shit's great, but what then? Pot, booze, pussy, that's like the triangle of my life. I need somethin' more than pot and booze."

A spoonful of ice cream is pried from the container before she hands it to him. "I get that. I used to kinda live for the whole speed and chase of the job I did and all, but eventually there's not enough challenge, and you have a house full of crap that looks pretty but doesn't mean much. Not that I don't miss my house full of crap, mind you." She brings the spoon to her mouth and lets it melt on her tongue before swallowing.

"So what do you want?" Easier asked than answered. "Love? Fame? Respect?"

Amadeus takes the container and his spoon full as well, starting to lick at his scoop as he ponders her question, and what her house full of crap could possibly look like. "If I want fame, I'll fuck the first lady, if I want respect, I'll shoot a mob boss in the head, but I don't want those. And love? Fuck, a guy goes through his whole life, bangin' chick after chick, then he meets a chick he actually wants to talk to, hell, he meets two of 'em. One throws his heart in a dumpster, and the other sticks him with a needle and breaks up with 'em while he's layin' in a park bench."

He holds the container out to her again, continuing, "I learned somethin' about love. You can't trust the chicks that you can trust, but you can trust the chicks that you can't trust. When I meet a chick that I can't trust, I'll fall in love then."

The container is taken back and she works around the edges where the ice cream has gotten a little melty. "That kinda makes sense in a cannabis sort of way, Chronic," she says, bringing the spoon to her lips and nodding thoughtfully. "Criminals — you know you can't trust them but because of that, we're honest for what we are. Most of the time. I mean, I'm pretty open despite the fact I don't tell people much. I don't try to hide either."

The pint is handed back to him. "But don't fall in love with me or you'll be a sad panda. I'm bad news, trust me on this." She peers at him. "Do you bleach your own hair that way? I need a touch up, and it's hard to see my own roots."

"I did some shit with a chick I knew, she kept messin' with my hair. I know a little bit about how it works. I mean, I know enough not to fuck it up." Amadeus starts to scoop around the melted edges himself, handing it right back after he's had a few spoons. "I like bad news chicks, but I don't know when I'll be fallin' in love again, that shit stings like a bitch. There's better things two people like us could be doin' other than breakin' eachother's hearts."

Another spoonful of melting ice cream brought to her lips, Daphne nods and grins brightly. "Like our hair!" she declares, raising her spoon in victory.

It's probably not what he means, but she has just enough of the Kansas farm girl in her to pull of the naive approach sometimes.

"I promise not to break your heart," she adds, as she hands him back the pint. "Last of that's yours," she says, charitably.

"I'll promise not to break yours, but I'm gonna have to put one of those little star things at the end of it." Amadeus stands up and basically shovels the rest of the ice cream down, walking over to the trash can to dump it. "We're seriously gonna do our hair?"

"A star next to it? Like a caveat?" she asks. "Are we going to have to sign in blood or something to make this binding? I really really don't like needles, okay?"

Daphne rises and becomes a navy blue and gray and white striped blur before arriving once more with the hair kit in hand, moving to the kitchen table and sitting down. She begins to open the kit and looks up at him. "So what's the asterisk for?"

Amadeus walks over to the table with her, then slumps lazily as if taking the form of her polar opposite, even resting his chin on folded arms to watch her open the kit. "I'm an honest guy, that part you've gotta realize, I mean, unless I'm scammin' some dudes out of their money. I just wanted to say that before I say that if I had the chance, I'd fuck you. Like, for whatever reason, if you're willin' I'm gonna do it. I don't know if it'll break your heart or whatever, some chicks are like that, but I'm sayin' I won't break your heart unless we get into a position where I can fuck you and you getting fucked is somethin' that happens to break your heart."

Daphne Millbrook also has just enough of Kansas in her to blush at such talk and she shakes her head, too-long dreadlocks tumbling about her face. "Honest is one way to put it," she says with a smirk tipping her mouth upward. "Nope. I'm a big girl and I can be a grown up about that, but don't get your little hope up or anything, Chronic, I got a boyfriend."

She sorts out the materials for the bleaching process, though her smile fades a little as she considers the logistics of being within the blocks while Corbin is without. She's not ready to cross that bridge yet. "I'll let you know if things change though. But I doubt you could keep up with me."

She picks up the directions. "You say you're good at following directions, so listen up. I trust you, but this is important shit we're talking about. Even more important than Swedish Fish."

"I can keep up if you promise not to fuckin' vaporize me with that speed." Amadeus ponders what her boyfriend might look like, and is pretty sure he can take this guy, whoever he is. But when she mentions instructions he leans over and starts reading the package with her, nodding. "I ain't gonna fuck it up, promise."

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