Working Outside Of The Box


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Scene Title Working Outside Of The Box
Synopsis Len comes looking for Veronica's report about her meeting with Hana.
Date November 14, 2009

Fort Hero: Veronica's Office

Saturday mornings are for sleeping in and making waffles and going to swap meets or the movies. At least for most. Veronica Sawyer is in the office, at her computer typing up a request for the satellite tech guys. Various addresses of the remaining founders' homes, work locations, and other oft-frequented places are typed into the memo — should Adam or any of his verified and isotoped minions, or Hana Gitleman seem to be on a path toward those places, she and Denton are to be notified immediately. She stops typing and stares at the ceiling thoughtfully. What if they're not around? What should happen in that case? Should any available team of agents be sent to stop them? She might have to ask Denton his opinion on that.

The agent's shoulder is still swathed in gauze, a half an inch or so visible peeking out of the neckline of her Berkeley sweatshirt. She's dressed in comfort — sweatshirt, jeans, Ugg boots — for the office work, as once she puts in the report, she'll visit Wendy Hunter for the shopping list she promised to pick up, and then it's back home to civilization.

Len's Saturday schedule is a little different on this particular Saturday. He promised to meet some guys from the organization down at a bar for the fights tonight, then promised to slip by and spend some time with Tamsine aftewards, but until then he has some tracking of his own to do. After talking with Sabra he's been working hard to try and find Teo Laudini, now that he knows that he's not going to be blocked once he's taken Teo into custody. However, he's yet to see a report by Agent Sawyer on her encounter with Gitelman, so he figures he might want to make his way over and see how it went. Rumors are rumors, but best to hear it straight from the agent herself now that he's verified she is inside the facility. He walks down the hall and raps his knuckles against the doorway. "How's the report coming?"

Speak of the devil, and there he is, all six feet and eleven inches of him. "Sorry… I actually have spent my time getting all the addresses for the remaining founders in one place to put in a request to Tech," Veronica says, looking up at her boss. "I'm requesting that if either Hana or Adam, or any of his crew that we have marks on get within a certain radius of the founders' addresses, we be notified immediately. If you or I aren't available, what's the back up plan — should they send a kill squad team automatically? And for that matter, should they send one before notifying us?"

Len slips into the chair in front of her desk and leans back. He reaches up and pushes the bill of his baseball cap up. "Probably for the best. They need to send someone from the area. Whoever is closest. If it looks like they're leaving the city as well, we should probably have someone ready to follow. Since that last, they've been awfully quiet, so I can't tell whether or not they're done, or they're gearing up for something far worse." Len is silent for a moment, then adds. "My question is if Gitelman is going after founders, why not Monroe?"

"I don't know. The fact she didn't take me up on the possible offer to forgive the other murders if she helped us take out Monroe makes me think she isn't after him. Maybe she doesn't know about him? I mean, if she was after him anyway, why not capitalize on that, right? She said he was poaching, that she would have killed the founders he killed if he hadn't already." Veronica pauses and glances at the computer screen, typing in the changes to the request. "To be honest, I think she's more of a threat than him. He may be harder to kill, but she's got more finesse. I think maybe the Fletcher murder was her — remember, the video cameras were scrambled? Adam didn't care who saw his crew out in front of the courthouse, didn't bother to scramble those cameras. Doesn't feel like the same people."

Drumming his fingers on her desk, Len shrugs. "She's definitely far more dangerous. I also think if anyone can take out Adam Monroe, it could be her. I just think that Monroe is more unpredictable. Either way, if we could find a way to play one against the other, it would be ideal. The problem will be figuring out how to make that happen."

Veronica nods. "She didn't want to have anything to do with us, that's for sure. Just the thought of working for us — she made it very clear that would be a cold day in hell. Seems to think I'm stupid for even considering it." Veronica smirks a little bitterly. She probably was, and now has the knife wound to prove it. "Maybe," she begins, then hesitates, her brow furrowing a little as she considers her idea. "Brian might be able to talk her into it, possibly."

Len's fingers drumming slows down and finally comes to a stop. "There's got to be a way to do it without her knowing we're pulling the strings. Let me consider it for a bit and see if I come up with any wise ideas." He swivels back and forth in his chair. "Don't say anything to Winters for the time being. We need to know who will be the next target. I still am having a hard time rationalizing that both Monroe and Gitelman have decided to take out founders, and they're not working together. But it seems to be the case. Other than monitoring isotopes, what's your next step?"

"I don't know. She can access the satellite signals, right? So any Evolved agent, she's going to see them coming for her. So if we go after her, it needs to be a group of non-Evos or at least non-marked Evos and non-Evos. I don't like our chances with all non-Evos. She's like a fucking ninja or something." She pauses. "I'll try to find out from Winters if he knows who Monroe is after next, but I think he thinks if we know all the details we'll screw up whatever plans he has. For now, I'd suggest a team of agents be placed with each of the remaining founders as bodyguards. It at least might deter Gitelman from going after them, for the time being."

"Sounds like a good next step. If you need anything at all with this, make sure you let me know. I'll do what I can to help. I'm still trying to get my hands on Teo Laudini, so if you hear anything at all about him, make sure you pass it on to me." Len stands and starts towards the door and turns around. "You're doing a good job with this case. It's a tough one, but you're doing all the right things, which may be the problem. What we need is an idea that isn't in the playbook. Keep that in mind. It just might take something out of the ordinary to catch these two."

"Fuck, Denton, there was a playbook? No one ever told me," Veronica quips back, then shakes her head. "Men and their sports metaphors. Yeah, I'll try thinking outside the box." She hits send on the request form to the Tech department. "I'll get on the report, but it's a short one. No answers, no cooperation, just a throwing knife to the shoulder. Gitelman, 1, Sawyer, 0. To put it in sports terms for ya."

"I'd be concerned for your well being if I hadn't already seen you go through worse. But, take care of that." Len nods towards her shoulder. "It may not seem bad, but it could get worse. You know the drill. Need anything, you know where I am." And with that, he walks out of the office and back down the hall from where he came.

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