Working Secret


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Scene Title Working Secret
Synopsis Lucille comes to make sure her dad is alive and gets all in his face over his not calling. What is not talked about is the fact he's working again.
Date March 17, 2010

The Ryans House

"Dad!" Lucille says as she opens the door to the house hurriedly. So yeah, she has keys and she's freaking using them today. Dressed warm for the weather, Lucille throws her dark brown leather jacket onto the couch and her knee high brown boots click on the floor as she rushes inside. "Dad!" she calls again.

She's freaked out, as is her younger sister. Who hasn't spoken to him since he hung up the phone on her. And Lucille is not a happy woman right now. Running a hand through her blonde hair she looks around and leans against the table, placing her bag on the table.

The bruise on the side of Ryans' head continues to be be an ugly reminder of the accident and that he's getting old. Had he been younger it probably wouldn't have been this bad. Blue eyes stare at that spot on his skull through the mirror, sighing fingers reach up to peel the butterfly stitches from the cut.

That's about the time he hears the door, his body goes still until he hears that shrill voice. Both his his girls got that from their mother.

"Bathroom. A moment, Lu."

A glance at his reflection, head turning to get a good look, before he steps out. He's dressed in tan slacks and a white dress shirt, top button undone. As he steps out of the hall, he's fiddling with the sleeves of his shirt. "Lulu, honey, what brings you out to see your dear old dad?" He gives her a gentle smile when he comes into view, at least he isn't moving stiffly anymore.


Lucille strides up to her father and you'd think the woman wanted to hug her father but she doesn't.. instead. There's a smack to the shoulder and a smack to the arm. "You are not a 21 year old bachelor that has the luxury of staying out all the time and then hanging up on your youngest daughter after getting into a car accident and then not answering your phone for a couple days!" Lu is glaring at her father.

"I mean, do you even know how worried we've been? It's like, oh okay dad's not answering his phone that's fine!" She throws her hands up and she turns around to begin to walk into the living room that is until she stops mid turn and notices something odd on her father's face. "What in the hell is that?" she asks as she rushes forward and takes her dad's head to further examine his injury. "Dad…" a bit of warning in her tone. Whose the parent here again?

Brows tilt upward, but thats about all the emotions the oldest of his girls gets, it's a familiar reaction to their 'hissy fits'. In fact, even as she smacks him, he continues to fixing the buttons of his sleeves. In the end, his fingers curl around her wrists, the grip has a strength to them that most people his age do not have and slowly pulls his head out of her hands. "Are you quite done?" The words are calm and even.

"It is nothing. I bumped my head. Nothing more. I have endured worse in my years." He attempts to step around Lucille to head to the kitchen and the scent of fresh brewed coffee. "If something horrible had happened to me, you would have gotten a call."

Silently, the Senior Company Agent is cursing his oversight for not calling his children, but then… he's had a lot on his mind.


Lucille looks at her father with raised eyebrows and she shakes her head. "Hm, so being cold and none feeling about it is the way to go?" Lucille shrugs and she walks over to the kitchen and opens the fridge to get some juice from the fridge. She pours a glass and leans against the counter.

Eyeing her father, this isn't like him at all. She thinks as she takes a sip of her juice and tilts her head as she regards her father with a pensive expression. Grey eyes then looking out the window at the backyard.

Sighing Lu's gaze returns to her father and she puts a hand on her hip. "Dad.. what's going on?" she says the last bit as she exhales heavily. "You've been acting weird, ever since I told you about the whole mysterious texter and what happened that day." She's worried about her father, she has the right to be.

"I am not being cold, Lulu." The older man chides softly, as he pulls a white mug with a Primatech Logo on it. Don't all business people end up with company mug?? Black coffee is poured, as he continues. "And there is nothing going on. You know how much I hate the winter." His eyes travel to the whitening backyard, heavy flakes falling, this round topped hut of a green house nothing more then a white hill. "Makes my knee ache." He says softly as he looks back to the mug, lifting it for a sip.

"And I am allowed to be a little irritated when someone puppets my daughter into doing something dangerous." Reaching out, he grips her shoulder and pulls her close so that he can give her a one armed hug and plant a kiss on the top of her head. "I don't want you getting hurt."

The oldest daughter nods her head and looks over to Ryans with a faint smile as he kisses her head. "The feelings mutual. But.. we're both adults. You can't keep me from danger forever dad, no matter how much you try." A fact, but a sad one.

Lucille drinks more of her juice and she walks over to sit at the kitchen table, crossing her legs at the ankles and looking at dad. "How goes the case or whatever anyway? Are we going to talk to someone about it?" Lu's been anxious about it the whole last few weeks. Not knowing what to do or say about it. Her therapist has been telling her to just wait it out and relax. Yeah easy for you to say.

"Because I've been waiting and I think we need to be doing something, other then just.. other then just sitting around and waiting for something to happen. Maybe we should try finding that girl. Melissa.. Pierce." Lucille won't be forgetting that name, it's the only name she has to go on.

"No matter the age, you are still my little girl and I will do my best to protect you." Ryan's voice clearly states there will be no arguing that, so best not to try.

"Agent Sawyer has been a rather busy woman. From the sound of it, Homeland is having a time of it with the weather and all the crime going on." The agent should know, he's been running around with his head cut off. "But I can assure you that they are working on it."

Ryans is starting to get a bit fidgety waiting for the information though. "One thing I do know is that stuff like this takes time, Lulu. Have patience."

"I know dad, it's just.. I know." She says in frustration and then she's finishing her juice and looking down at her phone. Still no mysterious texts. Maybe she did play her role in all of this, like Melissa said. Lu's not the kind of girl to just give up though and her curiosity is most definitely getting the best of her right now.

"I'll wait." She states to her father, she's not going to argue with him about it. It's a waste of time. "I just hope we can get answers soon, I have a bad feeling dad. A really bad one."

"The answers will come about." Ryans say in reassurance, giving his daughter one of those rare genuine smiles. In fact, only his daughters ever really see them, everyone else gets a watered down version. "Don't you worry, I am staying on top of it." Literally… It's practically his case, Veronica is just a part of his cover.

"So… speaking of bad feelings." He narrows eyes at her, watching. "How is work?" Just by that cautious look, he's probably not talking about Lucy's.

"I said yes. I've done a few catalog shoots. Just to ease me back into the groove. I.. I have a photo shoot for Elle magazine soon though. Next week." The perps.. are awesome. She's just starting her modeling career again and she's very happy about it. "New phone." She shows off her new high tech iPhone. "It's great for keeping all my appointments and dates in check." She says with a light grin at her father.

Lucille leans in and places a hand on her father's hand. "Look dad, don't worry. I know what I'm doing." Though she's been getting worse, when she's alone. The nightmares are more frequent, the emotional outbursts are getting kind of worse too. She's trying to hold it together and she's failing.. miserably. But, she does a damn good job at hiding it.

Ryans expression is neutral.

That is never a good thing.

However, "You know my thoughts on this, but as you said…." He takes a deep breath and sighs it out heavily. " are an adult. I am going to trust you not to become like all those other models." There is a firmness in his voice. "You are better then that."

His other hand moves to cover hers, giving it a squeeze. "Becareful, Lulu."

Then his hands are pulled away and he steps away from her, he moves to dump the rest of his coffee. "I am thinking about getting a hotel room in the city till all this blows by." He glances out of the window above the sink as he works to rinse the cup. "I don't want to be stuck out here in suburbia."

"That'd be great. Then I can come and check on you more. Because the commute is not fun." She jokes with her father and stands as well to put her glass in the sink. "I hope this weather stops soon. I'm read for spring." And the summer photo shoots that'll be happening soon enough.

Going to put her jacket on, she looks at her dad as she zips it halfway up. "Don't worry dad, I'm not come carbon copy model. I'm real." She says with a wink.

That small smile of his returns as he watches her, though it falls some as he thinks of all those photos of Peyton Whitney he recently found in a targets room. Models get stalkers. "Real is always better." He agrees softly, "I have business in the city, so I'll call you when I have a room. So you know where to find me."

He had been offered quarters at the new Company facility, but that young woman across the bar from him, was one of the reasons he turned them down. "I'm hoping this weather eases up as well. It will start to cause problems before long." Another reason he's taking up in town.

"Good." Luci says as she comes over the bar to smooch her father on the cheek and then she's walking towards the door. "Be careful old man, I'll be watching you." She says in a mock warning and she grins at her father before opening the door.

She's actually on her way to a photo shoot right now, but SHH!!

"I'm not the one who should be careful." Ryans calls back to her, his tone is lighter, but she can see the dead seriousness on his face. Once the door shuts he sighs softly and shakes his head slowly, hands press to the counter and he leans there head drooped forward in thought. He knows the worry he feels for her and her sister will never fade.

"Alright, back to work." She is not the only one keeping a work related secret.

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