Working Towards Honesty


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Scene Title Working Towards Honesty
Synopsis Len and Tamsine have a date where they talk about as much stuff as they don't talk about.
Date October 24, 2009

After leaving the diner, Len called up Tamsine. For some reason, she came uppermost in his mind after the talk with Harrison. So, when he called and asked if she cared to see a movie and have an early dinner, and was happy when she agreed. The movie itself was a nice drama with a happy ending and then he took her to a nice steakhouse for early dinner, which is where they are now. After ordering their meal, Len looks across the table at her, his hat is actually off for the meal. "Thanks for coming. I needed the break. Too much stuff going on at work."

Tamsine nods, looking sympathetic. "Any closer on the case, the one regarding your colleague?" she asks, her voice a study of gentleness and concern. She sips her Coke, no alcohol tonight, before cutting a bit of her steak. She might be the child of hippies, but she's no vegetarian — probably best, if she's going to date the cowboy.

Dating the Cowboy has a nice ring to it. He nods. "I have a solid lead on who's responsible. Tracking that person down, that's going to be an entirely different story altogether." He has to admit, at least to himself, he likes a woman who loves her steak. He's cuts into his own steak, "Look, if we're going to be spending time together, I need you to know up front that I don't do my job very conventionally. If you see anyone suspicious hanging around you, following you, anything like that.. you need to let me know." Heavy talk for a date, but the fact is Len has concerns about dating, especially someone as sweet as Tamsine. He doesn't need to put her through any unnecessary pain.

Tamsine frowns a little. She didn't date for 15 years, and now she's paired with yet another dangerous man. She nods, however. "All right. I will," she says, before popping the bite of steak into her mouth and chewing appreciatively. "I don't have anything exciting to warn you about. The most that might be a problem is my parents nagging you about the inhumane treatment of cattle in Texas… they're kind of hippies." She grins. Unspoken is the warning that she dated Adam Monroe, but then, she doesn't know that Len would know who he is. Or vice versa.

If Len knew, he might take other actions. He's already had one discussion about Adam Monroe with one female in the last week, and to find a second. That's quite the concidence right there. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I just thought it was fair to warn you. If you decide it's too much.." he pauses, ".. I understand. That being said, I also think it's fair to warn you that I find you an attractive, appealing and an amazing woman and I find myself thinking of you throughout my day. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I like having you around." he grins as he pushes aside his emptied plate.

The unfair thing about being a redhead with fair skin is anything flattering or embarrassing brings a bright pink flush to one's face. "Well, thank you," Tamsine says, taking a sip of her Coke to help hide some of her fluster. "Thank you," she adds and chuckles, setting down the glass. "And as far as danger… well, I suppose it's like anyone who dates a cop or anything… there's a risk that comes with it." She smiles up at him, dark eyes sparkling. "Anyway, I can always teleport away to a police station and get accused of kidnapping my would-be kidnapper, right?"

Len gives a laugh and nods. "I suppose. You can always give me a call if that happens, of course. It may cost you, but I'll make sure you get out." He grins at her with mischevious brown eyes staring back. Once of the things he likes about her is the way she blushes when he compliments her. "Or, just teleport them to the police station and leave." He reaches for his tea and takes a drink. "Tell me what you've been up to this week?"

"Just work, nothing too interesting," she says with a shake of her head. "My work and your work are very very different things. I just serve beer and make schedules." She tilts her head at him. "Where's your office, anyway?" Just in case she wants to come bring him homemade brownies or something, right? Surprise him with lunch?

"Manhattan branch, downtown. I'm rarely there, but if you give me a little notice, I'll try and be sure that I'm around." Len, unfortunately, cannot just tell her where he works exactly. That would cause a few issues, as well as require additional explainations. He also doesn't mention he's been considering retiring, as well. At least retiring from The Company. He could always do something else for the government, but maybe it's time to cut out the dangerous stuff. "Maybe I should out and take a look at this bar you keep talking about."

"Anytime," Tamsine says with a smile. "But let me know, too; I'm not always there, myself. I do the schedules, but I only am in usually in the morning hours. I work bar if I need to, if someone needs a day off and no one else can cover. I really really suck at working the bar. I have to look up anything more complicated than a Sea Breeze or Screwdriver. Luckily most people there are there for beer."

Len chuckles, nodding. "I'd be there for the beer. If you have that, you can serve me a drink anytime. Doesn't even have to be at the bar." The waiter comes with the check, which Len counters with a credit card. He turns back to Tamsine. "I've never been much for them fancy drinks anyway. When the check comes back, he scribbles his name on it and he stands, walking over to pull her chair out. "Have any plans for this evening?"

"My evening's clear," Tamsine says with a smile, reaching for her embroidered purse, very Bohemian, that goes with her hippie-chic sort of aesthetic. She stands, only a couple of inches taller than in bare feet thanks to heels that still bring her nowhere near Len's towering height. "Thanks for dinner." She slips a hand into his to let him lead her out of the restaurant.

Len reaches down and slips his hand into hers as he leads her out of the place. "Good, because I think I know just the thing to cap the evening off." He leads her to his Jeep and opens the door, letting her in. "I hope you like it." He says mysteriously as he climbs into the other side and starts up the Jeep, pulling out of the parking not.

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