World News For December 5 2008

SWEDEN - Reports are only just now coming in from Europe about a terrifying attack by what is currently being investigated by Swedish officials as an "unprecedented loss of life" which they believe may have been the result of an attack by an Evolved. The Sveriges Riksbank in Stockholme is the central bank of Sweden and the world's oldest central bank.

On the evening of Thursday, December 4th, a power surge was detected within the bank, followed by calls from security of an assault happening in bank director Tristan Howle's office. Shortly before security was prepared to batter down the door, contact with the bank was lost. By the time emergency response had arrived on the scene, they found no living staff or security personnel within the bank grounds. All eight floors of the massive building had been "stricken clear of life the likes of which are comparable to the wake of destruction from an atomic bomb," save that reports coming from Sweden indicate that no structural damage had been in effect.

Inside sources within the Swedish Intelligence Department claim that the bodies of the security team and bank staff were found in a state of "intense degeneration" to which one source claimed they resembled "ashen-white corpses, like they had been in an intense flame", though these sources claim no sign of heat or fire was present, and that the bodies were charred to the bone inside of their clothing, which remained unharmed.

This frightening act mirrors a series of still unexplained murders that plagued New York City in the United States over the month of October. Further investigation by Interpol has uncovered similar bodies being discovered all across Europe dating back at least ten years, far prior to the revealing of Evolved to the world. Interpol is going to take a much closer look at these reports, and cooperate with United States federal agencies to attempt to tie these pieces together.

BOSNIA - Torrential rains and record-level flooding in Bosnia were to blame for the deaths of over sixty citizens in the town of Zivinice over the weekend. However, the death toll would have been remarkably higher were it not for the efforts of a currently unidentified young man who was able to, according to eye-witness accounts, "lift a wall of earth and mud from the ground to block the oncoming river." The wall reportedly held for thirty minutes, allowing residents of Zivince to evacuate after a nearby dam ruptured. Bosnian officials are looking for any information leading to the identification of this young man.

MADAGASCAR - One year after the Madagascar Incident, refugees are being allowed to return to the devastated ruins of Mandritsara in the Sofia Region of the country. While the bloodshed of this genetic cleansing massacre is still fresh in the minds of the survivors of that terrible night, the 3,500 survivors of some estimated 17,000 are eager to put the past behind them, and attempt to rebuild their lives and remember in fondness those who passed. Prime Minister Pascal Ramahatra proclaimed this day of mourning into a national holiday, and is making a strong effort to use this incident as a manner to unite the peoples of Madigascar as a whole in light of the changes made to the world. As of December 5th 2007, the country of Madagascar has remained closed to all incoming foreign traffic, and the nation still refuses to allow citizens of Madagascar who were out of the country on the closing of the borders to return home.

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