World News For March 20th

GERMANY — In a stunning midnight raid by over 250 United Nations officers in a secret compound belonging to the anti-evolved terrorist organization known as the Vanguard, sixty seven men were arrested and another thirty-five killed. This is the first major movement against the terrorist organization since its existence was revealed to the United States Government following the attacks of the Consolidated Edison Power Plant and several other sites in New York City. This marks the first successful strike against the Vanguard in months, and the raid unearthed over three and a half million dollars in Nazi gold stashed away in a bunker beneath Berlin, presumably since the fall of the Third Reich at the end of World War II.

United Nations officials said that the raid was a "stunning" success, and would likely lead to follow-up attacks on this multi-national organization which has proven to be remarkably well-organized and resilient to being ferreted out. It is uncertain at this point if the Berlin bunker was a key site for this terrorist group, but it will undoubtedly serve as a major blow to the organization's continued efforts.

MADAGASCAR — Prime Minister Pascal Ramahatra was assassinated early Tuesday morning by a group of anti-evolved extremists representing a growing political faction in the government of Madagascar. By mid-day Tuesday, General Edmond Rasoul announced a full and total military coup of the government of Madagascar to 'ensure the cultural and genetic purity of the Madagascar people in light of the infection plaguing this world."

This stunning turn of events comes just a few short months following Prime Minister Ramahatra's decree to allow refugees from the devastated ruins of Mandritsara in the Sofia Region to return home. General Rasoul has renewed all efforts by the Madagascar military to turn away any and all foreign transportation coming in to the country. Scattered reports coming from within Madagascar indicate that public executions have begun in many major cities of openly Evolved citizens who had come out of hiding following the Prime Minister's declaration of the one year anniversary of the destruction of Mandritsara as a national day of mourning.

It is unknown just how many lives were lost in the first wave of cleansing or how many have been lost since, but by Thursday reports have begun surfacing that rebellious pockets of supporters to the deposed regeime of Pascal Ramahatra have been struggling against General Rasoul's coup.

CHINA — Vice Premier Hui Liangyu of the People's Republic of China announced today that pre-natal screening would begin as early as 2010 on all expectant newborns that are born within the borders of China for the Evolved Gene. China has been for some time struggling with the revelation of the Evolved in a social scale, resulting in the worst rioting and cltural destabilization in that region in generations.

This statement follows up on an announcement by President Hu Jintao declaring that all children who test positive for the Evolved gene will be required to take part in compulsory military service and education. Hu Jintao cited Article 55 of the Constitution, stating "It is a sacred duty of every citizen of the People's Republic of China to defend his or her motherland and resist invasion. It is an honoured obligation of the citizens of the People's Republic of China to perform military service and to join the militia forces." With today's announcement, it could mean families moved into military care before their child is even born.

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