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Scene Title Worried
Synopsis Kaylee and Ygraine catchup while both women are at the Hanger for different reasons.
Date February 26, 2010

The Hangar

Sub-zero temperatures with added snow do not a happy courier make. Ygraine is presently firmly ensconced in the kitchen, clutching a steaming mug in both hands, while her heavy leather jacket hangs on the back of a chair - from where it sends wisps of evaporating snow up into the air and spatters of meltwater onto the floor. Her boots have been abandoned near the door, leaving thick woollen socks (that match her heavy sweater) exposed to view where they rest on a chair before her.

"Thanks guys." Is softly murmured by Kaylee as she slips through the door, having been finally let in. A gloved hand brushes at her head to try and get rid of some of the snow before it melts cold on her scalp. Back to her thick winter coat, in light of dropping temperatures, some paperwork cradled against her chest with one arm. "Alistair in?" She asks them softly, but only gets head shake in return. "How about Scott?" another side to side movement of heads. "Alright." She murmurs, turning to head deeper into the place, as she really doesn't want to go out again too soon.

It's a few more minuted till the blonde telepath wanders into kitchen, arm devoid of paperwork and messages left. The sound of her thick soled biker boots and the unzipping of her jacket is the first hint of approach. It takes her a moment to see the woman at the table. When she does there is a blink of surprise. "Oh! Ygraine, hello." A small smile touches her lips, "Long time…" Shrugging out of her jacket, she hooks it over the back of another chair.

Ygraine flashes a smile much warmer than the weather, looking genuinely pleased to see the new arrival. "Feels like quite a while since we were outside painting houses", she says with a laugh, before grandly waving an invitation to one of the vacant seats. "Make yourself comfortable. Fancy a drink of something? The kettle's just boiled."

"Something warm to thaw me out and wake me up." Kaylee says a touch tired, "Mostly cause I still have to go to work today on top of my Ferry responsibilities and date." She slips around the table to make a straight line for the coffeepot. A pale pink mug is extracted from a cupboard and coffee is added and prepared as she asks. "How's life been treating you?"

Ygraine wobbles a hand, head turning to let her track Kaylee's movements. "Oh, so-so. Glad to be doing something useful for the Ferry. With fewer people wanting to head out in this sort of weather, there's a bit more demand for a message-carrier and errand-girl. But… I've managed to miss everything major that's happening, I think. In some ways, I'm glad, but I feel painfully out of the loop."

"Yeah.. well. I'm up to my neck… probably more in this stuff." Kaylee says with a chuckle, head shaking she turns around, spoon tinking against the side of her mug. The young woman drops heavily into a chair and sinks into it a bit, slouching. "Between the raid on the Refrain testing facility to free Pastor Sumter and Colette, taking care of the victims, Fighting the Nightmare Man in the dream world… Finding out my mom lied to be all these years… Riot in Summer Meadows… Paying back the debts I've collected getting those people free." She gives a long tired sigh and sips her coffee.

"Probably better your staying out of most of it. Pretty stressful at times."

Ygraine looks distinctly concerned. "Your mother lying, I hope isn't Ferry business", she says rather uncertainly. "That sounds… as personal as it is painful. But if there's anything I can help with… well, that is why I'm over here. If I wanted a quiet life, I'd be at home in the UK doing translation work."

"No… actually, it's not.. I mostly found out while dealing with the Nightmare man, tho." The young blonde confesses softly. fingers rub lightly at one eye. "Seems like I have some repressed memories in there somewhere about my childhood, mainly surrounding my father. My mother lied about who he was." Shrug of her shoulder and he flashes the woman across the table a grin. "Anyhow, yeah. There is no quiet life in the Ferrymen."

"Oh.. not sure you heard, but it sounds like the government is going to take over what we were doing at Summer Meadows." Kaylee offers up, head bobbing a bit, "After the riot, they approached and offered their assistance and since the people living there were all for it. Personally, I feel a bit iffy about it, but at the same time, it'll get the Ferry off the hook some."

Ygraine winces sympathetically, shifting position to lean towards Kaylee, expression worried. "I'm so sorry to hear that", she says gently. "Not… not the government thing. I'm actually glad about that. The decision that was made. Treat people as if they're you're enemy and if they weren't before, you'll probably persuade them that they ought to be. Even if it doesn't work out, I'm glad the attempt to trust is being made. If nothing else, it should help out the people we were trying to help ourselves…."

A slight pause, then the Briton shrugs apologetically. "Sorry. I get even worse than usual when I'm nervous, or guilty. Is there anything I can do to help you?"

"I guess. Course, it's the government that let Danko loose again. So… not sure how much trust to give." The words a touch bitter from the telepath. Fingers tighten briefly around the mug feeling the heat seep through to warm her frozen digits. "But, if we had refused it would have made them suspicious, so it was a good choice."

The question gets a small shake of her head. "Nothing that can be helped with, on anything really.. even my family issues." Kaylee's brows drop in a small frown and her head shakes slowly. "Those I'm not sure I'm ready to deal with, anyhow."

Ygraine bites her lower lip, shifting awkwardly. "If I knew you better, I'd give you a hug. So… consider yourself warmly sympathised with, at least in imagination", she essays in an attempt to at least marginally raise the mood. "And… mmm. I want to start talking about the Cuban Missile Crisis and bureaucratic rationality, but I doubt that you need to hear it at the moment. Anything I can do, to cheer you up or share workload, feel free to ask."

Chuckling, Kaylee gives a short nod of her head. "Thanks Ygraine. Some stuff I just have to bear the full weight of the burden on. Such as my involvement with the detoxing, I have to prove to Dr. Brennan I can tow the line." A small smirk tugs up one corner of the telepath's lips. "That way he knows I am reliable and I don't do things half assed if I can help it."

She then goes quiet for a long moment, turning thoughtful. Then something occurs to Kaylee, eyes lifting to the other woman. "Hey. Actually,have… you seen Colette recently?" She asks carefully, watching the woman's reaction. "She kind of… pushed me away after we got her out of that Company place and…. I'm worried about her." Her worry is etched on her features.

Ygraine sighs worriedly, shaking her head. "I live two floors up from her", she says quietly. "She's… promised - or nearly so - at various points over the last year and more, to come to me if she ever needs help. She seems pleased to see me just about whenever we meet, and it was her who finally got me formally signed up for the Club… but whenever she's in trouble, she avoids me."

That last is said distinctly ruefully. "I left a message for her, a couple of days ago. Physical, so that I could be sure she'd get it. Haven't heard a whisper from her. And she's not answered the door whenever I've tried knocking. I've half-considered breaking in to see if she's in there and passed out, or something…."

Kaylee grimaces at the news. "So she's pushing away everyone close to her." Her head dips down as her gaze goes to the mug in her hands. "I miss having her around, admittedly. For awhile there she was always right there, helping and keeping things moving forward when I would stumble." A careful sip of coffee is taken and she gives a long drawn out sigh.

"I'm trying to give her space. I mean, they say if you love something set it free." Kaylee winces at her own words, eyes closing briefly. "A little hard to do, you know? She's my best friend."

Ygraine fails to hide the fact that that statement startles her, then she sighs again and rather awkwardly reaches out to try to briefly touch Kaylee's arm with her fingertips. "She's… in the past, she's had this stupid notion that when she's in trouble she should feel morally compelled to detach herself from everyone she cares about, lest they get hurt. Which at least follows a logical chain of reasoning if the trouble is dangerous, but she seems to also have a corollary: if she's in emotional or mental trouble herself, then she should also avoid people. Since she's to blame for it, and no one should have to put up with her."

Another low sigh as Ygraine shakes her head. "She… we've never been closer. Revealed more about ourselves and our fears. And I've never given her a more open invitation to ask me for help of any kind… than on the last time I saw her, the night before she disappeared for months and left those of us who knew her then thinking that she was dead. Whatever you do, don't blame yourself for this. Or think that it's a… judgement on you. My worry's that… once again she's not going to be flying free: she'll have been digging herself a misery pit into which to sink."

The touch on her arm gets a small smile. "I know.. and I know she's been a rather emotional person up til her getting captured." Kaylee gives a small shake of her head. "I'm just hoping, when she's ready, she'll approach me again." Shoulders shrug, a slow moving, up and down gesture. "Hopefully, you'll at least hear from her."

Ygraine chuckles ruefully. "I'll be some way down her list", she says sadly. "Unless she decides to use approaching me as a… test-run for people she really cares about. I… have the impression that I've most often been a sounding board for her. I can think of one, maybe two bits of advice she ever took, though she's asked for a lot more than that since we first met…. But if I even sight her in the corridor, I'll let you know."

"I totally appreciate it." A genuine smile flashed at Ygraine. "Just so I know she's okay at least and… well, alive." Kaylee sighs softly and pulls out her cellphone and grimaces. "I have to get going." Her tone a touch bland. "No rest for the wicked." Climbing to her feet, she moves to dump out and rinse her mug. "I have work today. At least, I only work part time." She chuckles softly, turning back to look at the other. "My schedule just wouldn't work out if it was fulltime."

Ygraine offers Kaylee another worried look, concern clear on her face. "I'll have another shot at finding her", she says gently. "And… the offer to help stands, whatever it's with."

"Thank Ygraine." The young telepath gives the woman a soft smile as she pulls her coat off the back of her chair and pulls it on. "I'll contact you if there is anything, for sure." Taking a moment to zip up, Kaylee finally gives a soft huff. "Okay.. off into the cold world." A bright smile is flashed at the other woman, before she slips out of the kitchen.

"Good luck!", Ygraine calls out, worriedly watching the other woman depart…

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