Worst Lunch Ever


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Scene Title Worst Lunch Ever
Synopsis It was supposed to be a nice lunch. Instead it was: WHERE IS MY SISTER!
Date January 27, 2009

Siann Hall Abby, Alexander and Teo's Apartment.

It's not overly spacious, It's a New York area apartment. But it suits it's residents purposes. An open kitchen, crammed with all the accoutrements needed to cook, a dining table shoved against the far wall with chairs tucked in. A livingroom with a fairly new red suede couch shoved up agaisnt a window and TV set opposite on a stand makes up the rest of the communal living area. It looks fairly newly occupied and the personal touches not put to it yet. Five doors down a hall lead to three seperate bedrooms, a bathroom and linen closet. What's behind the doors remains a mystery unless one of the residents leaves a door open, though if someone knows the residents, the simple gold cross above one door indicates where the woman in this place lives.

Speedy mc Speedster was asked to make his way to the Bronx. Abigail wanted him to come over for lunch, nothing fancy. It's called leftovers after last nights… party. Such an interesting party. So it is that the fities housewife is banished and a somewhat tense and off Abigail is puttering around her apartment, tidying up, getting things back to proper order. Garbage was already taken out.

There's a polite knock on the door. That'd almost have to be Victor. He's waiting outside Abby's door with a backback slung over his shoulder, wearing baggy jeans, t-shirt, and long loose warm coat. The color of the day seems to be red, because aside from the jeans that's what color everything he's got on is. Even his sneakers are red Converse All-Stars. Indeed even his face is red in the sense that the cold wind has brought out a blush to him from constant buffetting.

Locks are all undone after she peers through the peephole. 'Victor. Come in. Roomate is out. Thought.. i'd invite you over" There's her smile, plastered all over her face, the place smelling of beef that's reheating in the oven, plates out on the table for two people, flowers still. 'Come in" She speaks again, opening the door fully. "Not too bad to get here was it?"

A ready smile answers Abby and Vic says, "Hey. Yeah, honestly wasn't sure I'd ever hear from you again. So I figured I pretty much had to come. How are you?" He comes in and answers, "It's cold out. It's Winter. No big. Are you cooking? It smells great." The backpack gets unshouldered and he holds it slung in a hand for a moment while he searches for an appropriate place to leave it by the door. "My books." He says by way of explanation.

'You can put it by the shotgun" Abby motions to the weapon, propped up against a wall adjacent to a bookcase. "I've been busy. I think.. i got shot between now and the last time I met you" There's a nod. "I think. DOn't quote me on that"

"Okay." And the backback goes by the shotgun, not a second glance given to the weapon in the process. It's New York so Victor gets how people take personal steps to protect themselves. Glancing at Abby as he does so, Vic says, "You don't know if you got shot for sure?"

"no.. I was shot when I met you. College bookstore…." There's an apologetic look and she beckons him into the kitchen. "Not alot fo sleep lately, unless it's forced sleep from, you know" A gesture to her hands. "How are you? Your family?"

"I was about to say." replies Victor with a grin. He follows Abby into the kitchen after shrugging off his coat and tossing it on the backpack. There's kind of a sigh and he says, "Uhm…kinda tense. With the family. Nobody's talking." Normally pretty bright, there's going to be a shadow descending with Vic whenever that subject comes up.

Abby nods. "I met your sister. I think" She volunteers, describing Gillian to the speedster. Cola's brought out, an offer of that or coffee.

Vic stops cold at that, not responding to any offers of anything. "Where?" he asks levelly.

'She was drinking with a friend of mine" Abby offers up. "She's.. beautiful Victor. very pretty. Gillian is your sister yes?"

If Vic has ever looked angry in his life, he looks angry right now. And he takes a step toward Abby, staring right at her and saying in a calm (but demanding) tone, "Yes that's her. Tell me where she was and when, Abby. You have to. What friend was she drinking with?"

That's confusing, the body language combined with the tone. Abby scoots over to the counter to grab glasses. "No.. I think.. i'll let her explain where she was Victor… Whats wrong? It was a few days ago, and with a female friend of mine" She's careful in her choice of words.

Vic has his hands up in a clutching motion like he wants to grab something. Looks supremely frustrated. Turns around. He brushes a hand nervously through his hair and turns back around to face Abby. "Abby, she's avoiding me. She won't answer my calls. She insists I call her by some alias. She knows who killed Jenny and she Won't Tell Me. And She won't tell the cops. Mom and Dad don't know where she's at and they're worried to hell about her, *I* am worried to hell about her. And she'll hang out around YOU and tell you her real name while she's telling ME to use some stupid fake name for her?!" Shaking his head, it's clear Vic is stressing this. "I'm not mad at you. It's not your fault my sister's acting like a shit."

'Vic, she doesn't hang around me. I ran across her. She had the same last name as you. I'd never seen her before in my life" She feels for him, she does. "I didn't.. invite you for lunch to talk about your sister though. come on. sit. Let me get the beef out of the oven. It's leftovers from a dinner party last night but it's still good"

"Gimme a minute." Vic insists, stalking out of the kitchen area to pace out closer to the door. Because he needs to pace. He's very active, and physical. And it helps ground him somewhat. More than a few times he walks toward the door like he's going to open it and leave, but he always stops short. Where's he gonna go? That's the whole problem. He doesn't know where. He doesn't know who. "And you're not telling me." he says out loud. There's only a fifty fifty chance he's talking to Abby.

It's one silent healer, who takes a seat at the old 70's formica table, hands in her lap and watching Victor pace. She's not gonna stop him, heaven sonly knows how many times she's done that. "Victor. we need to talk"

"Okay. About what?" he asks, stopping the pacing for now, but still standing there for the moment. Vic waits for a moment before looking over his shoulder at Abby and her table. "You said you didn't ask me over to talk about her, but" he points at Abby, "I'm not done asking. Deal?"

"Tell you what. Come sit, and eat. If you do what I want you to promise to do, i'll answer one question about your sister. Deal?" Abby eyes him, one foot hooking out to push a chair towards him.

That earns a frown from Vic. "Abby, I'm your friend. If you ask me to do something there's a really good chance I'll do it for you. Don't dangle my sister in front of me like that. That's really not cool of you." And complete with frown, he comes to the table and sits anyway, looking at his hostess with something very like disappointment.

'Yeah, well, you might not like what i'm going to ask you to do" Abigail points out, starting to load up a plate with green bean casserole, chunks of prime rib, cornbread, reheated mashed potatoes, gravy.

"Try me." mutters Vic, hands in lap, eyes on Abby still.

'Leave town, by tonight. Just get off the island. Don't come back till like friday. I can give you money for a hotel room or such" His plate is slid in front of him, watching, waiting, fearful.

Vic watches the girl for a brief moment. "Why?" he asks, taking the plate easily and taking about a half second to find his fork.

"Remember when you picked me up outside work and ran me to the edge of the ruins Vic, and didn't ask me why I needed to go in there with a box of coffee and stuff?" She's serving herself now, pouring victor a cup of coke beforehand.

"Mm hmm." comes the reply, Vic patiently waiting for his cup and for Abby to have her plate before he starts snarfing.

'This is like that" She has her plate and so, Victor is free to snarf his down, though abby's more psuhing hers around and occasionally taking a bite. 'The grapevine is that something big is happening, and if it's not stopped, the islands gone. Sacraficed. I'd really like it, if you off it. I'm trying to tell my friends, those I know, to jsut, go off it for a few days. If everything goes fine, then… the islands fine, and everythings fine"

"Well…I dunno…" says Vic cautiously, glancing up at Abby as he starts to eat. And he can eat. If he'd run over here as fast as he could he'd need about four plates of food like this. No kidding. "You sure do ask me to take a lot of stuff you say on faith. You and Gillian both. And I just don't trust her anymore. So I'm a little bit burned on people I know asking me to take things on faith. Because there's never a payoff."

"This isn't, right this moment, about gillian Victor. This is about you, and me wanting you to be safe. Please? I need one less person to worry about when I have to walk out my door tomorrow morning" She shoves the potatoes around making a little river with the gravy.

"I still dunno. What about this question I get to ask about Gilly? Because you know, Abby, you may have your secret agent stuff, getting shot once a month, saving the world on the downlow," Vic's eyes cut up to Abby from his plate, "I just want my sister back. Already had one taken from me. I wanna save the other before she's gone too."

"Want me to tell her that?" Abigail's voice is quiet.

"I did myself. Last time I saw her. She blew me off." Which is no answer to Abby's question at all, come to think of it. Vic shrugs, showing more interest in his food than anything. "Okay. I won't be on the island til…when? Friday?" He stuffs a bite in his mouth. "Good leftovers…"

"I'll talk to her, when I see her again speedy. I promise. And I promise that, if i'm still here come friday, that we'll go hit a movie or something. Finally get around to doing what we've tried to do. deal?" She tucks into her own food finally, pecking at it like a bird. "Is it? It was funny last night, now that i'm not horrified by it all. Al had bare feet, I have this really famous italian actress, only she's not so famous here, this poor guy was her date and he was like, walking wounded, then teo was sitting here, all uncomfortable, because his best friend is having relations with the italian actress who happens to also be his aunt. I swear.. It was a three ring circus"

"Yeah, sounds like Maury Povich up in here. But you're still a good cook, Abby." answers Vic simply. But because he's like a dog with a bone, he says, "Tell me where Gillian's been staying?"

"I don't know. I just met her. I'd tell you if I did though. hell, if you want, i'll invite her here, and you can be here, and you guys can talk?" Abigail offers

"You're welcome to try. I'd come. But I expect if you told her I'd be here she wouldn't show up." The way Vic says that is dull. Like he's just disappointed all around and getting used to it about now. "What bar was she at then?"

"Wasn't a bar" Abby answers. "And I can't tell. She'll be here. Nothing says that she will know that you'll be here"

Vic sets down his fork and looks at Abby blandly. "You said you'd answer a question about Gillian. My question wasn't for you to promise to get her here. Tell you what: Why don't you just tell me something that you think is helpful. Go." He crosses his arms and waits.

You say, "Tat's just it Victor. I can't tell you what I don't know. I don't know where she lives. I don't knwo wher she is. I know where she's SUPPOSED to be, come tomorrow. But if you show up there, I don't know whats going to happen, and it sure as heck, won't be good for her. I shouldn't have even mentioned your sister. I didn't know she'd been brushing you off""

"So you wanted to get me to promise to stay off the island, baiting me with a question you knew you couldn't answer." he states simply, still staring.

"No that's not.. " Abby starts to protest, getting flustered and tongue tied. 'Fuck" comes next, pushing herself away from the table. "I cna't do this" Up she stands, sleeves of her shirt pushed up her arms as the blonde starts heading for the back of the apartment and the small hallway jsut out of view.

Vic just shakes his head and then props his elbows on the table, framing his face with his fingers while he stares at the plate. It's not like he's taking pleasure in any of this.

There's a thud, like a head being tapped over and over against a wall and barely heard murmurs. Abigails praying, and pretending she's Teo, trying to figure out how the hell to get herself out of the mess she created.

"Stop beating your head on the wall!" calls Vic, exasperation in his voice. "Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to drama up your apartment, 'kay?"

"Sorry" comes from the hallways.

"If it makes you feel any better," starts Victor, pausing because this part makes him clear his throat in slight embarassment. "…I don't live on the island. And uhm…I was going somewhere this week anyway. So I was kinda playing you a little with that. Because I wasn't gonna be here anyway. So, easy promise to keep."

The thumping is replaced by a groan. 'Your kidding me. You don't live on the island?"

"No. I moved out of my parents' place a few weeks ago and got an apartment across the tunnel." he says. "Sorry." And then for some reason Victor starts to grin and puts a hand over his mouth to hide it. And he laughs just a little.

Abigails footsteps announce that she's at least visible now, in front of the hall, glancing at Victor and his moving shoulders.

Somehow, sometimes, the harder you try not to laugh the harder it is not to laugh. And Vic is clearly losing that battle until he just takes a deep breath and blows it out. Then sees Abby there. So he puts food in his mouth to keep himself from saying anything else. Although there's this smirk…


"I moe maw mynand!" he says with his mouth full. I'm not on island…or something similar. Vic takes a moment to down it. "So…promise made. Anyway like I said I have somewhere to be and it's a good excuse to make it a longer trip."

'And what's so funny about that?" little by little she's making her way back into the kitchen so she can retake her seat, pick up her fork and pick at her food again. "Library. We were at a library. I don't suggest going there. Someone lives there and he gets very cranky with strange people. prone to hitting others over the head with a brick"

"Okay. So don't go to the Library. But she hangs out there. I can deal with that." Vic has a drink and then gestures with his cup at Abby, "Thank you. I just need someone to tell me something. I'm already going this alone." he sets the thing down. "I think counting you I have two friends in the world. Kinda pathetic, huh?"

'Old library in the ruins. Hangs around the ruins, you'll see her, at some point, Be careful though, if you go too far in.. come find me, there's radiation in there, if you go deep enough, but I can fix it, take it away, the damage" Abby offers. The blonde nods. "I don't have many either. Doing what I do.. I tend to.. get myself into pickles. healing whomever asks. But. There's you. No one knows you. So. your safe"

"Oh I've been in the ruins before. I mean…well, I have to practice somewhere." For whatever it is he does. Vic does parkour but now that he thinks about it he's not sure he's ever told Abby about it. "I noticed you get into trouble a lot. What do you keep doing to cause that?"

"I heal Victor. That's what happens. People don't alwasy ask me to heal. They take me and expect me to heal" Point blankly spoken to the other guy.

"That's crappy." replies Vic. "I wouldn't bother you for that unless it was a life or death thing." He finishes his plate. Yeah. It goes quickly under the control of a speedster. "Wanna go with me when I go out of town?"

"I can't Victor. I have.. things to do. Life or death" There's an offer of more food to him.

"I figured. Just thought I'd ask. I guess I'm glad anyway. Gilly's scared of something or someone. Something dangerous. So it's just as well I don't get you mixed up in it I guess. But it'd be nice to have someone with me for it." He seems to consider the wordless offer and then asks, "You trying to get rid of the leftovers?"

"Kinda. Alexander's gonna want a little when he gets back but, I'd hate to see it go to waste. I can pack some up for you?" It's a sincere offer,s he's not touching the who gillian is afraid of. No, maybe she will. "She own't have to be afraid long"

Looking up again, Vic stares at Abby and says, "If you know what she's afraid of, tell me."

'They're called the Vanguard. And by tomorrow, they'll be no more Victor" Spoken like she knows it for a certainty,'

"Did they kill my sister?" Vic asks, straightforward.

There's a near roll of her eyes. "No victor your sister is very mucha live, healthy and drinking absinthe with oen of my friends"

His expression darkens. "Don't make fun of me, Abby. I'm not talking about Gilly."

Oh! That sister. "Oh. jenny…" Which means it's obvious Abby had been thinking of Jenny. "I don't know. That's something you'll have to ask her. I try to be kept out of loops on purpose"

Sighing, Vic sits back and waves off any further offer of food. "I think I ought to go." he says simply, eyes down. "Thanks, Abby. I hope whatever you're doing, that you're okay. Just be as careful as you can with it." Chair back, he gets up and takes his own plate to go put it in the sink. It's not his style to leave a mess for someone else to pick up.

'Sorry Victor. I hope you have a good time" Is the healers softly spoken reply.

"I'm not supposed to." explains Victory cryptically as he runs water in his plate to keep the food from crusting up. He doesn't take long with that and seems in something of a hurry to get to the door.

"yeah… " Abby wriggles her nose. 'I'll say this, i'm getting tired of ends of the world. They don't do good for stress. I'll take two weeks of just… nothing please, when this is all over if I survive."

Victor just grunts in response to that. He apparently has little to say about the world ending. Maybe he doesn't buy that it's probable. Putting on his coat, he says "I'm gonna find Jenny's killer, Abby. That's why I'm leaving town. Go where she was found. See what I can learn. Then I'm coming back and I'm going to turn this whole city upside down until I find the snakes the did that to her, and I'm going to make them pay. I'm tired of waiting for somebody else to care."

'if you get hurt Victor. Call. Okay?"

"G'night, Abs." Vic says with a grin, shouldering his backpack. There's a thought in his eye at the farewell. And he lets himself out.

'God bless you Victor" Abby calls out, watching him go with a somewhat forlorn look. This was not how she had envisioned her lunch going.

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