Worth It


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Scene Title Worth It
Synopsis Elaine catches Sable returning early from last night's rendezvous, and the two discuss past tragedies and future romances.
Date May 29, 2010

Gun Hill

Sable didn't come back last night. She went out, saying something about how 'someone had to kick this scene back into life' the someone being, of course, herself. But she never got home. Nothing to worry about, though. Magnes got a late, late text message - consisting of the semi-cryptic end entirely contextless phrase 'luck of the irish' - which means she's alive and probably not in danger nor freezing to death.

When she /does/ get home, it's early, around 6:30, way earlier than Sable is willing to get up unless she has very good reasons, and even then she's prone to quite remarkable crankiness and a slightly augmented foulness of mouth and temper. But as she ignites the portable propane stove - a non-electricity dependent cooking device that will likely see no small use until the power returns reliably - and begins to heat some water in a pot, she looks the furthest thing from grumpy.

She's actually whistling and occasionally singing as she tips her head back and forth, waiting for the water to boil. The tune, and the words, are from 'Got To Get You Into My Life'. "Ooo, and I suddenly see you. Ooo, did I tell you I need you every single day of my life…" There are shadows under her eyes, and maybe she didn't get a full night's sleep, but she /seems/ cheerful enough. As she reaches the declaration, "Got to get you into my life!" she lifts a hand and tips back her head, pantomiming a trumpet, as her feet swing over the edge of the kitchen counter and her feet thwap together in time.

Oh, now /that/… that's clearly a dance Elaine knows well enough. While her night was just fine, it was the way she slept that wasn't. There'd been plenty to think about from the day before, and so Elaine was up… early. Which meant that the redhead was up to see Sable's Happy Dance. She stops by the kitchen, leaning against the doorway a bit, trying hard not to smirk.

"So /that's/ why you weren't home."

Sable's eyes swing over to the doorway, and she does not repress her urge to smirk. The expression rises naturally to her lips. "Are you suggestin' somethin', Red?" she says, squinted good-naturedly at Elaine, "I wouldn't want you t' be spreadin' rumors and makin' unfounded, like, speculations." Denial without denial, which is almost a confirmation in and of itself.

Folding her arms over her chest, Elaine's now sporting a grin that knows no bounds. "Oh, I wouldn't spread /rumors/, now… but I think we both know whatever you were up to until.." She pauses, looking at her watch. "… six, six-thirty in the morning… now that, that ain't no rumor." She gives Sable a look. "C'mon, spill the beans. I could use some good news this morning to brighten the day.. your day sure as hell looks brightened."

"Aw, now, I slept /some/," Sable says, unable to contain her own grin, "Only came back this early cuz I know there's work to be fuckin' done around the place, and I don't wanna seem like a lay about, or a freeloader or nothin'." Now that she may be living her on a more permanent basis, she wants to make sure her dues are paid and her way earned, mostly to get herself off her own back rather than anyone else.

"Met someone at a bar," Sable explains, casually enough, "She was playin' and DJing. Very cool. Hard t' make me care for contemporary shit too much, but she did a fine fuckin' job." The water is bubbling rapidly now, and she hops down from the counter so she can turn off the heat and lift the pot by its insulated plastic handle. She sets it on the divide between the two sinks - the heat won't damage stainless steel - and starts searching drawers for coffee grounds and filters. She finds some, not too old either, and starts to fill the filter. "Get me a mug wouldja?" she says, "One fer yerself too, hon. Enough for both of us."

Elaine moves over to grab two mugs, setting them down on the counter next to Sable. "Well, that sounds like quite an evening, then. A lot of fun, I'd imagine." She's still grinning. "Gonna see her again?" That always /is/ kinda the question after bar hookups.

Sable tips her head back and forth. "I mean… yeeeeah, yeah mebbe. Think mebbe I'll give her a call, if only t' let her know that I didn't run out so early cuz I wanted to fuckin' ghost on her," she says, "Dunno. Kinda got a lot of options." She braces the filter over one mug and slowly pours water in, letting the filter sink halfway into the mug - it's a very jury-rigged set up, but one Sable seems to have practice with. "Dunno how they'll pan out, nor when I'll have t' make some, like, clear choices 'r anythin'. Hard t' tell what I'll want, y'know?" Sable gives a little huff, "Fuckin' chicks. Bet boys are easier to handle, eh?" she casts a glance over her shoulder at Elaine, waiting for confirmation or denial of her wager.

"Depends on the boy. At least with boys, though, you know they're only thinking with one head at a time and you can usually figure out which one it is without much effort." Elaine grins, leaning against the counter. "But you had fun, at least, and that's always good to hear."

"Jesus," Sable says, shaking her head, "I never know what the fuck's exactly makin' me think at some times. I mean, sometimes it's clear. Y' want what y' want. But when y' start wantin' everythin', or y' don't even know what y' want, y' just /want/ and want so goddamn bad…" She lets the first mug sit for a while, letting the coffee get strong. It's early! "I dunno. Mebbe you can help figure shit out. Seems like you've got yer head on yer shoulders pretty fuckin' firmly."

"Dunno about that. I suppose it's as firm as could be, given the circumstances of my life, though. I'm pretty good at making life look easy. People kinna hate me for that, sometimes." Elaine looks back over. "I suppose the question is.. this chick.. do you see yourself sticking around with her? Did you have a good time, other than, y'know? Do you want to get to know her better?"

Sable fishes the filter out of the mug, and puts it in the next one. "Thass yours," she says, nodding to the first mug. Southern hospitality! Of a sort. She begins to repeat the process with the second mug, "Arright, see, I got three," she holds up three fingers, to illustrate, "Gals in the mix. One I just met, things went pretty far, but it's all been quick and I dunno how serious it could ever get, dig? Another, I've known her longer, and she's awful sweet, nothin' like me, which might be good for me, but might be bad, I dunno yet. The last gal, well I only met her once, but I think I've got a good angle and…" she gives a 'heh', "For some reason the challenge of it just fuckin' calls to me. I wanna make it happen, somehow. But I dunno how far I'd have to go to make it happen. And I don't wanna play anyone. I'm not lookin' to break hearts, get me?"

"First of all, things happening quick can be good. I mean, with Magnes, things sorta just.. y'know, fell into place. And look at what's happening with that. It's not a bad thing. Really /different/, which takes some getting used to, but diving in head first can be good.. so long as you're really willing to trust the other person." Elaine explains, nodding her gratitude as she picks up the coffee mug and sips it.

"Girl number two? They say opposites attract. 'They', who ever 'they' is, wouldn't say something like that if it didn't pop up all the time. Someone sweet might be nice for you, for sure. As for the last girl," Elaine pauses for another sip of coffee. "She sounds interesting, but the most dangerous of the three. I'd give her a shot, at least, just kinda poke around a bit and see how much work it'd be.. but don't just get lured in cause it's a challenge. It could have great results or /terrible/ results, and you just kinda have to keep your distance til you're sure, y'know?"

She drums her fingers on the counter for a moment. "What you really need is to think of them each separately. Don't think of them while thinking of the others, just take them separate and kinda think what your life would be like if you kept seeing 'em. What is it you like about 'em?"

"Magnes, bless his heart, is almost too fuckin' trustworthy," Sable says, with a chuckle, "And I like you're thinkin', hon, if only because it lets me try 'n' have 'em all at the same time for a bit," her grin is positively wicked, "If this all goes south real fast, hon, I'll blame you!" She snickers, "Cuz I'm sure that'll go over real well. 'Aw no, babe, I didn't mean t' hurt you. Some Scottish chick said it was cool, is all. Come on, baby, don't be like that!'"

"I don't mind bein' the bad guy. People can't stay mad at me for too long. They get pissed off, I'll calm 'em down. S'just kinda who I am." Elaine grins a little bit, then sips her coffee again. Gotta wake up, after all. "But really, ain't that the point of dating? You can see other people until you make it official. How else are you gonna know if you wanna commit to someone if you don't try out all your options, right?"

"Well, you've got cute like some politicians got Teflon," Sable says, "Ill will just slides off you. It's the fuckin' accent. Blameless. I gotta work on that. I sound downright fuckin' untrustworthy half the time." Sable cricks her neck, pulling the filter out of her coffee too and tossing it into the trash. She takes up her mug, and takes a sip. Not good. But it'll get the job done. "I'm a hypocrite fer askin' cuz I hate havin' to answer this question, but you exclusive t' boys? Don't worry, I ain't fishin' or nothin'. Just curious."

Elaine chuckles. "Well, in any case, I think you're trustworthy. I'd trust ya, if it means anything. You're pretty rough on first appearance, but I think if someone hangs around you once or twice, they really can get to realize you really are the type to trust." She looks in her coffee mug, gulping down the last of it. Seems she doesn't care either way how good a cup of coffee is, just so long as it's coffee. "Well, never really tried with girls, but then again, the situation's never really come up, you know? So I suppose I'm just going with what I know. I'm not opposed to it. Believe it or not, cute doesn't always translate into 'lots of action', so.."

Sable nods, sagely, "Cute enough'll actually scare away some. They'd rather go fer easier targets. 'course, that's a fuckin' awful way t' go about things. Easy 'r hard or whatever, it's gotta be the gal - or dude, I guess - that moves you, not just you wantin' t' get some, eh? Otherwise it's hollow. Feels good in the wrong ways. 't least that's how I feel. But I'm a fuckin' romantic, ain't I?" she smirks, "Thanks, though, fer sayin' so. I may be trouble but I try 'n' uphold certain decent values, eh? To those who're worth it." She taps the side of her nose after taking another long drink of coffee, almost gulping down a fourth of it in one tip, "Aaah. Well, hon, I'd be more th'n glad to initiate y', but that'd be comin' too close t' crossin' a line. Plus I wouldn't want t' presume… nor get Magnes' hopes up. Cuz they'd sure as hell get up, eh?"

Elaine /grins/. "Oh, god, I wouldn't even wanna put that thought in his head. He's got enough of a sex drive as is. Not that I mind, of course, but a thought like that?" She moves to put the mug in the sink. "Seriously, though, I'm flattered. Nice to know that the cute isn't a turn off to either gender." She winks. "And I'll keep that offer in mind, should I ever feel so inclined. Still, I am /not/ complicating your girl problems any more than they are, so you'd best be focusing on those three hotties who caught your eye, hmm?"

Sable waves a hand, "God, yeah, no, I was just bein' polite," she winces, "Okay, not /just/ bein' polite. But… don't get the impression I'm all up on anythin' with a pair 'f legs and a pair 'f tits. Certainly, I am an admirer 'n' firmly believe that the love you take is equal to the love you make, y'know? But I ain't…" she tries to find the word, "Tacky," is what she finds, "At least I try 'n' not be," she grins, "Sometimes it's fun jus' to ruffle a gal's feathers, particularly if she's got lovely plumage, y'know?"

"Oh, no I entirely get it. Don't worry. I don't think you're tacky or just up on anyone. Didn't mean to sound like I didn't think that." Elaine grins a little bit. "I'd be lying if I didn't say you're pretty good at ruffling feathers. You should keep up the good work. I'd imagine it's quite fun to watch you in your element. It's always fun to see someone just a touch embarrassed and shy when they're being flirted with, and you strike me as the master of all that."

"The secret ingredient is shamelessness, hon," Sable says, with a grin to match, "Plus bein' so fuckin' tiny," she makes a face, "Makes it harder, I gotta admit. Most chicks rather someone taller, cuz that's how it works when you're after boys. Grim, but that's how it usually is. But hey, when you got nothin' to lose, and folks aren't likely gonna get all cagey," she shrugs, "Why not?" she arches a brow, "You seem a fair bit mischievous your damned self, y'know. Never seen it, but I get the vibe."

There's a bit of a grin. "Red hair's a dead giveaway. Y'know? You're probably a bit right, just haven't felt too comfortable letting my mischievous side out for a long time. You get burned once, you tend to steer away from the stove." Elaine smiles. "But you know? I really do enjoy a bit of trouble from time to time."

"Howzit you got burned, hon?" Sable says, "Trouble gone wrong makes some of the best stories. Only goddamn way to redeem it." She gestures at Elaine with her almost-empty cup, "You 'n' me may need to join forces, eh? Big place like this, people on the run and shit. They need somethin' to keep them from gettin' all glassy eyed like cattle. Trouble'd do them good!"

"It's not so much trouble gone wrong so much as it was trouble with bad timing. I was on an abroad program and we were pretty much doing everything they told us we'd get kicked out for.. wandering off without telling the adults, sneakin' out late, drinking, going to parties, pretty much everything. And that was back when I was just barely coming out of my shell, sorta finding out who I was." Elaine murmurs, glancing over. "They caught us, were gonna send a bunch of us home early. And then, of course, the bomb went off."

Sable's brow wrinkles, "Wait… hold on, where were you when the bomb went off? Where's abroad?" She didn't really know all of this, it's never come up before, and she feels badly that she's not familiar with Elaine's history. That Sable isn't forthcoming about her own isn't something she considered comparable - she'd rather not say about herself, but she figures most other people would.

"Then? I was in Scotland. I'd convinced my parents to let me do an abroad program in high school, kinda a history nerd and I wanted to know more about my Scottish roots. We visited a few countries, but we were mostly based out of Scotland. It's kinda why I keep the accent, even though I was born in the states." Elaine rubs the back of her neck. "Ended up coming back when the bomb went off anyways, but my parents worked in the area, so.. kinda makes a kid feel guilty. They act out and end up watching most of their lives blow up, so to speak."

"Hell of a souvenir," Sable says with a chuckle. But this story doesn't stay laughworthy for long. Sable's face falls, grows somber, "So your folks…?"

"Yeah. Lost both of them in the blast. I was still in high school, so I wound up in the foster system for a while. Ended up being pushed around to different places. I was at the Lighthouse for a few months, actually, but I ended up just splitting. Tried to make it on my own after that." Elaine explains. "Was actually just kinda looking for a few place to crash and chose the wrong place when Magnes found me and saved me from some thugs."

Sable hangs her head, a little gesture of mourning, "So sorry, hon. That's… just fuckin' awful, what you been through. I didn't know. You… Jesus, you're such a sunny individual! I mean, I know Magnes said he all found you out just… out there. But, I dunno. Guess I didn't think about it," she shakes her head, "You're strong as hell, hon. Stronger, too, cuz you don't have to show off how strong you are. That's a hell of a way to handle yerself." She lifts a hand and tips her hat, "Respect where it's due."

Elaine shrugs, looking away, slightly embarrassed. "Not always so sunny, just pretty good at keeping the bad stuff shoved in a corner or a closet where no one has to see. Not the healthiest way to live, cause it'll all come out to bite me in the ass eventually." She smiles weakly. "It's not like I stay with Magnes just cause he's giving me a place to live, either. It's a hell of a perk, and that was one of the things I worried about, y'know, waking up the next day. But I'll stay here so long as he still wants me here, and if he ever wants to throw me out cause of Claire or Abby, I'll just find somewhere else to crash, I suppose."

Sable gives Elaine a flat look, "If that boy does wrong by you, trust me, I'll /set/ him aright," she says, "It's only f'r love that he'd do anyone any wrong, I'm sure, but some of the worst sins have been in love's name. And," she finishes her coffee, sets the mug aside, crosses her arms, leaning against the counter, "You seem right on f'r him. He's committed, in'e? That's the impression he gave me, anyhow. Not t', like, gossip or break confidence or nothin'."

"Yeah, I mean, it's official, but he's free to run off with Abby or Claire if he wants. I mean, he's basically been in love with them for.. who knows how long, and he's not ready to be over them. I think he can get over them, but I might be bein' optimistic." Elaine actually looks hurt, perhaps for a second, but the expression is quickly pushed aside. "We're seeing where things go, feeling it out. I mean, again, it happened fast and since I'm /livin'/ with him from the day we met, that's kinda a weird way to figure things out."

Sable sees that moment of hurt, and at once reaches out to catch Elaine's chin, her touch very light. Her look is no-nonsense. "Hon. You're as fair as an ocean sunrise and sweet as midsummer honey. Don't you ever think you don't deserve whatever love comes your way, 'n' all of it. You be there for 'im, 'n' I'll be sure to keep 'im sensible enough to know everythin' he needs is right here, in you."

That causes a smile from Elaine. "You're right. I trust you to keep him in line. Guys need a lot of looking after." The smile turns into a grin. "Hope they're worth it, huh?" She glances back towards the bedroom, where Magnes is likely still asleep. "Sure hope so.."

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