Worthwhile Mess


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Scene Title Worthwhile Mess
Synopsis Indebted, Isis answers a few of Brian's question before he asks her for her help.
Date July 28,2009

A Dark Loft

"Just relax."

The sharp kzzng sounds out as the saw cuts through the second cuff before Brian brings it back quickly so that Isis' wrist isn't cut into itty bits. The saw is set down on the table and the shards of the handcuffs are tossed to the side. The room they inhabit is a dank loft. Abandoned and dark, a few supplies are scattered around the room and a single mattress is pressed against the wall. Winters takes a step back. "So as you can figure out by now, I can replicate. Make more of myself." Winters pulls a chair over to the side. "Take a seat. Thirsty?"

Isis' pale, little visage is presented as a silhouette strained with both anxiety and the effort to look back over her own body and watch the nerve-wrecking process of sawing away the cuffs. She slips away eagerly once liberated, rubbing her wrist in the opposite hand. "I don't think handcuffs will ever be another on of my fetishes again," she mumbles disappointedly as she slips off towards the indicated seat.
Dark chocolate eyes take in the room from beneath the fan of her even darker lashes. "A shot of anything would be nice right 'bout now, if you have it." Her grin is playfully hopeful. "Nifty ability…" she offers with a tone of awkwardness. Was there a designed etiquette for Evo talk? She wrinkles her nose at the thought and looks towards Brian Numero Dos. "Why did you help me?"

"I was thinking more along the lines of water. Or.. Water." Brian offers helpfully, stooping down to open an ice chest a single water bottle is taken out and tossed over at Isis. "That cop seemed very mean." Winters explains. Going to sit on the mattrees he places his hands on his lap. "Well, I could say that it's just what anyone would do but.." A shrug. "You're a body snatcher. I could use your help."

Isis chuckles and cups her hands out, catching the bottle of water with a quick, "Thanks." She lofts a brow at the short explanation from over the column of the bottle tipped up to her lips. The last statement has her coughing and wiping a few glossy drops from the corner of her lips. "Snatcher? No." … "Well, techinically, yeah. The last time someone asked me fore help with 'body snatching' it was a big mess…"
Still, she watches Brian more closely now, longer still before her little button nose gives a rabbit-like twitch - a habit she indulges when thinking. Curiosity, as always, overrules. Besides, she was slightly indebted to the replicator man. "What do you need?"

"Well, what are the details of your power?" Brian asks, leaning back into the wall. He lets his arms slide onto the mattress as he peers at her. Though he grins a little bit at her nose twitch. "Do you always do that?" Winters asks, looking elated at the little twitch. "I need information."

"Do what?" Apparently she is oblivious to the little habit. She twists the bottle's cap idly between her fingers as the man begins to inquire about her ability. "It's body swapping," she starts first by way of correction and answer alike. "I actually just learned how to control it today," she says a bit proudly, the smile allowing the rest of her explanation to flow with a more languid ease. Her voice is a soft alto, thankfully not the squeaky cuteness one might expect of a woman her size.
"If the person has an ability I can use it. I have all the benefits of their body, just with my mind. I have to touch the person to begin and revert the swap. Seems I can also disorientate people, if I sort of suspend the process. I think that's what freaking out SuperCop Bitch back there." She shrugs and looks down, drawing little doodles in the condensation on her water bottle.

He grins. "You have a little nose twitch. Like a little bunny rabbit." Though he doesn't sound like he's being critical of it. "Cute." He lets out a tiny laugh, before things start to get a wee bit more serious. "Congratulations." He allows her giving a tiny smile of approval. "You switch. So they get your power? So you have to get them to agree to switch back with you?" Winters asks, a tad perplexed.

Cute?! Isis's tiny nose wrinkles in a show of distaste. She makes a grunting noise and slumps theatrically in her seat. She reaches up to hold her nose, as if holding it in place might cure her of the habit. She stares at the dark ceiling for a moment longer, but finds herself lacking the energy to put up a worthwhile debate about her non-cuteness. Besides, she's never won that argument.
She straightens back up and shakes her head. "I haven't had any trouble with switching back thus far. See - it's not a matter of turning the ability 'on'. It's always on. Any touch and I can feel my… consciousness want to jump. It's more a matter of turning it off - having the will, the desire, and the power to stay put. And, it seems that once in my body, the other person can't jump to anywhere but back into their right body. So, they don't get much of a chance to practice. Thankfully." She shudders at the idea of being denied her own body. It's happened.

Tapping his lips thoughtfully, he leans forward. Putting his hands on his knees he pushes up to a standing position. Brushing them off on his pants, "Makes sense." Walking around the small loft, he lets his hand trail along the wall. After noticing dirt sticking to his fingers he brushes them off once again. "Well, tell me about yourself Isis."

"Had you been working at the bar long? Because as I said before. You can't go back there. I might be able to help you find a new job, but that job is gone. Clear? I didn't risk my relationship just so you could get caught again. You have any people you could stay with?"

"You're being awful nosy for someone who hasn't shared a lot," she remarks without any true disapproval. He seemed… nice, after all. Maybe it was the sappy show in the bar that was getting to her.
"There isn't much to tell." That wasn't entirely true, but nothing that would be of any use and nothing she cared to share with a stranger - no matter how helpful he was. "I was only working there a month or so. I can't go home, hm?" She grimaces and leans forward, resting her elbows on her parted knees. "I think I have a friend that would take me in." She doesn't sound certain, but hopeful at least.

"I saved you. I figure that earns me about five questions without answering any." Brian goes to lean against the wall. "That only seems fair. Doesn't it?" Folding his arms over his chest. "They have your name, and your place of work. That's enough."

"Well if you don't have someone. Let me know." Winters murmurs helpfully. "Listen. I need help. I need information. And it's something that would interest you. You heard about the Frontline bill that passed? The Government is making a move. More and more people are going to put in 'test tubes' like you said. We can prevent that. With your help."

The little redhead's jaw tightens a bit. Yeah, a few questions seems fair. She clears her throat and lifts a hand to comb through her hair, finger wiggling uncomfortably as it is still a process to get accustomed to the short, choppy style.
The mention of the test tubes has her cringing visibly, lifting a free hand to rub awkwardly over the underside of her opposite arm until it's a gentle shade of pink. She sighs, her nose twitches, and after a long moment she looks up. "What would you need me to do?"

"I know someone with all the information we need. But she is tight lipped about this information. So I need you to switch with someone she is comfortable with. Someone she trusts." Brian explains using his hands to help explain his point.

"Get the information. Everything you can about Frontline. Including their plan of attack. And then, we're a step closer to protecting ourselves. To protecting the Evolved community. You could do something really good here, Isis. For all of us. I know how this sounds but.." His hands come out facing upwards. "I need you, Isis."

Those dark eyes follow the hand gestures with an assured attention. She waits a long moment as the last of the man's syllables fade, staring at the open palm. She lifts her own hand, pointing a rigid finger at Brian. "Sounds like a bad pickup line," she grumbles, but looks away to denotes a more serious thought given to the explanation.
"It sounds a little more worthwhile than the last mess I got into," she mumbles more to herself than aught else. Finally she offers a hesitant nod, only to follow it up with a more deliberate nod and a return of her attention to the man. "Point me in a direction. I'll… do my best."

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