Wounded Soldier


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Scene Title Wounded Soldier
Synopsis On a tired evening, the problems of a rekindled relationship are addressed, and all is forgiven.. at least with one of them.
Date March 27, 2011

Octagon: Curtis's Apartment

The apartments of the Octagon are among some of the most prime pieces of rental real-estate in New York City. Bright, open, and clean, these apartments are all painted an eggshell white and feature floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a sweeping, unobstructed view of the East River and Manhattan skyline. Hardwood floors spread from wall to wall and through the spacious bedrooms and private laundry rooms complete with washer/dryer utilities.

The open-concept kitchen in the apartment features stainless steel appliances, polished granite countertops, cherry finished cabinets and ceramic floor tile with all the convenience of a modern kitchen. The bathrooms are finished with classic subway wall tile and porcelain floor tile in bathrooms with elegantly designed corner-set curved showers wproviding more spacious shower area along with porcelain pedestal sinks.

Each apartment comes in two or three bedroom designs, each with spacious walk-in closets with individually controlled heating and cooling. The apartment is also set up with free Cable TV and Internet hook-ups in multiple locations.

Curtis gave her a call last night, sounding fairly exhausted when he did it, his voice heavy and a bit slurred, not drunk, but utterly exhausted. He asked if you'd come over tonight to see him, and what you might want for food, takeout specifically as he is not a cook by any stretch of the imagination. He knows how hto cook steak, burgers, that kind of thing, not much else. At the moment the man is sitting in the living room, in a pair of cotton sleep pants that cling to his muscular form quite close, emphasizeing the shape and strength of his body, and a loose t-shirt, comfortable wear. He told you the door would be unlocked, and he's left it thus so you can come in when you arrive and not worry about him answering the door. He's loungin gon the couch, legs stretched out along it's length, and he's flicking through channels on the tv, slowly, one by one as he searches for something worth watching.

Today is supposed to be an easy day for Harmony. She promised Liz and Nate that there wouldn't be any incidents, such as tackling strangers in Central Park. The truth is, she didn't really tackle the man at all, she just chased him down. She chose not to get particularly made up or anything, as she has issues with how she looks in her pregnant state, not being able to wear the things she had before. She kept it a little simple when she decided to drop by, carting on her body a large shirt that she swiped from his drawer the last time she was there, and her hair tied down into tails on either side. The blonde girl opens on the door to his place, carrying with her a rather large bag that could possibly be her purse.

Curtis glances up and over to the door when it opens, his eyes taking in the woman that makes her way inside. He offers her a warm smile, and turns, putting his feet on the floor, and pushing up with a slight groan of sore muscles and tired body. He moves, stiffly, over towards her, the TV forgotten for the moment. "Hey Harmony…" he murmurs, sounding sleepy as he slips an arm about her and pulls her into a gentle hug. His head tilts down wards so his lips can plant a soft kiss to her forhead before he pulls back and looks her over. "Starting to show and not liking it?" He asks in a soft tone, full of amusement, a spark of mischief in his eyes as he asks. He gestures to the living room. "What kind of delivery would you like? Even if I was a good cook, not much up to cooking at the moment." He starts back towards the living room, hopefully with an accompanying blonde.

Passing the threshold, Harmony would be a little tired herself if not for the boring day she has had. She doesn't like sitting around, doing much of nothing all day, even if the people involved with her babies are not wanting her to have much contact with strangers, because she tends to talk. "Are you okay?" she asks as she sees him move over to her, the girl frowning at his condition. As he gets close enough to wrap his arms around her, Harmony pats him a little, "Oh, you look so tired, you poor thing. What have you been doing?" She places her hands on him gently, her face twisting to a self conscious one when he mentions how she looks, "Curtis.. you know I have issues about it.." she complains and follows him to the couch, "I already ordered something on the way over."

Curtis moves over to the couch, and he slides himself down onto it, settling into a sitting position with him slumped agianst the back of the couch. "I… have been undergoing Horizon training." He comments in a heavy and tired voice. He pats the cushion next to him, then hmmms and looks down at his lap before he turns, putting his legs up on the couch. Her seat apparently, is his lap, a good place for her. "Yeah yeah, and you know I'm going to comment on it anyway." He winks at her, then reaches a hand out to try to pull her down onto his lap, and on the couch with him. "Ahh, okay…" He murmurs, amusement in his voice again. "I joined FRONTLINE." He comments to her once he gets her settled, if she lets him pull her down with him that is.
It is probably a safe bet that she is not very keen on the idea of him joining FRONTLINE. She barely manages to actually fall into his lap as he reaches for her, her weight distribution being off from what it was due to her condition. She has to reach out and cling her hands into him to avoid rolling off of him as soon as she drops down. "You did what?" she frowns, "So you'll be putting yourself in a lot of danger again then.." She really isn't sure why she expected anything different with him, "Curtis, if you get severely injured, or killed…" she isn't letting him go right now, regardless as to how much he might complain.

Curtis loops an arm around her waist when she nearly misses, making well and truly sure that she doesn't fall off of him. He might be exhausted, but he's got more than enough strength to stop her from tumbling off of his lap. He pulls her in closer, settlin gher evenly on his lap before he leans back again, reclining, and settling in, a heavy breath taken in and released. He mmmms deep in his thraot as relaxation takes his body, loosening his muscles up and such. "Cardinal was not going to let me do what I was there to do. And you know me Harmony. I took oaths when I joined the military, to protect the people of this country from threats both foreign and domestic… I feel duty bound to do something. And would I really be me if I wasn't doing something to help?" He asks, arching a brow, a soft smile touching his lips. He leans hsi head in to kiss her cheek lightly.

She makes a little room to adjust herself on his lap, so that she can sit comfortably, putting her legs on either side of his so she can scoot up even closer to the front of him. She looks both a little concerned and sheepish as she speaks, her hands busying themselves with the front of his shirt, just sorta playing with it a little, "Well.. I mean, what about you? And what about me? There are things you could do to help me you know.. other than putting yourself in danger. I almost lost you the first time because of your job. What if something happens this time?" she lifts her eyes to look at him.

Curtis settles his hands on her hips, fingers curled slightly to fit ot her body as she scoots in closer and closer to him. He smiles as he watches her toying with the loose fabric of his t-shirt, his eyes glancing to the shirt she's wearing. "Is that one of mine?" He asks, a soft laugh leaving him as he shakes hsi head. "Little scamp." He murmurs, lfiting one hand up to slide fingers back through her hair lightly. "Yes, there are things I could do to help you. But I also need to make a living. And there are not many things I'm good at Harmony. Or rather, there's not many things that I could do that wouldn't require me to go to college and get an education. I have the know how and smarts to do alot more, but … in the mean time, how would I make a living?" He rolls his shoulders a little bit and offers her a light frown. "Something is always happening to me. I doubt I will live into old age."

She gives him a look when he makes an accusation about her shirt, "Well, do you quite remember what you did to my shirt that night? You probably don't, but it was either take one of yours, or make the walk of shame home in the upper nude. That's all I'd need. Having that on my head." It isn't much of a complaint from her, just a defense for having taken his clothing. She sighs and closes her eyes when his fingers touch the side of her hair. Her hand lifting to rest on the back of his, holding it to her face, "You could.. stay with me. While you're working on whatever education. Nate and I have always been secure with the estate of our parents, you wouldn't have to worry till you graduated, then you could take care of me after that. I just.. I dunno, I just think about you getting hurt.."

Curtis snorts aloud at that statement. "You didn't walk home, I drove you home, and I wouldn't have made you do that… I'd have given you my coat." he winks, a broad grin pulling at his lips. "Besides, I never said you being in my shirt was a bad thing." His grin goes impish, a wicked glint in his eyes as his hand slide upwards from her hips, along her sides, finger caressing at her skin through the material of her… his… shirt. His hand lifts back up to the side of her face, cupping her cheek, a smile blossoming on his lips when her hand settles on the back of his own, scarred, rough, calloused, but his touch is gentle. "Harmony, I've been in danger since I was 17. Top secret missions that saw me nearly die time and again. I spent years as Ash, fighting the government, taking on the biggest and baddest it had to throw at me. And you know what? I was too good for them. They turned me into a weapon of war the like of which is rarely seen. I'm good, I'm damned good. The likelihood of me getting killed with FRONTLINE is rather slim. The suit, my powers, my skills, my abilities, their equipment… I'll be in danger, but… not as much as you think."

Even hearing all of this doesn't quite put her mind at ease. She is a pretty fragile girl right now, more so than usual, which is pretty intense, considering how easy going she is. "Well, what do I have to do to make sure you come back to me every time? I mean.. if you really want to that is. Her hands find their way up the front of his shirt, where her fingertips rest against his stomach just beneath. "You know I'll be sitting there, worried about you. Cardinal once suggested that I join FRONTLINE myself, seeing as how my ability is naturally offensive, and there won't be much else I can do when they return save for fight." Of course she means after the whole baby thing is mostly over. Her hands sneak a little farther up the front of him.
Curtis blinks, rather slowly at the mention of Harmony joining FRONTLINE. "That's… not what the unit is about. Offense is not the point. Defense, protection is the point… your power is devestating… incredibly powerful… it would be good for surgical strikes against people planning to do terrible things, but on a mission to mission basis you wouldn't really have a use for your ability…" he murmurs. "And that, is why Cardinal is watched and shadowed, why he has the problems he does. Thinking like that…" he grumbles it, though he can't ignore the hands snaking their way up underneath his shirt like that. He mmms, a soft noise of pleasure in his throat, and then a bit deepr when those hands sneak higher upwards.

"Hey, he was just trying to find a useful place for me in the organization. Richard generally doesn't do front in strikes at Redbird, so it was difficult to find things for me to do." she brings her brows to twist toward each other with a light frown, "I can be more than just a devastating offense. Unlike Sparge, I have much more control than he does. I can actually will myself to emit an electromagnetic pulse. That only shuts down machines. It doesn't lay waste to the area." Not that she can't do that, but the alternative is less destructive. "There are lots of practical uses for my ability. I can melt steel doors, create light, and I can wander into heavily irradiated areas with no damage. I'm also pretty certain I can survive a nuclear explosion." her shoulders lift a little, "I might be a valuable asset to FRONTLINE. It'd give me a better purpose in protecting my children." She leans forward, her arms practically disappearing all the way up into his shrit, getting closer to his lips with hers, "Don't you want me right next to you?"

Curtis blinks a few times, an eyebrow sliding upwards. "FRONTLINE isn't a Redbird operation. Yes Elisabeth is one of the higher ups in the unit and she's got close connections to Cardinal, but aside from Elisabeth, Cardinal has nothing to do with FRONTLINE, so not sure…" he scrunches hsi eyebrows together then shakes hsi head a bit, not going down that track any further. The mention of … Sprague seems to mean nothing to Curtis. "I honestly have no clue who this… Sprague guy is…" he murmurs, his shoulders giving a quick little shrug. He licks his lips a bit as those hands slide up his shirt even more, sending a shiver through the big guy. "No… I don't…" he comments in a soft tone. "You'd be in serious danger Harmony…" he pauses, gathering his thoughts together before he continues. "You don't have any kind of martial training. Military, police, para military, anything… you have your power which is fine and dandy, but when you've got someone like me in close quarters what would you be able to do to defend yourself? There are joints in the horizon armor… someone could ram a knife through that joint, given sufficient speed or strength… someone could get a lucky shot through the armor or one of the joints…." he shakes his head, real and deep concern on his features. "You would be … better suited to a secret operations thing. I'm sure there is a FRONTLINE special ops squad. If there's a public version, there's a secret ops version that's probably a hell of a lot nastier. YOur power would make you ideal for that kind of thing… but not war in the streets type stuff…" he strokes hsi fingers along her cheek, a soft sigh leaving him. "And you might be able to survive the heat and radiation of a nuclear explosion, but I doubt you could survive the concussive force. Explosions, even small ones, can pulp your body, shatter bones, turn your organs into mush… I've seen it … alot…" he frowns, then looks down and sighs. "Sorry, not meaning to be so negative.. but I started fighting so people like you wouldn't have to… so it troubles me to think of you doing so."

Oh, right.. she was told not to talk too much about certain things that she knows, because she tends to give away things she shouldn't.. Harmony remembers this when he explains about FRONTLINE and the connections to Cardinal. She knows a bit more detail about said connections. She just sighs and doesn't go into it much more than that. "What if I want to make it so you don't have to fight? If I want to make it so you don't have to go anywhere, just stay right here with me. What would it take for me to do, to make that happen?" her brow lifts as she looks at him, "Something maybe like this?" She leans forward, pressing her lips to his, taking a slow, lingering taste while her fingertips press firmly into his skin, dragging lightly down the front of his torso.

Curtis arches a slow brow at the sigh from Harmony. It inches up his forhead at her obvious disbelief, or at least, her belief in what she's been told. "Harm… the unit is government run. It's director is government. It's sanctioned by the department of defense, and sponsered by the US Army. All of their equipment comes from the US army. And Elisabeth only has so much pull and say when it comes to the deployment of the unit. Richard Cardinal might think he has more say with the unit than he does, but he has a vastly over inflated sense of his own importance. That tends to happen when you stick your nose in places and people try to cut it off, you tend to think they're after you specifically. I don't like the guy, but that has a lot to do with his ego and the immediate sense of it I got when I met him." He looks up at her at her question, a soft sigh leaving his lips at it. He's just about to answer when she presses her mouth down against his own. He takes the kiss, returning it with a slow passion, but doesn't press it deeper than it already is. He does give a soft rumble of a groan as those fingers and nails drag down his skin, causing his hips to shift beneath her, rocking her on top of him a little bit before he settles himself down. He breaks the kiss, pecking her on the lips lightly after doing so. "You would have to end all of this. Make the world a perfect place, and end war, hostility, and .. yeah…" He frowns, his mood a bit melancholy, but he's also very very tired, though having the hot blonde on top of him is a very pleasant experience.

She groans and sorta flops her weight upon the front of him, her eyes rolling and her body just kind of giving up. "I was trying to be romantic." she complains, lightly shaking her head. "You know, maybe you should stop being military boy for a while, and start just being a boy every now and then. That's who I fell for, you know. I had always been waiting for the day when you would be able to just have fun instead of being all disciplined and everything." He can feel the way her arms lax against him, and how she just stretches herself across the front of him, deciding to be tired along with him.

Curtis looks at her after she groans and flops, and the man closes his eyes, a look of sorrow, and regret on his features. "I…" he begins, then falls silent, not trying to defend himself, just sitting there as she speaks, the man's features falling more and more as she goes on. He swallows hard, and he actually looks… well… on the verge of tears when the door bell rings. he sighs softly, and gently slips from beneath her, setlting her on the couch before he moves, stiff and sore, towards the door. He pulls it open, and pays the delivery guy for whatever it is that Harmony ordered, then brings it into the living room and sets it down on the coffee table. "I'm sorry." he whispers before he turns away and moves into the kitchen.

She is supposed to be the one to cry and change moods, not him. She looks confused when Curtis deconstructs before her very eyes, looking like he might just cry. It was completely unexpected. She opens her mouth, about to speak just when the doorbell rings, and the food arrives, dropped from him, left on the couch to tilt her head, "Curtis.." she calls after him, looking apologetic. As he deposits the food and heads into the kitchen, Harmony gets up and follows after him. She slips in behind him, pressing the front of her body into his back, and wraps her arms around his midsection. "Hey.. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel like I don't appreciate you. I do.."

Curtis has a bottle of whiskey down, and he's already downed a shot. He's lowering the glass to the counter to pour another ounce of liquor into it when he's followed into the kitchen. He feels her sliding in behind him, and her arms around his body. He breathes in slowly, then knocks back the second shot, holding his mouth closed, letting the burn of the liquor slide down his throat, the fumes tickling at his taste buds. "Harmony…" He whispers in a soft tone, turning around to look down at her. "I am not the same man you knew. I am half the man you knew, literally. I…" he furrows his brows, his face going strained. "I have two entire life times in my head. I feel old… and in technicality, I have over fifty years worhth of experiences. And I have lived them all. I might not have lived Ashley William's life in this body, but his memories are mine. He was a real person. I lived his life. I know who I am. I am under no illusions about that. But it doesn't change the fact that I am sharing my mind with another person. I remember how hard his life was. I remember the feeling I had when I was part of Messiah, and other things… fighting for what I believed in at that time. I have to live… now… as Curtis with the things I did as Ash. I have to make up for all of the wrong, and the bad, and the destruction and chaos. All of it…." he closes his eyes and shakes his head. "There is no rest for me… there is no simple and normal life. Kansas said it best when they wrote Wayward Son…" He reaches a hand up, fingers lightly stroking her cheek.

"Curtis.. I'm not going to pretend that I know what you are going through." she tells him, "But it seems like you dislike yourself much more than I do. I am not quite sure why you keep bringing up what you have or haven't done, perhaps hoping it will drive me away? I mean.. if you don't want me, all you have to do is tell me, you know? But I don't get the feeling that it is the case." she stops leaning into him, so that she can stand up to as much of his height that she can. "I don't see a man that has done so much wrong in his life that he has to forsake any chance of happiness just to make up for it. I just know that when he holds me, I can't think of anyplace I would rather be than in his arms. Nothing else really matters. I just wish I made you feel that way too." her eyes lifting to meet his.

Curtis stares straight ahead at the wall opposite him, his eyes lost, distant, and very very troubled. He listens to her as she speaks, not trying to fight off anything she says, just letting her talk while he stares off over her head, his brathing regular and even. When she's finished he looks down at her, just for a second or two, then turns and pours himself another shot. He lifts it up, peering through the amber liquid, then knocks it back, a long sigh leaving his lips. "I wish something, anything would make me feel like I deserve a damn thing in this world Harmony, but it doesn't. I'm not good enough for… anything. You, my family, my past, my apartment, my car, my new job, my old job. None of it gives me any sense of self worth anymore." he looks down at her, a very deep sadness in his eyes. "You're a fantastic girl Harmony, you deserve someone who can give you what you want, and make you feel great. I doubt I can do that." He hangs his head some, then pulls away from the counter, bottle in hand, shot glass left behind.

She holds onto his shirt a bit when he starts to pull away, and she almost rips it in the process, her fingers tensing and gripping with a death grip as a bit of frustration pushes through her veins. "Goddamnit.." she frowns, "Why is it I could never be enough for you? Never, Curtis. You were just too— too blind, or stupid or self-sacrificial to see me standing there right in front of you, willing to accept you for who you were, who you would be, for the good things and the bad things you'd done." she shakes her head and lets him go, turning away. "I never had to worry of feel unsafe because.. I knew you would be there to protect me. I just always wished that I could comfort you, and take away all of the pain. At least for a little while."

Curtis looks down at her as her hands grip his shirt like that, his eyes sad, and buried in worry, concern and pain. He presses his lips together, and peers down at the floor at his feet as she scolds him. "Is that what you think? That you weren't and aren't good enough?" He shakes his head slowly, reaching out to put the bottle on the counter and lift his hands up to settle them on the back of hers. "Harmony…" he breathes in, then out, slowly. "It has nothing to do with not thinking you good enough for me, or you not being enough. You deserve something better. That's… really the base line. You deserve to be happy." He frowns, and sighs, one of his hands lifting up to run through his military short hair. "And… you're a free spirit Harm… or you used to be. I never really thought of you as the settling down type to be honest… maybe times have changed and you are…." He sucks in a large breath, and holds it, then exhales. "I'm a mess, but I still plan on sticking around. I still plan on helping you, and watching out for you and your children."

Harmony isn't quite sure she knows how to feel right now. She can't seem to pick an emotion to settle on and feel it, nor can she seem to feel more than one at a time right now. However, she is trying to summon up the ability to be furious with him. That would help her right about now. Though when he turns to her and takes her hands, she breaks down and just lets her shoulders drop. She isn't crying but she is near doing so. She lifts the gaze of her green eyes from his hands, to his face. "I don't exactly have much of a choice anymore, Curtis. These babies deserve a mother who is at least a little grounded. Their parental structure is already going to be a bit awkward." she sighs and takes a step towards him, her arms sliding around his waist, and she hugs the front of herself into him, laying the side of her face into his chest. "This isn't about you being there because I'm pregnant, and I should count my blessing that any guy would be there with children that aren't his. This is me wanting you here with me, because I missed you all those years, and I enjoy being with you regardless. Despite how much of a mess you think you are." she has heard this before, though she won't be telling him from who. Would likely start a fight.

Curtis looks down and gives a solid snort when she mentioned the babies parental structure. "Yeah, it's already going to be wonky as hell. But ask yourself this Harmony… do you really think Cardinal is going to allow me to be near his children? He doesn't trust me, and he doesn't like me, not that I like him either, but… he still thinks I'm a psychopath… in reality I am, just a controlled one… but he's not going to let me anywhere near his children if there's anything he can do about it. And I have no doubt that Cardinal will arrange for my death if he feels it's necessary." He frowns and lifts his hand up to stroke the tips of his fingers across her cheek. "There's no thinking about it Harm… I /am/ a mess. I know I'm a mess. I'm trying to keep it controlled and trying to adjust to it all, but it's taking more time than I thought. When the Institute released me I thought I was fine. I was… but at that time I hadn't had stimuli from the outside world. Hadn't seen old friends…" He lets his hand settle on her shoulder. He sighs, heavily, and just stands there for the moment, hand on her shoulder, her hugged around him.

Harmony's eyes roll upward a little and she snorts, "What is he going to do? Forbid me from seeing you? I'd really like to see Richard Cardinal try to control me. He knows that I wouldn't do anything to put them in harm's way. So if I decide I want you to be around, because I feel it is alright, then it won't be a problem. He might not like it at first, but he'll get over it." She sorta sways her body back and forth with his, "Annnd, if he isn't, I'll just kick my foot in his ass and tell him to suck it up. I have a certain way of handling Richard. Once my ability returns.." She has done it to him on more than one occasion. He can't take the light that she sheds. "Well.." she looks up at him, "You've got me to help you through that. Just relax, and let me. I promise you won't be disappointed." the girl grins up at him in that way of hers.

Curtis looks down at her, and he sighs, his head giving a slow little shake. He picks up the bottle of whiskey, and puts it to his lips, taking a solid swallow off of it before he lowers it from his mouth and peers down at her. "Like I said, if he wants me gone bad enough, i wouldn't put it past him for a second to make sure that happens, permanently if need be…" he whispers it in a rather confident tone of voice. He rolls his shoulders a little bit, then lifts the bottle of whiskey up to his lips again, pausing at that statement from her. He chuckles softly, reaching a hand up to muss her hair, but his smile is weak, and his chuckle is half forced. He finishes taking another swig, then puts the bottle back down on the counter lightly, a soft clunk of glass on wood. "And just what… pray tell, are you suggesting to be helping me through?" he asks with an arched eyebrow. His voice is a bit… slower, the whiskey starting to filter into his system, no where near drunk, but it's loosening him up.

She pushes her lips together firmly for a moment. "Perhaps, if you actually were a danger to the children, then I would believe it. But I don't think he'd get the chance to, because I'd take you out first if anything were to happen, and that's a promise." She might not be physically intimidating, but her ability is what makes a rough customer. She still is kind of grinning as she says this, so it was only halfway a jest. But a mother will certainly defend her children. As he puts the bottle down the last time, Harmony reaches over to push it across the counter, sliding it a little more out of reach. "Everything.." she answers, "What isn't the thing that is important. It's the methods you should be concerned about."

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