Writing On The Mirror



Scene Title Writing On The Mirror
Synopsis Kaylee leaves Peter a message.
Date May 14, 2010

Peter and Kaylee's Apartment

I Miss You.

It is scrawled across the mirror in red, Kaylee's hand moves down a little so that she can continue, the edge of her hand gliding across the cold surface. The thick lipstick leaves it mark on the reflective surface as she continues to write.

Minutes Earlier

The apartment building is eerily quiet, Kaylee's foot steps are loud in this silence, but they are barely heard over the pounding of her racing heart. It's been only a few weeks since she walked out the door, turning her back on Peter. She knows she did what was right, what had to be done, but the guilt still gnaws at her stomach. Her eyes are firmly placed on the distant door to the apartment her and Peter lived in together, resisting the urge to mentally reach out and check. However, she still only finding empty space when she's finally standing at the door. No muffled mental voice hum softly in her ears, the apartment empty.

No Peter.

There is a twist of disappointment, as she fishes a small walkie talkie from her pocket. Scott had insisted someone go with her, to make sure there would be no repeats of her trying to freeze herself to death. If he had been there and willing to talk, then her escort would take the snow mobile and leave. Her breath mists lightly in the air as she clicks the button on the black and yellow handheld. “He's… he's not here, give me a couple. I'll be back down.”

“«Just don't keep me waiting long. It's fucking cold.»”

“Yeah, I'll be quick.”

Kaylee fishes out her small ring of keys, and lets herself in. Even in their small one bedroom, her breath is white as she exhales a sigh. She had really hoped to find him there so that she could talk to him, try to work things out.

She misses him so much.

Her boots thump heavily on the hardwood floors as she moves deeper, pulling her knit cap off and setting it on the couch as she passes it. Her gaze flickers over to the french doors that lead into their bedroom. A small smile tugs at her lips, as she sees the bed in a disarray, he hadn't bothered to make the bed last time he had been there.

Moving into the room, she surveys it's condition with slight disapproval. Setting on the edge of the bed, fingers reach out to touch his pillow, she can smell his cologne. She curls her fingers into the fabric of the pillow case and pulls it close, wrapping her arms around it. Eyes close as she sits there for a long moment holding the pillow tightly, her head tilted to rests against it.

It had been rough the first few nights away, she couldn't sleep knowing he wasn't going to come crawling into bed later that night, to wrap an arm around her waist, bury his cold nose against the back of her neck and murmur another sleepy apology for work keeping him. There was comfort in the knowing that he'd be home. Now sleeping was just another thing, lonely and cold.

A tear that slides down her cheek, it leaves a cold trail on her skin. She wants to come home.

Giving a small sniff, Kaylee lays the pillow back on the bed, before pushing herself to her feet. She starts to walk away, but turns back unable to resist the urge to go through the familiar motions of straightening the rumpled bed. Straightening the sheets and smoothing a hand over the comforter. Long fingers brush at the comforter, giving it a tug at the top edge, as she gives it a final adjustment.

Only when she is happy with it, does Kaylee turn her back on bed, spotting a few clothing items on the floor. Picking them up, she can't help but shake her head, normally he was better about that.

Ducking into the bathroom, she tucks the clothes into the hamper. Movement out of the corner of her eye, pulls her attention to the medicine cabinet. Reaching out, the young telepath opens it planning to grab pills she left behind, but spots a tube of lipstick first. It was a color she only wore when she donned the clingy red dress that he liked and could be easily distracted with. Fingers pluck the tube from the cabinet and she lets the door swing shut.

Blue eyes focus on the image of herself, surprised by the person on the other side. She looked worn, downcast… dark circles made the color of her eyes stand out on her face. The worry was wearing her down and looking at herself, she knows now it's showing.

Her gaze drops to the lipstick and she pulls the cap off of it, twisting it. It was a nice bright shade of red.

Looking at herself in the mirror again, a small smile tugs at her lips and she leans forward. Slowly, with the lipstick in hand, she writes the words that have been going over and over in her head.

I Miss You.

Her hand slides down and adds the three little words that were still so very fresh and new to her, but looked right as she lays them out.

I Love You.

Teeth catch at her lip, as she considers what to write next or if to at all.

But then the walk talkie in her pocket goes off, sending a squelch of static that makes her jump, almost dropping her writing utensil. “«Thatcher! Hurry your ass up, I'm freezing my nuts off out here and I swear to god there are penguins out here.»” The mood of the moment shatters with those crass and vulgar words, making her sigh heavily.

The walkie talkie is retrieved and she doesn't hide her irritation when she answers, “Yeah… Okay. Sorry, I'm on my way.” Tucking it away, Kaylee eyes the words she just wrote. Leaning forward she quickly adds.

I'll Be GC. Come Find Me? ~ Kaylee

Closing the tube, she sets it on the counter. She feels a little better having written those words on the mirror, but now she has to wait. Wait to see if he'll get the message and come to find her. It will be a horrible wait for her, not knowing.

When she leaves, the words in red are not the only thing that gets left behind, her knit cap sits on the back of the couch. There will be no doubt that Kaylee had been there. That she tried to see him, but he was gone.

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