Xiulan Song
Portrayed By Zhang Ziyi
Sex Female
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Chromokinesis
Age 20
Date of Birth March 14 1989
Date of Death N/A
Occupation Tattoo artist green dragon tattoo
Family Qianfan Song (Father - Deceased), Chu hua Song (mother - Deceased)
Significant Other(s)
First Appearance A Smoothie From The Future.
Last Appearance

A former Chinese national, Xiulan immigrated to the United States with her father in 2001. A skilled tattoo artist, Xiulan works almost exclusively for, on the behalf of, the Flying Dragons. Every now and again, people will claim to have her ink on their flesh, nine times out of ten, however, this is a hollow claim.

Character History:

Xiulan was born in Fuyang Shi in China's Fuyang Prefecture. The daughter of a triad master tattoo artist (Qianfan Song - her father) and an ink maker (Chu hua Song - her mother), she was fortunate enough to be one of those gifted with a relatively comfortable and privilidged existence. Even so, her parents, albeit artisians, were extremely hardworking and focused individuals and expect nothing less from their only child. Almost before she could walk, Xiulan was mixing inks at her mother's knee and begining the arduous road toward mastering the designs that were the meat and bread of her father's trade. Education, while important in her parent's views, took a back seat to their art. Even so, Xiulan received received what was considered more then enough education to serve her well in her trade. Of course, by American standards, she received a commendable education. Still, their family lived under the wing of the Fuyang arm of the Flying Dragons. Living such a life, whether or not it afforded creature comforts, requires one to have at least a passing familiarity with self-defense. The fact that kung fu also strengthens the mind and spirit, as well as the body, served to make it a valuable aspect of Xiulan's training.

Evolved Human Ability:

Xiulan has the ability to change the coloration of objects by altering the frequency that photons reflect from them. She can create any colour in the visual spectrum (while theoretically she might be able to produce those outside that spectrum, she wouldn't be able to see them herself, making such a feat problematic at best) upon any physical surface that she can perceive. While the limit of her power is perception, changes in hue and pigment will only last so long until that perception is blocked - unless she's able to physically contact the surface, in which case the alterations are permanent unless changed back by her or another chromokinetic. Detail is similarly limited by range; the further away from her, the more difficult fine detail becomes, until past a range of fifty feet or she becomes limited to roughly-shaped patches of color.

Other uses include:


  • 1989 Xiulan is born
  • 1994 Xiulan's mother is murdered in Fuyang Shi, Fuyang Prefecture, China
  • 1995 Xiulan's power manifests itself. Xiulan and her father flee to the United States
  • 2005 Xiulan discovers her father has arranged a marriage for her.
  • 2006 Xiulan's father is killed in Kirby Plaza, Midtown, Manhattan. Arranged marriage is neatly forgotten.


Very Personal
Cardinal - Xiulan ran into (quite literally) Richard Cardinal in Chinatown. After 'saving' him from an attack of vicious man-eating chickens and running into him a second time at a poker game, the pair became a bit closer. Considerably closer from Xiulan's point of view. A fact that is made abundantly clear by the fact (albeit unknown) that is literally nothing she wouldn't do for this man. Mind you, Cardinal is a bad, /bad/ boy and she knows it. Unfortunately, that only serves to make him all the more attractive to the tattooist. If Xiulan has a weakness, this man is definately IT. Of course, all things change and their relationship is no exception to that rule. Still, it has little impact on Loyalty and Xiulan's loyalty is something Richard Cardinal will always have.
Abby - Richard first brought Abby to Xiulan although really? Xiulan couldn't tell say why. Whatever the reason, Xiulan was immediately charmed by the healer and even gave her first tattoo. Since that time, Abby has become what Xiulan would consider a true friend. So much so that Xiulan has been teaching the healer Kung Fu. Course, Abby -did- break Xiulan's ribs during thier first lesson. That, of course, was not actually Abby's fault.
Magnes- Magnes, Pizza boy extraordinaire. Despite his being a bit on the rose-colored side, Xiulan adores Magnes. On the same token, she is terribly worried that he is going to end up dead, or worse. At this point? She's betting on worse. x.x
Fedor- What can you say about Fedor? He is the crazy old uncle with tons of money who you go to when you need money and he tells you crazy stories that just -might- be true. Kinda scary, really.
Hiro- That magnificent man from the future! Who doesn't adore Hiro? Seriously, who doesn't? Xiulan does…. even if he has demanded she take her pants off. Alright, so he's a really /strange/ man from the future, but still. Sadly, Hiro has vanished from Xiulan's life and while this is disconcerting, it is something she will learn to live with.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "I understand that heroic naivete worked out splendidly for you, but I must, most respectfully ask, that you explain to Magnes why he should not be doing things like having chats with, or giving his phone number to, people like this Sylar man. After that? Feel free to wax back into the mysterious man from the future." To Hiro, regarding Magnes. ((A Smoothie From The Future)))
  • Kimiko smiles at Xiulan. Here, this is my brother, would you be so kind as to be the mother of his children? She doesn't say that out loud of course.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Xiulan has no tattoos of her own.
  • Xiulan is a Buddhist. <.< Don't tell Abby.
  • People she has tattoed so far: Magnes (Tummy), Cardinal (Chest), Abigail (Scapula, Shoulder to back, as well.), Fedor (Arm), Satoru (Scapula), Elisabeth (shoulder blade), Len (Bicep)


*Riders on the Storm - The Doors

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