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Scene Title Yahtzee!
Synopsis The group at Gun Hill sit and discuss last minute plans, the hot styles for this year's Armageddon and how to stay calm without the use of alcohol. Also, cupcakes.
Date November 08, 2010

Gun Hill

Gun Hill is named after Gun Hill Road, the street that the five story tenement resides on. A bright red brick exterior separates it from the surrounding buildings, making it difficult to miss even though the complexes on either side of it are similarly coloured with fresh coats of paint in yellow and blue donated to their proprietors by an urban renewal project devoted to eliminating graffiti from the Bronx's residential zones in an attempt to raise property value and reestablish the borough as a desirable place to live.

Inside, the building shows more obvious signs of wear than the rusty fire escape affixed to its front, including old hardwood floors so scuffed that no amount of wax or polish can return them to their original luster, and faded wallpaper in neutral shades of cream with a strange mottled texture. Instead of an elevator, the tenement's upper floors can be reached by taking a stairwell with numbered flights and roof access via a heavy metal door that sticks more often than not.

Crik crik crik

The door to apartment one o' five opens on heavy hinges needed for the re-enforced door, letting out it's resident. Hair hang langy, still wet from a recent shower, clinging to his neck and forehead. Benjamin Ryans stands just outside his door, eyes on one of the many cameras that were placed through out it, his expression as always unreadable. He's busy buttoning the sleeve of a white dress shirt. That is the only thing dressy about him, as he's also wearing jeans and works boots.

It's still early in the morning, but the building is far from quiet. Somewhere in the upper floors the muffled crying of a small child can be heard and an argument on another floor.

Tensions at Gun Hill are running high, so at the wee hours of the morning, before is even natural for people to be up, the building is awake. Lips press into a fine line as he listens, fingers tugging the shirt into place. "D-Day." He rumbles softly. "God help us." Not that he's truly prayed in many years.

As much as she'd like it to be sometimes, violence has never been Lynette's strong suit. She's never been very good with impending doom or dealing with fear. The thought of Refrain is not far from her mind this morning, as a result. But she's doing a good job of not outright shaking, at least, not in front of the troops.

It's possible the sassy, red, swingy wrap dress she has on is inappropriate, but damnit, if this is the end of the line, she's going out in designer clothes and that's all there is to it. Her hair's even done, some light makeup on… probably all done as a soothing, steadying routine earlier this morning. At least her shoes are sensible flats, though.

The door to Lynette's apartment stands open, and she lingers sort of in the doorway, her hands on one of the guns from Ben's stash, but not in any practiced or ready fashion. "God helps those who help themselves," she says wryly, she can't help the tone, really, "Or so I've heard it said." And help themselves is something this group has certainly done their best at.

It seems Lynette is not the only one planning to go out in style. Tobias Cameron Benton-Ward is dressed in his finest silk blue shirt, his nicest slacks; his finest Italian leather shoes. His hair has been styled in that arduous, time-intensive "just rolled out of bed" look. The blue-eyed man stands near Lynette, between their two apartment doors, with Rugby crouched nervously at his feet. The corgi seems reluctant to move from his spot, ears flattened against his head as he picks up on everyone's fear.

"Well. Whatever happens, we'll have done our best," he observes, his usual manner still there but subdued into quiet that matches the early hour, if not the troops themselves.

Liza's usually up on the 4th floor, but she needed to stretch her legs, and there was only so much room in her apartment. That and it was hard to sleep. So she baked. Her usual. She had so many baked goods there was far too much for one person to eat and she was running out of spaces to leave them to cool. Heading downstairs, her ears catch voices nearby and she peeks cautiously towards the sound. Looks like she wasn't the only one up. She approaches, pursing her lips lightly. "Cupcakes aren't really a breakfast food, but… I've got at least two dozen in my apartment if anyone wants some. Long night…"

The apartment that houses the Ryans daughters has just been opened a fraction before Ben's was. Out stepping the oldest, Lucille. Dressed in a pair of dark jeans, and a dark blue tank top along with a dark brown leather jacket. Her boots clunk on the floor as she ruffles her short, inky black do.

She left the gun she got in the apartment for now. No need for it. Her light grey eyes scan the landing before they land on her father and she stares at him, leaning against the doorframe. Not saying much of anything at the moment.

The soft black cotton gloves that come to her elbow can be seen as she flicks a strand of hair out of her eyes. She quietly shuts the door and stretches out. This is the first morning since she's gotten back that she hasn't been on her morning run. She made up for it by doing some real studying a little bit earlier though. What good is her ability if she can't use it?

"Hey." She says, eyes on her father. A searching gaze studies him. Does he think it's gonna be okay? Because she sure doesn't think so.

Woken up in the wee hours of the morning, Huruma's venturing out into the chill November brought her up to speed at least in terms of alertness; if the northeast weather is good for anything, it is getting people moving. Her black leather jacket blocks out most of the cold from her body, while the stretch denim of her pants offers more warmth than others might. Even now, her boots have heels, albeit thicker ones, and they lift her the few inches into 'terrifying' territory. Not for anyone at Gun Hill, mind you, just the ones that are going to end up in the way as the day moves on.

"Is there a party I didn'hear about?" Huruma's voice at the end of the hall is abrupt, commenting on how many people there seem to be congregating down here once she is able to get inside the building. At this early, she cannot help but wonder if there is something else happening. Under her jacket, belted around her ribcage over a white shirt, is a twin holster, and under the hem is another visible pistol in its holster, and what is likely a knife tucked against her thigh. Can't say she isn't prepared. Huruma's manner, on the other hand, is markedly different from when Ben, at least, last saw her. Her shoulders seem lighter, but tiredness in her features gives the dark woman an aura of irritability, regardless of if she actually is(she isn't, not today).

Glancing down the hall to the familiar voice, brows tick upwards at the sight of Lynette, actually they slowly crawl upwards as his eyes lift from floor to her face, before they flicks over to Toby for a brief moment. "Going to stun them with dinner wear?" He asks, amusement tinting his voice. "You both look nice." He compliments them both with a nod of his head.

Others arriving get a small smile from the old man, but it quickly falls away, as he states for Liza, "I doubt any of us got much sleep last night." He admits, blandly, a glance going to the irritable empath.

Blue eyes suddenly focus on Lucille, brows tipping down a little, but figuring out his emotions is tough, only Huruma can feel the worry gnawing at his stomach. "Any word from your sister?" Ryans asks, the youngest of his girls, being part of the reason he hasn't been able to really rest. It's doubtful if he's had more then a short cat nap over those damn blueprints. He glances at Huruma as well, "Have you heard anythign from, Delia?"

"Our phasers are always set for 'stunning'," Lynette quips, as far as her and Toby's plans for the enemy. She glances around as people start to gather, and she stands up a little straighter as she motions to Liza. "By all means. Bring them down. I'm fairly sure we'll all be working off the calories today."

Yes, she is handling this all through a veneer of good humor.

At Toby's words, she reaches a hand over to touch his arm. They've been through a lot over the years, but nothing quite like this before. "I'm glad you're here," is a quietly whispered sentiment to the more flamboyant man in the room.

Toby can't help but smirk a little bit, eyes lighting up with tired mirth at Lynette's statement. "Why, thank you," he adds to Ryans with a light smile. "I figure, fight for our lives, might as well look good doing it. My mother always used to say, dress every day as if you're going to be murdered in those clothes." He pauses, but his good humor doesn't flag as he shrugs. "Guess that's a possibility now, hmm? No better time to heed that advice."

Those light blue eyes follow the other bodies there, pausing on Huruma in mild fascination. Huh. But his gaze doesn't linger long before Lynette captures his attention, and he looks her way with a smile. "I wouldn't be anywhere else, darling," he says with a smile of teeth and a tilt of his head. All Rugby has to add is a soft whine, stubby legs shifting his weight a bit before he hops up to trail in a nervous circle.

Liza's just wearing a pair of jeans and an oversized sweater. She's opted for the comfortable look. That and she didn't really own much in the way of fancy clothes these days. As someone seems interested in the cupcakes, the blonde's eyes brighten and she heads back to scale the four flights of stairs in no time. Burning off the calories already, she is.

"Off being a dumbass I assume. You raised her." Lucille shrugs lightly. Her face reads nothing, she's more like her father then she thinks. The oldest Ryans child looks at her father and raises an eyebrow before shaking her head. Delia running off might have been the stupidest thing, her younger sister has ever done. Lucille can only hope that Deli knows what she's doing.

She walks up to her father and stands right in front of him. Looking him in the eye, she flexes her hand. "Nothing you can do. Try not to worry." She says softly and then she's walking away, towards Huruma. "Huruma." She offers a light grin to the older woman. "Wanna see what I can do?" she wiggles her fingers. "You'd have to be the guinea pig though." Crude humor, it's kind of how she works now, Lucille.

Out of her jacket pocket comes a energy bar, and she's biting into that thing as soon as she can get the wrapping off. She has to eat a lot more now. Side effects.

Huruma steps down the hall, only coming to a stop when she's a couple short steps from Ben and parallel to Lucille, her eyes casting over the other vaguely familiar faces and picking slowly over the milling emotions. The general consensus seems to be that generally antsy feeling; her gaze pauses a moment on the dog that barely comes to mid-calf, taking the stubby legs and bat-like ears. A corgi is not exactly a battle hound, but if it works. "You too, now?" Huruma murmurs down to the older Ryans girl, lip ticking only a little into a smile. "I'm not in a guinea pig state, m'dear, but once I am, I don'see why not."

"Mmm. Me neither." Huruma turns her head to Ben, shaking it once and quickly debating how to let him know she is a little- off- if he hadn't noticed already. Maybe she just needs to tell someone. "I haven't heard a thing from your other daughter, but- I found out where mine is."

Huruma's voice is oddly level when she looks away from him again, and her explanation offers a reason for her bad morning. Bad being relative.

"Everyone knows where the bunker is?" He asks, brows stay furrowed, maybe it's Lucille's words that has that worry showing on his face now. Of course, he is going to worry about his daughter, it's his job for one. "There is ammo down there, food and water, just in case."

It's like Ryans is going over a mental list, unable to relax.

"Remember… keep all devices off til after noon, after the speech." Not like he is really wanting to hear what the president has to say about a day, that Ryans would rather not think about. Under all that worry is sorrow as this day has more meaning to it, like so many.

What Huruma says snags his attention, brows lifting, "Your daughter?" Yes, he does remember that her daughter was missing. "She's safe?" That isn't feigned interest in the well-being of Huruma's kin, it's genuine.

Lynette gives Toby's arm a squeeze there, and there's even a moment taken to crouch down and ruffle Rugby's fur. Poor thing must be so on edge. But she stands back up and looks over at the others, an eyebrow lifting curiously, but she doesn't pry. The matter of lost and found family members seems like a personal matter. She'll bother with getting personal if she makes it to tomorrow.

Toby smiles lightly at Lynette, somehow managing to be, if not completely worry-free, at least still generally optimistic and upbeat. Like Lynette, he leaves the family matters to the families and just glances at his own apartment. "Hmm, perhaps I should grab some more food to bring with," he says thoughtfully, mostly to himself. He likes cooking! He can't help it.

Rugby, meanwhile, presses his head into Lynette's hand and waggles his little stub tail, ears half-lifting. Yay! Lynette-pats! He strains to lick her hand for mutual reassurance.

The fact that Huruma has children makes Lucille blink a moment before she stares hard at the older woman. Hm, never would have guest. Even the most fierce animals of the jungle can bear offspring, well.. look at her father.

"Have to agree with the old man here, you guys look pretty sharp." She says softly before looking at Huruma again and then to her father. Her eyes focus on her father as she munches on the energy bar. She walks over near her door and leans against, eyes closed and head tilted up towards the ceiling. Listening and thinking at the same time.

Liza's returning from upstairs with two large plates fully of cupcakes. She wasn't kidding about the baking. She nods with her head towards the left plate. "These ones are red velvet with cream cheese frosting and these ones on the right here are vanilla with sprinkles!" She peers towards the others, holding the plates out in offering. "Eat up. Breakfast of champions!"

Merely thinking about Joseph Sullivan and Juwariya, so close and so out of reach, makes Huruma's lips tighten together, and her eyes search for something besides her friend- wow, she can think that now!- to look at. It clearly both upsets her to have found out in such a way, but there is an obvious relief, hence the lightened invisible load on her shoulders. Lucille's surprise only gets a look as if to say 'and?'.

"You remember, when her brother said a Sullivan took her?" Huruma finally looks back at him, again. "An'I refused t'believe it was Joseph? Turns out, that it was. But he only took her t'keep her safe." She takes a moment to breathe, very deliberately. "They- they're over here. Upstate, in some… monastery." There is that mote of offense at feeling betrayed, but mostly relief.

"I mean t'see her, when I can." Meaning, when all of this is 'over'.

The sight of the cupcakes is amusing for the old man, but Ryans slowly shakes his head. "Thank you, but no thanks, I do have coffee brewing in my kitchen though. You might avoid taking those into the bunker as there will be children down there and it's a small space." Well, small in the sense that kids hopped up on sugar will make it feel very small.

The experienced parent's advice.

There is some relief for Huruma, she'd feel it. "Good. Probably the best new we will hear this day." It's the sad truth there. A hand reaches out to grip the tall dark woman's shoulder, giving it a supportive squeeze before he moves towards the two building owners. "Toby, there is a walkie in my apartment, with all the frequencies for the network, Lynette — " his eyes drift to the blonde a moment, before focusing on Toby again. " — has one as well. Keep them on you."

Lynette, it seems, has no issue with coming over to snag a cupcake. Especially with the magic words 'red velvet' coming into play. Plus, she needs to put on some weight! Between captivity and Refrain and withdrawal, she's more on the thin side than she'd like. And she's taking a bite when Lucille offers her compliments, so at first, all the girl gets is a wink in reply. Until Lynette can speak politely.

"It's my favorite dress." That she's choosing to wear it today… might say something about her thoughts on their chances. Or perhaps, it's just a bit of comfort for herself, this particular garment. Her attention is pulled when Ryans says her name, a sort of soft, but still crooked smile on her face as she meets that drifting gaze. "Don't worry. We'll keep them close. We're ready here, Ben." Perhaps she doesn't want him worrying, either.

"Thank you." Lucille says in a singsong voice as she plucks two cupcakes from the plate. "My favorite." She winks at Liza before taking a healthy bite of the first one, cream getting on her gloves a bit. "I love em." She says with a full mouth and back she goes, to her door to lean against.

Brooding, with a tilt of her head as she listens to her father's conversation with people. Also, listening to what Huruma has to say. Everyone has family on the brain. Should Lucille feel terrible that she doesn't? She nods with a soft smile though towards Lynette at the comment of it being her favorite dress.

Well, things look pretty good there. People are taking some cupcakes, so… Liza at least looks happy. "Ah, right, I'll be sure to keep the sweets away from the kids. Might as well make sure they don't go to waste now, though." She offers the cupcakes forward to anyone else who might want some. The mention of family is something that Liza glosses over. Nope, do not want to hear about that. Not right now. Family's a sensitive topic.
First admitting they are friends, now he just touched her on his own(and she hadn't been at odds with him when he did)? Moving so quickly, don't you think? Huruma knows all the other times were, you see, him trying to choke the air out of her, his chasing her down, trying to pin her, you get the jist. Even if he doesn't realize, it's one second of good in an otherwise shit-faced morning. Thanks, Ben.

"I'm ready for where I'm needed." And that explains her presence, for people that really may have no idea why she's here. Huruma's voice lowers into a croon. "It is still very early, perhaps we should begin any relocation as soon as we can."

Telling Ben not to worry about those he cares about is like telling a mother bear not to worry about those hunters near her cubs, so Lynette is favored with a raise of his brow, but he does try to force himself to relax.

'Try' being the operative word.

"Just have to hold out til we can get you out." Ryans states blandly, still feeling unsure about what the plan is on the Ferry side of things. He would have preferred to just get everyone out, but that might have caught some unwanted attention, so they were forced to wait for the violence to erupt. "I'm not looking forward to this place being a mine field of sorts… but then I guess if it's raided…" He doesn't say out loud that the building would be lost anyhow.

With a heavy sigh, his head drops and fingers rub at his forehead, like he has to ease a tension headache. Huruma's statement gets a glance. "Soon. We're going to get the family downstairs. The evacuation isn't until that night." Of what he remembers being told of visions. "At night with the violence and smoke covering the retreat. Before then would risk discovery."

"I certainly am not, either," Lynette says, as far as losing the building. Maybe she should go back to being a coyote, like the old days. We'll see. "But we take the hand we're dealt. As soon as we've got the authorities and the Institute distracted with some good, old fashioned violence out there, we can start to move the families. Until then, we hold them off. And to that end… Huruma, I appreciate you coming to help out." Lord knows she hasn't really proven to be much a reliable source of fighting prowess. "We're all hoping it doesn't come to some sort of stand off… but our luck hasn't been all that fabulous lately."

Lashirah steps into the main area quietly, a cup of coffee in her hands. There's a quiet look in her eyes as she considers those present, somewhere between resignation and determination. She doesn't speak just quite yet.

Toby seems to approve when Lynette takes a cupcake, and he leans over to do the same, taking a bite as he nods to Ryans. "Would you like me to fetch it now?" he inquires. Funny how the canine telepath uses 'fetch.' Still, he watches the interactions with a bit of a sad smile. Companionship in the face of destruction. But isn't that what New York has been about for the last few years, anyways? In his eyes, at least, it has been.

"All your guys' help has been deeply appreciated," he adds to Lynette. "Lord knows I'm not cut out for this sort of thing. I'd much rather be wining and dining than running and fighting. But I joined the network for a reason, and this is it!" He even gives a little clap of his hands. Strange man.

The oldest Ryans is apparently, done listening to people talk because she turns her back and begins to open the door to the apartment. It's her apartment now, she guesses. And she's already ditching it. Lu gives her father a pointed look and then she's opening the door to her apartment. Ready to slip inside and make last minute preparations. They'll see her in a few hours.

Huruma's brows lift over at Toby. He is a peculiar man. And this little crew here is possibly why Huruma never before pressed the Ferry for any personal business. They're all a bunch of weirdos, and somehow she's fallen right in the weirdo pond. Not that she has room to talk. The tall woman nods once, tongue wetting her lips. "It seems I've accidentally made some connection with the Ferry-" Ryans gets a somewhat pointed look, but it isn't just his doing, he's just there to gesture at.

"And as I've not been run off, there must be something to this- business." The one where she's mostly protecting people instead of- you know- eating them.

Ryans is busy watching Lucille's retreat, concern on his features. The fact his oldest is drawing away bothers him, maybe cuase his youngest has too. So he's distracted enough to miss most of what is being said. Then he realizes Toby said something to him, and he blinks at the other man, before the question dawns on him.

"Oh! Oh, no hurry, my apartment is open since that's where everyone will be anyhow." It's commented blandly by the old Company Agent, but still manages to give the canine empath an apologetic look for seemingly getting distracted.

Lashirah quietly looks at the group, then softly speaks. "Lynette, I know you offered to be the last one out but… right now, these people know you, trust you, need you. The most they get out of me is me screwing up their forensics lab horrendously if they try to put me to work. I don't know anything useful to them. If one of us has to play the game of leading them on a merry goose chase away from the others, let me do it." The words are calm, determined. The lab tech-turned-punk rocker seems set on this course.

"Run off, are you kidding?" Lynette says with a bit of a chuckle, "We need all the help we can get." She… may just mean the Ferry as a whole there. But no one tell Bennet. "So those of you who don't know can be aware, there are cameras set up to view the entrances to the building. I have a contact who's aim is to discredit via… copious incriminating evidence, so when things start happening… keep away from there if you don't want your faces seen. Or if you plan on doing something illegal."

The woman seems to be running down her own mental list when Lashirah's words hit her and she lifts an eyebrow in the other woman's direction. There's a definite moment when she looks about to protest as a kneejerk reaction, but she bites it back to sort of study her. That determination is not missed.

"Hopefully we won't need to take that option. But if that's what you… want," Lynette accepts with a hint of a nod.

Toby just offers a warm and understanding smile to Ryans — one that falters at Lashirah's words. And he, too, looks like he wants to protest, but it is, after all, Lynette's decision. He follows his co-super's words with a brief nod. "At any rate… we should be as ready as we can be for this. And yes, of course, we're not about to run anyone off." Chuckle.

Huruma does her fair share of listening in on the exchange, now, mental notations of emotions and words in overdrive. For now, she crosses her arms and remains a giant shadow on the wall, eyes following the conversation as much as her ears. She can see, as of late, how this system has worked for as long as it has- the safehouses and all. Her working on the periphery wasn't enough to show her this, so maybe when all is said and done-

-maybe she shouldn't say yes to the next thing to take Messiah's place, to only do such things out of hand-wringing boredom. Instead, it seems the Ferry may well need her. It's all conjecture at this point- we'll see how it ends.

"I think everyone will do what they can… and honestly, if anything bad happens… we did our best. We did all we could." Liza swallows hard, moving to set down the cupcakes and instead take one to nibble on. Screw the world, it can wait, there are cupcakes.

A small sad smile manages it's way to Ryans' lips at what Lashirah says, "You know plenty that is useful, but I have to agree. One of us last is the better idea then handing over Ferry into their hands," That doesn't seem like all he is planning to say, but when he opens his mouth to say something else, he is interrupted by the buzzing ring of a cellphone. "Excuse me a moment." He turns suddenly and heads down the short distance to his apartment, where the source of that ringing is coming from.

"Hello?" His voice deep enough that the greeting drifts down the hall, but nothing is heard after that, that or he is just listening.

"Exactly, Liza. We've done all we can to prepare for this… and what we can do now is give it our best shot. And everybody try not to get caught." Lynette really means that. She's seen what they do when they catch you, after all. She glances Ryans' way when he gets that call, but her gaze slides back to the others after a moment. Nervousness spikes there, though, like she's worried that call is going to tell them it's all starting earlier than they thought.

Toby may only be a canine telepath, but he can pick up on the nervousness in the area easily enough. You'd have to be dense not to. And when he notices Lynette's ratchet up a bit, he looks to the group and puts on a big smile. "I say we need something to distract ourselves for just a little while! Who's up for Yahtzee?"

Huruma looks after Ryans when he slips back into his apartment, wanting to know the contents of the call- but she doesn't follow him, she can now trust him to tell them something when he comes back out, without having to clip anything off for her sake. Her emotional monitor stays on, just in case. But nothing comes that sets it off, not in the way that it could with keeping tabs on Ben. When he goes into attack mode, she'd know.

….Yahtzee? Huruma swivels her head to look at Toby, disconcerted, brows knitted above her nose. This guy. He's worse than her grandmother.

Liza may be the only one who seems thrilled by this idea. She smiles cheerfully towards Toby. "Yahtzee it is!" She exclaims. "Distractions are good… and it'll keep us alert and occupied until we need to do something."

When the tall ex-Company agent steps out of the apartment, his fedora is seated firmly on his head, feeling he'll need it today. He is in the middle of shrugging into his duster as he heads back down the hall, the people there getting a flash of the laden combat vest and holsters, before it's wrapped around him and tied into place.

Despite being scruffy, Ryans looks like an agent again, his face unreadable, but there is caution and uncertainty under it. "I have to go," he states to the group as a whole, fingers straightening the lapel of his duster. "Eileen needs me for some council meeting."

His eyes slide over to Huruma, then, "I have to do this on my own." The words obviously apologetic since he's leaving her there. "Eileen just needs someone at her back, I guess." His eyes slide to Lynette, for a moment, before he starts to step around everyone for the door. "I'll be back if I can, before everything happens." The words are non-committal though, he's sinking into agent mode.

"Oh god, Toby," Lynette says with a laugh. "You get a game set up somewhere, I'll make sure you have people to play it. The others in the building might need a distraction, too." But, of course, when Ryans steps out again, Lynette's gaze meets his and she just tilts her head a bit and gives him an ease, if a touch sad smile. "Good luck," is all she says before she turns herself toward the stairs. It seems she's going to head up to gather people for some diversions… instead of watching him walk out the door.

Toby just chuckles. "You're missing out," he teases Lashirah, before be gives a bit of a flourished bow and heads towards his apartment. "Yahtzee at my place! Lynette, darling, round up as many as you can find. I'm sure if we run out of spots for Yahtzee we can play Farkle or Monopoly or some such. We can have boardgame day!" And he seems perfectly happy with that, moving into his apartment with his tubby little potato dog at his heels, trying to keep up.

There is a certain reluctance to Huruma's reaction on being told, essentially, to stay here. You're going to leave me with Yahtzee? Her lips purse and those crossed arms tighten in front of her ribcage. She does not suppose he will be back, so it may be up to her and the other rogue agents to make sure that Gun Hill is ready to bolt out of the grass like a jackrabbit. Huruma is very skilled at instances where the only way out might be through, even Ryans can attest to that. She'll do her best to pass it on. Between rounds of dice games, apparently.

"B'safe, Benjamin." Honest words, in his parting.

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