Year Long Crush 2.0


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Scene Title Year Long Crush 2.0
Synopsis Magnes comes for a little show and tell and to pick up birthday cupcakes. He tries another stab at getting a date with Abby, who lies like she's going to hell in a handbasket.
Date February 8, 2010

Old Lucy's - Upstairs

Happy Birthday to Magnes! Though he's not expecting anything to happen today, he's decided to conduct business as usual, and a part of that usual business is showing up at Abby's place for one reason or another. He doesn't have the large keyboard case with him, instead he's carrying a reinforced steel suitcase, with two keyholes on both sides. Also, today he's wearing his black denim jacket buttoned up! "It's Magnes." he casually announces after a knock at the door.

Magnes is let in with very little fanfare, pomp, circumstance or what have you though there is a glance to the case he's carrying. "Someone give you a present?" Abby inquires, brows rising at the case and closing the door behind him. "Happy Birthday Magnes. I remembered from last year" She offers up a grin and a quick hug for the other guy that's heartfelt and not stiff. "Girls downstairs I think are planning on getting you drunk real soon and seeing how many drinks it'll take to get you literally floating again"

"Oh, really? That'll be awesome. I didn't think anyone would remember." Magnes gives possibly the most genuine smile he's had since he returned from Antarctica, wrapping his free arm around her waist when she hugs him, before quickly letting go. He won't push his luck there. "Oh, this. This is the thing that made me blind. Only Delilah knows I have it, and now you're gonna know, because I trust you. No one can know I have this, alright? I can't risk the government finding out, and they're the last people I need getting this. I plan to destroy it after I show you."

"Magnes, if you smuggled some sorta poisonous or spiny salamander into my home and the united states I'm gonna grab my wooden spoon and beat you upside the head" The case is given a renewed and wide berth in the fear that something dangerous really might be in there. "I'll.. just stand over here while you open.. up.. that thing.. Just don't get me killed okay?" Please don't get me killed Magnes.

"Don't worry, I killed dozens of these things. This one's dead, I think, but I keep it locked up just in case. When I open it, I hold it down with gravity, so even if it did suddenly come to life, it wouldn't be able to move." Magnes tries to reassure her, walking in and taking a seat on the couch. The case is sat on the floor, and he pulls two different keys out to unlock it. When the case is lifted open, there's a vicious looking robotic raptor with its neck and spine broken in a few places. "There were lots of robots, these were the smallest. There were cheetahs and llamas. Some around four feet, others up to seven feet. The largest was the crab robot, with flamethrowers and all. That's what we hijacked to get out of there, it was at least ten or fifteen feet. I think this is the last one, everything else was bombed."

"You have a dead poisonous salamander in there?! Magnes, the smell!" Which doesn't make her come any closer to the box and shoot an even more stranger look at Magnes. That is until he's lifting out the robot which forces blue eyes wide and she inching closer while Magnes explains what it is, and the variety of other species that he saw there.

"Magnes… that's.. a dinosaur…" She's brave enough to crouch down beside it and even reach out and touch it with a lone forefinger since he's assured her that it's dead.

"Hector Steel built them, lots of them. The forest was full of these robots, they tracked us with these electronic braces that a few of us walked into. They instantly tested if we were Evolved or not. Green light meant human I believe, red light was Evolved." Magnes holds it with his mind, not even about to touch it with his hands, but it's definitely safe for her, with him holding it. "I lost my eye when the base was about to explode, and the airforce was gonna bomb it all to the ground. These things swarmed and were about to kill this freedom fighter woman who'd been helping us. Kazimir was helping me fight them, but there were too many and it slashed my eye."

"Oh Magnes" She sighs with a shake of her head, pulling her hand back with a sigh. "Only you would bring home deadly robots and keep it in a case" She rocks back on her heels, just staring at the creature and wondering what kind of man makes something like that. "Sounds like you had… interesting times out there Magnes" That obviously is an understatement.

"Interesting, but certainly not fun. I thought we were going to die. As much as I put on a brave front while I was there, I was expecting to die. Even in Antarctica…" Magnes places the raptor back into the case, then closes it as the locks automatically click. "I would have never worked out as a Christian. I had to kill so many people, I'm still not over the guilt. And that's not even the half of it. I wanna believe in God, Abby, but I don't wanna think I'm going to hell." He doesn't sound so much worried as just incredibly guilty.

A lot of people thought they were going to die when they get sent out Magnes. I'm glad you didn't. Because who knows what we'd be doing if we didn't have you for.. real life comedic relief." SHe means that in the nicest way and eyeballs the metal case still. She just can't quite believe that he brought that home. "Come on, I made you birthday cupcakes Magnes to take home with you. As for what you believe in, that's between you and god Magnes"

"I don't wanna be a hero anymore, but I'm starting to realize that it's not really a choice sometimes. If a person walks up and says 'We need you to help save lives', I can't really say no… no matter how unsavory the requester is." Magnes stands, leaving the case where it is, and follows her. He sounds as if he's beating around something specific, about this unsavory requester, but doesn't seem inclined to say. "It's been a while since I had your baking, Abby. And uh, I was thinking, I know this is so one year ago, and we're both gonna be very busy soon with school and work and all that, and, hell, I'm sure I even know the answer already, but what would you say if I asked you out on a date? No real expectations with it, but, just a simple date." He almost goes silent to wait for an answer, but quickly holds a finger up. "And I'll only ask once, so don't worry about this being year long crush 2.0. We're both more or less adults now, we've been through a lot over the year, and I didn't think it'd hurt to ask. Never know what might happen tomorrow, y'know?"

"I'm seeing someone already Magnes." She will go to hell, she's sure of it for the words that are slipping out of her mouth. "His names is Robert" Caliban'd likely be choking on his smokes right about now if he was in the room. Would he play the part if only to save Abby from a date with Magnes. "And… even if I wasn't Magnes, I don't think I'd want to with you. You're a nice guy, you're just not my kind of guy" The kind that smells like whiskey and smoke and sweat and has the potential to grow a beard it seems.

"Ouch." Magnes says with a hint of amusement, giving her a friendly smile and nodding in understanding. "Alright, Abigail. I probably shouldn't be dating so soon anyway, my breakup with Claire still hurts, but, I figured I should make an effort to move on, y'know? Though I have no idea how to get over someone, this is my first breakup. I've quite literally tried everything… well except taking Huruma's offer, but that'd be the easy way out."

After all that, he twirls his hand a few times in the direction of the kitchen. "Cupcakes."

'Taking Huruma's offer?" The hell was her bouncer offering Magnes. A roll in the hey now. No, she wouldn't! "Cupcakes" She heads on into the kitchen, not much time before she has to take off to run errands and meet up with people. But in a tupper container is indeed a dozen cupcakes, decorated and with sprinkles. Blue and red, just like spiderman. "You can eat them all or share them, I made them for you. Happy legal age Magnes"

"Two years legal now, I'm older than all my friends, except Linus." Magnes' smile gets toothy when he leans down and inhales the cupcakes, then picks up the container. "Thanks, Abby. It really means a lot that people are thinking about me today. Sometimes I really need to be reminded that I have friends. Oh, and Huruma offered to kind of make me hurt less, with her ability. When I first learned Claire lost her memories, I kind of got depressed and very drunk. Now I'm not so much drunk but, well, you get the picture."

He starts to head out of the kitchen, then leans down and picks up his case with his free hand. "'Course I've probably tried worse than having my emotions dulled, which is part two of why I'm going to hell, but some things a southern girl just doesn't need to hear." This is said with a bit of a suggestive smirk, and finally he heads for the door.

"Making it hurt less by unnatural means Magnes, won't make it hurt less. Sure right then and there but… It's just another way of … running away" But that's all she'll say to caution Magnes as she walks him to the door. "I'm sure there's much that I need to not hear"

"Still, asking you out, it really reminded me of old times. I think that's what I wanted, more than anything, the nostalgia. Sometimes I can be the Urkel to your Laura, except I don't suddenly become hotter than your boyfriends when I take my glasses off." Magnes laughs and heads out, giving her one last look back. "I'll be here tonight, to get drunk with everyone. I wanna see if I'm brave enough to hit on Brenda. See you later, Abby!"

Who on gods green earth is urkel? Abby just smiles, blind dumb stupid smile. "Drinks are on the house for you tonight Magnes, I'll let them know downstairs about your birthday" She opens the door since both his hands are full, locks undone. "You be careful out there Magnes, don't… don't do something you'll regret"

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