Yer The Baby Of The Family


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Scene Title Yer The Baby Of The Family
Synopsis There is some serious talkin' going on when Lola drops by Kaylee's place for a visit.
Date September 12, 2009

Kaylee's Apartment

A few days ago, Lola broke into Biddy's in order to get Adam Monroe's address.

That didn't stop her from glancing at a few others.

Now, she's taking advantage of it. Having heard that Kaylee was sick from her brief stop in Biddy's earlier - after spending the night on Adam's sofa in her shiny dress - Lola decided that the girl needed a pick-me-up. What constitutes a pick-me-up?

Cough drops, soup (hot and sour), apple cider and….green apple smirnoff? Whatever, Lola. Either way, she kicks on the door instead of knocking, her hands too full.

Looking up from where she is sprawled on the couch, a laptop perched on her lap, Kaylee's brows lift. She wasn't expecting anyone. Setting aside the laptop, she slides to her feet and moves to the door. She takes a peek through the peephole. "What the…." Undoing the locks, she opens the door. "Lola? Or is it… Maria at the moment?" She asks arching her brow. "More importantly how did you find out where I live?"

Lola moves to push in, to brush right past Kaylee. "These ain' feathers I'm holdin', sister," she complains, hoping to get inside and find somewhere to lay the items down. "As far as findin' ya, it's the same way I found yer boss. Started a fight in the bar, snuck in the back, checked the locks on the doors, came back at night an broke into the office," she says it all like it's a rather 'duh' scenario. "Don' worry, English knows all about it. I broke into his place first. Least I knocked on yours." She tosses a mischevious grin at the woman. "And it's Lola unless I got a badge strapped ta my side."

Stepping aside, Kaylee watches the woman amused. "Okay… Lola. Why are you here?" She asks curiously, peering after the woman as she shuts the door again. Kaylee's place looks more like a bachelor pad then a place a young woman lives, with it's mismatched furniture and all.

"Welp," yes, she says 'welp', "I done heard ya werne' feelin' quite right. So I brought some stuffs. Was in the neighborhood an all, an there really ain' much to do here," she admits with a frown. It's true for Lola anyway. Bars are dull, museums are pointless - what is there really to do? Anything fun she's libel to get caught at. "Now, is yer nose stuffy or not? If it ain' ya might not wanna eat the soup."

"No. Not a cold." Kaylee explains following her, watching her curiously. "I've been queasy for a few days." She picks up an empty glass from her coffee table and moves into the kitchen. "So… your seeing Adam?" She asks curiously, pulling open her fridge to pull out a bottle of ginger ale. Eyes glance over to the other woman, watching her. "And please… don't take anything."

Lola ahs, taking the soup out of the bag. "Then I'll eat this, because this won't help you one bit. Neither will the booze, I figure. Huh. I misplanned this. Ah well, pills." She takes out the medicine and cough drops that she brought. "You need to twitter your symptoms or something so I can make better helpful runs. I'm not very good at this helpful thing anway."

She smirks a bit at Kaylee's request. "Aww, who don toldja? Bout the thievin' I mean. Not 'bout English. He's…we're not…I dunno, he owed me dinner fer kissin' me an pushin' me off a building." Actually pulling her off a building but that's not really the point. "He's talkin' bout movin' me someplace closer inland, he really don' like staten much." Lola shrugs, rather nonchallantly.

"Yeah…" Kaylee comments blandly, "I know he doesn't like Staten. He works hard to keep me off there." She glances at the woman and chuckles. "You broke into the bar, not a huge leap." Kaylee adds with a smirk, "Plus.. I'm a telepath." She taps the side of her head while picking up the glass, which she takes a long drink out of.

"Well that's…creepy. Stay oughta my head, sugar, or you'll see some nasty things." She nods sagely, really not loving the idea of having a woman probing around in her grey matter. She conintues to unpack, looking for a seat where she'll settle and chow down on her soup. "Way I see it, Staten ain' so bad. I like it there, English hates my place though. Keeps talkin' bout puttin me someplace else but I don' rightly know where else I'd go, ya know?" She maws down on the soup happily. "Don' know much about the city or nothin, got a feelin' he'd stick me someplace with rich folks an poodles. The hell is a poodle, anyway? I'd like to see a wild band a poodles roamin' the outback or somethin."

Kaylee holds up a hand. "I don't just go in probing. It's rude.. but if you think too loud, chances are I'll hear something. Much like when your minding your own business and you hear something someone says." She shrugs her shoulders and moves to drop on her couch again with a sigh. "Adam found me on Staten. He was at Shooters and he happened to be there. Saved me from a bad date." She grins over at the woman. "Known each other since."

Lola nods, propping her feet up on the table. She makes a point not to think too 'loud', whatever that means. "So you two doin' the horizontal mambo, then? Seems like the sort ta wander about it. Then again, most fellahs in this town seem that way." She grins happily as she eats - the soup she origionally bought for Kaylee.

"Oh god… Ew.. Lola.. No." Kaylee says with a wrinkle of her nose, the thought obviously making her cringe a bit. "That would be like sleepin' with my dad. Eww." She gives the woman a look like she suggested something disgusting. "So.. your not interested in him that way either, huh?" She studies the woman curiously, "If he's buying you dresses and getting limos.. .He's wooing you hardcore. He wants in those pants, lady." she teases with a toothy grin.

Lola chuckles, mmming happily at the taste of the spicy soup. "Yeah well..I dunno how I feel about 'im. He's growin' on me, that's fer sure but…" she sighs, shaking her head. "I feel like one a two things. Number one," she holds up her index finger, "He thinks I'm a hot lil thing an so he don' care a lick what comes outta my mouth so long as he gets ta stare an daydream or 2," she holds up a second finger. "He's…well I ain' even sure what two is. I just don' seem his type, so I can' figure out what he really wants."

"You do get use to him.." Kaylee says with a chuckle, swirling her glass a bit. "Probably, why I put up with him grounding me and putting me on double shifts. Never had a guy actually seem to give a shit about me." She smirks over at Lola. "He's a good guy in his own way." She grimaces a bit and rests an arm on her stomach, makings a soft woosh sound. "I hate it when I get waves of nausea.. as if being queasy and not having an appetite wasn't enough."

"Maybe ya oughta lay down. Can ya hold down water alright? I got sick once, couldn' hold down water, I was pukin' it up within minutes a swallowin' it. Worse 24 hours of. My. Life." She shakes her head, remembering how sick she was. "Had no pants left, had puked on all of em, just lay in bed in my underwear suckin' ice cubes. Bleh."

Trying to change the subject, Lola looks back up at Kaylee. "So what would you tell me then, bout what I should do or think bout English an me?"

"Eh.. I haven't thrown up yet, thankfully." Kaylee comments lightly, with a dismissive wave of her hand. "Anyhow.. You and Adam. Not sure what to tell you, Lola. Follow your gut really." She leans over briefly and murmurs. "Just don't tell Adam I said that." She says with a grin. "If he's not for you, then well… He's not for you."

Lola looks up at Kaylee, grinning miscehviously. "Do ya want me ta think he's fer me?" She asks, always aware of the potential for people to manipulate her. Or at least try. Adam snowed her once, she wasn't about to let his people do it again. That would just be stupid. "Or would ya rather I not?"

"Why ask me that?" Kaylee looks rather amused by the question, "It's not my place to play match maker for Adam." She grins. "So… the answer is.. I have no comment on the subject." Her brows quirk up a touch, before she sits up again.

Lola rolls her eyes. "I asked cause I like the sound a my own voice. Who cares why I asked. Ya kin read minds, darlin, the least of a courtesy ya kin give ta the rest a the populace is ta be forfront an honest wif yer own," She leans back, no longer using the spoon and just sipping the soup out of the container. "Sides, I know what most a yer fellahs at that bar think a me already."

"Yeah well… Ash is a brute who doesn't seem to know when to keep his mouth shut.. But he cares… well, as long as it doesn't put his life in jeopardy." Even at that, Kaylee talks about Ash with affection. "Brian. I'm not sure about yet… Nice guy tho. And Andrew.. " She shrugs. "I've only just met him. So I wouldn't take their thoughts anyway. We're fairly close…Well as close as you can with a group like that, and new people tend to get their backs up."

Lola shakes her head. "Quit dodgin', darlin. Like I said, give others the same chance at knowin' what you got. S'only fair." She really wishes she were in a spinny chair right now, but alas, she's not. She does, however, watch with interest how she talks about Ash.

"I wouldn't dodge the question if it didn't feel like a trap." Kaylee responds. "Do I want you to you think he's for you? Only if you want too. I may think of him like a father, but I'm not a spoiled kiddie that wants to keep daddy all to herself." She grins wickedly. "So it's not a decision I will make for you, Lady."

Lola finishes a soup, and without asking, takes out a lighter and a cigarette to light up. "Sugar, I ain' askin' ya ta tell me waht ta do. Just askin' where I stand wif his people in case I do like 'im, that's all. But if ya ain' comfortable speakin' yer own mind, I understand." she gives a half shrug. "It kin be scary, talkin' bout yer feelins."

"Too early to know really." Kaylee says as she finally gets what she's asking. "I've only seen you.. what twice?" She smiles a bit, "But… when it comes to Adam's people, I'm probably the easier one to get along with." She knows it… She likes people, with allows her to put up with a lot. "But I think most of us look at Adam's personal life as none of our business… Now my personal life." She shakes her head and rolls her eyes. "Seems to be everyones business for some reason."

Lola grins mischeviously. "Yer the baby of the family, darlin'. I ain' a baby, I'm a twin, but cause I got a vagina that sorta made me the baby. I know what it's like, an actually…as dysfunctional as yer little 'family' here might be, betcha mine grownin' up was just as bad. Goin' ta prison's a good way to cure all that, ya know." she nods sagely, as though she just handed down a great peice of advice to the other girl.

Kaylee chuckles and grimaces, "Yeah… I think your right there actually." She bounces her foot a bit, sipping at her drink, "Even though I've proven I can take care of myself, they seem to coddle me." She wrinkles her nose and sighs. "I'd say it's cause I'm a girl, but the other woman are not treated that way."

Lola nods her head. "Yer young, ya look it. Ya seem a bit more….well, I dun wanna say innocent. But I just did. Still, ya shouldn' let that pass. When people stop carin', it's usually fer a damn long time if it ain' fer good. Least they care. An if they care, ya know they got good reason to. Do ya know what I spent the last few days doin, did English tell ya?"

"I've…. been avoiding Adam." Kaylee admits with an embarrassed smirk, looking down at her mostly empty glass. "I've been calling off for a few days now with this bug I got. So no, he didn't. " She gives her a curious look.

Lola bobs her head. "Didja hear 'bout that fellah what killed an apartment full a people? Evolved serial killer an all that? Well I met a fellah who told me 'bout him. Turns out he napped a cop a week or so back. This fellah put me in touch with another cop, who lied an brought me in on the case. I'm a sniper, a sorts, I ain' never missed a shot." And she's only ever taken two. "These two cops lied ta get me ta Illinois, an put me on the roof of a jeep an had me shoot this serial killer ta save their cop friend - turns out lover too, but that's another story. So if ya got folks who're willin' ta do what them cops did an risk everythin ta get you back from harm - well, it's somethin' worth hangin' on to."

Kaylee's brows lift high on her head as the woman talks, her head tilting a bit. "That…." She frowns a bit looking less then convinced. "Seriously?" She asks curiously. "Sounds so…. so unreal. Must have been fun though." She smiles a bit. "Getting to take out the bad guy and all."

Lola bobs her head. "Yeah, it's great an all…I mean it felt good afterwards." She doesn't want Kaylee to know about the trepedation during, how she couldn't see his face clearly, how she went on faith that he was the bad guy and just happened to be right. "I never miss a shot, s'why they wanted me. See if this fellah'd survived, he coulda jumped into my body - so I'm told - an made me kill myself. S'why they needed him down in one shot."

"But that ain' really the point. The woman they saved was a cop - lady well an able ta take care a her own self. Didn' stop these two folks from wantin' ta protect her, an it didn' make the kidanpped cop any less of a tough bitch. So…just…don be so worried bout them bein' concerned over ya. Don' mean you ain' a tough bitch or nothin."

Staring at Lola, Kaylee looks like the woman just totally surprised her. Like Lola did some sort of amazing trick. "Huh…" She says finally. "Interesting way to put it. I'll… keep that in mind next time Adam is saddling me with another week of double shifts." She gives Lola a lopsided grin. "So… Not to get off the subject.. Your on Staten right? Ever met a weirdo named.. God what was is it.. Mister Jack?" She glances at the woman and arches her brow.

Lola was drinking cider out of the jug when Kaylee asks her question. She almost snorts the cider back out, quickly pulling the jug away and bringing a hand up to cover her nose just in case. Cough. Sputter. Swallow. "Uh…Maybe…." Yeah, okay, like that isn't the most obvious answer in the world. "Why do ya wanna know?"

"Personally… I just want to know if the wacko is for real." Kaylee states with a smirk. "I mean.. He's clearly insane… He was casually talking about killing people and stuff. It was surreal." She doesn't sound disturbed by her run in with the Loco's leader, but curious really.

Lola shrugs a bit. "Well, lemme explain this to ya, sugar. I spent a couple a year behind bars…" Nevermind the details. "Folks loved ta go outta their way to make 'emselves seem a lot worse than they were. Ya know that story, 'It's always the quiet ones'? Well it's sorta true, in my experience. Louder someone is, more they're playin a game we thieves like ta call 'Watch my left hand while my right's in yer pocket.' Or somethin. I'm paraphrasin, really." In truth she has no idea about Mortimer, but she wants to downplay him a bit for safety reasons.

Kaylee chuckles. "I guess…Though blowing up a building seems rather big time." She sighs a bit and eyes the woman. A smile tugs at the corner of her mouth, "I can definitely say, Lola, you'll fit in just fine I think. Should you find that Adam is your cup of tea… so to speak."

Lola pushes to her feet, letting Kaylee take care of the empty container she left. Never let it be said that Lola is anythign but a rude house guest. "Yeah well, we'll see. Lotsa different kinds a teas an all. Still gettin' my taste a the English Breakfast." She smirks playfully. "Listen, ya start feelin' real sick….don' call me, ya got plenty a other people to call an I ain' haulin ass outta Staten unless all yer friends are dead an buried an ya got a foot in the grave, yeah?" She says it all with a smirk, just to make a point: Not everyone is coddling you.

"Well.. admittedly your not first on my list." Kaylee shoots right back with a grin, sliding to her feet. "But I appreciate the thought.. If Adam's whole gang gets wiped out, I'll make sure to call you for help." Laughter edges the words, as she moves to the door, "I'm sure I'm fine though. Been about five days… can't last much longer." Grabbing up the alcohol Lola brought, she offers it up before opening the door. "Might as well take that. I can't drink or do any mind altering drugs and such." She explains lightly, "Sure way to put me in the hospital. Thanks though, Lola.. For the unexpected visit. It was…. enlightening."

Lola takes the bottle. "Hopefully not too enlightening. Stay outta my head, tifi." The last word is clearly in some other language, but probably not one that Kaylee's ever heard. "An feel better," and with that she heads out the door, leaving a nice little contained mess for Kaylee to play in.

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