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Scene Title Yes
Synopsis Tracy gets a yes to her request made of Abigail when the redhead shows up to tell her that.
Date May 19, 2009

Tracy's Office

The President's statement should be expected within the next few days, and that has Tracy Strauss in a scramble. She's got several files on her desk, though she never seems to have time to read them. All of them are filled with detailed media coverage since the Nakamura announcement. Today she's wearing one of those professional dresses, and is standing near the window, talking on the phone. "No, I want it to be a 40 second bit. Don't worry about that. Yes, well I don't care what Bill O'Reily has to say…"

She's picked peoples brain, read over what was sent to her. Come up with questions of her own and sat down with Genevieve to discuss just what this might mean down the road. A scooter ride later down to wherever Tracy Strauss's office is, a couple showings of her ID - One person recognized her and asked if she could raise someone back from the dead - Abigail waits outside the blonde woman's office. Messenger bag in lap, Khaki skirt and button up blue blouse and her leather jacket. She flips through a magazine, some article about the financial impact that the evolved have had on the economy since their 'coming out' and glancing at the door.

A few minutes later, the secretary behind the desk will look up. She knew Abby was there - let her in obviously. But apparently this secretary just has the uncanny ability to ignore people until their needed. Now she's needed. "Miss Beauchamp? Miss Strauss will see you no." She nods through the two doors leading into the private office.

Abigail's used to be ignored. Sonny's secretary was, is, so good at that. "Thank you" A smile for the woman before she stands and heads for the office door. A knock to warn her that she's coming in before a head of red hair poking in, followed by blue eyes and then the rest of her body. "Ms. Strauss?"

Tracy is still on the phone. "Tell Bill O'Reily to go and fuck himself then." She says, flipping the cell phone closed. Alas, she can't slam it like they would in the old days. She turns, a little surprised to see Abigail, but not at all abashed by her language just now. No, instead she offers a genuine smile to the woman, gesturing for her to come in. "Miss Beauchamp, come in, have a seat please."

It's on the tip of her tongue to bark out "language" but she doesn't. Instead there's just a nod as Abigail closes the door behind her and take up the appointed seat in front of Tracy's desk. "I hope that, despite this Bill O'Reily, that your having a good day?"

Tracy shakes her head with a soft chuckle as she moves to sit behind her desk. It's not terribly expansive or anything - made of good material, but otherwise meant to be practical, not imposing. "As lovely as any Tuesday can be." She says with a polite nod. "And yours? I hope you're enjoying the start of the week?"

"Its been a very busy start of the week. Work, school, healing a few people. But I'm sure that it's going to get busier and nothing compared to your week. I came to tell you that I had a few questions, before I give my answer to your request" Out of the messenger bag she's digging up her little notepad, flipping past the pages till the one with what she wrote is there.

Tracy nods, folding her hands over all the files she'll have to get to later. "Absolutely. You're welcome to ask anything you like, and I'd like to express my gratitude to you for putting so much thought and care into your consideration and response."

"If I didn't then, shame on me. Because it's my reputation on the table" Abigail's blue eyes glance down to the written words scribbled out by her own hand. Perfect cursive. Hey, she's that kind of girl. "I'd like to meet, if possible, some of these potential Frontline solidiers? I watched the news and if there's folks ready to go if the bill passes, it means that there's people already picked out. I'd like to meet at least one or two of the people i'd be supporting. lending my name to"

Tracy listens to the request, and waits until Abigail is finished. Her power-ponytail swings as she shakes her head softly to the negative. "I'm afraid that isn't possible, Miss Beauchamp. While it is true that Homeland security probably has some potentials in mind, until FRONTLINE is passed they themselves will not be approached. They don't even know they are being considered for the Act because the Act has not been past yet, so of course, you can understand how it would be impossible for me to pass their names on to you."

Oh. well. scratch that. She'd hadn't thought of that really. "I can understand that" A bob of Abigail's head. 'Sorry, I hadn't thought about, that. I had thought that there already folks training in anticipation" Okay, less babbling Abigail. Which means that probably her other questions would be met with a 'not allowed to tell' from the blond. "Well, I guess then. I'd like to say that I'll say yes to your request from the other day Ms. Strauss. I think, that SCOUT works well, and that.. places like Staten Island could benefit from a visit from FRONTLINE if it ever gets passed"

Tracy leans forward ever so slightly. She's more than happy to explain everything that she can to Abigail. "No, see this is the importance of getting FRONTLINE passed so quickly. We can't even begin training until we receive approval and funds from congress, which is what FRONTLINE would do. The sooner we get it approved, the sooner we can at least start the training." She sits back, smiling happily as she hears Abigail say yes. "You're doing your country a great service, Miss Beauchamp. I'm very excited to hear that you're agreeing. Are you sure you have no other questions?"

"None that I'm sure, your allowed to tell me. But, you did answer some. I asked some individuals I know their opinions and it was split. Most of it was, do what I felt was right. I don't think it's so much doing the country a great service. It's just going to be me, talking. for like 20 seconds and that's going to be it. It's those people,if the act gets passed, that will be doing the great service Ms. Strauss."

Tracy nods her head in agreement. "This is true, but I also want you to understand that I realize I'm asking you to give up some of your privacy, not only as a person, but as an Evolved. And I want you to know that your doing this is given those men and women to opportunity to do that great service."

'I don't think of myself as Evolved Ms. Strauss. You should know that. It's a label. I'm gifted. I consider myself touch in a way, by god. Like so many other people. My privacy went out the door the day I registered, and each time I laid my hands on someone and prayed. Central park even. But a friend told me that maybe god gave me this gift to not just heal people but to show people that not everyone runs around blowing up chunks of cities, or setting stuff on fire, that everyone who's gifted isn't bad"

Tracy nods, listening once more. "Your friend has an excellent point." It's why Tracy wanted to use Abigail so bad - she's perfect for it, especially given the Nakamura developments. "Here's what's going to happen next. In about a week or so, maybe less, I'll be giving you a call to come down to the studio. Before that time, what I'm going to need from you is for you just to think about what you'd like to say. Why FRONTLINE is important. How your experiences have brought you to this conclusion. I'll also…" She reaches for a card and a pen, scribbling something down. "Give you the name of one of our media experts. Go ahead and meet with him at your convenience, and he'll help you flesh out your ideas into the most concise, easy to understand statements as possible."

More bobble heading from Abigail as she waits in her seat, her hands clasped around her little notebook. "I think I can do that. How long do I have to to talk for? I have some friends who can help me figure it out too, what I should say. But obviously you'll, or others will want to see it.. before anything becomes concrete" She's actually doing this. Idly she wonders what her father would be saying right about now. Probably that she's putting one foot in the devils living room or some such thing. "Is there anything else? Is there something specific that I should wear? uhhh.. do? Besides that"

Tracy shakes her head. "We want to portray you on-screen, Abigail. So whatever you might normally wear, or would like to wear, is fine. You'll probably be talking for…10-20 seconds, depending on what you feel comfortable with." Normally it's very cut-and-dry, but Tracy feels like Abigail will do better with some leeway.

Another bobble of her head. Someone get the spring out from the middle of her neck. "Okay. I think, then, that. I'm done here? I should probably let you get back to work and go think about what I should say. So that I'm not just staring at the camera" Abigail smiles then, honest and earnest one.

Tracy nods with a smile, standing, but not offering her hand over the desk. Abigal doesn't like that. "I'd really like to thank you again for agreeing to do this. I promise, we really appreciate your help."

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