You Are A Long Term Client


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Scene Title You Are A Long Term Client
Synopsis Rebecca visits Audrey to inform her of a loose end, that she tied up, and politely hints to payment.
Date August 30, 2010

Audrey's Office, 22nd Floor, Federal Plaza 1

Monday morning, emails accumulated over the weekend, messages left on work voice-mail that people didn't deign to call her cell because it was either too tiring to redial numbers or they didn't want to disturb the agent. Not that she relaxed all weekend, no. But the dark haired agent was in her office, shuffling files, making notations on other ones as she waited on the phone listening to a message.

All this while an agent escorted Rebecca up to Audrey's office, more than willing to see the woman on the fly. How many times had Rebecca made room for them on the fly? Often enough. So at the door, the lackey stands, knocks,shoving his head in and speaking to Audrey. Few moments later, the door is opened wide even as Audrey hits 7 on a message, deleting it and hanging up the phone.

"Ms. Nakano. I don't remember having arranged an outing, did I miss something or is there an issue with billing?" Audrey rises from her seat, offering her hand to Rebecca. "How are you this morning"

Rebecca's anger for having to lie to Elaine Darrow last night has quelled some in the night she slept, but she still needs to make some things clear to Agent Hansen. She was cost some money last night in the form of a client and that just isn't going to cut it with her.

Rebecca Nakano has started to grow a backbone.

She's let to Hansen's office and she pulls up a seat.

"No, we didn't have an appointment, but I ran across something in my dealings with a client yesterday that I felt you should be aware of. I though it best to come down and talk with you, since my workload through this agency comes from you. I believe that this weekend, your agency 'acquired' Magnes Varlanes."

Lackey dismissed, door closed, Audrey had started to rummage through some files before up comes her head at the words spilling forth from Nakano's mouth. Why on earth… had Nakano been looking into that. "Who was your client?" No denial or admission made to that statement of fact slash accusation.

"Elaine Darrow." Rebecca answers firmly. There's an edge to her voice now as she recalls how crestfallen Elaine was when Rebecca had to lie to her face about Magnes. "You need not worry, Agent Hansen. I covered the ass of this agency by lying to her. I told her that Magnes went on his own without her to the convention. But in doing so, I couldn't charge her a cent for my time." She hasn't let her gaze leave the agent's face as she admits, "I don't like lying to clients, Agent Hansen. I don't like it at all. I also don't like being out payment because I have to lie."

"Why the hell did she go to a post-cognitive?" It seemed just.. off. They hadn't anticipated that leap in logic. Who goes to a post-cognitive these days much less, who can afford Nakano's fee's. Unless Nakano's ripping them off and charging more. A pen is plucked up from off the desk, the end tapped twice on her desk as the homeland agent leans back in her chair, listening to Rebecca rattle off the why's and what she'd done.

"He was arrested, legally, in connection with an ongoing investigation. That's the extent of what I can tell you. He has thus since been released, no charges pressed. Done quietly, and quickly."

The pen taps again. "He's having a gay ol time in Atlanta, last I checked, free ticket and trip to Atlanta for his troubles of which, are nothing compared to the troubles he's inflicted on us" But that doesn't likely fathom or count into Rebecca's thoughts. "On behalf of the agency and myself, I thank you for your… lie, and hope that you understand just how essential it was, that you did it and how grateful we are that you saw fit to tell her something other than the truth."

On those words though, Audrey's reaching for her own purse, a matte black affair, drawing out a leather covered check book, flipping it open and setting about to scribbling out Rebecca's name, the usual fee and a notion for services rendered. From Adurey's own personal account it seems.

Rebecca doesn't feel the need to mention who referred the woman to her as it's probably not that relevant "She was concerned about her boyfriend or whatever he is to her. Apparently he promised to take her with him and so when he left on his own, she got worried. Don't worry, I covered for you. You are a long term client, so I'm not going to screw you, just be a little more careful next time." She reaches for the check, happy to at least be compensated for her time. "I do have a loyalty to you, Agent Hansen. But I can't do it for free, unfortunately." She stands and holds up the check. "I appreciate the business, even if it was unintentional. I'm certain you'll reach me if you need me."

That hadn't occurred to them. That Varlane had discussed going with his girlfriend. You can't account for everything it seems. "Then I guess, when he gets back, he really is going to be making up for it. Good thing he's got lots of.. what do they call it.. swag? Lots of swag to kiss and make up with her"

The check taken, she's closing her book, noting the amount and tucking it away. "We appreciate the loyalty. It wouldn't do either of us good if we had to take our contract elsewhere Miss Nakano. So far, it has been a steady and beneficial one for both of us" Audrey rises from her seat when Rebecca does. "She'd be smart, if you ask me, to get away from him as far as possible. The boy's going to self destruct, if what we saw was any indication. He's unstable and not someone you want to be around."

Becca doesn't know Magnes well enough to make any sort of judgment about him, she just shrugs her shoulders. She can't save everyone, and while Elaine seems like a nice enough girl, Rebecca has heard that love can blind folks. That's probably the case here. The threat of pulling the contract really doesn't sit well with Rebecca and she may need to talk with the others about reevaluating their relationship with Homeland. " She gives Audrey a smile and nods. "It's a pleasure working with you." She makes her exit and as she steps back out into the sunshine she wrinkles up her nose. Wow. Two lies in two days. She is hoping this doesn't become a habit.

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