You Called?


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Scene Title You Called?
Synopsis Thanks to her talk with Elisabeth, Cassidy sends a note to Mortimer saying she wants to talk. Instead of calling her, he shows up with food and a movie. They make it offical.. The cop and the criminal are secretly dating.
Date May 29, 2009

Cassidy's Apartment

After her talk with Harrison, Cassidy fidgeted at her desk for a bit before declaring she was going home. But she didn't go right home, her path took her to the docks first. After scrawling a quick note on a piece of paper and stuffing it in the envelope, she hurries down to catch the next ferry. But she didn't get on it, she struck up a deal with the boat owner to have the message delivered into the hands of the Locos with instructions it get to their boss.

The message simply read. "I would like to talk to you, call me as soon as you are able. Cass."

Several hours later, Cassidy found herself still waiting, cellphone sitting on the coffee table in front of her as she flips lazily through the channels. Her eyes drop to the phone occasionally, as if expecting it to ring. Finally with a sigh, she turns off the TV and snatches up her phone. "What were you expecting…?" She asks herself bitterly.

There's footsteps coming down the hall, keys jingling, and a plastic bag rustling. Then, something odd happens, likely something Cassidy isn't expecting, a key gets pushed into her locks, her knob turns, then the door opens. "Hi honey, I'm home!" Mortimer greets, holding the plastic bag in his prosthetic hand, filled with various things from the store. He's wearing a white button up long-sleeved cotton shirt, some dark grey dress pants, and a pair of black dress shoes. He looks as if he just came from work.

"You called?" Door closed and locked again, he begins to walk to the kitchen with the bag, very casually.

When she hears the keys in /her/ door, Cassidy she stares at the door in surprise for a moment. Then when the door starts to open she surges to her feet, heart racing in fear, ready to make a break for it. But when Moritmer walks through the door, the woman relaxes. "Damn, you scared me." She presses a hand to her chest as if it could still the thundering of her heart. "I said call.. not race on over." she comments, not moving from where she is but watching him carefully.

"Sorry, I needed a break from business. A lot on my plate lately, and it's a lot harder when you can't kill anyone." Mortimer almost sighs, starting to take things out of the bags. Wine, juice, snacks, a Wendy's bag, and a few other things he leaves in there for now. "So what did you wanna talk about?"

"Us." Is the short and simple answer Cassidy gives him. "I had a talk with a friend today." She starts stepping around the couch and walks into the kitchen where she leans against the counter, watching the things he pulls out the bag with a touch of amusement. "And something she mentioned, made me decide that…" She takes a deep breath before letting it out slowly. ".. I will give this a try." She gives him a significant look that also says there is more.

Mortimer's real hand raises to gently touch her cheek, giving her a genuine smile and a quick nod. "I'm glad, because I've been trying really hard. I haven't killed one person since I've been out, I don't wanna disappoint you." Leaning in to give her a soft kiss, he adds, "Is there anything else on your mind?"

A smile amused smile tugs at Cassidy's lips listening to him. When he goes in for the kiss she goes completely still, seems somethings will take time. She does force herself to relax and return the kiss, but then she slowly brings her hands up to gently push them apart so that she can think. She stares at his chest as she says. "I do… I need you to understand I can't stop doing my job… I can't stop being a cop." Her eyes travel up study his face as she adds. "I can't turn my back on anything I witness or get called on. If one of your gang does something.. I'll be forced to arrest him." She gives him a mildly apologetic look. "Otherwise.. I'm not sure it'll work."

"I told you before, I'm not gonna force you to stop doing your job, I won't tell you anything you have to pretend you didn't hear, and as for arresting me, well, Dutch tried, and that took a grenade, I don't think you're gonna lose your job for saying you couldn't arrest me." Mortimer explains, grinning and grabbing the Wendy's bag. "I got Baconators and french fries, and Paul Blart Mall Cop, since, you're a cop, so, I thought you'd want a cop movie."

Cassidy relaxes quite a bit, obviously it's been bothering her. "I didn't give the person details, but I guess I'm not the only one who's been charmed by a criminal." Eying the bag she gives a nod. "Sounds good, Mortimer." She turns to pull a pair of plates out of the cabinet. Setting them carefully on the counter. "I am glad you got my message though, I was worried the boat guy was just gonna take that money and toss the letter."

"No one's dumb enough to screw over anyone on Staten if they have to live there." Mortimer leaves the bag for Cassidy to fix the plates while he reaches up and grabs two glasses, looking between the red wine and the grape juice. "Which one do you want?" he asks, sitting the glasses down. "And you know, I'm more than willing to chase after any criminals on Staten for you."

The question actually makes Cassidy pause in unwrapping one of the burgers and looks back at him in surprise. She's not use to being asked, she's use to Coren /knowing/. She blinks and then gives herself a shake. "I think grape juice tonight." Giving him a smile before going back to what she was doing. "While your in there pull out the ketchup?" Grinning at his offer to chase criminals. "No need to put you and your gang in danger.. though I have to admit… your delivery method on those ones is still buzzing around the precinct."

Mortimer grabs the ketchup, sitting it near the plates before filling the glasses with grape juice. Grabbing both the juice container and the wine, he walks over to pull the fridge open with his foot. "I thought you'd like that. And we're not really in danger, we're criminals too, y'know. We've taken down entire gangs, we've been doing it for years."

"Trust me.. I'm very aware your criminals and very dangerous." Cassidy giving him a knowing look. "The carved up body that was dumped at my feet reminds me of that." And yet she's still here, talking to him and getting ready to watch a movie. "Just be careful about it and try not to take on too much." She gives him a pointed looks. "And avoid grenades as I'd like this not to be a short lived relationship. Well.. at least til you come to your senses about me." And she comes to her's.

"Sorry, that was, well, he was one of my men, I thought Dutch made him a spy and…" Mortimer sighs, shaking his head when the fridge closes, then walks over and places a hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry, I won't make excuses, I'm done with doing that stuff, no more killing, for you." Then, eyes a bit wider, "We're really in a relationship now?"

Cassidy nods slowly, reaching up to pat the hand on her shoulder. "Don't explain it, can't change it. Just.. don't give me a reason to have to go after you. Cause I may fail, but I'll have to try." She let's her hand rest on his, letting her fingers lace loosely with his. "Well, I figure dating a guy is sorta a relationship. A weird one since it will probably never be outside these four walls." She glances around the small apartment frowning slightly. "Which I imagine will probably get tiring after awhile." She glances back at him and offers a bit of a smile. "But it's a relationship.. Am I wrong?"

"If you ever wanna get married, I'll build some kind of perpetual motion machine, give it to the president, then tell him to make free energy or something, I'm sure that'd get me a pardon." Mortimer says with a shrug, leaning down to embrace her and gently lay his forehead against her's. "And it doesn't have to be in here forever, I can always take you to Staten sometimes."

Cassidy laughs and shakes her head at the mention of marriage. "Don't go jumping ahead on me here. I've only just come to terms with this much." She chides, allowing herself to relax a bit in his arm. Okay not so bad, if you can forget the other stuff. Her hands come up to rest on his chest as he rests his forehead against her's, his eyes so close she searches them as if expecting him to suddenly become something else. "Oh yes.. Staten Island.. Hot bed of criminal activity and you'll drag a cop into the middle of it?" She teases softly.

"I'm the leader of a gang, I have territories, though lately I've been staying underground. I think you'd like my new hideout." Mortimer leans in, lips approaching closer to her's, still speaking, though much softer. "So what's a guy gotta do to watch a movie around here…?"

Oh right, the movie. Cassidy was distracted by the fact he was coming in for another kiss. She answers him in equally quiet tones. "And I imagine the food is getting pretty cold. So you put the movie in and I'll get the food." That said, even though they are so so close, she makes the attempt to move away and pick up the plate. The food may be getting cold, but she's not. Must think.

Mortimer grabs a quick peck, then takes the movie and makes his way to the living room, beginning to set up the movie. "Since I'm your amazingly talented lover now, is there something you want me to build? Cheese melting gun, waffle toaster, solar powered vacuum cleaner?" he offers, standing and sitting back on the couch with his arms spread.

Tucking the bottle of ketchup against her side and taking a plate in each hand Cassidy moves to the couch. She leans over offering Mortimer his own plate, before setting the ketchup on the coffee table and sitting as well. She seems to be taken back by the 'lover' word, but she brushes it away. She tucks a foot under her before settling back against the couch. "I don't really have a need for anything, but I'll let you know if I do." She pops a fry in her mouth and chews thoughtfully. "I should ask.. Is there a better way to get a hold of you?"

Taking his plate, Mortimer moves a bit closer to Cassidy, putting an arm around her shoulders. "Yeah, my number, here, let me get my card…" Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a black business card with red writing, offering it with his prosthetic hand.

The Locos

Leader: Mortimer

Senior (Surviving Original) Members: 21 and 24

We Work For Fun, Tits, and Parts.

Looking at the card with a bit of embarrassment, he adds, "I can take the tits part out, your tits are all the tits I need, I promise."

Settling her own plate in her lap, Cassidy takes the card and gives it an amused glance of her own. She turns that amused glance at Mortimer. "Naw, it's fine. And just so you know.. Your not getting laid tonight either. One step at a time." Baby steps to the next base for her. She leans forward to set the card on the table and pick up the remote, hitting the play button. She shifts so that she can lean against his side, arm around her. She seems rather content.

"You could have at least gotten my hopes up and turned me down at the last minute." Mortimer teases, leaning down to kiss her forehead, then just sits there casually eating fries, watching the movie with her.

And then they lived happily ever after!

For now…

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