You Can Be Curious


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Scene Title You Can Be Curious
Synopsis Doesn't mean that you'll get the answers, nor will some people like the ones they do get.
Date August 31, 2010

Abigail's Apartment, Le Rivage

The afternoon has come around, the hands on the clock turning with each tick and the apartment has seen its share of visitors when Abigail's kicked Amadeus out, let poor Rhett out so that the dog can get in at the sandwich he so badly desired when Deckard's spawn had come a-calling. This leaves time to get stuff in order now that the hurdle of registration has been overcome and leaves her with schooling, the bar and re-application for a change of permits and the myriad of other things that are on Abigail's plate and in need of attention paid to them.

Security at the Rivage provides for at least someone needing to be buzzed in or the key, so Abigail has forewarning of Cat unless she's like Amadeus and some others, who slide in behind other residents and visitors who come and go. Rhett finished his meal and sprawled on his back, legs and paws akimbo in the air as he cocks his head to watch Pila in her cage flit about and play with the salt lick. A sticky note on the door in the hall states that the woman just needs to come in, no need to knock and wait for entrance. A tupper container sits beside the couch, baby cloths folded on the coffee table and waiting to be tucked away as Abigail maneuvers about the apartment.

The door opens at 14:03, footsteps heard ahead of the door's closing behind her and a familiar feminine voice. "Abby," she calls out as the interior is explored. Cat seeks the world's hottest woman slowly and calmly enough, as eyes take in the expanse of Ikeaness which is Abigail's abode. On sighting the canine, she pauses and holds a hand out in case the dog desires to come check her out.

Two packs of diapers in arm, Abby's moving from the hall and towards the couch. "I'm not far, Cat. Just getting some things to bring to the Lighthouse." Whose population is increased by one. "Hope the day is finding you well?" Rhett cares not, too engrossed with the bird and his full belly.

"It's decent enough," Cat replies as Abby comes into view with the diapers. "Yours?" Small talk, or at least business talk of a sort less serious than Susan Ball is engaged in. "You're probably opening the Abbey soon," she surmises verbally. Her hand drops when the canine proves uninquisitive, and feet move toward the couch where Abby just went.

"Not mine. Do I look like I've had time to get pregnant and pop out a babe? That would surely be an immaculate conception and birth there, Cat." Down go the diapers, clothing soon following in little neat stacks. "Maybe, might be a little bit more. It'll be up when the lord deems that it shall be up, I'm not losing money on it right now, nothing that the insurance doesn't cover." Last stack of clothing, she's picking up duct tape and debates sealing it, but with the changes to getting on Staten, it might be searched and so she just scrawls Kasha's name across the top.

"Hey, you said that there was someone in the network who could see something, off of the evolved folks. Who was it?"

A slight chuckle escapes. "I was actually asking about your day, Abby, after being asked about mine. I'd never think you'd had a child, much less gotten pregnant. You're the Nun. Though I might occasionally tease about what you're missing." Yes, she still believes that. The state of Abby's virginity isn't dwelled on, though, she moves along to the question asked of her.

"Jonas Regan," she provides, "stays at the Garden. I went to Colette first, she couldn't help but told me he could. You need him to check someone out?"

"Something like that, I just need his ability for something. I'm hoping it might work and if so…" A slight shrug. "Well, let's just pray it works out right?" Abigail answers, picking up the container so she can cart it towards the door, stepping over the dog. "Ignore Rhett, I think there was something in the sandwich he ate. He's like Scarlett on catnip. My day's going okay. I visited Jaiden at the shop, he'll need some other supplies for his place, but he should be good on the medical standpoint once I get him a more better medical supply kit down there. I gotta replace what I had to leave behind in Russia so I'll just pick up some extras."

"I'm curious what that is," Cat admits mildly, "you were secretive about the watch you had, now you're asking about Jonas. Makes me wonder. Anyway, I'm close to making a working compass, spent some time figuring out how to use a machine that detects EM radiation, I'll be able to nail down the frequency soon. And, speaking of Russia, I found that girl Ben and I helped at the theater in St. Petersburg."

"That, Catherine, you can be curious about. It won't kill you. I'm also being no more secretive with regards to it, than you are about the one you made and who you gave it to. You can't expect that everyone will tell you everything just because of your-" Abby lifts a finger to tap at her own temple to indicate Cat's memory. "If something comes of the watch, you'll learn of it along with everyone else at the Council. I'm not gonna get any hopes up about it. It was pretty broken, gutted even with just a few pieces hanging out of it."

Russia creeps into the conversation, a wrinkle of her nose. She hadn't frankly paid much attention to anyone post escaping Russia, too busy working with Raith to make sure Noah had his arm still. "Oh yeah?"

"She and the woman who was with her, helping her escape the Institute people, went their own way before we reached the docks. She's in the US now, staying out at McRae's place. Shame we didn't know that was up beforehand, might've made things easier. When she saw me at the door, I thought she might literally leave her skin behind and run away, but it turned out well enough. We talked about music, and I'll be getting her a violin soon. I think, also, she could be gotten to help with the schooling project. To teach music, seems to want to give back in some way. That would be perfect."

Moments later, after a brief pause, she's moving to the core reason behind this visit. "I talked with Kaylee two days ago."

"Katya. Addison's Disease. We've got some medicine to her right away, but we're working to secure a steady supply of the drugs that she needs." Takes a moment or two to click a few things together, the sudden change in her demeanor with the mention of Ivan's passing and Katarina's unknown legal state.

But Cat keeps moving along, mention of talking with Kaylee and there's another wrinkle of her nose. "It's moot now, Cat. I was wrong. Very wrong. I won't be talking of her or what's passed between us unfortunately and it's best that you stick that in the back of your brain bucket." Honestly spoken, a shrug of her blonde shoulders as she stands there, hands in the pockets of her denim capri's and tank tops. "I'm sorry, for what it's worth, that you went through the trouble of going to Kaylee. I appreciate it"

Abby is studied across a stretch of seconds, one of Cat's brows quirked upward slightly. "Genie's out of the bottle, Abby," Cat quietly remarks. "Getting it back in isn't such an easy thing. Something serious enough you felt the need for brain scans is or was going on." But she doesn't press further than that. Perhaps there's a benefit in being a fiery woman, it may well fend off inquisitive Cats.

Feet carry her to the door, she turns there to face the apartment's interior. "Safe travels out to the Island, Abby." Then the door is calmly opened, she steps out and quietly closes it.

"Never was a genie in it, Cat, just an overactive imagination and I'm not gonna ruin a woman's reputation far more than I have already done." Spoken before Cat can leave and close the door. "Again, I'm sorry I put you in that position, it was wrong of me. But thank you. If there was something to it, Cat, I woulda told you, but things change and people can be wrong. You take care now." Seeing the woman out, her own palm helping close the door too with a wrinkle of her nose once again and a turn to the dog. "Lord, Rhett, the day never ends, hmm? Who next, the boogie man?"

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