You Can't Disappoint the Dead


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Scene Title You Can't Disappoint the Dead
Synopsis Tamsine expresses gratitude and seeks answers to her questions, and Abby offers sage advice in kind.
Date February 8, 2010

Outside Old Lucy's

She's out of eggs. It's because she's out of eggs that Abby's downstairs at all, having dressed and determined to hit up the store for what they need upstairs before people scatter for the day or she gets too stuck in her studies. The key's jangle in her hands as she heads for the front door, seen through the glass to anyone outside. Cream colored knit cap over her brown hair, jacket, scarf, warm clothing for the cold air. A cop car is parked outside and she gives a wave to the men inside when she's unlocking the door to let herself out. She'll take their drink orders, pick up coffee for them as well to assuage her guilt that they're there because of her and what happened in Russia.

Tamsine is just walking up to the door of Old Lucy's, looking for a sign of the hours — the people at the church she'd once met Abby at said she worked here; perhaps they didn't know they shouldn't be telling the once-healer's whereabouts, or perhaps because Tamsine looked little like a Russian stalker, who knows. Tamsine carries a tupperware full of cookies — she can't thank everyone who helped her in the dream the other night because she doesn't know all fo them — Abby's face and Aaron's face were all she recognizes, and she has no way of finding Aaron.

When Abby opens the door, Tamsine looks up in surprise, her dark eyes wide as she sees the very person she came looking for on her way out. "Abigail?" she asks tentatively, an uncertain smile to show she is happy to see the younger woman.

Oh god, someone wants a job and can't look at the hours of operation. Abigail backpedals a few footsteps with ehr hand still on the door and just stares at Tamsine a moment or two. That is until she recognizes the woman from the dream, and a somehwat familiar face regardless. "The one and only, is there anything I can do for you? I'm sorry, the bar isn't open yet, won't be for a good few hours" She stays at the door, a glance to the cops who are watching, ready to come over if she needs them to but there's a subtle shake of her head.

"How's your sleep been?"

"Actually that's what I came to ask about," Tamsine says uncertainly. "I wasn't sure if… I just dreamt that people helped me in a dream, or if it was … real. I was hoping maybe you could answer that question for me. I…" she sighs and nods down the street. "I've lived in Greenwich my whole life. My daughter went to school just over there… she was one of the 36. Lily." Her dark eyes flicker across Abby's face to see if what she is saying sounds crazy to the other woman or if there is recognition there. "I just wanted to understand who's … who's making the dreams and why. If you know anything."

"A really big jerk of an evolved who's sticking his nose in people's heads and making em jump off buildings and the like. That was actually the first time that I've met him." She doesn't look like she thinks the woman is crazy, far from it. "But, those are very real people. Logan, Aaron, I dunno who the dog thing was. Then myself. IF you're going around and looking for us, I'd suggest you stay away from trying to find Logan. I can pass on your thanks to him" There's a gesture to the green hybrid that's parked just around the corner. "I need to fetch some stuff for breakfast, your welcome to join me, i'm just going around the corner but it's too cold to walk"

There is a shake of her red head at Abby's warning. "You were the only one that I was going to find — Aaron I've met, but I didn't know how to pin him down. Thanks, I'd like to talk to you some more about it all," Tamsine says beginning to walk toward the car. "I made you cookies, but…" She glances to the NYPD squad car and back to the younger woman. "It looks like maybe you have to be careful. I can understand if you don't want them." She doesn't offer the Tupperware — she'll leave it in the car, and Abby can do with it what she will. "So it's an oneiromancer? I looked it up. My fiance Len said that it might sound crazy to people, but I was thinking of maybe inviting families who want to know… the other 36 parents… some of them might want to know, but … some might not. I'm not sure. It's helped me, but I don't know about everyone else." She rambles a little, never having had to talk to someone about such things before. "Thank you so much, though, however you got into my dream. Is there anything I can tell others — to help them?"

"Noo, no, you're not tall and you know, stalking me, and a guy so, i'm pretty sure the cookies aren't laced with cyanide" Abby smiles at the other woman, gesturing towards the vehicle in question. "Just a security detail. Some stuff happening" The tupper container is taken and put inside the bar some place safe to pick up on the way back in and the doors all locked behind her.

'I think the only problem that you might have is that they'll take what you say and bring it to the police and ask why they haven't explored this angle. They might consider you crazy regardless but then, I believe in the Lord Almighty with great fervor and people think I'm crazy. What you can tell them is… I don't know. Tell them to call out for help, there's someone who's always listening, a good onieromancer actually. Hokuto. They should call out for her, and imagine a mirror. Mirrors help, they're gateways"

Tamsine follows to the SUV and climbs in, listening. "I guess it's kind of hard for police to catch someone who's doing stuff in people's dreams. I mean, I wouldn't even begin to know how you'd catch such a person." She straps on her seat belt and frowns. "I guess I'll just call together the people who might want to hear. There are some who've moved on better than I have — but they had other children or better support systems, maybe." She turns to look at Abby's profile as the other woman starts the engine. "I guess I forgot to re-introduce myself. My name's Tamsine Whitaker. How did you get … you and the others. How is it you could come to me in my dream?"

"Abigail Beauchamp. And the how is through another oniermancer. Her names Hokuto. She's having a tough time, you're not the only one that's having to fend off attacks from him, I'm sorry, i'm really not the best person to even ask, but I can direct you to someone else, who can help you, has a better understanding. Her name is Helena, she wasn't there, but she can do a sight better job at explaining than I can"

"It's all right. I didn't expect a lot of answers, to be honest. I just wanted to thank you and make sure it really was real, if you know what I mean. I'm … I'm pregnant, like the dream suggested, and so part of me was thinking it's just hormones," Tamsine says with a feeble laugh. "It's all really emotional. And since I do have feelings of guilt, losing one child and … getting pregnant so quickly after, though it wasn't planned, I thought maybe I was just … well. Going crazy, to be blunt." She sighs, but smiles again at Abby. "It's nice to know I'm not. And I'm really sorry about your problems, if someone's trying to hurt you… if you need anywhere to stay, or if I can help you in anyway, let me know. I know that's weird, coming from a stranger, but… you might have saved my life."

"Ms. Whitaker, this isn't the first time that i've needed cops, but, I'm very sure that i'll be fine. Like we came riding to your rescue, I got others who can ride to mine that aren't the boys in blue" The heat is turned on and there's a glance towards Tamsine's still flat stomach. "And really, in the end, it was you. We just ran interference, but in the end it was all you who ended up doing the work, you saved yourself" She points out.

Not missing the glance to her stomach, Tamsine laughs. "I'm just a few weeks. I wouldn't even tell anyone, but the dream mentioned it. My fiance is ecstatic, so it's easier to be happy than worried, but I worry still… I feel I let Lily down, and I don't want to let this one down too." It's too much information for an acquaintance, but the woman saw what amounts to her greatest fears in her dream. She saw her house — she saw her daughter. She knows more about Tamsine than some people Tamsine has known for years. "Call me Tamsine, or I'll have to call you Ms. Beauchamp, and my parents were hippies, so Ms. anything sounds weird." She winks at that.

"Tamsine. You can't disappoint the dead. You can only disappoint yourself and the memory of who they were. Just be yourself and love your child, the world will fix itself and right itself." Abigail smiles lopsidedly at that. "And make sure they know that you accept them for what they are, who they are and what they can do. We could all do with a little more acceptance these days"

"That is very true," Tamsine says with a smile. "You're a wise girl, Abigail. I really appreciate you talking to me — for trusting me. If you do see Logan and Aaron and … the dragon thing… let them know I appreciate their help as well." She glances at the market as they pull up to the curb. "I'll let you have the rest of your morning in peace, but if you ever need a favor — I'm in the book. I'm not sure what I can offer except cookies or maybe teleporting somewhere, but … well, the offer stands." It's a symbol of trust to tell Abby her power; she may be registered, but she's only told a handful of people willingly.

"Teleporter?" Well. That's handy. "You're the second one I know, only you're a fair sight closer I'm sure. I'll keep you in mind, if I ever need to run real quick and get eggs" It's a joke really/ "I'm just plain old mundane Abigail, that's all. Nothing special. But, uh, you take care, and it was a pleasure to meet you. Save you too and what not"

"Egg emergencies," Tamsine repeats with a laugh and nod, getting out of the car. "Any time, and thank you again." She shuts the door and gives a wave, before checking the street for traffic and crossing to the other side to head home.

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