You Can't Go Home


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Scene Title You Can't Go Home
Synopsis Brian brings Peyton to find refuge in Maya's apartment.
Date July 30, 2009

Village Renaissance Building, Fourth Floor Safehouse


The elevator shaft closes as it accelerates upward. It's getting later into the evening. It took some time to get around the police, and get away from the hospital. The help of the random rain hammering down is probably what broke the deal. Allowed some people to give a little sympathy for the 'surgeon'. Once the bare footed surgeon and his charge had gotten away from the hospital they had to get transportation, then new clothes. By this time several of Brian's doubles have played a part in Peyton's rescue. And finally they find themselves in the elevator towards the safehouse. Clothes soaking wet to the bone, Brian has one arm linked around Peyton's back for support. She must be tired slash maybe freaking out still. Vain attempts to comfort her have been made, but he can't do much yet.


The elevator opens up, and Brian moves forward. He got an extra coat, pulling it over her shoulders he starts to bring Peyton forward. "Come on. We're here." He says soothingly.

The new clothes at least are warmer than what Peyton was wearing — the designer spaghetti-strapped club dress that she'd gone to the hospital in is now probably in the grocery basket of a homeless person who found it in the dumpster. Along with the Jimmy Choo shoes. The new clothes of course are soaking wet; so much for warmth. She doesn't say much but just nods, staring at the door in front of her. She's put her trust in this man so far, and he hasn't harmed her yet. She must be going somewhere safe, right? She swallows and brushes her hand across her face, wiping away the rain drops that look so much like tears.

It's been a good couple days for Maya Herrera. She's got new ID on the way, she's got money, she's got clothes to wear. Now it's just a matter of getting the odds and ends handled. She comes out of her apartment, apparently getting ready to take a little trip, and then she sees the Sad Panda there, with a woman at hand. And wet, both of them. Her eyes go a little wide as she sees them there, and wet. "You two are soaking!" She says the obvious. "Is everything all right?"

"Maya." Brian says, his voice carrying a bit of urgency to it. "Could you get a blanket for her? A towel maybe? Dry clothes?" He asks, giving her a look which says 'it's important'.Sad Panda continues to lead Peyton down the hallway. "Talk to me Peyton. You still okay?" He asks gently leadinger her, with his arm tucked under her for extra support.

The socialite turned drowned rat just nods again. "Okay," she manages to utter though it's clear that the last 24 hours are starting to get to her. There's a shell-shocked manner to the way she moves, automatically and without thought, following Brian with her eyes down at the ground. "Nice to meet you," she adds to Maya, though she hasn't really been introduced.

The Latina nods. "Yeah, come in!" She notes Peyton's mannerisms, and she's seen that traumatized look before. Often on her own face. She moves to open her door again, and let them both in, and sort of starts to take over. "Bathroom is there, and my room is there." She points to both. "Brian, take the bathroom, Peyton, take my room…both of you dry off? There's dry clothes for Peyton in my room." She has nothing that fits Brian.

Going to release Peyton slowly, he makes sure Maya has a hold of her before letting go fully. Giving a nod, he brings up one hand and gives Maya's shoulder a light squeeze. "Thank you, Maya." He murmurs before going into the bathroom.

Shutting the door behind him, the first thing he does is yank off his shirt. Tossed onto the ground he ransacks the bathroom in search for a towel. Draping it over his shoulders he goes to lean against the door. "Tell me when I can come out."

Peyton nods and heads to the room that Maya points out. "Thank you," she manages, her teeth beginning to chatter now that her soaking-wet state has been pointed out. "We… there was a guy with a gun… at the hospital," she explains. Well, several guys with guns. She gets out of the soaking wet clothes, putting on those that Maya provides. "I'll wash them, and get them back to you," she says after she's changed.

Maya tends to Peyton, who is the worse off of the two emotionally, it seems, and gets her some warm clothing, and a towel. "It's all right, it's all right. You're safe now." Guys with guns?! Worry later. She grabs out the largest pair of sweats of the things Delilah brought her, and knocks on the bathroom door. "I dunno if these will fit, but here…" she offers.

Cracking the door open for fear of catching Peyton in a way he shouldn't, Brian reaches out and grabs the sweats. Yanking them in he shoulders the door closed before stripping down fully. Yanking on the sweats he gives a sigh at how much the tightness emphasizes his rear, but whatever. Pulling on the sweatshirt, he goes to open the door again. Leaving his wet clothes in a heap.

"Thanks." Brian murmurs to Maya, closing the door behind him he glances at Peyton. "You should sit. Relax."

Cracking the door open for fear of catching Peyton in a way he shouldn't, Brian reaches out and grabs the sweats. Yanking them in he shoulders the door closed before stripping down fully. Yanking on the sweats he gives a sigh at how much the tightness emphasizes his rear, but whatever. Pulling on the sweatshirt, he goes to open the door again. Leaving his wet clothes in a heap.

"Thanks." Brian murmurs to Maya, closing the door behind him he glances at Peyton. "You should sit. Relax."

The slim tall girl nods and sits. "Do you have any Tylenol or anything?" she asks Maya. "My head is killing me." She glances at Brian. "Thank you for your help… I could just go home, now that we're away from … everything," she offers. "I don't want to be an inconvenience. " Her eyes narrow slightly as she finally realizes she's seen Brian before. "I've seen you around."

Maya looks back to Brian. "Men with guns…what's going on? What happened?" But at the same time, she's already moving to go pick up the ibuprofin bottle. "Si. Relax, chica. It's okay." She gets the bottle, and a quick cup of water, before returning.

"You can't go home Peyton." Brian says gently. Trying to say it in the most soothing way possible. It's a hard thing to know, that your life, your comfortable regular life is now, unaccessible. "They know you're Evolved now. They'll make you register. And after that.." He waves a dismissive hand. "Before you know it, you're in Frontline, being forced to do whatever the government wants you to do." A soft sigh. "I'm sorry Peyton. You can't go home." Say it again, make it more real.

"You have. Every time I've seen you, you're falling down. Getting hurt in some way. I suppose it's a sign from God that I'm supposed to help you." A shrug is given. Glancing to Maya, he waves towards the door. "Should be on the TV. Hostage situation at the hospital. I tried to help but—" Adam Monroe. "It's over now. Peyton had a manifestation of her power. She doesn't yet know how to control it." Placing his hand on his chin. "I'm going to teach you though." This now directed at Peyton.

"Thanks," Peyton murmurs and smiles up at Maya, taking the ibuprofen and the water. She pours out four of the little brown pills, tossing them in her mouth and downing the water. She coughs a little as she looks at Brian with wide eyes. "I … but people know who I am… I can't just… you know, change addresses. And what's Frontline? And I don't normally fall down. The power, it makes me, like, blind to my own surroundings." She frowns. "I just want to know how to turn it off. I don't want to know how to use it."

There's a doubletake. "Wait…there are lots of Evolved here in America. They don't have to go places, do things. They can register and still live a normal life, can't they?" So much for her own certainty and stability. "What ability?"

"If you really want to register. I won't stop you. But I'm telling you, it's not a good idea. That lets any number of people know you. Including Homeland Security. If they want you for something. You get taken with no explanation, if you want to end up in a dark hole with a bag over your head, go ahead."

"Then you don't have to know how to use it. I'll teach you how to turn it off, if that's all you really want." Brian explains, glancing at Maya he gives a shrug. "As far as I can tell, she can see through other people's eyes." It has some similarities to the way his power works, making him confident that he will be able to train her. Stepping forward he goes to sit next to the girl. "I know this is hard. And I'm very sorry this is happening to you. But I have to insist you don't go home for two weeks. At the end of two weeks, you make your decision. But give it two weeks to think about, to talk to others, learn more. Does that sound fair?"

Peyton looks over to Maya and is about to speak when Brian starts the cautionary tale of bags over heads and being taken for whatever reason the government wants. Her feet move up to her seat, knees to chest, arms wrapping around them defensively. "You… you make more people. Copies," she says to Brian, frowning. Apparently she doesn't trust his ability to train her. She glances at Maya. "Are you Evolved too? What can you do?"

Maya shakes her head, nervously. "I…no. Never mind. You don't want to know. It's…I don't use my ability." Her eyes go back to Brian. "You can't…you can't just keep her prisoner." The tone is distraught.

Looking sidelong at Maya for a long moment, Brian returns his gaze to Peyton. "I am aware of what I do. And I know a lot more than you do about this whole thing. I've had extensive training, and I can teach you." He frowns lightly at Maya's comment. "Would you rather her be taken prisoner by HomeSec? By Humanis First? By the creeps on Staten? Any number of people can get information on the registry. How do you think they found Abby?" Brian takes a deep breath. "I'm sorry, but I have to insist on the two weeks. You just don't know what you're getting yourself into. It's for your protection. After two weeks, you can do whatever you want."

Well, it's not like she has a job and she just swore off drugs. The power manifested when she was drunk, so even alcohol isn't too inviting. What else is there in her life? "Two weeks…" she repeats. "All right." Her eyes go back to Maya and she offers a sympathetic smile. "Sorry I asked. Sorry to crash your apartment, too. You're Maya? I'm Peyton." She offers her hand. She glances at Brian. "Brian?" she asks, not sure if it's his name or not. Seems Maya said it, but everything's sort of distant, far off.

Since Peyton doesn't seem to be getting too upset, Maya's keeping her emotions in check. Barely. But it's only barely. "I don't know! I don't know what's going on in this place, in this country, it's all crazy!" She shakes Peyton's hand, her head nodding in answer to the question in her agitation.

Giving an affirmative nod when she confirms his name, he goes to stand. His hand goes to give Peyton's shoulder a brief squeeze. "My sister has an apartment up here. You can stay with her for now." Whether Gillian is okay with that or not. Taking a few steps forward he looks over his shoulder. "I'll let everyone know you're here. You can leave all you want, I just recommend you take someone you meet here, or me with you. I can have one of myself around here constantly in case you have anything you want to go out to do. Just remember, you need to be careful right now." Letting his eyes swerve over to Maya he bites his bottom lip for a moment. It appears as if he will say something but he chooses to swallow it down instead. "Thank you, Maya." Is offerd in place of whatever he was going to say.

Peyton looks up with some confusion. "Everyone? Who is everyone?" she asks, glancing from Brian to Maya. "And can I talk to people I know, or am I hiding from them, too? I don't know what I can or can't do." She looks like she might cry.
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The Latina looks to relax just a little. "She needs somebody now. Peyton, stay here. Stay with us. We won't go anywhere. But until you can get ahold of your sister, she needs someone. She can't be alone right now. No one should be alone right now." She reaches out to put a hand on Peyton's shoulder, trying to keep her there, not let her go alone in this moment. She knows -she- would break down, if it was her.

"The Ferrymen." Brian says softly, in answer to Peyton's question. "An organization that protects people like you from the government." Looking at Maya he nods in concession and instead of going out the door instead turns to face Peyton. For a long moment he stands there until finally, "Let's play a game."

"A game," Peyton says hollowly. "I feel like I'm in some game I don't understand. Never learned to play chess. It's kind of like that. Not understanding what the people are doing in a game you're watching, and suddenly you're supposed to sit in for someone who leaves the game. I don't get any of this." She shakes her head. "Maybe if I could just lie down. I'm awfully tired."

Maya frowns a little. "I don't think she has games in her. Find your sister? I can get her a place to sleep now, and get her to relax." She offers, and nods to Peyton, hoping she'll take her up on it. "You can sleep in my room for right now, if you want. Or I can bring you some tea."

"Well. I'll teach you to play chess then." Brian says with a hopeful smile. "I'll be back soon." With that he's taking a step back, opening the door and making his way out. Closing the door behind him he lets out a long sigh. This hero thing is much more aggravating and annoying than just killing people. The second one takes a lot less work. Walking down the hall he goes off to find Gillian and inform her she has a new room mate.

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