You Changed


Scene Title You Changed
Synopsis "Who are you?"
Date August 3, 2019

It always went like this.

The sounds of the crowd dull and consolidate into a drone.

Time itself seems to stop, no it slows… that's right.

"And that's all for tonight folks! Give a cheer for Everest!!"

The announcer's voice breaks the pale woman's distracted manner, she shifts and looks down at her feet. She can smell burning flesh. Smoke rises softly from a large man's body. He's unconscious, not dead. She hoped, she'd be in trouble otherwise. Raf wasn't that nice outside of the ring. He was actually downright cruel, sadistic and leery. It gave Everest pleasure to see him like that, she wonders if he would be rude now.


A large angry gash on her arm is cradled with her other arm, she would maybe let it be stitched and not healed. The scars made it more real, took her from the fantasy and dropped her right there in reality. Though earlier this year, Everest would tell you that she had enough of cold and harsh realities. Enough for a lifetime.

We live forever ya know. That playful tone from a voice Everest knew like her own echoes to the forefront of her mind.

Her pale hand curls into a fist, it's almost as if she's going to strike him again. While the fight is over and he's down except she doesn't. Pivoting on her heel and marching off the ring towards the locker. Her brown hair is pulled into a tight bun, her green eyes framed by a black felt mask. She still needed to get another one, a new one. She had been fighting here long enough. As she leaves the crowd's sight with her slow and determined pace, chin up. They had told her from the beginning, showmanship was everything. A crack of light as sparks begin to dance from her fingers and engulf her hands. She winks and laughs before disappearing through the double doors.

Mount Everest ain't got shit on me

Mount Everest ain't got shit on me

'Cause I'm on top of the world

I'm on top of the world, yeah

A hooded figure with brown eyes stares down at where Everest made off too. There's a flattening of her lips and the blonde sighs audible as she finally stands and makes her way towards the locker room.

The Crucible

Burj Dubai ain't got shit on me

You could touch the sky but you ain't got shit on me

The locker rooms smelled like sweat, old blood. The dark haired woman would hear jokes from the other fighters about how you could smell the fear of newbies too. That's why Everest didn't socialize, first so she wouldn't show them the fear they spoke of but as the months crawled by it was fun. The way they looked at her. True respect, a healthy fear. They knew what she was capable of. She had never had that before.

Except for with-

"So it's true."

'Cause I'm on top of the world

I'm on top of the world


Everest eyes widen momentarily and she slowly turns around to face the voice. "What are you doing here?" Looking over her shoulder before coming again to face her dead sister's best friend.

"What. Are. YOU. Doing here?!"


Poppy removes her hood and those doe eyes are shining in anger, tears welling up in her eyes. "What the fuck Celeste." The fighter balks and storms over, making to grab at Poppy's arm firmly. "Shut the fuck up Poppy." Nobody knew her name here, well except Logan. As she does so there's a snap of energy and glittering light as her sparks land on her friend's arm to which Poppy winces and hisses but this isn't the worst that Celeste or //Everest as burned her not in all the years they knew each other.

The two are silent for the moment and Celeste who usually would have crumpled and apologized since becoming Everest, she doesn't though. Her timid demeanor, fragile as their mother called it. Celeste's eyes travel over to the paper bag with her winnings in it waiting to be stuffed inside her backpack. "The money. It's good, we need i-"


"I'm breaking my back working at Cat's while going to school. We have enough. You should be in counseling Cel, come on. This? No this isn't the way to get over Marigold." Poppy doesn't balk from invoking her best friend's name. Sometimes Celeste would go weeks without saying her actual name, Poppy had begun to say it more in protest. It truly was fascinating, ironic or shitty depending on who you asked, that these two women who at one point couldn't have been further apart are now this close. As close as- Celeste doesn't want to think like that. Poppy either.





Celeste bristles and backs away, snatching at the bag of money to throw into her backpack. She pulls a black hoodie on over her gray tank top. Zipping it up and hefting the backpack it's clear she's not having this conversation. Not right now, not right here. Most likely not tonight. The two stand there facing the other, almost as if they themselves were about to face off but Celeste was tired and Poppy didn't have a way on hand to subdue her sister-friend.

Sweet, sweet

"Go home Poppy," Celeste turns her back and looks over her shoulder for a moment, "I…" trailing off she realizes she doesn't have a good thing to say. Anything she would say would hurt her friend. Instead she updates her, "I think I found a place. A place people like them get together." She had been keeping her ears to the ground, vicious in her pursuit of rumours about the pureblood thinking types. The types that ruined her life. Left her sister bleeding out on a roof in Jackson Heights. "Gonna… I'm gonna check it out. You are- you just go home." It's said a little weaker but her gaze is firm.

(Tell em)

I burn down my house and build it up again

(Tell em)

I burn it down twice just for the fun of it

(Tell em)

Soo much money I don’t know what to do with it

(Tell em)

Poppy begins to speak but she knows this isn't the place. She had planned on waiting for the pale woman to get home but something about seeing her… brutalize that man with her ability spurred her to action. It was the wrong move it seems.

She never guessed wrong with Marigold, another marked difference between the deceased and her twin.

I don’t pick up my phone ain’t no one worth the time

(Tell em)

I got me one gun and an alibi

(Tell em)

So much love that the whole thing feel like a lie

"Who are you?" Poppy begins to back away, shaking her head while Celeste declines to answer but begins moving off. They'd be arriving home by different routes tonight. There was a time that the young woman couldn't have answered that question but now…

I don’t need nobody

I don’t need nobody

I don’t need nobody

There's a cruel smile on her lips and her boots crunch on the ground as she makes her way outside.

She was beginning to think she understood the answer to that question and she liked it, very much.

Mount Everest ain’t got shit on me

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