You Did It For Claire


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Scene Title You Did It For Claire
Synopsis Liz takes Magnes home, and arranges for someone to meet him there to take care of him.
Date August 19, 2009

Magnes' Apartment

As soon as Magnes is settled in Elisabeth's car and the Company agents pull away, Elisabeth is on the phone to Claire. It's a short call. "I have your boyfriend, I'm taking him to his place — meet me there, you're going to need to hear what I have to say." And then she makes a quick call to Cassidy to pull up Magnes Varlane's address of record — she just needs to ask the man a question, after all — and takes him home. She hopes that by the time they get to the apartment, Magnes will be regaining consciousness. Luckily, that actually happens, and though he's groggy as hell, she's able to manhandle and maneuver them both up to his apartment and then inside. It's good that she's a cop, cuz she has to frisk him for his keys, darnit. She settles him onto his own couch after kicking the door shut behind her. "Little man," she comments ascerbicly, "you have GOT to get better friends. Seriously. And a major clue."

Magnes' home is Panucci's Pizza, or at least the room above it, which is entered from the back. He's looking around, confused, holding his head with a low groan. "What's going on? I don't understand…" is all he says, staring up at her from the couch, then slowly tries to sit up. "Why are you in my room?"

Okay.. the blond cop's call had been weird. Of course, Claire's first thought was, 'Oh God, what did he do?' Is she suppose to think that way about the guy she's dating? The ex-cheerleader doesn't drag her feet and makes her way over as quickly as she can. In fact, it isn't long after the Liz shows up with Magnes that Claire hurries through the door. She blinks at the sight and she glances at the cop with a confused look. "What… happened?" She asks, quickly moving to settle on the couch and support the young man as he tries to sit up. "Hey, Magnes."

Elisabeth's voice is soothing even without enhancing it, her hand gently pushes him back down onto the couch. "Take it easy, Varlane. I'm Detective Harrison, … you remember me, right?" They did just speak to one another a couple of times. And Denton told her that he just wouldn't remember Company crap. Elisabeth looks up as Claire lets herself into the apartment, looking relieved. "He was 'laid off' from his sideline employment," she tells Claire. "He's going to be just fine. The job wasn't a good fit."

"I feel really weird, everything's so fuzzy…" When Magnes sees Claire, he suddenly smiles, then winces as if something just shot to the front of his mind. "Oh, hey." He reaches into his pocket, intuitively searching for something, then pulls out a piece of paper and gives it a confused look. "What's this?"

He turns the little piece of paper around, and it appears to be a short note to himself that reads:

You did it for Claire, don't screw it up.

"Oh god.. They didn't. They wiped him?" Claire says softly, she presses a hand to each side of his face to make him look at her. "You do remember me right?" There is a slight edge of worry to her voice, she's dealt with this kind of things before. She's had her mom forget who she was. Her eyes search his face, "Magnes. Who am I?"

"From what I gather, it's a selective wipe," Elisabeth says gently. "Varlane…" She looks at the boy. "You volunteered to work for Homeland Security, and the job wasn't a good fit. They've wiped anything related to the job from your head — classified and the Patriot Act and all that. That's why your head feels funny. I've been told that nothing else should be affected." She watches his interactions with Claire closely.

"I remember I was working for something, and I knew a lot of nice people, except this one girl, but I can't remember her name or face…" Magnes raises his arm, looking at the burned nail puncture scars. "And you're Claire." He smiles, raising his hands to take her cheeks, then leans forward to give her a gentle kiss. "Ex-cheerleader, first girl I ever made out with, and you got me a Batman shirt."

Relief is plain on Claire's face, when she pulls back from the kiss. "That's right, Magnes." She glances at Elisabeth and gives her a small embarrassed smile. "My mom.. she forgot me once, she had been mind wipe too many times. Ended up in the hospital." She reaches up to take Magnes' hands in her and gives a sigh. "So I worry about it when someone gets mind wiped." she turns her attention to Magnes again and brushes his cheek again and moves to stand. "You should lay down Magnes. Your going to be woozy for a time."

Elisabeth smothers her laughter, though it sparkles in her blue eyes. "I believe I'm going to leave him in your tender care, Claire," she tells the young woman. "If you need anything, feel free to call." She slants Claire a look and pitches her voice low and in a very carefully controlled murmur into Claire's ear alone, "I highly recommend you do not take him anywhere that any of our friends would consider 'protected space' just in case the Company continues to monitor his whereabouts and activities, Claire. Although the man who left him with me seemed very sincere in his wish that Magnes have a good life out of the Company's influence, …. you just never know." She's referring to both the Ferry safehouses and the Library. She nods slightly to Magnes. "See you around the precinct, Varlane," she tells him quietly. And then she lets herself out.

"Later, Detective Harrison." Magnes waves her off, then sighs and lays his head back on the couch. "The note is my handwriting, if someone wiped my brain, I think I consented." he points, handing it to her as he closes his eyes. "I'm kind've confused about some broken up parts of conversations, it feels like my head got censored."

"Don't worry Detective, I moved out cause I was dating him. I didn't want to risk them." Claire glances over at Elisabeth. "I was meeting him here anyhow, too keep him away just in case." She gives Liz a small smile, see the girl knows how to play the game. "Thanks for bringing him." Claire calls after the woman, before turning back to her charge, taking the note. She blinks at the message and looks down at him where he's laying. "You did it for me?"

"Looks like it. I mean, that's how I talk. I don't even really understand what's going on, but I guess I had a good reason." Magnes answers, figuring he can trust himself. The thing about a lack of memories is that, while alarming, he can't remember the stuff he should be worrying about. "That's good, right?"

Kneeling down next ot the couch, Clair reaches out to brush at his hair a bit. "Actually. This is a very good thing. I was really worried about you working for them." She gives him a soft smile, "So your going to be a police officer? I think that's a lot better then your old job."

"Police officer, maybe anything else I can do to help." Magnes looks to the bathroom, then to Claire. "Can you get me a cold rag? My head hurts. And I'm still trying to sort this stuff out in my head, it's hard to explain what it's like. I remember all this training, how to use tranq guns and stuff, but I can't remember who I learned it from."

"Don't think to hard about it, just rest." Claire says rising to her feet so that she can retrieve the requested cloth. Once she hunts down a cloth, she goes about wetting it down. Raising her voice over the should of the water, "Not important to think about at the moment, just see if you can get some rest, you'll feel better." Returning she folds the cloth so she can lay it across his forehead, gently.

"I'm just glad you're still here. I wanted to be a normal guy for you, but, at least I can be a good guy?" Magnes reaches on the floor, grabbing the remote but not using it as he lays back down. "Another awkward stupid question, but is dating the same as being boyfriend and girlfriend?"

Claire chuckles softly and moves to sit on the arm of the couch, "We'll discuss that when your feeling better." She tsks softly. "Your not good at listening though are you." She reaches down to make him lift his head enough so that she can slide off the arm of the couch, making her lap his pillow. "I'll stay with you make sure your okay. That alright with you?"

"That's alright with me, let's watch something." Magnes holds the remote up to her. "You can choose, I wanna see what kind've stuff you watch."

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