You Did WHAT??


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Scene Title You Did WHAT??
Synopsis I hate scenes that start with "don't get mad"
Date Jan 9, 2011

Elisabeth's Apartment, Dorchester Towers

Lola is not looking forward to this little interview. Liz is going to be less than pleased. Still, it has to be done. She promised that she'd keep Liz abreast of everything that she's working on. And she is! Except for the Ferry's dynamite, the Fake IDs, the underground fighting and the Chinese. But everything else, Liz gets to know about. So, wearing a blonde-wig and big glasses, Lola comes a knocking on Dorchester towers to speak with her old friend. Hopefully friend, anyway.

The message that Lola needed to speak in person was not really the best news, but Elisabeth doesn't leave her hanging. Her being at Dorchester is almost as usual as her being at the base, so it's not like it should raise any eyebrows. She opens the door to the crazy Cajun and lets her in, but she quirks a brow and asks, "What's up?" even as she closes and locks the door behind Lola.

Lola walks in, peeling off her sunglasses. "So…ah don wancha to be mad but…Ah may a got in a spot a trouble. Not bad trouble, not the sort where folks know mah name or anything else. But a little bit a trouble none the less. Ah tried real hard not ta kill anybody, neither. But Ah may have wrecked a helicopter." She's looking at the ground like a sorry, sullen kid.

When the first words are 'I don't want you to be mad,' it's always a bad sign. Elisabeth's blue eyes narrow on her and she asks quietly, "You may have … " She bites back anything else, inhales a breath, and lets it out slowly. "Okay… start at the beginning, if you please?"

"Alright, well…" Lola shifts her weight from one foot to the other. She looks up at Liz now as she starts to explain. "Ah had some buyin' business on Staten. Ya know the kind? Anyway, turns out the fellah Ah was buyin' for was wanted bah the FBI an the ATF. So when Ah sit down he done tells me that if Ah don' help him get outta there, there's a buncha gangbangers in there what's gonna get it in their minds that Ah'm out ta ruin 'em. And he'd tell the cops that Ah was workin' with 'im. So Ah tried ta walk away but the gangbangers picked a fight, then the whole place went up with ATF an FBI fellahs bargin' in. But Ah didn' kill no one. May have fragged a few though, come think of it."

There are many ways to respond to that. In Elisabeth's defense, though she does tense up visibly, her tone remains calm. "Doing business on Staten's a dicey proposition," she observes. Not that it hasn't been that way all along. "You're probably damn lucky the Staten FRONTLINE unit wasn't called in." She is distinctly less than pleased. "You promised me none of your side business was going to impact the job I hired you to do, Lola."

"And it ain'," Lola protests. "Ah had ta go, he had some a mah orders. An it was this guy that's makin' it possible fer me ta get the IDs. Ah didn' want nothin' ta do with them cops. Ah ran away, Ah didn' even shoot nobody. Ah kept mah head low an got out. Ah slept in the wood fer a night just ta get away sugar. An Ah'm here now ta tell ya all 'bout it like Ah done promised. Ah'm here, okay? An Ah'm fine, thanks' fer askin." Not that Liz asked.

The blonde's mouth firms. "I generally assume if you don't text me with 'bring a doctor with ya' that you're fine physically speaking, Lola. Had you been injured, that would have been the first order of business dealt with," Liz retorts drily. But she looks … perturbed still. "I'm glad you didn't, in fact, take a bullet or something equally horrible. That said… fuck." She sighs heavily. "I trust you to keep aware of the situation around you. But I think you better lay real low for a bit. This guy being on the Feebs wanted list means that you're likely to get yourself described by witnesses. And since at the moment Humanis First is laying low and I have to stay close to the base anyway because I'm being investigated…." She smiles a bit. "I know Richard's got several bolt-holes set up. Do you want to use one of them for a few days to make sure you're in the clear?"

Lola shakes her head. "Naw, sugar. It was staten, there was at least two gangs in there, and there wasn' really a moment when the air was clean of explosives of tear gas. By the way, tear gas? What the fuck darlin? What sick shit came up with that stuff? Ah mean sure, if it weren' fer the stuff Ah'd never have gotten outta there, but my skin's still burnin. Anyway, Ah gotta hit up Staten once more ta get mah first ID from that other fellah, an after that Ah'll lay low, Ah gues.s As much as Ah can. They don' know me sugar, doncha worry."

Elisabeth nods a bit to Lola and breathes a little easier. "Okay. Well, it's not like your mess-up's going to be worse than mine, really." She grins a little. "Thank you. For not shooting cops." Because it does mean something to her.

"S'alright sugar. Ah figured if Ah had that mighta dampened our friendship just a little bit. Ya doin' okay, with all a this…investigation shit goin on? Anythin' Ah kin do? Folks what need dissapearin' or the like?" Lola winks, playfully. Well, half-playfully. A quarter. Maybe she's just a playful person in general, really. That's probably it, come think of it.

With a faint smirk, Elisabeth says, "I wish. It's going as well as can be expected, really. I have to take the investigating agent down to Redbird, with whom any of my professional ties are supposed to be severed — but I knew that before I took this job. I couldn't be listed on the board of the place because of the conflict of interest. The only professional tie they'll find is the hiring of Alia." She grimaces. "And htat's all legal and aboveboard. Unfortunately, Richard will get stuck dealing with the fallout of Alia's Registration status." She sighs. "They may suspect that I got my old partner to pass them off, but unless he flips, they won't be able to prove a damn thing."

"Well Dicky gets ta figure out why he shoulda stayed in criminal life. Ah mean, ya know. More in criminal life. Ya'll should be more like me." And then the world would be one great terror. Anyway, Ah'll keep scare from there fer awhile too. Just ta be on teh safe side. Ah kin hide anyone else that ya need ta do the like with."

Elisabeth smiles, a sincere one this time. "Right now, so far as I know everyone who needed to be kept under wraps is there already. But thanks. And be safe, okay? If you need anything, let me know. I may have to take a roundabout way to get it to you, but I will, okay?"

"Ah got faith in ya, sugar. An if worst comes ta worst, Ah'll bust ya outta prison." Lola shrugs easily, slipping her sunglasses back on and going back to get to the door, pulling it open in order to slip out.

"Heh…. God, I hope it doesn't come to that, but …" Elisabeth smiles. "Guess we'll see." She locks the door behind the Cajun with a heavy sigh. She's getting too old for this shit. Or something.

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