You Get a Choice


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Scene Title You Get a Choice
Synopsis Kaylee and Des discuss their next move.
Date April 30, 2018

Coastal Waters Off Staten Island

This is the kind of conversation Des would rather have had telepathically, but with Kaylee having been pushed the way she was, she’ll have to settle for a whispered hush like anybody else. The radio is tucked away and left alone for the time being to minimize the chances of them being listened to. Des ushers Kaylee aside, an arm around her friend’s shoulders as she leads her to a quiet section of the deck and sits down with her, heedless of the damp.

“Kaylee, do you trust me?”

It was an odd question, but it does the job to catch a distracted telepath’s attention. “Do I— “ Kaylee looks briefly amused. “I trust you, yeah.”

Her head tilts in the manner that animals might use when considering something or someone. “Does this have to do with the voice on the radio?” Not a hard assumption to make. Blue eyes narrow, as she asks, rather bluntly, “What did they say?”

“They know who I am, Kaylee.” There’s a tremor in Des’ voice that conveys the weight of what that means. The voice on the radio didn’t recognize Desdemona Desjardins, but Odessa Price. “And they… They want me to do something awful.”

Des takes a steadying breath and frowns. “But I don’t want to. I’m trying so hard. I’m— I want to be good. But what if doing this terrible thing is the only way to find out more about who these people are and what they want?” Can she really earn anyone’s trust? That’s her reputation, after all, the person that cannot be trusted. Kaylee says she does, but does she even believe that, really? Odessa has such doubts.

Seated where they are, Kaylee turns to watch the men working after she listens to Des. There is a soft sigh that escapes as she whispers, “Of course they do.” It would figure they would know who Des really was. A little smile ticks up at the corner of her lips. “Yet, they only know me as Kaylee Thatcher.” Outdated information by several years.

Head turning slightly back in her friend’s direction, so that she can look at her from the corner of her eye. Her tone holds no emotion as she asks softly, “Who do they want you to kill?” Her eyes though show interest in what Odessa has to say.

There’s a rueful little smile at Kaylee’s sigh. Of course they know. “Outdated information? Who knows…” Which is part of why she’s considering what’s been proposed.

Des only tips her head in the direction of the stairs Pohl was unceremoniously tossed down by Etienne. Below deck, he’s alive for now. If the voice on the radio has their way, that won’t last much longer. “They said he should meet with an accident.”

Kaylee’s head bobs a bit listening, expression lost in thought as she weighs their options. It is clear she doesn’t like them at the moment. “It’s not like I’ll be getting anymore out of him. He’s been well trained against someone like me,” Or just her in general. “Clearly, not against standard methods.” There is a small smirk at that thought. The admission, however, is a reminder of her failure to get the information on her own, so the smirk doesn’t last long.

After a moment she asks softly, “And did they say what would happen if you don’t do this?”

Des shakes her head. “Maybe nothing. But maybe it means I fail this test and they say no more to me. They spoke with me in French for a reason, I think. But… I can’t imagine they don’t expect me to tell you all of this.” This whole thing stinks. Like it’s one big trap.

“They said your secret’s safe with me. I can’t decide if it’s a threat or not.” It’s a risk she isn’t sure she wants to take.

“Subtle,” Kaylee says blandly, rubbing fingers against the ache at her temple. Blue eyes turn towards the ocean, watching it.

“Do it.”

Looking back to the woman next to her, Kaylee shows no doubt in this decision. Gaze steady, she explains, “We can’t risk it. You or RayTech.” Because if she falls, chances the family goes down, too. “Sometimes, we get painted in a corner and we have to act.” She motions in the vague direction they came from. “I just made a guy kill himself,” she motions at the door Pohl was in, “I about killed him, too. Would have done worse if, Black and his insanely sexy pirate hadn’t shown up.” Kaylee sighs softly.

“Ain’t none of us saints, at the end of the day.”

Kaylee’s response shakes Des. She hadn’t expected the order - not from her - but it’s one she’s prepared to comply with. “I won’t put you at risk,” she promises. “I… I’ve never wanted to.” But the fact is that just staying as she has is doing that. This may not make any difference, but another hatch mark on her body count won’t make things worse for them. Unless someone finds out it was sanctioned, which Des intends to take with her to her grave.

“I’ll take care of it.”

“Wait…” Eyes shut tight for a moment as for a moment, she wars with herself. “Don’t… “ Kaylee sighs, shaking her head, “Don’t think of it as an order. If you don’t feel like this is what you want, don’t do it.”

Covering her face, Kaylee shakes her head slowly, “I don’t know where my head is right now. My thoughts are all over the place, warring with themselves.” She goes quiet for a moment as she tries to get her thoughts in order again. Finally…

“Des,” Kaylee starts softly, “I’m sorry. You are a human being, I am not going to order you to kill someone. I wouldn’t be any better than those other people who ordered you around.” It’s confusing, she knows. “Do it, if you feel it needs to be done or don’t and we will let the chips fall where they will. I’m not going to judge you either way.”

“I know.” Des smiles and takes Kaylee’s face in her hands carefully, and presses a kiss to her forehead. “You’re a good person, even when you’re at war with yourself and that whisper.” Which Des feels she understands better than most.

“I’ll do what feels… most right.” Nothing will feel completely right in this situation. “We’ll be fine, no matter what.” She only wishes she believed that. But Des brushes a strand of blonde hair away from Kaylee’s face, admiring the color for a moment before tucking it behind the other woman’s ear. “Thank you for giving me a choice.”

“If I’m so good, why did it feel so fucking good to let loose like that?” Kaylee shakes her hand and waves of any answer Des might have. “Don’t answer that.”

Reaching around to drape an arm over Odessa’s shoulder Kaylee gives her a brief squeeze, a half hug. “I will always do my best to make sure you get a choice for something as important as this. You’ve worked too hard at this second chance.” There is a smile that tugs at one side of her mouth. “Why the hell would I blow that for you.”

The answer Kaylee receives is another smile. They both know about the lies woven inside their heads by the overwhelming powers they possess.

“You wouldn’t,” Des responds with a hug in return. “I know. You care about me as much as I care about you. This is why I know you’re good. Because… no one should care about me as much as you do.” She doesn’t feel as though she’s earned it. “I’ll take care of everything, okay? Just… take care of yourself, right?”

“I’ll do my best,” is all Kaylee can offer in return. “You stay safe and be careful, ” she says in return, giving those shoulder another half hug and then letting Odessa go.

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