You Have Me Backed Into A Corner


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Scene Title You Have Me Backed Into A Corner
Synopsis Brennan confronts Yana re: Devon and her meetings with him, making things uncomfortable for the woman on many levels.
Date May 26, 2011

Brennan Household, Brennan's Office.

There was a reason for the meeting. Publicly, it was Brennan wanting to check in, see how things were going with the lab personnel while the Suresh Center was closed for renovations as was all of Roosevelt Island truth be told. There's no real place to do such, where you can have some privacy to discuss work where work is something that usually requires some modicum of a security clearance.

Or where one can discuss the threats levied against a teenager and so forth. Couldn't do it at the medical group, nor would he want to do it there, which left his office in the basement of the brownstone that he and his family owned. Modest, old, renovated on the inside, everyone was out of the house. Children were at school, the nanny was sent out with the baby to various baby classes and enjoying the outside. Leaving just Brennan, in the basement, sitting across from Yana at his desk.

Comfortable computer chairs and arm chairs, couch, flat screen, shelves with glass front that hold medical texts and regular books, even some childrens books. A place where he and occasionally Michelle could go take business calls without worrying or grossing out the rest of the household when need be.

"How are you doing Dr. Blite?" Beverages offered, limited as it might be down here, emblows on his desk and hands clasped, regarding the stately woman across from him.

Water is of course the most neutral choice when accepting drinks at someone's house. It is less likely for your rather specific tastes to go disappointed, or worse.. unfulfilled. Most people buy bottled water, yet there is always the chance that it could simply come from the tap. It is a chance that Yana decided to risk with her selection. Her schedule was rearranged a little to accommodate for the meeting, having yet another family oriented obligation as she did the previous morning, she has dressed for the occasion of the event which will eat up a majority of her afternoon and partial evening. Black skirt, white dress shirt, black blazer, and expensive shoes.. naturally.

She gives Brennan a sigh, the typical exhale that a woman might give to someone that is concerned about what she is going through, to be a receptive ear for venting about their day. "Quite busy, actually. Between nearly mandatory appearance by my father, and going back and forth to continue my research, I scarcely find the time for anything personal." There is a pause, and then brief moment of consideration, "Well, not entirely true. I've managed to squeeze in a dinner or so here and there. Which.. oddly enough, ended in flame spewing robots, but that is another matter." she waves a hand through the air dismissively
"At some point, in your busy life, when were you going to actually get around to providing the CDC with the vaccine for the virus that's recently reared it's head Ms. Blite?" Brennan shifts in his seat, his own eye's settled squarely on the other womans, seemingly unaffected by the talk of flame spewing robots. Those are for later in the conversation. Maybe. Possibly.

What's for right now is the conversation regarding a virus, it's vaccine, and that unsettling feeling that some people get when click just like that, negation settles over a person like a very wet towel. "Or is this the moment where I take you by the ear Dr. Blite and drag you down to their office and let them know." This is his unamused face, stern lipped, thin, jaw tight. "Walls have ears Dr. Blite. Perhaps you better explain yourself?"

A few changes happen with Yana when the information, and the negation settles over her. Possibly subtle, but easy to pick up on. When he mentions the vaccine, Yana's brow goes up with a twinge of curiosity? Possibly suspicion? Something… But the negation hitting her, that's the thing. That gets a twitch from her, just below her eye. It is likely nothing that Brennan hasn't seen before when he has negated people, though for Yana it carries a bit more of a secret meaning. She hasn't been out of communication with her viral children for quite some time, so she can't quite give them the orders they require to behave. This.. isn't a problem in the interim, but it is still something that rattles her cage a little.

But Yana is calm. H5N10 can't affect her currently, as it only targets Evos, so there isn't a risk of her ability being shut off on the permanent level, and the other two.. well.. she'll deal with them later. But for now. "I.. beg your pardon? Vaccine?" she almost seems a little amused, "Well, I suppose I would inform the CDC as soon as I actually found a vaccine for the H5N10 Dr. Brennan. As it stands right now, there is no such thing." she shakes her head, "As you well know, the mutation rate is far beyond that the ability to effectively combat the virus." She brings her eyes to set upon him levelly, squinting to narrow in her suspicions and run her tongue across her upper row of teeth, pondering. "Who would have told you something so silly such as me currently having a vaccine for the virus? I'm sure you are aware that I am working officially with Dr. Price on the research for it at least?"

"Reports that you have filed say that you are. Vocal recordings of you, while having dinner, say something quite differently." The twich is noticed and he bares his teeth, in a very shark like way, leaning back, negation still so very much in effect. "I have to say, You have a very beautiful speaking voice Yana, when you're trying to corner teenagers into doing what you want them to do. I have to say also, I expected something a little less pedophilic from someone of your class. Three meetings now? He didn't do what you wanted him to do, poor kid. So if I were you, I'd tell me, right now, just what bullshit game you are trying to play that you are supposedly afraid of your superiors in the institute, or I'll ensure that you're a guest in my home for the rest of the day, and without access to your very interesting iteration of your ability. Weakness detection, if I remember correctly, on your registration card? Funny, that's not what you quite told someone else now is it"

"Or that you can have the vaccine in a matter of hours. That sounds awefully different from what the reports i've been reading state, that you've filed"

She might have guessed. Well, that is what she gets for believing in the potential of another. There are very few in the world that actually share Yana's views, and many who would try to thwart her should they discover them. There are also very few that actually know those views, the list consisting of maybe one.. two people? And Dr. Brennan will not be one of them. The woman is good on her feet, when it comes down to pressure. And it has already been shown that she doesn't take kindly to threats, even if they come from someone who is her superior. So the good news is, at least now she doesn't have to be nice. But ohhhh, you can bet that after this experience, Yana will be taking precautions against being negated after this experience. She normally thinks of everything pretty soundly, but in all of her arrogance, she didn't virus-proof herself first. A mistake she won't be making again.

"I beg your pardon?" Yana's eyes narrow, once she has the confirmation that it is indeed Devon. She is already plotting somewhere in the corner of her mind what to do about that situation. "I believe that is exactly what I told him my ability was. Which, in coupled with my skills, is probably why I was assigned to the research on the virus." she sighs, shaking her head and planting her fingers against her face, adopting a stressed expression, "Apparently he was too over-excited about the possibility that I could cure his boss to actually hear what I said. Weakness Detection, Dr. Brennan. I am able to look inside of things and detect things such as illness, flaws, weaknesses. Do you believe this ability is limited to humans and animals?" she raises a brow, "No. It works just as well on virion particles as anything else."

She'll continue to play out her bluff, as she is quite certain that she explained it to Devon, the same what she explains it to anyone else. "Now, baring that I can look at a virus, and determine it's weakness, puts me at a better chance of developing a virus than a person of my skill without my ability. So yes, I might have.. prematurely given myself a bit more credibility than I am actually capable of. In my current research, I seek to preempt the mutations of viruses through it's use. A process that I haven't quite perfected, but I could likely make progress under the right conditions, and with the right resources. As it stands however.. we're all severely limited on those, are we not?" Yana shakes her head and tightens her lips at Brennan. She is pretty sure that her initial conversations with Devon were not recorded, otherwise, Brennan would have probably deduced the aspects of her "ability" from her explanation to Devon. Obviously, the boy's interpretation was a bit muddled. "I'd have thought a man of your intellect would have interpreted that differently?" she sounds bemused.

"Oh, no pardon will be given at the moment. A man of my intellect" The digital recorder is brought up - Different from the one that's currently somewhere else on his desk and unseen, recording away. He waggles it at her, playing a snippet, enough to realize that it's her on the recording. "Your last conversation I believe. Lets not insult intellects or play down resources. We're talking about our employers here. The very ones that you're supposed afraid about. We both know that they have a fair amount of clout currently, and a nigh to infinite wealth of resources."

Brennan puts the recorder back, a split second of no negation before it's back again, and he's standing, coming around from the back of the desk to perch on the front, and dangerously close, invading personal space. "Cut the bullshit. Why did you want him to get you to talk to the producers. Really, and not the drivel you fed the teenager. Do you know how those recordings will sound to the authorities if I should pass them over? How would that look? To you? To our employers? To the institute. What do you think that they will interpret from that hmm? Because I can tell you that that collective intellect of the institute and those who are in control of you, and me, would want to know why you were doing, what you were doing, and the words that were said. How would you like to be sitting in a room, with Dr. Broome and his telepaths? Because I have, and it's not comfortable, and not an inch of your mind is left unscoured. So right now, you better speak, tell me the god damned truth, or I'll be placing a phone call to my superiors about the possible defection of one of our employee's "

Oh, this has become quite the situation. But still, nothing she cannot salvage, if she takes the proper steps. Quick calculations are made, certain conversations she had with other employees are remembered, factored in, and then she begins, after taking in a deep breath. "I don't." she says, "Not anymore. Long ago, I met with Bradley Russo by chance, and he invited me to come on his show to discuss what my current research has been. It just so happens that Devon has a connection to Mr. Russo, being an intern, and I had the pleasure of knowing the young man as an acquaintance. With the recent rise of panic over the H5N10 virus, I figured that it would be a good idea to give the populous a bit of hope.. encouragement on just how hard we're working on finding a cure. So.. I asked Devon to arrange getting me on the show, so that I could get the word out that I, an Evolved, could very well likely have a solution this this problem, through the use of an ability, coupled with the knowledge and skills I have attained through study." So far, she hasn't said anything that is a lie.

"I had no idea that young Mr. Devon wouldn't be able to handle this properly, I mistook him for being mature, and not some starry eyed kid, looking for definite savior out of a possible one. I was also a bit hasty in my idea of getting the word out." her eyes narrow a little, but not at him, simply in remembrance of events in her life. "I had second thoughts about going public about this, once I realized that it could possibly make me a target for groups opposite to Humanis First. I'm sure there are Evolved out there that would like to watch as those that are non-Evolved die off so quickly." Like her for instance, "And they would likely not want me fixing something that seems to be doing the job that they hope to accomplish. I'm human, Dr. Brennan, I have the right to be afraid of something like that." She also doesn't really like the fact that he is so close to her personal space. Not she is negated at least. She wouldn't mind so much if she had the power to infect him right now and right here. But.. no.. that would be foolish even if she could. He'd certainly know where it came from, which is not a road she wants to take.

"I was told by someone once," Bella Sheridan, "That in order to get ahead in this grand Institute of ours, that it pays off to let one to be assertive…" and get your hands dirty, "…and that is just what I intended to do, before it was taken out of context." she takes a breath, a calm washing over her, "Now, yes, I realize that to current uninvolved parties, such as the authorities, that these conversations would look rather shocking, without the proper explanation, but I assure you, Dr. Brennan, I only intended to make Evolved look better in the eyes of the population, and I can also assure you that I am about the best and possibly only solution to fixing this threat that the H5N10 possesses. You want your cure?" she peers at him, "Then let me do my job."

Mull. Pointed look as he tumbles her words over in his head, leaning over - lets invade that personal space a little more, but still keep the negation on, leveled on the woman. He hovers, choosing his words carefully, very carefully and low. "You will listen close, very close Dr. Blite" The recorder won't catch this portion of the conversation. "In the dome, Dr. Luis had the unfortunate mistake of crossing me, of doing something that I thoroughly was disgusted by, and disapproved of. A violation of human rights. And by human rights, I mean those bearing the SLC expressive gene and those who don't. All human." His breath hot and minty, mingling in her hair, displacing strands as he talks.

"He had me take blood, from a young woman with an astounding ability then decided that a vial wasn't enough, he wanted all of her. Machinations about what he could do with her, if she was in his hands all the time."

Brennan's hands come down on either side of the arm chair, pulling back till he's nose to nose with her, keeping it that way, even if she attempts to shift to a more comfortable position.

"Do you know what I did? What seemingly well mannered, kind, considerate Dr. Brennan did?"

Is Yana intimidated in the slightest? She probably is. Brennan is a negator, which poses a problem for her and her ability, and she has always been wary of those that seem.. well mannered, kind, considerate, as he so puts it. They are the most likely ones to explode. But even with all of this, Yana cannot let it show, she cannot let Brennan know for a second that she feels a tingling sensation in her feet right now, a numbness. And if she is good at anything, it is putting on face. So.. other than the hairs rising up along the back of her neck, bristling at him invading her personal space, Yana is calm.. but not too calm. It could be read as something else if she were too calm, so she actually leans back a bit in her chair, displaying just enough that she has been made uncomfortable by him.

"No." she says quietly, "I don't." but she does know that Luis avoid's Brennan nowadays.
"I did the same thing, that I will do to you Dr. Blite if I so much as catch a whiff or a single whisper that you have gone near the teenager on that tape, or even think to play with his friends in whatever manner it is that a woman of your stature does when she plays with people like cats with balls of wool." Very minty breath. There's at least that upside, even as he leans forward with her leaning back.

"If I catch a whiff of you going near Studio K to appear on any television show or news, for any reason other than to say that you have passed over the vaccine that you have managed to miraculously conceive of and have ready to manufacture in the week, that I am giving you to do such-" Whether she can or not, he doesn't, in truth, know. But deadlines are good incentives. "I will not hesitate to levy on you, the same death sentence that I have levied on Dr. Luis and his daughter, if they don't keep up with the rigorous medicinal schedule that keeps their bodies from being ravaged by Malaria so vicious that it makes what's out on Arthur kills look like childs play. "

There's a smile, soft and gentle, one could imagine that he gives Michelle, reaching out to pat the side of Yana's face. "I don't think that I really need to also state that you need to stay away from my family either. If, any of the above happens, I will levy the same on you, I will give the recordings to our employers and I will not hesitate to screw your life over so badly Dr. Blite, Yana, that you will severely regret having ever had a meeting with Devon and wish that you had never emigrated out of your darling latvia."

And he relinquishes space then, shifting back, away, sitting on the front of his desk with his arms crossed."Have I made myself abundantly clear Dr. Blite? You will tell your family that you are a busy busy woman and are trying very hard to find a vaccine to protect them and others, and will be having to forgoe all familial obligations. I'm sure they'd understand. And you will leave any and all cooing and placating of the population to the people who's PR jobs will provide a friendly face, instead of a frosty bitch who coerces teenagers and plays mind games with.. Magnes Varlane"

Couple of things, with Brennan's statements as they settle in Yana. Firstly, there is the relief that she can slip back away from this Studio K thing without getting too much more involved, and secondly.. It occurs to her that she cannot deal with Devon directly, given what Brennan says, or his family. But he is threatening her again. And we all know how Yana feels about those. Not to mention how long she holds a grudge. Oh, she'll get you my pretty Brennan, and your little Devon-dog too.. She'll just have to weave a brand new web, add new pieces to the game, devise new strategies..

Secondly, she is actually a little impressed by the fate he threatens her with. Malaria? Certainly something that would cause her trouble. She can't control it, not viral. And it is the type move that she would, has, and will make again in the very near future. Bravo, Dr. Brennan, Bravo.

As for the virus? A week? Well, she can skirt around actually managing to develop one for a while, and take failure on the chin to continue her plans with just a slight alteration or two, sure. All of this, Yana can handle.


It's when he touches her that her heckles rise, and her jaw tightens. She may not have her ability right now to worry, but.. he touched her. This will not stand. It leave Yana sitting tense in her seat, but in order to get free to weave her new web, she has to fight it all back, and appear.. defeated. So when he relinquishes space to her, Yana takes a breath finally, pushing her lips tightly together and somewhat dropping her shoulders.

"Very well, Dr. Brennan. You have me backed into a bit of a corner here, so I don't really have a choice but to comply, do I? Dr. Price and I will double our efforts to produce a vaccine for the.. Evo and non evo flu, which.. I'm sure you'll agree, is the bigger threat." internally she grins at this one, "I can't come up with vaccines for two strains at the same time, that is outright impossible." That is a lie. "This most recent strain has a lower host range, so I am sure it ranks as a lower priority than the previous mutation, considering how it will provide much the same mortality rate as it's more recent." Which means, the non-evo strain can circulate longer and continue the desired effect that Calvin and she intend it to do. "As soon as I fix it, I'll start on the other, immediately. As for Devon.. well.. you already have the conversation, so you know I dismissed him. I'll simply tell him that I can no longer have any association with him what so ever. Simple as that. Are we done? Dr. Brennan? Or is there something else?"

"I'll inform him that you'll have no contact with him. Not you, since that would risk my ire wouldn't it" Whether Yana will or not, leave it up to him, who knows. "You'll continue working on the strain in the reports that you have been assigned to work on, But if you should happen to oh so conveniently be able to produce, in a week, something valid and a stop gap for the non-evovled flu, such as the one afflicting Ms. Renyolds, and to put a certain teenagers fears at bay, I'm sure that somewhere in your heart that is rumored to be in your chest, you'll do so. Even if it means that certain social obligations are put to the side, like the rest of us have had to do at times. You'd understand."

"And I highly doubt that I have backed you into a corner. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that one is never backed into a corner. There's always an exit strategy. So, get your ass out of here, get back to the labs and get working and remind Dr Price, to work swiftly as well. It's in your best interest. And know that as your boss, I'm always watching and you never know who it is, that I know, in and outside the institute" And she's dismissed, turning to the desk, easing around it, negation dropped with the breaking of line of sight, watching her reflection through the muted panes of glass that cover his books, looking up through the fringe of his lashes.

He's wrong about one thing, she wouldn't put Devon at ease, not now especially. Yes, she has a heart, but it is both black on the outside, and frozen solid. It is a soul that she really lacks at times. This changes nothing, really. It only stokes the fires of a thought in Yana's mind. Let her die. Let them all die. Before it was simply revenge against the non-Evolved for their persecution of her kind, now she is beginning to desire pain and suffering of those that have brought her even the least bit of offense. You could power a small city with the electrical impulses her synapses are firing off in her brain right now. She will have to call Odessa. She will have to call Calvin.. Things will need to happen, and soon. This will not stand.

But the war that is waging behind those eyes and the porcelain face of hers goes on silently, muted by the mask she wears, which she simply nods to Brennan's orders, "Very well. Good day, Dr. Brennan." she remarks in conclusion and collects her effects, rising to her feet, swiftly exiting his domicile and eventually feeling communication with her children yet again. To put it simply.. We are not amused..
But neither is Brennan, amused.

So with the swift exit of the much younger brunette, his easing down into his seat and leaning of one elbow on the arm so he can level his chin into upturned palm, he's watching the woman leave through that other door that will dump her out onto the street to call for her ride.

He doesn't buy it. Not in the least. He knows what kind of people the Institute hires, has hired, will hire. By hook or by crook or by omission, many flavors of individuals have come to be employed by them. And while he can't actually follow through on most of the threats that he's leveled against the young scientist, there are others that he can.

And he doesn't wait, his actions unseen by Yana thanks to doors and cement, walls, he's lifting his phone, digging out a phone book from his desk, flipping to the government pages. His finger trips along the various acronyms and government names till it finds what he's looking for and is soon punching in the appropriate digits.

He may not be able to actually inflict the malarial parasite on Yana, but some things, don't need to be viral or parasite in nature, to do harm.

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