You Have To Be There


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Scene Title You Have To Be There
Synopsis Eve shows up at the Sumter house with a message.
Date December 26, 2018

The Sumter Home

The knock on Kaylee's door is quick and musical in nature, a unique and playful rhythm tapped out oh the surface of the wood, the pale, dark haired woman on the front porch looks tired, dark circles under her eyes. That midnight raven mane of hair tousled and unruly. Eve Mas has been spiraling more and more, witnessing the death of one of her counterparts… it had left something broken in the oracle and she wasn't sure just what. "Maybe it's a broken heart.." she says softly to herself.

Clutching the fabric of her dark green dress and long, grey peacoat. The oracle tries to look less crazy less alarming. Things that Kaylee witnesses more than not when Eve is around, the fact is she's trying. She also has a message, that she cannot be late on delivering.

When the door to the Sumter’s home swings open, it isn’t Kaylee who greets her, but a young boy no more than six. His smile is just as bright as his mothers, “Hi!” He looks back over his shoulder hanging on the door as he leans back and yells, “Mom!!” The boy, who must be Carl, looks back he studies her curiously. “You dress funny,” he finally comments. “I like it.”

“That’s enough Carl,” When Kaylee steps into the doorway, Eve finds herself looking at someone just as tired and broken. It has been a long hard couple of months. The truth of her mood is quickly slipped behind the mask of a smile. “Eve. Hey, good to see you.” A look goes behind Eve, to see if she came alone before she steps back to let the oracle into the house. Carl hovers nearby, of course, curious about this new person; but he is thwarted by his mother, “Carl. Go out and help your dad and sisters.”

Carl gives a rather dejected sigh, but he does as he asks. “Nice to meetcha!” He calls back with a wave to Eve before running off. Kaylee watches him for a moment with affection. “How can I help today, Eve?” she finally asks leading her into the living room and motioning her to sit.

"You should dress funny too! It's fun!" Eve takes it in stride as she leans down to wink at the boy before his mother arrives and Eve straightens and then comes forward to draw Kaylee into a tight embrace. "Oh my dear girl.." touching her cheek gently and looking into her eyes. "Hello Miss Mind." A small smile as the oracle steps back and she follows the blonde into the home. It's a nice house.

The tall woman's expression is tense, sad. "I've had a talk with one of my Others. One of my sisters. From the river that the Travelers first came too, the one with the virus." Eve's eyes water and tear begin to fall as she sits down. "She's dead. Killed after delivering her message." Shoulders shake as she looks down to the ground, still mourning her fallen sister. "There was nothing I could do, she was so young. A bright star.." realizing she's getting carried away.

"She had a message for you."

There is a softening of the telepath’s features at Eve’s sudden tears. “I am so sorry, Eve.” Reaching out, Kaylee takes one of the seeress’s hands. “I know that feeling. I had to live through losing a me when she tried to save….” Taking a breath she lets it out slowly with the name, “Luther.” It was an attempt to avoid tearing up and it fails. Blinking back tears, she looks at the world outside the living room window; trying to school her emotions. “It was the one that traveled with Liz from the virus one, too. She stayed for him and died for it.” Or at least she thinks so. Unlike Luther, she hadn’t had visions from that Kaylee since.

There is no judging on Kaylee’s part, she simply grabs a box of Kleenix and sets it next to Eve and pulling one to offer her. There is an understanding to the gesture. “I’d offer you a drink, but we don’t carry anything here.” No reason to. “I have water though.” They all have that at least.

“A message for me?” Kaylee is finally catching up.

The maelstrom that is Eve's mind cries and pulls at Kaylee, it's always loud with the whispers and echoes of her visions swirling in a circle of madness. Blocks, city blocks, all come tumbling down. Sibyl's feet will touch the ground. The pale woman takes the tissue and looks at Kaylee with empathy, "Oh noooo, picking us off one by one." Her lip trembles and she shakes her head furiously. "Oh Hot Hands.. is he okay? I can ask my sister, the Leather one." Its the least she could do for her friend.

"These are strange times, even for us." Shaking her head for the water, she pulls out a metal canister filled with iced tea and honey with lemon. "Make my own brew lately, just tea." Because Eve knows that Kaylee knows how the precog liked to indulge.

"Yes, a message. From the Great Beyond, just beyond our reach but thankful for the shining lights in the sky, they show us what we need. It's seeing sideways." The ramblings are the a way of controlling her nerves, "I— she said that you had to be there. Where the Door opens Miss Mind." The pale woman takes another sip of her tea before screwing the top back on. "You have to be there." Make sure that Miss Mind is there when they come through. That might lessen things. The message from the Other Egg.

There is a sceptical look at the idea that they were being shown what they needed. “Strange is not far from the truth.” Did the telepath really need to see what she’s seen? Kaylee has seen a whole lot, especially of ‘Hot Hands’. It was a strangely appropriate nickna— Stop it! Cheeks flush little with a blush. “No…” her voice is a little strained, “he’s okay. Luther told me… told me he lived.” Something she was thankful for, the sacrifice was not wasted.

Long fingers brush at the moisture at her eyes, even as brows furrow at the message. Kaylee looks confused, giving Eve her full attention. “But, they already tried and failed last night? In fact, they ended up releasing a robot from another of the timelines instead.” Of course, this is Eve. “Or does this mean Richard is going to find another way?” There is a wish for hope in her words. Head tilting a bit like an attentive dog who very interested in what the other woman has to say. “I mean. Either way, of course, I’d go… I mean… He didn’t take me last night…” She trails off, before blandly adding, “We might be having trust issues.”

Nodding her head faintly, "Good good, he's strong. He'll feel lost without you." A look around the home with a new gleam to her eyes. "What a toughie." She comments softly before redirecting her gaze back to the woman across from her, "Tried and failed but we are all insane are we not? Trying the same thing again. Mmmhmmmm?" Eve looks conflicted, "That machine is not something I trust.. science faeries, unnatural.. destroying worlds, viruses.. calamity City." She's not sure what she's gonna do about that. "Sometimes I don't trust your brother as he doesn't always trust me we still find ways to work together. Find that."

"A robot you say? Do you think they can make it behave? Spike needs a sibling."

“I wish I had an answer for you. I’m not sure what happened to the robot, I can only assume since there isn’t sirens and alarms blaring… they might have stopped it,” Kaylee shrugs slowly, pulling out her phone to look at the message. “I only know what they told me. Whatever happened, I know Richard went down. I.. figure when he is ready to tell me. He will.” Guilt flutters in her stomach, because she was there at home and not by his bedside. However, Harmony would have him well cared for and didn’t need anyone hovering. There is a soft sigh as the phone is dropped into her lap, “To be honest, I don’t trust all of this either. I hope that he does the right thing after and destroys anything left of Looking Glass.”

That said, the telepath circles back around to something Eve had said. Glancing around the house around them. “But, what do you mean a toughie? What’s a toughie?” There is an inkling, but Kaylee lets the other woman say it.

"I'd destroy it-" she stops herself, that's another part of her that's hard to bargain with. "Go to Richard. Make him see, he cannot do this without his family." The thoughts on the family name remain with Eve and the torrent of whispers cloud the sentiments.

Taking a second to lean back further in her seat she levels Kaylee with a stare before once again looking around the room, "You've built a lovely home here." She comments again on how nice the house is, "That's not always enough for our little hearts." Rubbing her chest before taking another sip of her tea she contemplates. "I went all in with someone once. His hands could be hot too," tipping her head back as the memories flood her. "I went on a limb and got shot down to hell and down even further but at least I can say I tried. We only live onc— well that's not actually true now is it?" A light chuckle from Eve.

There is a long silent moment that Kaylee stares at Eve like she grew another head. “How… “ Kaylee whispers, glancing in the direction of her family with worry. Was it that obvious? There are no mental humming near, so… she gives a sigh and lets Eve see the strain of her emotional state. “You make it sound so easy,” but was it ever easy? No.

Hands rub together where they sit in her lap, blue eyes looking anywhere but Eve. “I love Joseph. I love my children. They are my life, here.” There is no hesitation in those declarations, however, there was a but… maybe even a glimmering of doubt. “I don’t know what to think about them being no where in any of these vision. Every one of them, Luther is in them all.” Tears come unbidden, head shaking jerkily. “I see it. I’ve seen what they see in him. I felt a connection to him even before all of this… I just thought…” Kaylee trails off, but finally she shakes her head.

“Even if I could… It doesn’t matter anyhow, Eve,” Kaylee turns a tearful look at the other woman. “Luther isn’t being affected like I am. Maybe it’s cause I am a telepath, I don’t know.” Her expression slowly fades into confusion, hands wiping at the treacherous tears. I… I thought he was affected by it…. when I died… I mean she died. I felt so much pain and anguish from Luther. Our Luther,” she emphasizes. “I can still hear it like it was yesterday, but…”

Unable to continue sitting, the emotions making the telepath tense, Kaylee stands and starts pacing. “Just the other day I saw him happy. Happy, Eve.” There is disbelief that this man could be in such a state, “It is like it never happened to him.” Kaylee’s arm swings out as if sweeping it all away, turning to look at Eve.

There is guilt as Kaylee tells the seer with a voice thick with tears, “And I feel horrible that I think something is wrong with him, because he is so damn happy.” Fingers comb through her long blond curls, til her hand rests on the back of her neck. “You can’t even tell anything has been happening.” She almost sounds miserable.

Listening with a tilted head Eve doesn't make a move either as Kaylee unburdens herself. "It's not easy but sometimes the rabbit must hop even if it's afraid of what's across the line." Placing a hand on Kaylee's shoulder. "To share someone's pain is a gift."

On her Brother Seer, "I love Jo as well. He is… special. You are lucky in that." Like she said, a toughie. "I don't envy you, I don't envy anyone who has conflict in the heart. I gave up on.. well I have Ghost.." but that was a constant companionship that wasn't always consistent. "I am better alone is my guess, the goblins and oogerbears don't like when I have someone around for long."

Oh Hot Hands. "He's got as many layers as the finest onion but with no stink." Leaning in forward to whisper, "Unless you were around him in the war and peeeeeeyou." Waving her finger in front of her nose. Tapping Kaylee's knee gently, "Hot Hands is a very strong man and able to close off the parts of him so that he can press on. He deals." Sometimes with booze but Eve is all too happy to supply the sometimes seemingly endless amount of liquor at Cat's Cradle.

“Have you seen him lately?” It’s a weird question from Kaylee, but clearly something about his mood is bothering her. “Look. I’ll drop it for now. You’ve known him a lot longer and maybe you’re right… But, for me, talk to him and see if you still think he is just compartmentalizing.” There an anxious little smile. “I’ve seen Luther happy, this… is… more. He’s smiling a lot more.”

Kaylee gives a bit of a laugh, eyes rolling upward shaking her head, at herself and the small twist of jealousy at her next thought. “It might just be he’s probably found himself someone new. He’s happy like a teenage boy who got laid for the first time.” There is a shrug, because it would just figure… The telepath’s gaze drops back to meet the seers, “You’ll see.”

The smile falters as she really understands what she said, Kaylee’s shoulders slumping a little, and she sighs, “No. This rabbit needs to be happy where she is.” Less chance of being hurt. “The one…” The word catches in her throat as the memories of the woman’s death flicker through her mind. “The me that died did the crazy thing and abandoned everything for him. I’m not brave like her, Eve. She was fierce and a warrior. I’m just… not.” It was a lame excuse and she knows it.

With a huff of annoyance, driven by a renewed twist of guilt, Kaylee asks, “What’s wrong with me? Just the fact that I am even having this conflict… They both deserve better than me.”

She sees Hot Hands often but maybe.. "Perhaps I haven't looked as closely at Hot Hands as I should be." A thought for later but Kaylee is still in agony and Eve feels for the fellow psychic. Shaking her head she pats her thigh, "No no Miss Mind. You are more than what you imagine. You are more than a sister. You are more than a wife. More than even a mother. You are more than your father's daughter."

Silence sits between them as Eve sways from side to side slowly, fingers dancing in the air at imaginary lights, "All the power in the world at your fingertips, trapped behind labels and buried under expectations and duties." Duty a curse that befell them all, it almost sounds like Eve missed the days of not being held accountable for your actions… like blowing up buildings in the name of civil rights.

"There is a reason my sister decided you were worth her last message. Reason why you have been brought this far, why you have suffered so hard in the heart." Veins pop and become visible in her neck as Eve feels herself battling to stay in the here and now. "Our counterparts, the sisters that aren't. They are shades of us and we of them. You are as much a warrior as the next Miss Mind. It's all inside."

Kaylee watches Eve with concern, but not really fear. “Thanks, Eve,” she says softly, voice just above a whisper. She means it. “I’m just— ready to have all of this done,” looking at the ceiling like she can see the auroras above. “It did show me how strong he and I can be together and I know you think I should jump, but… I don’t think there is anything to jump to. I see nothing when he looks at me. Still all of this has thrown my world into chaos. The whispers in my head are growing stronger and I have a version of Tyler Case living in my head.” She might have forgotten to mention that one. Oops!

Looking down at Eve again, she watches the woman struggle to stay present, watches how she sways. The worry returns, but also Kaylee turns thoughtful. Slowly, she leans forward and gently rests a hand on her friends arm. “Eve.” The name is firm and as soft as the hand on the seeress’ shoulder. Fingers tighten a little to get her attention. “It’s okay. I’m not afraid of you anymore,” there is a small smile, “I don’t want you to feel like you have to hide your true self around me.”

"Soon." It will all be done and she means it. Eve's control shudders and shakes along with her body and she slowly relents as Kaylee gives her permission to be herself. "You and Hot Hands, a tale through the rivers. No matter what world there will be a connection. Maybe not as hot and heavy as the others but Miss Mind…" Looking to Kaylee with wide eyes, "You really are something. You have to remember that."

The echoes and whispers in her head scream and twist and she flinches, "The walls thin, the winds are howling and there it sits just beyond our reach but reaching into us. The Resurrection. It slowly is sinking in from the ceiling," fearful Eve's eyes go to the windows as if she expects the golden eyes to be there hovering, waiting for her. All the chaos inside of her head but there is something that pierces through it all.

"Did you say Angel Face is in your head?" Lean forward.

Something, in the words that Eve spouts, has the telepath’s head twitching to the side like she is hearing something behind them. The soft sound of black on black scales and the excited whisper of the snake. Her head tilts a bit listening, though she can’t make out what it is saying, even closing her eyes to try and hear the words… but whatever it is… it’s excited about what the seer is saying. “The Resurrection?” she whispers more to herself then anything. She knows better than to ask about it… she might not like that answer.

But then, Eve asks about who? Kaylee’s eyes open again to stare at her. Then there is a blink. Oh right. “Yes,” she says plainly at first, her mind sluggish to catch up. “He crossed the void from the me that…” well she knows. “He… is taking some getting used too, especially since he’s eavesdropping with my ability.” That’s right. He’s using her ability. “He’s from the timeline where Pinehearst controlled everything.”

"Adam said it, I think he means Mother and Father." They were being resurrected, she could almost feel it. Eve draws back and shakes her head as they move on to shinier talk. "Ahhh that is the Shiny River." Smiling faintly.

"The sister there is a multi platinum selling artist, holla!" With a snort and Eve is also raising her eyebrows at what/how Tyler is in her brain. "Your brainpan is full.." Squinting at Kaylee she leans in. "Has he behaved with your gift?" The first sign of trouble and Eve would want to help Kaylee find a way to help throw that adorable face out into the void. "Lots of weight on your head, balance it carefully. You're holding."

To put it bluntly… “Tyler has no manners,” Kaylee comments in answer to Eve’s question. Blue eyes sliding to one side to look at something not really there. “But we’re working on it.” There is an arch of a brow at that spot, a judgy mom look that dares him to tell her she wrong. “Carl thinks he is the coolest thing ever. The girls are indifferent and Joseph… ” The telepath clears her throat, glancing at Eve. “We won’t get into that. Like I said… it is taking some getting used to.”

Fingers rub at the side of her temple, “But, yeah. My head is pretty full. Now with Tyler, there is a constant a light pressure.” The hand drop and Kaylee looks in the direction Carl left.

“Hey…” Kaylee says softly. “You want to go say hello to Joseph? I’m sure Carl has a million questions, as well.” It was a big thing Kaylee was offering. “If your hungry, I plan on starting a stew for dinner soon.” It was a good way to stretch out the harder to get meats.

"He's the same everywhere." Eve chuckles and stretches her arms out, "Angel faceeeee, behave before we drain you into the ether." She points her finger in the space above Kaylee's shoulder though nothing is there.

"Your family is wonderful." She comments again on the life that Kaylee has built from nothing.

"I would love to say hello! Oh my brother seer." Eve claps her hands together and leans forward licking her lips. "Dindin on Miss Mind, I think that sounds lovely. We can't save the world on a empty stomach."

“No we can’t,” Kaylee comments with a lopsided smile.

Rising to her feet, the telepath motions Eve to follow her, “Come on. Their out back with the dogs.” She starts to move, but the pauses, turning back to her again. “Oh! Before I forget… Not mention to Hannah any stories about the future her.” Even should remember the dark haired woman that came from the future. “We’re waiting till she’s older.” It was a secret they wouldn’t be able to keep long. The older the girl gets the more she looks like the woman who was lost protecting her parents.

It will be a good night, with good food and as Kaylee predicted, many… many questions from Carl.

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